Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann


Trent awoke the next morning feeling cramped by the now-small full-size bed. He saw the twin peaks of pecs before him, and gently caressed them. It still felt like a glorious dream, the transformation, the intense muscle sex, the reactions on his familyís faces when they saw the new Trent. He had to keep his cock from growing when his brothers squeezed his arms simultaneously, and Rick was at a total loss for words.

When he hugged his dad to thank him, he had to be careful not to crush him.

He had to sleep nude as he didnít receive any new pajamas from Theo, and he quickly developed a morning hardon as he stroked his body.

His dong slithered up his abs and over his chest, the huge head greeting him a happy hello. He smiled as he slid a finger around the head, then bent forward to give it a wet, sloppy kiss. But he soon stopped when he heard the voices of his family nearby. He turned to his side and turned the covers up, but the voices faded down the hall. Damn, heíd have to get them to grow soon; trying to hide his nude form would be near impossible.

He threw on yesterdayís clothes, grabbed a new set, and went into the bathroom. The shower didnít feel so spacious anymore, and the water felt so good running down his new form. Good thing there was a brush, he could no longer reach his back by himself; no wonder the men showered in pairs. So much more to lather, and soaping up his cock brought it back to erect. He thrust his hips forward, fucking his hands with his schlong.

Again, he wanted to cum, but held back.

He decided to try a different look, so he shaved his short beard, first to a goatee, then to a mustache. He liked that look, so he kept it.

He put on a teal tank top and the specially-designed khaki shorts from Theo; he really couldnít see his cock or balls outlined. He went down to breakfast, where he ate four eggs, a quarter pound of links, a glass of grapefruit juice, and a glass of milk. Not an extreme breakfast, but more than he ever ate before. Rick watched him carefully, estimating how much it would cost to feed him now; if he was going to agree to let his other sons grow, heíd need to know if his salary would cover it.

Trent walked next door and rang the doorbell. When Oliver opened it, his eyes widened. "Trent, is that you? Come on in. Dad, Trentís here, and he took the formula!" He closed the door and immediately thrust his groin into Trentís round buns. The two began an easy dry humping as Keith walked in, still adjusting his tie. He walked up to Trent and began to hump him from the front.

"You sure got the hang of this quickly; took me a couple of weeks before I had no qualms about gay sex," Keith said as he hungrily kissed the transformed teen. "Too bad I have to go to work, or Iíd spend much more time with you."

"What about a quick blowjob," growled Trent. "I really want to suck you off." Trent reached down and unzipped Keithís pants, releasing the rising prick. Trent dropped to his knees, grabbed it, and stuffed almost half down his throat. Keith grabbed Trentís hair and began to fuck his face with just over two feet of hard cock while Oliver reached down to slip off Trentís pants so he could greek him.

Trentís cock flew out and the head was visible over his cannonball shoulders. "Wow, looks like you got a whopper, Trent. Stand up so we can see it." When he did, Oliver said, "Damn, dad, his cockís bigger than either of ours!"

"Well, if anyoneís gonna drink him down itíll be me!" Keith said as he reached out and grabbed Trentís schlong. Keith and Trent continued sucking each other as they stood while Oliver slammed inch after inch into the horny teen. Trent had been so aroused earlier that he couldnít help but cum quickly and steadily into Keithís vacuum-like mouth. Trent then dropped back down as the father and son fucked him from each end. "In...," they chanted as they worked to simultaneous climaxes (the two had lots of practice and were well-known for their talent).

Keith pulled up his pants and kept his cock out for Trent to lick clean. Trent had seen pictures on the Musclove website featuring clothed men with their huge cocks and balls sticking out from the zippers of their pants. In person, it was even hotter, and Trent wanted to blow Keith once more but he settled for sucking the last drops from the limp tool. Trent and Oliver kissed him goodbye as he left for work, grabbing his crotch with a big smile on his face.

Oliver said, "Now itís my turn, but I want you to fuck me good and hard." He laid on the hardwood floor and lifted his mightly legs into the air, grabbing his ankles and showing his inviting pucker. Trent got into position and quickly slid his stiffening member into Oliver, who clamped his glutes on the invader. Trent used all his might to maneuver his dick all the way through Oliverís colon, sending shivers of delight through both their bodies. They kissed fiercely, moaned breathily.

"Push push ups," Oliver urged. Trent positioned himself and Oliver grabbed him. Trent pressed his arms upward and lifted Oliverís body with his, then lunged into his ass on the downstroke. Trentís head swam with joy and lust; he felt so desirable, masculine, just too fucking hot and sexy. His life would be devoted to muscle and sex with all the men here, and the men to come. It never felt like too much; no, it wasnít enough! "Yes, yes, dear God, yes!" he screamed as he came inside Oliver.

The two teens cuddled afterward, the sweet smell of sex lingering in the air like fine perfume. They talked about how different things will now be for Trent, and Oliver explained how heíll learn to control the intense urges over time, how heíll be able to enhance sex so it becomes less animal and more spiritual (although the animal will always be fun).

Trent liked hearing Oliver say theyíd take him under their wings to turn him into a man.

"They?" Trent asked.

"The townsmen. It takes a village to fuck a musclestud." Trent smiled as they kissed.

After getting dressed, Oliver decided to show Trent the best spots in town for sex, whether it be quick or slow. Trent took his shirt off and felt the wind under his pecs as the sun beat down on them. Men heíd met in passing before now stopped him to say hello and leer at his new massive body. A couple hugged him, making sure to fondle whichever part they liked best. With each head turn, each smile, Trent felt confidence that heíd never had. He played up for them all, especially bouncing his pecs from side to side. He loved the feel of his chest, as heíd never had one before.

Oliver took him to the river shaded with many trees; no men were there now but the familiar masculine smell said someone had been there recently. He brought him to the school, the Schmidt-Garrett Academy, where Oliver told him one period a day was devoted to sex with anyone and everyone, and the men of Musclove knew just when to arrive. The next stop was the convenience store with take-out/delivery services for the pizza made by the owner, Dino Ventresca. But on the other side of the business was a mini-studio where some porn movies featuring the men of Musclove had been made; currently the set looked like a Old West saloon as it was being prepared for a new movie, "Big Black Buck", featuring Calvin Thompson as a sheriff determined to bring justice to a town currently overrun by the Condon gang, with Mike Bullock as Dick Condon, the roughest, toughest, and studliest outlaw in the West. Mike didnít bottom often, on film or in real life, so watching his hairy globes get split by Calvin was going to be a thrill for all involved. And he was due to arrive back home with his twin sons, Sean and Seamus, after being on a working vacation on the West Coast where the three were paid handsomely by wealthy Internet executives and Hollywood A-listers to worship their godlike bodies.

Dino was about to show Trent the set when a teenager walked in, apparently lost. The three turned to the lanky youth, who stared at them with a mixture of fear and awe. He gulped nervously. The teen stuttered, "I...I...Iím sorry, I think my mom and me made a wrong turn. H...How do we get back on the interstate?" He spoke with a heavy twang.

As Dino brought out a map to point the way, Trent couldnít help walk up to the young man, an image of his former self. He was cute, with his short dark hair and tan skin. And his eyes...there waa something in those eyes that drew him immediately. He watched the teen, nervously trying not to look at them. But when the teen turned, he bumped right into Trent.

"Youíre trying to avoid looking at us, arenít you?" The teen gulped again. But there it was, a sudden flash in his eyes. Trent couldnít explain it, but it was as if heíd met a soulmate. "Youíre wondering what itís like to be this big? I used to wonder, and now I know. Whatís your name?"

"L...Larry. Larry Singer. Please donít hurt me."

Trent was stunned. "I would never hurt you." And he meant it.

Why would he say that to a total stranger? He took the teenís hand and guided it to his chest. Larry moaned softly. "How old are y ou?"

"S...s...sixteen ." Larry couldnít believe this was happening.

If his mom caught him touching another guy like this...

"So am I."

Larry pulled back his hand as if heíd touched a stove. "No. No, canít be." Larry backed up, then ran out the door. Trent wanted to run after him, but was stopped by Dino.

Dino said, "Heíll be back."

Trent asked, "How can you be sure?"

"I saw the look in both your eyes. Heíll never forget you, and heíll have to come back. Heís in love with y ou."

"What!" # ##"Did you feel something different when you saw him? Did you see a spark in his eyes?"

"Well, yeah, kinda."

"Itís destiny. Youíve met your future husband."

Before Trent could say anything, the door opened and in strode three hunks, an older man followed by two younger ones. Oliver and Dino immediately kissed them hello as Trent stood back. He hadnít met the Bullocks before so he wanted to feast his eyes on the magnificence before him.

Although all the men of Musclove were desirable, Mike managed to stand out among them. He wasnít the most muscular, handsomest, hairiest, or biggest dicked, but no one matched the combination so perfectly. At 525 lbs., his entire body curved with rounded, thick muscle...except for his lantern jaw with a dimple in his chin that looked carved into him.

Trent figured the chest had to be at least 80", arms at least 35", thighs 45", calves 30"...which were fairly close to accurate, and still large on his 6í5" frame. Black hair with a few flecks of gray lay thick on his head, mustache, and over his body.

His twin sons, Sean and Seamus, looked like younger versions of him, just a couple of inches shorter but still magnificently proportioned as their father. Sean wore a thin goatee while Seamus remained barefaced, the only way to tell them apart. All three had piercing blue eyes, and Trent couldnít help but be taken in by the overpowering presence of the three hunks. He tried to walk up confidently to them, but inside he felt like gelatin.

Mike looked Trent squarely in the eye, and Trent gulped. "Well, well, look what we got here. A new stud for me to sample. Youíre one of the Longs, arenít you? Jeremy, right?"

Trent licked his lips. "Actually, Iím Trent."

Sean said, "Youíre Trent? You mean weíre gonna be in the same class together? All right!" He and his brother high-fived. "You know dadís the coach, and just wait til football season starts. We donít even need pads, and the uniforms are so hot...and the endzone celebrations when we score a wonder our scores are always 70-63!"

Mike said, "So youíre a junior, huh? Shit, I thought my boys would be the biggest, but looks like youíre gonna give them a run for their money. The rest of your family as big and hot as you?"

"No, sir, Iím the first one to grow."

"Sir?" Mike immediately got aroused, and his immense cock began to stretch in his shorts. He walked up to Trent and looked him in the eyes. "Youíve got good manners, kid. Your daddy raised you right. Do you call your daddy ísirí? If you donít do what he says, does he spank you? Does he pull down your pants and smack your tight ass with his big, strong hand?"

Trent couldnít believe what he was hearing, or how turned on he was by it. His cock grew, and soon the two pouches were touching. Mike ground his crotch into Trentís, and Trent moaned. The two sons never got tired of seeing their studly dad turn even the biggest men into his fuck toys, and now they joined in, rubbing their expanding cocks against each of Trentís big glutes.

"Is the back room available?" Mike asked Dino. He nodded, and Mike lifted Trent so the teenís legs wrapped around his waist. Trent was so lost in lust he didnít notice the cameras or lights surrounding the tables, chairs, and bar. He just saw three hot men sensuously stripping like a family of giant Chippendales...but once they were naked he thought of Clydesdales. The twinsí cocks were just as big as his own, standing straight and proud, but Mikeís amazing cock made him feel faint. Mikeís cock was just shorter than Nedís at an even 32", but the thickness made his sphincter awesome 16" even around with plenty of snaky veins. And his testicles seemed unimaginably huge, as big as grapefruits with plenty of black hair coating them. Mike had been known to cum over a quart at a time, and his cum was determined to be the most nutritious of all the Musclove men by Heinz.

Mike stood above the seated teen with his legs spread wide, the huge balls resting on Trentís pecs. Trent licked them as the twins went to each side, grabbed a hand, and wrapped it around their throbbing cock.

Mike continued his dirty talk; no one could resist his sexy voice once he got going...

"Yeah, lick these big sperm factories. Get them nice and wet.

Mmm, daddy loves your hot tongue. Now in your mouth., yeah, you look so fuckiní hot with that huge baby maker stretchiní your jaw.

Now gently bite down...aaaaahhh, fuck, Iím gonna be shootiní my load soon.

Take it out. Now time for my boys. I wanna watch you with them. Whoís gonna do what?"

Seamus said, "I want his ass, dad."

Sean said, "But so do I."

"Now, boys, donít be selfish. Havenít I taught you the joys of sharing?"

Trentís eyes widened when he realized what they were going to do, but he was so lost in lust he could only moan. The twins grabbed him, put him on the floor, and threw his legs over his head. Milking each of their cocks, they smeared their cum on Trentís sphincter. They counted down, "Three, two, one, blast off," and shoved their cocks simultaneously into Trent. Trent gasped as he was filled like never before...hell, heíd only grown yesterday and still had to get used to his muscles stretching to accomodate the mighty genitals of Musclove men.

The teens grabbed Trentís cock and took turns fellating him as they shoved inch after inch of muscleteen manhood deeper and deeper.

Trent looked up and saw Mike stroking his massive hardon, bending it down til the head was a few inches from Trentís wet lips. He lifted his head and flicked out his tongue to catch the drops of precum oozing from the tip. The smell of sex in the room intoxicated masculine, so raw. He didnít even realize he had come til he saw the twins licking his semen off his cock...and each otherís lips.

Now it was time for the Bullocks to explode, and did they ever!

After having only each other for the past two weeks, taking on the new beefy boy sent them over the edge. The twins came within seconds of each other, the frenetic rubbing of their cocks against one another and inside Trent was too much to handle. They screamed as their juice emptied from their swollen much juice it leaked out of Trentís sore hole. But when Mike let go, even Dino and Oliver in the next room heard him...

"Gonna erupt, kid. You gonna take all my cum? I got so much youíre gonna hafta keep swallowing for about 10 minutes straight! You ready, Trent? Cuz Iím blowing! Iím about to blow! Boys, take your dicks out of his ass and squeeze my balls. Aw, yeah, squeeze your daddyís nuts. Big fucking hairy coconuts with so much milk...OH, YEAH!

OH, FUCK, YEAH! Aw, good, drink it boy, drink all this daddy cum."

Trent drank thirstily, but even then plenty of Mikeís semen spilled out the sides of his mouth. His new mustache was white with semen, and he couldnít begin to time how long heíd been drinking, but his stomach felt full...probably due to the twinsí cum as well as Mikeís.

Soon only drops remained, and Trent squeezed Mikeís cock as if he were wringing out wet clothes in order to get every drop of his seed.

The next few hours for Trent were a blur, as he took on Sean, Seamus, Dino, Oliver, and several other men of the town. And he never tried to waste a single drop of their juices, whether orally or anally.

During a lucid moment, he felt like some kind of superstud superslut...

and he loved it! And if it felt this good fucking and sucking these men, imagine how much more intense it would be with his family. After showering at Oliverís, Trent came back home...and a third of his wish was coming true. Jeremy told him, "Iíve talked to dad, and he said it was okay for me to grow also."

Trent pumped his fist in the down, two to g o.

******************************* *************************************** ******

Meanwhile, somewhere in Oklahoma, Larry Singer had listened to his mother, Phyllis, rant all the way back home after their stop in Musclove.

Sheíd seen some of the men and decided they were freaks, inhuman specimens who looked nothing like real men. They couldnít be Christians, what with all their flaunting and such...and she tried to remember where sheíd heard the name of the town. When she did, she immediately shut up and didnít say a word the rest of the way. He tried to talk to her, but she went to her room, lit candles in front of a large crucifix, and prayed quietly.

He went to bed confused, scared...and to his surprise, aroused. He tried not to think of his sinful feelings, but he couldnít forget the extreme masculinity, especially Trent. He didnít know his name, but something inside him told him he had to go back. He had to see him again, and he had to know why his mother reacted this way. She only did when there was something important she had to tell him, but for now she wouldnít say a word. Little did Larry know that his destiny was set for him, and one day soon he too would find his true home in Musclove, Texas. •

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