Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann


Phil took Trent to his house to wash his clothes and give him a shower after the sex they just shared. But Trent was feeling extremely horny, and had been rubbing Philís cock to bursting during the drive. So when they turned in the drive and found the mayor, Calvin Thompson, waiting for them, Trent immediately grabbed the hugely muscled black manís crotch and began sensuously running his hand up and down the thick thigh, causing Calís immense cock to fill and stretch the cloth.

Phil said, "Isnít he something? He canít wait to grow, and I have a feeling once he has there wonít be any stopping him."

Trent said, "I canít help it. I want to be like all of you so bad I can taste it. Still do." He smiled at Phil and licked his lips.

Calvin said, "Weíd better go inside before you get into trouble. What would happen if your father saw you groping me like that?" The trio walked into the house and immediately Trent threw down Calvinís shorts. He began licking the quickly rising dong as he sat at the kitchen table. "You might want to stop sucking for a moment so I can explain to you how you can become one of us." Trent stopped licking the fully-grown shaft, but continued stroking Calvin as Phil told him how Dr. Heinz has a formula that when injected into the body creates a surge of glandular secretions - testosterone, adrenalin, etc. - that changes the body into a supermuscular one. Due to the fact that an overload of male hormones are created, the body also gets hairier and the genitals grow to massive proportions. The formula came about one day when working on some other formulas for growing cattle, pigs, chickens, and other livestock. While trying to inject a bull, it suddenly kicked the doctor and the syringe stuck him. Suddenly the doctor began growing as the hot Texas sun beat on him. His biceps burst from his sleeves, pecs leaping from his chest, quads shredding his jeans, and his cock breaking through the zipper. All this while his lover Ned stood watching. Soon Heinz was naked except for a Stetson and boots, a Germanic god of power and lust. But he was scared of others finding out this new secret, especially any ex-Nazis who could be spying on him. So he kept quiet about his find, only allowing very close friends in on the secret, and eventually joining him as musclemen.

Soon the ranch they lived on became too small to house everyone, but Heinz had become wealthy thanks to other medical discoveries that he was able to sell to major pharmaceutical companies. So he bought more land, building houses and roads, and soon had a small community, but not yet a town. Over time, more men would arrive and fall under the spell of muscle, some who were already into it, but more who saw how healthy and happy all of them were and decided they wanted in on it. Almost all those men were straight, including Phil and Cal, and needed some time to come to terms with the fact that, even if they were still attracted to women, after their transformations their lives would be devoted to gay muscle sex.

"I donít think youíll have a problem with that, Trent, but your brothers, and your dad...theyíll come around eventually, but they canít know about what will happen to their bodies, and minds. Otherwise they might leave you behind and go back home."

"I wonít tell, Calvin, I promise I wonít."

"Youíre a good boy, Trent." He sucked in his breath. "Phil, suck my cock. Iím about to cum."

Phil got up and grabbed Calís manhood, stuffed the head in his hungry mouth, and eagerly drank every drop of semen Cal ejaculated. It took a couple of minutes, and Trent watched in awe as he saw Philís throat swallow, his muscular Adamís apple bobbing up and down. Yes, he wanted!

Phil took Trentís clothes to the wash, and the three proceeded to shower together. Trent took his time soaping up the two musclemen, feeling the density and power from their calves, up the quads, around the glutes. He caressed the rippling backs, the mighty shoulders, and around to the steely abs and overhanging pecs. Even their mouths felt muscular as he kissed both of them. When Calvin started sucking his cock, Trent tried holding off but his powerful lips and tongue were too much for him and he had the strongest orgasm of his young life.

Later that day, with Phil and Dr. Heinz (whom Phil had called) giving support, Trent admitted to his family his desire to become a muscleman. Rick was surprised to hear this and immediately objected, afraid of what might happen. But as the doctor told his story and Phil offered his own feelings, calling his new body a blessing from God after heíd been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, Rick found himself understanding why they like their bizarrely huge bodies. He looked at Trent, who resembled his uncles with their skinny necks and gangly limbs. As much as he wanted to say yes, he needed more info.

How much would it cost? Are there any side effects? What about food; how much would he need to eat? Certain foods heíd need more of? And as he talked to them, they started mentioning things heíd wondered about but never said out loud. Why were the doorways in his house so wide? And why did the built-in weight room have such heavy dumbbells? Why were there so many mirrors? Why was the bathtub and shower so large?

Rick was apprehensive, yet fascinated at the same time. He wanted Trent to be happy, but couldnít he be so the way he was? Maybe it was just peer pressure of a different kind. Then Trent asked his dad if he ever succumbed to peer pressure before, when he was given a marijuana cigarette last year by his then-best friend who was later kicked out of school...or when some bullies tried to get him to pick on a classmate who was as geeky as him. He knew what was right and wrong, and this felt so right to him he had to be a part of it. Rick felt so proud of him that he agreed to have Trent undergo the therapy, but when Jeremy and Bryce asked if they could also do it Rick said to see what happens to Trent first before he allows any more.

The next morning Rick dropped Trent off at the doctorís ranch. Heinz had told Rick that seeing someone grow can be disconcerting and he wouldnít want Rick to have a heart attack. Rick agreed, still wondering if he made the right decision, and hugged Trent goodbye. Trent had tears of joy in his eyes as he thanked his dad and said, "Donít worry, theyíll take good care of me." Heinz had told Rick no one had ever died or even had a bad reaction to the formula, but how could Rick not worry?

Trent walked into the doctorís huge house and was stunned by its decor. Paintings and sculptures, all from the Nowak twins, of massive bodybuilders in all sorts of erotic poses...and all sorts of costumes. Everything from leather to business suits to spandex, and all filled to capacity with rippling, striated, beautiful muscle. To his left was a mirrored weight room as big as his old house in Chicago. Soon he came to the lab, much smaller than the rest of the rooms but filled with beakers and containers with many different colored liquids in them and a large mirror on one wall.

Heinz had prepared the formula the night before, filling a syringe with 4/5 of a full adult dose. His rule of thumb was 1/5 of a dose for teenage boys from 8th grade, then another 1/5 each year after. Luckily there were no underage boys in town at this time. He told Trent to strip, and Trent quickly undressed. Heinz looked at the nude young man...thin, but very nicely endowed. He knew Trent would be pleased with the outcome.

He told Trent he could watch himself grow as the formula worked on his frame, and heíd also be videotaping the growth. He asked if heíd like to see someone grow, and Trent asked if he could watch Father Phil turn into a musclestud. Heinz looked through his catalog and found the tape. He pressed play and Trent saw the formerly corpulent cleric - he didnít recognize him at first - change slowly. Trent was told the formula would be injected into his scrotum, but not inside the testicles, so the first apparent change started in the genitals as they became visible from under the fat. The belly started tightening and the penis began sticking out further and further. Muscles became visible in the legs, then veins began snaking out. The stomach soon rippled into a six-pack as his chest puffed up with power. The veins snaked over his pecs and onto his arms which lost their flab. His shoulders grew rounder and higher, and his neck thickened. The entire process took about fifteen minutes, but to Trent it seemed like a second. Soon the magnetically mighty presence he knew as Father Phil smiled happily, then sexily as he stared at his image in the mirror. He hit a double bicep, then began caressing his newly formed body. His fingers lingered over his pecs, his grape-sized nipples hard and inviting. He tenderly flicked them, then worked down to his hard abs, around to his buttocks as round as bowling balls...and as firm too. Onto his meaty thighs, and then to the awesome cock. He hefted it and it began stiffening. He stroked it lightly, then firmly, watching pre-cum ooze. He continued jerking his cock until he couldnít take any more and with a great sexual yell his cum erupted from his cock and splattered his mirror image. And as Phil wiped the cum from his hands onto his pecs, then into his mouth, the tape went black.

Trentís dick was hard throughout the tape and leaking with pre- cum. Heinz wanted to wrap his lips around the large staff, but knew it would be better shortly. Trent told the doctor he was ready, and Heinz set the tape. Then taking his syringe, he told Trent to sit on the table. Trent opened his legs as Heinz held the testicles in hand, then injected the fluid into a spot under them.

The fluid felt hot, but not painful as it seeped into Trentís balls. They began to swell, and Trent could feel them churning, the fluid slowly spreading from his groin and outward. When it reached his heart, it started beating heavily, and when it reached his head he almost passed out. But he didnít, and watched himself in the mirror as the new Trent emerged.

He had seen morphs of guys on another website, but watching it happen to himself seemed unreal. As with Father Phil, his genitals grew with his already good-sized penis lengthening further. Veins popped up around his groin as the adipose tissue thinned. His abs were the first muscles to become prominent as they grew, the washboard bulging sexily into a six-, then eight-, pack. Next he watched as his glutes ballooned into two round globes; grapefruit...melon...bowling ball. So hot!

His thighs swelled with power as his quads twitched into newly strengthened fiber. Then his calves shook as he stood, turning into those diamond-shaped babies he always wanted. He spread his legs further to accomodate his thighs and his penis dangled heavily, his cock nearing his knees with no sign of stopping. The growth spread upward as his chest inflated outward into two mounds of pecs with a cleft deep enough to hide a hand inside. Trentís heart raced with infused blood as it strengthened. The shoulders broadened and rose, the neck thickened, and his arms swelled with might, the forearms erupting to the size of small hams.

Trent tried hard to contain his pleasure and willed his cock into limpness so as not to waste his first orgasm. The growth soon completed, and Heinz marvelled at the new Trent before him. Still youthful looking, even with the hair that sprouted on his chest and face, but all man. Trent began posing before the mirror, caressing his new ultramasculine form. He especially loved his pecs, lightly coated with dark hair, two silver-dollar sized nipples facing downward...just like Lukeís. He wanted to rush back to the video store, but Heinz told him it was time to see his muscles in action.

Trent strode naked into the gym, all eyes on the new hunk. Three men had stopped lifting, then cheered and whistled lustily. The redhead was Ned, Heinzís love. The goateed brunette was Theo, with his measuring tape at the ready. Phil was the third, and he walked up to Trent, grabbed him by the neck, and kissed him deeply, darting his thick tongue inside Trentís hot mouth. Trent eagerly kissed all of them, saving his most passionate one for the doctor. "Now Iím one of you," he said joyfully.

Heinz had Trent lift weights that were beyond anything he dared dream of, yet even with the first lifts it was apparent Trent was much stronger than expected. Five-hundred pound curls, one-thousand pound bench presses, a ton of weights on leg lifts...and Trent barely broke a sweat. When Theo started measuring Trent, all the men were amazed.

30 1/2" arms...67 1/4" chest...34" waist...38 3/8" thighs...23 3/4" calves...impressive even after being pumped up, but more so since Trent had one more injection to go before full growth. Only one more muscle to measure...

All four men reached down and hefted Trentís new schlong. The intensity was too much for him as it quickly grew, forcing each of the menís hands apart. They stroked the teenís dong slowly, sensuously, and soon precum began oozing from the tip. Each took turns licking the fist-sized head, until the cock was at full stiffness. Theo took his tape measure and read the measurements off at 26 3/8" long by 10 1/4" around. Heinz knew very few men reached the 30" mark, so he knew Trentís cock would pass that point next year with his final shot. If genetics held, the entire Long family would turn out to be as muscular and hung as Trent.

Heinz told Trent that to maintain his stature he would need to suck five cocks a day, or at least include anal sex so the cum could travel into the stomach for ingestion. He also said the stomach stops producing acid during sex, so deep-throating them would be no problem. The four men stripped, and Trent had a tough time deciding whose cock to suck first. Theoís was the shortest, just over 21", so itíd be easiest. Ned was the biggest, a 32 1/4" proportionally perfect giant. Heíd had a taste of Philís yesterday...but eventually he chose Heinzís beautiful two-foot phallus to take first.

Trent hesitated, but Heinz told him that his muscles stretch to accomodate these supercocks, both orally and anally. Trent kissed the docís cock, then eased the head into his mouth. He saw his cheeks bulge in the mirror as he sucked, slowly taking more of Heinzís beef into his esophagus. Meanwhile, Theo positioned himself behind the teenís rump and quickly slid half his dick into him. Trentís eyes widened as he yelled, the vibrations of his throat making the doctor moan. Soon Theo worked up a rhythm as he fucked Trentís virgin ass, and now Trent was moaning in ecstasy. It was difficult for him to think clearly as his cavities were full and his body on fire. Phil and Ned worked on Trentís cock, taking turns shoving the meat down their expert gullets.

Trent could no longer hold his cock back, and his first orgasm shot from his cock splashing all over the two menís faces. Theo was next, and he yelled as the tight ass clamped down on his shooting load. Finally, Heinz gave Trent his load, emptying his rocket almost into the teenís intestines.

For the next few hours, Trent and the men experimented on as many positions as his young, huge body wanted. Trent was insatiable for cock and cum, and he couldnít wait to take on every stud. He also couldnít wait to have his dad and brothers turn into musclemen. Theo gave him a few outfits to wear and showed him how to position his cock so it didnít appear obvious.

"Ready to go home, kid?" Phil asked.

"Kid? Who you calling kid?" Trent asked as he flex his bicep.

"Okay, ready to go home, stallion-dicked muscle hunk teen?"

"Yes I am, mule-dicked muscle man preacher." He kissed the men goodbye and got in Philís car. He felt wonderful rubbing his shoulder against Phil as they drove, another success story for Heinz and another lover for the happy, handsome, hung, and horny men of Musclove, Texas. •

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