Muscle Beach Cruisers


By otkuman2003

It was a hot day, as the summer sun was blazing down on the beach sands. What Beach? Venice Beach, California; or what some like to call it – Muscle Beach. So what a time to head to the beach, right? Escape the heat as well as take in some muscle action for myself. That’s when I saw this guy. Fuck was he big, wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that for myself.

He was a bit shorter then me, probably around 5’10”, but the muscles on his body screamed out to me; this guy was built, possibly 225 lbs and some pretty big unflexed biceps. All I needed was for that fine specimen to notice me as much as I noticed him. I casually hang back at the juice bar, hoping for him to walk on up and possibly say-

“Hey man; the names Andrew," fuck this is the best fucking day of my life! This guy is actually in front of me. I think a big grin crossed my face from ear-to-ear, as I noticed a broad smile begin to sweep across his face as well. “I haven’t seen you around here lately.” He extends a friendly hand out to me; this is my chance to get what I want.

I grab a hold of Andrew’s hand, not letting my gaze fall from his. I focus my mind trying to find that center, that power source which will cause his might to become mine. A few seconds pass, but I feel nothing. My grin begins to falter as I become confused that my gift is not affecting this muscle stud in front of me. Of all the muscle guys on this beach, why did I have to find someone with the exact same ability that I possess?

“Uhh, hey there,” I respond nonchalantly.

Andrew’s clueless behavior never once falls from his face, “And you are?”

“Oh, uhh; I’m Titus,” wow, almost fucked that one up. Come on Titus, be the confident stud you are. I return with my cocky grin, “Some powerful handshake you got there, kid. What do you do for those forearms?” I notice how thick and vascular they already are; I really should do something about mine more quickly.

“Just lift and stuff; normal exercises. What about you Titus? You got a pretty defined body yourself. Wish I was as ripped as you were man.

Hehe, this fucker is clueless to his own power. Guess I better show him what people like us can actually do. Maybe I should fuck with him a bit, as well as our surrounding targets. “I actually don’t do anything specific for my forearms. I find other types of exercises; I hit it and they grow. But I’m currently looking to really get some bigger forearms.”

“Yeah?” God was he dumb. Guess I better show him the ropes soon so he gets what I mean.

No sooner did this quarter ton, mega sized body builder, about 6’4” in height, pass right by us. Also to note was the cucumber he was packing in his workout shorts.

As if reading my mind, Andrew responded before I had the chance to speak. “Fuck, that’s some muscle I would kill to have!” I see his eyes are also watching that giant walking muscle structure as he passes us by and heads towards the direction of the bathrooms.

“Heh, yeah; me too, Andrew,” here is my chance; now or never. “Can I show you something?” I grin and wink at this soon to be mini-me stud.

“Uhh, sure Titus, what is it man?”

“Let’s go talk to that guy,” I nod at the direction that the muscle giant took off to. “Follow my lead and don’t lay a hand on him until I say so.”

“Uhh, alright.”

The guy already very far ahead of us; luckily we manage to somewhat catch up with him. Stupid dumb muscle-head; who doesn’t lock a single person bathroom stall? This dumbass didn’t, that’s for sure. I push the door open moving into the room, pulling Andrew with me inside, and locking it behind us.

The big bodybuilder guy, taking a piss and finishing up notices us pretty quickly. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” anger fueling this guys senses.

Andrew, the fucking pussy bitch he is, shaking scared. I wanted to laugh at the sight of him; fucking pathetic. “Uh, sorry sir,” the clueless idiot is apologizing? He looks up at me. I part with the bodybuilders gaze, staring down at Andrew as he says, “What now Titus?”

I take a few steps towards the big brute stud. “We just wanted to introduce ourselves. Saw someone that we both similarly wanted to be like.”

The bodybuilder studs muscles tensing as I make my move; closing more in on him. “I had to take a fucking piss, dipshits! It could have fucking waited!” He states as he grabs the salami in his workout shorts.

Andrew’s eyes watch this action; his eyes bulging out just as much as this dude’s package was bulging in his super tight shorts. “Holy fuck! That….That thing is fucking huge!”

I reach forward grabbing one of this strong man’s bowling ball sized deltoid muscles. I concentrate, feeling his center of power, and will it to become infused with mine. Slowly but surely that powerful muscle begins to decrease in size very quickly, and mine begins to push out from my body at an exceptionally quick rate, matching his once proud bowling ball delts. I finally release his deltoid, moving down to his actual arm; the deltoid practically shriveled up to almost nothing, looking ridiculous with the rest of his body. Then again, I look ridiculous now as well with one massive shoulder muscle and the rest of my body normal sized.

Andrew looked on in horror; seeing this once massive bodybuilder beginning to lose what he had gained so hard through intense training, and me (the guy he just met barely 30 minutes prior) gaining the size and power from this diminishing muscle hunk. Ho-Holy Fuck man!” was what Andrew managed to blurt out seeing these two guys before him somewhat out of proportion.

“Let go asshole!” the slowly shrinking bodybuilder responds as I begin to add his bicep and forearm size to my own limb. The bicep ballooning up to a size I have always dreamed of having – going from 17 inches to a whooping 25 in a matter of seconds; finally stopping at impressive 27 inch peaks as I release my grip from his arm. My forearm is also incredibly thick as well now, from the power drain I just extracted on this soon to be pitiful soul.

Andrew slowly walks up to me, rubbing his hand along the one, super sized arm I have obtained from this rather large muscleman. “Damn Titus! That’s fucking HOT!”

I grin down at my apprentice chuckling a bit, “You want some too, little Andrew?”

Andrew looks at me, taken aback from my little question, “Me? What are you talking about? I can’t do that.”

“Yes you can, little dude. Grab a hold of something and just thing of how badly you want it.”

Andrew starts to reach forward a bit, before stopping. I look at him a bit confused. “Well? What the fuck are you waiting for?”

Well, uhh,” he hesitated at first but then told me point blank. “Why don’t you finish him off? Then we can hit someone up next for me. I mean shit, Titus! You need to be more symmetrical, don’t you think?”

I grin from ear to ear, “alright.” I turn back to this muscleman, soon to be pussyboy. Getting behind him, I rip off this dude’s shorts, as well as my own.

“HOLY FUCK!” Andrew responds as the muscleman’s massive cock flops out between his knees; 20 long, fat inches of pure manliness. Oh, this is going to be good.

I grab hold of both shoulders, draining this guy’s arms completely dry; adding them to my own muscles which I already had. My arms now huge, both equal in size. I couldn’t wait much longer. I needed this guy now; all of him.

I grabbed my much smaller member, giving it a few strokes to get it up to its full perfection. I grip the dude’s ass, spreading his cheeks wide, before I SLAM into him all the way.

“OH FUCK!” he screams as I plow into his insides, beginning the full transfer of power and might. The 6’4”, quarter ton bodybuilder’s body begins to collapse around my cock. His body shriveling up; becoming weak, pathetic, a fucking runt! Legs becoming twigs, while mine becoming oaks; my calves becoming so massive, they split becoming two separate muscles of sheer power. The guys abs breaking away till they are a completely flat stomach while mine redefine themselves into a perfect, cut 8-pack of raw power. My pecs widen and expand. My lats flaring enormously. All my muscles pushing into each other, until the best thing possible happens.

I begin to stretch; my body lengthening upwards and outwards as my height increases and my shoulders expand to accommodate my new size. My body rising from its original height of 6’1” to a massive 6’10”, now a whole foot taller and almost triple Andrew’s size. Finally with the transformation over, I decide to show this pussyboy who really is in charge.

I begin to slide my cock out and thrust back in, harder and more forcefully then before. Andrew notices then that the 20 inch cock the guy once had is now diminished to a 4 inch pencil dick and matching grape testicles; he stares in shock at this sight. I pull out all the way to just the head. More and more shaft then I had; then even the fucker I am fucking once had is now part of me. 28 massive inches and a bulbous mushroom flared head. “Mmm, like this Andrew?”

I notice he does as he himself is massaging the bulge in his own shorts. I give him a knowing grin, moaning, before I shove back in one final time, and pull off entirely; dropping the pussyboy to the floor and dumping gallons of hot seed over his pathetic body.

As my cock finally becomes somewhat soft again, Andrew finally speaks, “Jesus fucking Christ! Titus! I think I just found my new workout partner!” His eyes beaming up at me in admiration.

“Mmm, look at me! What do you think of all this muscle?”

Andrew reaches his hand towards my pecs, rubbing them for a brief second, before backing away as if they burned his hand. I begin to flex my muscles in various poses; double-bicep, lat spread, and a few other basic poses.

“Uhh, it’s hot Titus. But just don’t touch me, or fuck me. Don’t want to lose what I gained so far from all my hard work in the GYM.”

I laugh out loud, much deeper then what I am normally used to. “Don’t worry little Andrew. I can’t steal your muscles.”

He looked at me still confused; god, can’t this kid get a fucking clue! “And why can’t you steal my size? You just stole his,” he asked and pointed at the pathetic lump of flesh on the bathroom floor, unconscious to the world around him.

“Because you have the same power as I do. The only thing is, you still don’t know how to use it.” I look down at him grinning.

“I do?”

“Yep, little man; now all you need is a master to show you how your ability works.”

“So, I can get as big as you?” he asks me.

“You can get as big as you want to. What’s your fantasy?”

Andrew doesn’t even have to think about his fantasy, “Same thing that every other dude fucking wants; to get as fucking huge as possible!”

“That’s what I like to hear!” I look down at my naked body. “Now, go find me some clothes, Andrew; the real fun is about to begin.” •

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