Stonewood Male Dormitory: The Test

New Ability


By MuscleMage

This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Adam got up, he groaned as he lifted his huge chest up, even with his huge 10-pack it was difficult. He stood up and went over to the mirror, he didn't bother looking down since his massive pecs would just get into the way.

"Holy shit! Look at the size of me!", Adam exclaimed, "I've always dreamed of becoming huge and this is beyond anything I've imagined, this is great!" Suddenly, Adam's eyes noticed something strange. He was starting to shrink!

"Hey!" Adam cried in protest as his body was deflating. He was growing shorter only slightly but his muscles were shrinking at an alarming size. Even his cock and balls were shrinking. Finally the shrinking stopped, Adam was around 270 pounds and a good 6'0 feet tall. His 11-inch cock was still rock hard and throbbed visibly.

Adam was frustrated, "What the heck? I didn't want to shrink like that! I wanted to get bigger! Mario, what the hell went wrong? Make me bigger."

Mario just stared at Adam's cock. Just waiting for him to accept the invitation.

Adam smiled went his noticed what Mario was staring at. "Oh what the hell," he thought,"I'm still a shit bigger then I was."

Adam waved his tool back and forth invitingly. Mario was ecstatic, he rushed forward and grabbing ahold of the mancock he jammed it into his mouth.

Adam moaned as Mario massaged his cock with his tongue. His balls were starting to swell as they filled with cum. Mario's eyes grew huge as he watched Adam's giant cock swelled with cum, first at the root, and then the cum climbed up the cock. Higher and closer towards Mario's mouth.

Finally, Adam gave a great manly grunt as he launched gallons of cum into Mario’s mouth. Mario tried to swallow as much he could but he soon had to take his mouth off Adam's cock or else choke. But Adam was still spraying his cum all over the room. Adam suddenly started growing again, his huge muscles swelled impossibly big. A barrel could fit into his rising chest with ease. As quickly as it came, the growth stopped. Adam wasn't as big as he was the first time but he was still bigger then what he was before he shot.

"Whoa! Weird, how come I suddenly grew like that?" said Adam.

"Must be every time you cum you grow,"whispered Mario in awe. •

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