Muscle Bar, The

The Pills


By alyn_roze

"Hi Alan." Lee says answering the door. "Thanks for coming over."

Alan shakes his hand. "Hi yourself. What's wrong?"

"Nothing now that you are here." Says Lee as he closes the door. "I needed to talk to you."

Alan walks into the living room taking a seat next to the fireplace. "Well? You did leave before we had a chance to finish our card game the other night. And if I remember correctly I was winning."

"I couldn't concentrate on the card game. Not with you on the other side of the table. Your muscles have been in my thoughts every waking moment. I haven't gotten much sleep these last few nights."

"Than you really should get to bed." Alan said with grin. "The longer you stay up the less sleep you will get."

"But my mind can't settle down." Lee paces the floor. He takes a seat across from Alan. "Do you still carry those muscle relaxers? "

"I do." Handing the bottle to Lee. "Now what can I do to get your mind to settle?"

Lee pops several pills into his mouth. "What do you have in mind?"

Alan raises a muscular arm to a bicep pose. "How about something else to concentrate on."

"I'm listening!" Lee eyes the bulging bicep.

"Something we both like." Alan raises the other arm.

Lee's eyes widen. "Go on."

"How bout some muscle growth?"

Lee smiles as he sinks back into the over stuffed chair "Sounds good, now how about you making me big."

"You know those pills you just took...?

"Uh huh? The ones you just gave?"

"I spiked them with a little something after I new you wanted them." Alan said.

"What did you spike them with?" Lee asked.

"It has Viagra and a secret growth ingredient that was given to me by a close friend." Replied Alan.

"Oh Shit! Why?

Alan - "Over the last few months I have developed, what I call, muscle sense. I can sense when someone will look good with muscles. When you over the other day I noticed, or should I say, sensed that you thought my muscles looked hot. When I received your call this evening I knew that you were hooked on muscles."

"How long will it take to work?"

"How many pills did you take?"

"I only took two like the instructions on bottle said." Said Lee. "How will I know it starts to work?"

"You should start to feel something warm in your crotch real soon."

"I do seem to be getting a little warm." Lee says looking at his crotch.

Alan smiles "Getting warm is the least of what is going to happen to you Lee."

"Oh man look at my shorts!" Lee opens his jeans and exposes his pubic area. "My dick is getting longer and look at that hair!"

"See how big your balls are getting." "I can feel them churning."

"Not only are you getting longer but you are getting thicker."

Lee grabs his cock and balls. "Christ man! It's amazing"

Alan points to Lee's crotch. "See how the veins are forming on your dick, as it gets bigger."

"Wow! I hope the rest of my body catches up?"

"It soon will Lee. The veins and hair are already radiating from the base of your cock."

"Fuck! My whole body is itching!"

"That is the body hair growing in."

"Man I love it!" Lee opens up his shirt.

"The veins are shooting up your abs. your waist begins to get more defined...."

Lee looking at his waist "OH Wow! A six-pack!"

".... As they shoot down your legs your thighs start to push your knees apart."

Lee sits up in his chair. "I feel so strong so masculine."

"Your thighs grow and swell to new dimensions."

"Fuck man! I can't believe they have doubled in size. Oh Alan look at my calves. They're starting to grow. My jeans can hardly contain my legs."

"Look at your feet Lee. They are growing larger to accommodate your new weight."

"Man! They're growing so big that my shoes are splitting open. I need to stand up and try them out"

Lee starts to stand up and almost falls forward. Alan jumps out of his chair and catches him.

"You have forgotten about the rest of your body Lee. You are kind of top heavy now. Your chest sticks out about a foot in front of you. Your pecs have grown in size so much you can't see you below your chest when you straighten back up. Your nips are as big as your thumbs. The bases of your nips have grown so big that they look like two fleshy islands in that sea of man fur that covers you huge chest."

"Man, I am so huge, bigger than I ever thought I could be."

"Look in your wall mirror and see the rest of your body." Alan commands.

Lee feels his chest. "I am so huge. I feel so hard and powerful."

"See your cock is completely hard now and it is now the size of a five-pound sausage."

Lee tilts his head back and closes his eyes as he touches his new cock "Ah man! I need to stroke it. Oh Fuck! I love my new dick. My balls feel like two soccer balls in a plastic bag! My biceps have gotten so big that they are making it hard to reach my new dick. They are now as big as my head but my triceps make them look even bigger. My lats are pushing against my triceps making my arms hang out from my body. My forearms have grown to the former size of my arms. My arms look like a pro bodybuilders legs big, thick and huge!

Lee tries to turn his head to get a closer look at his arms but find it hard to turn it very far. He turns back towards the mirror to find out why and sees that his traps are now touching his ears.

"Your body is now complete." Alan says. "Your delts grown to cannon ball size."

Lee screams "No-o-o-o-o-o!" He shoots such a big load of man juice it bounces off the mirror and hitting himself in the chest. It is now covered with his juices.

Lee roars. "Hey, this is great!"

Lee is so amazed with his body that he strike pose after post in front of his slimy mirror. Lee closes his eyes once again falling back into the waiting arms of Alan. The process of growing his new body and jacking off his extra large cock has taken its toll on him. Alan catches Lee before he has a chance to fall to the floor.

Alan can see that the lack of sleep has taken its toll on Lee as well. Alan carries his latest creation into the bedroom and places him on the bed. The King size bed seems small under the now larger Lee still covered in his own man juices.

"Sweet dreams my prince." Alan says kissing Lee on the cheek. "For tomorrow you join the world as a new man. And wait till the world gets a look at you." •

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