Muscle Bar, The

Josh, Jason and Jim


By alyn_roze


“Hi Josh. Glad you could make it.”

“Alan? Is that you?” Asks Josh. “Let me look at you. Man! How did you get so big?”

“I’ll tell you later.” Said Alan. “Did you have any problem finding the place?”

“No problems at all.” Says Josh as he walks thru the house. “Nice beach house dude. Thanks for the invitation.”

“No problem. I thought it might be fun to have some friends over for the weekend. Since it's been so hot lately I thought you might like to cool off. Where are your friends Jim and Jason?”

“The guys should be here any minute.” They went to get some more beer. We don’t want to run out.”


“That should be them now.”

“We got more beer.” Says Jason holding up two cubes. “Hey! Nice pad Dude.”

“Yeah Dude. Awesome beach.” Said Jim looking out the patio window.

“Got anything cold to drink? Asks Jason. “These need time to cool down.”

“I have some cold beer in the fridge.” Said Alan. “I even got PBR for you Josh.”

“Here you go Josh. You didn’t say your friend was a muscle dude.” Says Jason.

“He wasn’t two months ago.” Josh said as he opened his beer and takes a drink. “How long have you had this beer?

Alan: I don't know.” Asks Alan. “It hasn’t been in the fridge for very long maybe a week. Why?”

“It tastes funny.” Said Josh. “Almost like it has gone bad. How are your beers guys?

“Mine tastes fine.” Says Jim.

“So dose mine.” Replies Jason.

“Maybe it ok than.” Josh says taking another drink. “I did have that bean Burrito before you guys picked me up.”

“So that is what I smelled on the way over here.” Says Jim waving his hand in front of his face.

“Fuck you too Jim. You beer bellied freak.”

Jim: “AUGH!” Jim says grabbing his upper chest. “Right for the heart.”

“Ah shut up!” Josh punches Jim’s right shoulder.

Leaning over the railing Jason says. “Man is it hot today!”

“Yeah, it sure is.” Alan said grinning. “That sun is very hot.”

“I'm going into the water Alan.” Says Josh. “Jason, you guys want to go for a swim and cool off?”

“A swim would be bitchen after that long drive.’ Exclaims Jason. “Jim grabs the towels so we can lie on the beach afterwards.”

“I aint you’re your servant.” Jim yells back as he heads for the beach. “Get it yourself.

After several minutes in the water, Josh was the last to emerge out of the surf. Alan had placed a blanket out on the sand. Everyone else was lying there enjoying another beer.

Alan hands a towel to Josh. “How’s the water?

“Man the water feel great (grabbing his towel to dry off)

Jim looks down at Josh’s crotch. “I can see that Dude.”

“You got a fish in your shorts or are you glad to be here? Alan says with a grin.

Josh’s face goes beat red. “Oh sorry...”

“He must be in heat.” Jason giggles. “Looks like he has a sunburn.”

“Josh? Did you get your little brothers board shorts again?” Jim says pointing to the shorts.

“Yeah Dude.” Says Jason. “They look kind of small.”

“No I don't think so...these are mine.” Josh pulls at his clothing. “My muscle shirt feels a bit tight today too. They probably shrank is the wash.” Jim dose a bicep curl with his beer bottle. He fakes how heavy it actually is, grunting and groaning as he tries to lift it. “You have been working out more perhaps that is it.”

Alan snickers.

Josh in an angry voice (kicking sand at Jim). “Shut up dude.” “Hey watch the sand!” Jim says covering his open beer bottle with his hand.


Jim wipes the sand off his body. “Now I need to go into the water to wash off.

When Jim comes back from the water and Josh notices a puzzled look on his face.

“What are you looking at?”

Jim still dripping. “Dude is it me or are you getting bigger?”

Alan snickers again.

“Shut up.” Josh throws a towel into Jims face. “Leave me alone.”

Jason looks over towards Josh still lying on his back. “Yea dude you are getting bigger!”

As Josh sits up he hears a tearing noise.

“Oh shit!” Exclaims Josh.

Jim starts laughing. “You didn’t say this was a nude beach.

“Yeah Dude cover yourself.” Jason starts to laugh as well.

The shorts start to rip up the sides

Jim points to Josh’s shorts. “Don’t you feel a draft?”

Josh tries to pull the sides of his shorts back together. “What the hell is going on?”

Suddenly it tears through the front of the shorts.

With an evil looking grin Alan says. “Look how big your dick is getting!”

”Damn!” Josh tries to cover it with his hands.

Jim laughing louder says. “You’ll need more that your hands to cover it dude!”

Alan snickers again.

“My thighs and calves are getting bigger!”

“ . . . And so are your biceps.” Jim continues.

“Hey dude.” Jason asks in scared voice. “Are you part sponge? Cause you are swelling up?

Josh looking even more frighten. “Shut up man...I don't know what the hell is happening either.

Alan: (snicker) “Gee Dude.” Alan says. “Things are getting bigger all over.”

Josh touches his upper body. “I can feel my shoulders broaden...back strengthens...pecs pump up...neck as thick as my head. My muscle shirt is now a MUSCLE shirt!”

Smiling wildly Jim says. “Man your becoming a muscle freak!”

Josh tries to stand up...He wobbles from the new weight...His height is approaching 6'6''

Jason eyes Josh’s new body longingly. “Yeah dude you look like one of those morph pictures the at you see on the web.”

“Dude your dick is so long!” Jim licks his lips.

Jason gazes at the swelling python. “Yeah dude and it is still soft!”

Josh reaches down and touches his cock. “WOAH! It feels good bro.”

Jim raises a shaky hand near it. “It must be at least a foot long.”

Josh continues to inflate...until he hit 7' feet in height.

Josh: “God you guys look tiny from up here!” Josh says as he looks down at the guys.

“Hey dude your getting longer!”


Josh drops his foot long cock, hitting Jim in the face. “Hey! Watch where you putting that thing. Your balls are inflating too.”

Jason: “Yeah dude they are hanging lower as well.” Says Jason excitedly.

“Shit!” Josh tries to readjust his legs to give them room.

Jim picks up a towel. “Um, bro...cover your crotch. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Josh bends over to touch his balls. “I know I’m hot, but I can’t control myself.” Jason asks. “Can we touch your cock and balls too?”

“Yeah Dude can we?”

Alan snickers again.

Josh put his hands behind his head, flexing. “Go for it boys.”

“I wonder how this happened?” Jim touches Josh’s muscular right leg.

Jason goes after the left leg. “Oh man it feels like warm velvet.”

“You’re so smooth!

“Smooth?” Josh looks down at his body. “What the hell happened to my body hair?” “But your pubs are still hairy.” Says Jason running his fingers through the hair.

Josh: Yeah they are but now I have more hair down there. He flexes cock and balls in Jason’s hands.

Jason watches the balls bounce in his hands. “Follow the bouncing balls.”

Alan’s huge body shakes more as he laughs harder

Jim touches under sides of Josh’s balls making him laugh. Josh’s laugh is now deep and loud.

Jim brings his index finger up to his mouth. “Quite Dude we want you ourselves.”

Josh flexes giving all the guys a show. “I wish I knew what happened?”

Alan holds up a beer bottle. “You never did know how handle your beer.”

Josh’s mostly smooth body shining in the sun

“Can we rub some more oil on you?”

“Sure boys. Cover me in oil and don’t forget anything.”

“I got dibs on the front.”

“I will get the back.”

Alan grabs the bottle of oil. “Than that leaves me with the top half.” snicker

Josh flexes hard as all the hands start to touch.

Alan: Getting close to Josh’s face Alan says. “I always did like my men big and smooth.”

“Looks like you got your wish.”

“Man! What ever you guys are doing keep it up. He cock is getting bigger!”

Josh starts moaning and closes his eyes.

“I love your nice big bubble butt Dude.” M-m-m-m-m-m-m!

Josh ass bulges and pumps hard as he flexes his ass for Jason.

“Look at those striations!”

“Alan, go get me another beer.” Demanded Josh.

“Hey guys you might want to take a look up front here. Things are getting bigger!

Josh sound like he is orgasming as his cock stretches.

“Are you sure you want another?” Alan says getting more beer out of the cooler. “You know how you get when you have too many beers.”

“Yes I do.” Replies Josh. “All this activity in the sun is making me thirsty.” “I'm thirsty too give me that dick.” Said Jim. H-m-m-m-m-m!

Alan hands Josh the bottle. “Here’s your beer.”

‘Thanks for the beer dude.” Josh takes the bottle. It seems smaller in his now huge hand.

“Dose this beer taste any better?” Alan says grinning from ear to ear.

“Taste the same.” as he dumps it into his mouth.

Josh takes the empty bottle and tosses it 300 yards into the water off shore.

“Man is it hot today or is it just me?” Josh asks. •

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