Stonewood Male Dormitory: The Test

Adam levels off, and then…


This is an excerpt from "Stonewood Male Dormitory," an interactive story from Choose Your Change. A full outline of this interactive story can be found here.

Mario took a step back as Adam continued to swell. The seams of his roommate's clothing gave way as the muscle man grew, hanging like rags over his 7 1/2 foot, 500 pound body. Adam staggered a little, and collapsed onto his bed. It creaked in protest beneath the mountain of his flesh, but held. Adam's giant cock, out of proportion because of the extra powder he'd put down his pants, stiffened to hit him in the chest.

Mario was concerned that there had been so much change, so rapdily. He had expected a little growth, but nothing like this. Fortunately, Adam's changes began to slow and finally came to a stop. "Wow," was all Adam could say as he admired his new arms and chest.

As Adam's growth stopped entirely, both men heard a popping sound, like knucles cracking, come from Adam's body. Adam looked at Mario, and Mario shrugged. As Mario watched... •

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