Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann


Over the next week the Longs adjusted quickly to life in Musclove. The sight of massively muscular men and teens, while at first disturbing, soon became commonplace. Those men performed the most mundane of tasks - shopping, reading at the library, even going to church - either shirtless or wearing the flimsiest of tees that barely covered their massive pecs. The only men who dressed were those with jobs out of town, and their suits were designed by the local tailor, Theo Eoannou, with every mighty bulge both emphasized and toned down by his designs. One special feature all his pants had was the hidden pocket in which to contain the pendulous cocks for the men of the town. Every size dick could fit in it and not leave a prominent crotch for outsiders to gape at.

At church, the non-denominational leader, Father Phil Fredericks, welcomed the Longs to town warmly. The paintings and sculptures of God and Jesus were done by local artists Adam and Antony Nowak, twin brothers originally from Poland. Rick found their painting of God throwing Satan into the fires of hell inspirational, but Trent thought God was unusually sexy with his massive, striated, vascular body. Heíd soon meet the model for the creation, Dr. Heinz.

Trent felt like a walking hormone all week. Every time he met someone new, heíd stammer and occasionally giggle, not knowing how to react to each of them. Especially as heíd seen their nude pictures on the website and knew just how hung they were. Heíd surreptitiously try to peek at their crotches, but never saw their glorious bulges thanks to Theoís pockets. Soon he began wondering if those were just some bizarre morphs as heíd seen on other sites, but they hadnít looked altered in any way. Heíd wonder how could they hide cocks that big, but even if they werenít really that well hung the men of Musclove were still the sexiest men heíd ever laid eyes on. Every night heíd go to bed with his own sizable erection needing relief. He always thought his last name was perfect for him; even though he was the class geek back in Chicago, he was also the class stallion with over six limp inches of thick cock that would grow to over 8 1/2" hard; only a couple of jerkoff buddies saw it, but bragged about his size to the guys. Soon his nickname went from "Trent Razor-thin" to "Tripod Trent".

After church, Trent decided to visit the video store to see if any new Sega Genesis games were in stock for rental. He looked over the stock when he came across one he hadnít heard of, "O. Lympus, Secret Agent". The box showed a hugely muscled man holding a pistol ala James Bond, with the Parthenon in the background. He brought the box up to the counter and asked the counterman if there was any way to check the game out before he brought it home.

"Sure," said Luke Fredericks, the pastorís nephew who worked there. "Letís go in back, the televisionís set up there." Trent was near drooling as he looked at Lukeís back from behind...the basketball sized shoulders atop a broad v-back tapering to a slim waist above a pair of round, jutting buttocks. He adjusted his cock, trying not to get aroused.

Luke popped the disc in and the game introduced Orville Lympus, a once-geeky scientist who, after a lab explosion had doused him with chemicals, turned into a studly superagent. The explosion was caused by a rogue agent who stole those chemicals for a dictator in a small island country who wanted to turn his army into an unstoppable force. It was up to O. to recover the chemicals and defeat the army.

The game had the basic moves with decent graphics, and Trent found it fairly easy to control and play. Trent asked Luke if there were any cheat codes. Luke said, "I donít think youíre ready to learn those yet. Iíll show you once you are."

Trent asked, "What do you mean by ready? Címon, this game is easy. What kind of cheat codes would you need to help?"

"Itís not for help. Itís something else."

"What? Come on, you can tell me."

"No, I said youíre not ready yet."

"What if I guess what theyíre for; will you tell me if Iím right?"

Luke thought about this for a minute. "Okay, but only if youíre right."

Trent decided to take a guess based on what heíd seen on the website. "Iíll bet itís x-rated, and it involves Orville, and maybe some other guys from the game, naked, maybe doing some bodybuilder poses for the camera, maybe posing with each other. Maybe even having sex with each other. And theyíre all sporting these gigantic dicks, hanging down to their knees. And when theyíre hard those things reach up to their pecs, some up to their necks, maybe even up to their own mouths so they can suck themselves off. Theyíre all so big, and hot, and masculine... just like all the men of this town. Just like you."

Lukeís breathing grew heavier with each word from Trentís mouth. The pocket in his shorts was designed to hold a limp cock but not a hard one, and soon the outline of Lukeís huge cock was visibly stretching down to his knee.

Trent gulped when he saw the cock pressing outward, trying to escape its cloth confines. He looked into Lukeís lusty green eyes, licked his lips, and asked, "Am I right?"

Luke grabbed Trent by the collar and kissed him fiercely. Their mouths parted and Lukeís thick tongue swirled around Trentís. He broke the kiss and asked, "Does that answer your question?" Luke got up from his chair and begin stripping sensuously, all the while saying, "So you like big men, huh? Iíll bet you went to the website and saw all of us hot studs so big and naked. Big hard muscles, bigger than any fuckiní Mr. Olympia. See my pecs? The nipples point down, thatís how big they are. Look at these guns. I can get these babies up to thirty inches when Iím pumping iron. And no gut, just a dense eight-pack so tight and firm. But I know what you really want now." He took Trentís hand and placed it on his crotch.

Trent moaned. "Itís real. Oh my God, itís incredible." His hand travelled up and down the thigh, feeling the hard, thick cock. He looked up at Luke who said, "Go ahead. Take it out and see the real thing." He undid the shorts, pulled down the zipper, and proceeded to haul out inch after magnificent inch of manhood. When he finally freed it, Trent found himself gawking at the cock he held. He knew it had to be at least 18" long by 6" around, but by how much more he wasnít sure. He lifted the cock, and the head reached above the middle of Lukeís pecs. He stammered, " b..."

Luke said proudly, "Twenty-two and a quarter inches long, eight and one-eighths inches around. Pretty big horsecock, huh? And itís gonna get even bigger once Iím a senior."

"Whu...what do you mean by that?" "Later...for now, get to work on this big slab of beef you got all hard and ready." Luke grabbed the side Velcro strips and tore off his shorts, letting his orange-sized testicles flop out. He now stood naked except for his sneakers and ankle-high sweat socks, his mighty cock stiff and throbbing, his body lightly sheened with perspiration.

And Trent fell in love. He sighed as he kneeled before Luke and said, "Youíre beautiful. I never saw your picture at the website, but you are the most beautiful man Iíve ever laid eyes on. Thank you." He took Lukeís cock gently and pulled it down to his salivating mouth. He tasted the pre-cum oozing from the tip...sweet and salty. He tried to slip the soft but fist-sized purple head into his mouth but was unable. He didnít care as this was the most intense feeling heíd ever experienced, caressing the huge shaft with both hands, reaching down to the blond, furry, heavy balls.

Luke offered much encouragement. "Oh, youíre good...oh, yeah, keep licking it. Mmm, your tongue feels so nice on my cock. Donít try to get it all in, just do as much as you can for now." Minutes passed as Trent kept sucking, licking, and wondering how long Luke could hold off cumming. But Luke had trained himself well not to cum until he wanted. And just when Trent put his mouth over the head, Luke grabbed the back of Trentís head, pushed the head in, and began spewing his load into Trentís surprised mouth. He moaned loudly, "Take it all. Drink every hot drop of me. Drink my cum, Trent."

Trent tried to take as much as he could, but the load was so big that it began spilling out the sides of his mouth. He was in such a daze that he didnít realize heíd shot his own load into his pants. A minute passed and Lukeís shots were still strong enough to jerk Trentís head back as they hit the entrance to his throat. But the spasms subsided, and Luke pulled his cock out of Trentís mouth. Cum still poured from it, and Trent licked up every last drop.

As Lukeís cock deflated, he looked down at Trent and said, "That was excellent." Another voice said, "Yes, that was, son." They turned and saw Father Phil Fredericks standing in the doorway. Heíd come by for some afternoon delight with his son, but when he saw Trent trying to take his boyís huge dick in his mouth he decided not to interrupt. Instead he pulled out his own massive 27 3/4" cock and slowly masturbated himself to the erotic sight. Now he stood with his shirt open, tugging at his huge nipples with one hand as he milked his cock slowly with the other.

Trent didnít know what to do. Here was the town preacher, a man of God, stroking an even bigger cock as he watched his son getting blown. He was scared yet more turned on that ever.

Phil walked over to his son and kissed him deeply. Then he turned to Trent and said, "So you sucked my sonís cock? You beat me to it, but thatís okay. Iíll just suck him later today. But we have a rule. Whoever sucks my sonís cock also has to suck mine. Any objections?"

Trent said, "No, none whatsoever." He took hold of Philís cock with both hands and began stroking every inch of the tremendous member. He looked up at the preacher, now shirtless except for the white collar around his thick neck, and brought Philís dick to his mouth. Trent was in a daze; heíd never sucked cock before, and now these two studs gave him the chance to suck the biggest cocks heíd ever seen. He felt as if heíd died and gone to heaven.

"Praise Jesus, youíve got a good mouth," Phil said, "but my ass needs some action too. Címon, son, slide that dong deep into your dad."

"Yeah, dad, you love my big dick poking inside you. Hey, Trent, wanna watch my dad take every inch of me inside him? Just move over to the side, and you can still suck dad off while I fuck him." Trent moved himself around so that he could watch from the side; he couldnít fondle the preacherís balls, but he had to see this.

Trent was surprised to see Lukeís cock without a condom, but he had no time to ask why before Luke slammed at least a quarter of his cock into Phil. Phil gasped and said, "Aw, yeah, son, no one can dick me the way you do. Ram it in me, boy!"

"Naw, dad, I want Trent to see this in slow motion." Trent gazed at Lukeís cock stretching his dadís rectum. Inch after thick inch entered Philís colon, and Phil moaned appreciatively. Trent had stopped sucking Phil as he watched this, but Phil grabbed his cock and tapped him over the head with it. Trent was stunned for a moment; the cock was so heavy it felt like a baseball bat hitting him.

"Keep sucking it, kid. Yeah, thatís right, youíre doing good. Ah...ooh, son, fill me. Fill me up!"

"Three quarters of the way there, dad." Slowly but surely, Trent watched every inch of Lukeís giant cock make its way inside Phil until Lukeís balls were slapping against his dadís. The sight was too much for Trent, whose cock exploded again, only this time heíd taken it out and now came all over Lukeís bare leg.

Luke felt the orgasm, looked down, and smiled. He bent down and smeared the cum on his fingers, then tasted it. "Mmm, delicious. Hey, dad, have some of Trentís cum that landed on me." He put his fingers in front of Luke who licked them clean.

"Thatís pretty good, but I know itíll taste better once heís grown." Trent wanted to know what Phil meant by that, but his mouth was full of precum that was leaking steadily from Philís phallus. Now Luke was fucking his dad forcefully, taking foot-long strokes. Phil grabbed his cock away from Trent and begged Luke to suck him off.

Luke spun his dad around, still impaled to his dick, so the father and son were facing each other. Their hot mouths met, and coming to his senses for the first time since the sex session began, Trent realized this was incest. Hot-blooded, illegal, father-son incest between two massively muscled behemoths. And he started wondering if the whole town is like this. Do all these studs have sex with each other? Even when theyíre family members? Brothers, dads, sons, uncles, nephews, cousins...maybe even grandfathers and grandsons? And suddenly he started thinking of his own family, his brothers and father. He didnít want to imagine it, yet he had to admit they were very attractive men...but what else is going on? He had to find out, and soon.

Luke had his mouth around his dadís cock, urgently going down on him. Phil didnít know what he was saying as he enjoyed this rapture; it was almost like speaking in tongues. Sex with the men of this town always made him feel closer to God, but with his son the intensity was greater. He could always count on Luke to make his eyes roll back in his head, he just knew the right spots to turn his body into a quivering lump of muscle jelly.

Luke reached down and gently squeezed Philís testicles, and that was all Phil needed. Phil shouted, "Praise Jesus, Iím cumming!" and Luke readied his mouth. Trent thought he could see the semen going up the huge shaft; he knew the orgasm would be powerful. Lukeís head bucked as he accepted the first volley of his dadís cum, then the next, and the next... Luke was swallowing every drop, and now was emptying himself inside his dad. Phil shook as he felt the orgasm deep inside him; it always felt like Luke was filling his stomach with cum. But the cum would absorb into his body, as with the other men in town, so they never appeared bloated.

When everyone was done, Trent said, "I canít believe this. I just had sex for the first time with the preacher and his son! I got cum all over me; I canít go home looking like this."

"Donít worry, you can come over to our house and Iíll wash those clothes for you. The least I can do for helping break a young man into our world."

"Well, thanks Father Phil, but I have to ask you...what was all this talk about growing?"

"Surely you donít think my son and I - for that matter, all the men of this town - were born this big?"

Luke asked, "Havenít you gone for your school physical yet?"

Trent said, "No."

"So you havenít met Doctor Schmidt."

"No. Is he the one responsible for all the men being so big?"

Phil said, "Yes, he is, and heíll be the one whoíll make you grow as big as us."

Trent stared at him. "You mean I can be as big as you two? Even..."

The two laughed. "Yes, your penis will grow as big as ours...and from the size of what you have already hanging out of your pants, maybe even bigger. Iím sure you have a lot of questions to ask. Letís get you cleaned up, and maybe I can answer some of them for you." The three men got dressed, and Phil kissed his son goodbye.

And Trent decided he needed to visit Doctor Schmidt as soon as possible. But not before he had a chance to sample some of the other studs of Musclove, Texas. •

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