Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann


Over the next few days, Jeremy faced his new desires for gay sex with his brothers and other Musclovers, but even though he'd end up thoroughly satisfied with each fuck and suck, and other formerly-straight men assured him his feelings were normal considering the circumstances, he couldn't assuage his guilt. He had been starting to feel more strongly religious, having been influenced by a former girlfriend back home who remained a virgin while he dated her. He attended her church services under the guise of interest while wanting to get into her panties, but with each mass he found himself more attuned to her church's strict beliefs, including homosexuality as a sin.

Now his internal conflict threatened to drive him crazy, so one afternoon he went to the church to ask for guidance from Father Phil. He walked up to the church, still getting used to walking with his barrel-sized thighs rubbing against one another, and knocked on the door. Phil often mentioned during mass he could usually be found on weekdays inside for what he called consultation, but others called great sex.

Phil opened the door and saw the troubled look on the young stud's face. He ushered him inside, and locked the door, putting a sign in the window stating he was "in prayer". He asked, "What help can I give you, my son?"

"Oh, Father Phil," Jeremy sighed as he sat down in the office, "what am I going to do? I thought I knew what I wanted, but now I don't. Why did this stuff make me gay? Isn't it wrong to turn someone's sexuality upside-down? I want to hate it, but then I start sucking some guy's cock...oh, I'm sorry."

"That's okay, Jeremy, I hear vulgarities all the time."

"Um, okay. Well, as I was saying, I start sucking another man off, or we're fucking, and it's going all through my muscles and brain, like a drug, and I'm thinking all that time how good it feels, and then it's over and I'm back where I started and I want to hate it cuz I believed it to be a sin. It says so right in the Bible, and it's not like I think gays should be put to death or somethin', I'm gay too and I don't know what I should be feeling." He hung his head.

"Jeremy," Phil said as he reached under his chin and lifted his face, "we can't rely on the Bible for every single word of advice. Do you realize how many contradictory statements are in it, and if it all God's word then God is contradictory? That makes no sense. We have learned so much over the centuries, especially when it comes to sex. But small-minded people continue to use the Bible as a way to force everyone into one mindset. I know, for I was once like them."

"You, Father? But you seem so liberal."

"That's now, but not then. I had been taught sex for procreation only, and I lambasted every politician and celebrity and doctor who believed otherwise. And, I'm ashamed to say, when gay men started dying of AIDS I was rejoicing at their funerals. But when I became ill and moved here for my health...I never believed in karma, but it's as good an explanation for why I'm the man I am now."

"How do you reconcile yourself with this?"

"I've done a lot of meditation and prayer, and I've come to the conclusion that God wants me this way. And I've come to understand that sex isn't a sin, but denying one's self the pleasure in sex is. Took me longer than most to understand this, until the day I got gang-banged by about half the town and ended up begging for more. I became such a slut." Phil licked his lips and laughed.

Jeremy laughed nervously. "But...I'm scared of losing my old self. I wanna stay the way I was, like when I was back home."

"I understand, and that will stay a part of you, but we all grow, figuratively and literally. The new Jeremy is a better one than the old, and I think you know it, but you don't know how to release it or you're afraid of what will happen once it's released. Don't fear it, Jeremy. It's a new form of love, that's all. It's muscle love, like the name of our town." As he talked, Phil placed his hand on Jeremy's shoulder, then slid it down his horseshoe triceps, tracing his fingers over the ridges and veins. He continued to whisper "muscle love" as he reached out to cup Jeremy's jutting pecs, tweaking the stiff, strawberry-sized nipples.

Jeremy began losing himself in Phil's words, the hot breath upon his skin, the razor stubble bristling against his own. Two passionate pairs of male lips touched, and two musclebound hunks threw off clothes (although Phil kept his collar on, a nude man of the cloth). Although not a yard long, Jeremy's thirty-one inch cock was one of the biggest in town, and no man could resist the challenge of taking it all.

But Jeremy's eyes shone with lust as he asked Phil to slide his mighty manhood into him. Phil lay on the floor and watched as Jeremy sat on his pole, easing the powerful erection deeper with each second. Jeremy stroked his cock tower roughly as grunts and moans passed his lips. But as they reached a steady rhythm, Jeremy started saying phrases Phil couldn't fathom.

"Prijs de god van spier en geslacht," then "Elogie o deus do musculo e do sexo." Phil heard words similar to "muscle" and "sex" and wondered what was happening. Then Jeremy said "felicitez le dieu du muscle et du sexe," and Phil realized Jeremy was speaking in tongues as he slammed his cock deeper into the teen. It seemed he repeated the same phrase, but in a new language with each breath. And when he reached his climax, Jeremy shouted, "Praise the god of muscle and sex!" as his majestic cock erupted, spewing warm, sweet manseed over their bodies. One last lunge inside and Phil repeated, "Praise the god of muscle and sex," as he came inside the muscleteen. Jeremy quivered as he felt the preacher's semen flow into him.

After they'd separated, Jeremy asked Phil what happened as they fucked. "I felt like something took over me, and I could actually watch you pound my ass. I wasn't the same person, and I still don't feel as though I've come back down from some cloud."

"I've never had this happen with me before, but as we had sex you began speaking in tongues. Do you know what this means?"

"No, Father Phil."

"This means God has chosen you."


"Yes! He wants you to preach the word of muscle to the masses. This is your destiny, my son."

And as he heard these words, Jeremy felt as though a light shone into his heart. He gazed at Phil, then fell to his knees before the nude preacher. "I am your humble servant, O God. Teach me the ways of your love through my fellow musclemen so that I may be worthy to spread your name as your prophet. Praise the god of muscle and sex." He reached up to caress Phil's phallus back to stiffness...

Meanwhile, on the northern edge of town, Dan Rogers, the owner of the gas station and favorite grease monkey (make that grease bull) of the townsmen, had just finished filling up the mayor's tank - as well as his Escalade - when he noticed a solitary figure weaving down the road carrying a suitcase. It didn't look to be a Musclover; too skinny. Then the figure stopped and suddenly fell. Dan immediately ran, his magnificent legs bounding with each step, covering a mile in almost three minutes. He'd been used to the sun, growing up in Phoenix, and knew the deadly effects of heatstroke.

He saw a dark-haired boy in jeans, his lips cracked by dust and dryness, unconscious. He hoisted the youth over his left shoulder, and took the luggage with his right hand. After he sat the youth in a chair, Dan checked to make sure he was still breathing. He found a bottle of poppers in the back room and brought it under the teen's nose. The boy reeled back as the smell hit him.

"Whe...where am I?" he asked, then saw Dan staring at him with concern.

"You passed out about a mile down the road. This is my gas station. My name's Dan. You okay? You might need a doctor."

"I...I think I'm okay. I just hadn't had anything to eat since last night. One guy offered me food, if I...I did stuff to him. I wouldn't, and he threw me out of his car."

"Are you a runaway?"

"No, I got nothing to runaway from. But I gotta find someone." He paused as he carefully considered his next words. "You're a really big guy, and I was told about a town called Musclove with lots of muscular men living there. Are we close to it?"

Dan smiled. "Right within city limits. Say, would you like a cold drink? It's on me, and no funny stuff." Although, he thought, the kid was damn cute.

"Dr. Pepper, please." The teen gulped it down after Dan handed him a can.

"So who you lookin' for?"

"A man I never met before. My dad."

And Larry Singer proceeded to tell Dan about his recent visit and his mother's reaction. "She was always really religious, but now she couldn't control herself. She kept talkin' damnation and hellfire, and she'd look at me as though I was the devil. Then two weeks ago I woke up, and I found this note from her." He passed it to Dan, who read the following:

"Son, Forgive me for what I'm doing, but this is the best for both of us. I can no longer reconcile my past life to my current one, and must break free in order to be saved. That means leaving you behind. Please don't blame yourself for my sinfulness; you have been a joy, but it is time you knew the truth.

I was a wicked child, who sought to torment her parents at every chance. I smoked, drank alcohol, danced, all before I entered high school. And then one day I met a boy unlike any I'd met before. So dark and look just like him at that age. He was two years older than me, and he swept me off my feet. I didn't believe his words of love at the time; all I wanted was to lose my virginity. Which I did, but I was so silly to think I couldn't become pregnant the first time. I did, and when it happened my parents sent me to Wyoming to live with a maiden aunt to have the baby. There I realized my sinful ways and vowed to change them. I purposely lost touch with that boyfriend to keep myself pure, and have remained so.

But I never told that boyfriend about you, and now I realize what a grave sin that was. A father and son should be together, and it is time for me to step out of the picture so you and he can get to know each other. The last letter from him said he was moving to Musclove, Texas, to take a job there. I pray he still lives there, or has family. His name is..."

Dan's eyes bugged when he read who Larry's father is. When he looked at Larry he saw the strong resemblence, without the muscle.

"Do you know my father?"

"Yes. Oh, yes, of course. This is a small town, and we know everyone here. I'm just...shocked. And I know he will be. I'm sorry your mom did this to you, but I know your dad will be overjoyed to meet you. I'll set everything up." But all Dan could do was leave a cryptic message on that man's voice mail...

At the same time, Trent and Bryce had just completed a workout session, and were in Trent's room after they showered together. Rick was preparing himself at school for the first day, so the boys had the house to themselves. They dried each other off, and as they did their hands roamed over each other's bodies.

"Man," Trent sighed as he fingered his brother's treasure trail, "you sure ended up one hot stud. No way anyone except us would know you're only fourteen."

"Shit," Bryce said, "I'm such a man now. All this body hair, and muscle...and cock! Dude, I can't wait til I get my other shots. I'm gonna grow so big. I can't wait to be your, or Jeremy's, size. You think the doc might change his mind and give me the rest of that formula?"

"I wish he'd give me the rest of mine, too, but we gotta be patient. There's plenty of time for us. You don't know your own strength yet. You almost slammed me through the wall while you fucked me just now."

"Yeah, that was wild. Damn, incest is so cool! So perverted, and so hot. Especially with brothers like you and Jeremy. I love you both so much." Bryce reached out, took the back of Trent's neck, and brought their faces together for a wet, loving kiss. Bryce moaned. "Mm, now my ass is itching. C'mon, bro, fuck me with that giant dick of yours."

The two brothers got into position, Trent laying atop his bed and Bryce impaling himself onto Trent's cock. Since his growth, Bryce loved being fucked, especially taking his brothers on both ends. As he slid down Trent's schlong, he began sucking his own 17" cock, pretending it was Jeremy's monster.

Their copulation was so intense neither of them noticed when the bedroom door opened and Rick walked in. He had forgotten some paperwork and drove back home; the boys had told him about their workout, and he wanted to ask them what they wanted for dinner. But the sight of Trent's pythonlike member disappearing into Bryce's nether regions caused Rick to choke his words as he suddenly realized what his sons had really turned into.

Rick gasped loudly, and the boys turned around to see their father, ashen-faced, wide-eyed, and open-mouthed. But before they could speak, Rick crumpled to the floor in a heap, his eyes rolling back into his head. The boys ran to their dad; Trent checked his pulse, which was racing, and his breathing was shallow. Bryce called Heinz, who said he was on his way. And as they waited for the doctor, they realized what had to be done.

Rick Long now had to become a true citizen of Musclove, Texas. •

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