Story of Muscle Growth in a Teen, A

By Chameleon

I had never been and would never be strong or muscular. I was small and puny. Even the 12 year olds at my school were stronger than me. I had always wanted to be good at P.E. and Games but it just never happened. The worst was that everybody knew that I was a wimp and so they could bully me. I remember once this BIG guy in our class thought that I had taken his games bag and school uniform. He had no top on. He came up to me and grabbed my shirt. I could see the anger in his eyes. He then tightened his grip. I could see his forearms bulge as his grip tightened. When I said that I hadn't moved his bag he got really mad and he lifted me off the floor. I was scared but I was also feeling something else. This boy, my own age was standing there, holding me off the floor. I could see his biceps rumbling with power, the snake like veins wrapped round it. I was much shorter than him and so he had only needed to lift me up to his chest, I was half a meter off the floor and still only at his chest. I am not complaining because this meant that I was looking directly at his huge pecs. They were amazing, I was almost tempted to reach out and touch them. I refrained and looked down, another mistake. Now I was staring at his huge six-pack. It was phenomenal, I could clearly make out the bulges of muscle in his stomach. I swear there were more than six huge bumps of muscle knotted up in that stomach. I was still in shock at the fact that I was being held off the floor by this guy and he barely seemed to notice the weight on his arm. I thought that he was going to kill me. Luckily for me another kid owned up and so he put me down and apologized. I sat down, still in shock at he strength of this guy. He was six months younger than me but much taller and definitely twice, if not three times as strong.

From that day on I looked forwards to P.E. when I would see him topless again. He was not the only strong guy in the school but he was the most muscular and I liked him the best. Sometimes we went into the gym and I would watch in awe as he loaded up the weights and proceeded to work out. Our shirts had no sleeves which meant that when he did bench presses and other arm exercises you could see his biceps flex under the pressure. The were huge, how I wished I could be like him. As it happened his shirt had got ripped in rugby and so it hardly covered the front of him. I could see his huge pecs and six pack as he worked them out. I think lots of people in my class are jealous of him and, he knew it. He would load on the extra weights just to show off. Some people reckoned he was taking steroids but I didn't care as long as he looked good.

Once when we came out of P.E. some other kids were flexing their biceps to see who had the biggest arm. They were all big but, when this guy came up to the biggest of the others and flexed his arm it was like comparing a tennis ball with a bowling ball, one was small and squidgy and the other, large heavy and hard. The biggest guy looked puny in front of him. Some of the other guys went to feel this huge ball of muscle but, when they touched it it didn't even dent his skin, his muscle was so hard and powerful. I also went to feel it, it was amazing, I could grip his arm with all my might and his muscle would not even budge. When one of the other kids asked him how strong he was he grabbed that guy and the nearest guy to him which happened to be me. With one of us in each hand he hoisted us both off the floor, one in each arm. He was unenviable, holding up both of us. He put us down and we carried on changing. I could hardly take my eyes off his huge body.

That evening I lay in bed thinking about him and wishing that I could be like him. I wanted to be able to hold people off the ground and have them admire me, even fear me. I wanted to go to the gym but I was too embarrassed to go in. I would be surrounded by people who worked out all he time and I would look pathetic.

A couple of months later I was in a Chemistry lesson. I had used the wrong chemicals by accident. When I mixed them, the overflowed and went all over my hands. I washed it off and carried on with the experiment. Later on that day I looked at my hands and noticed that they seemed much bigger. I wanted to compare them with somebody else's hands and so I challenged a boy in my class to a game of mercy. He accepted thinking that he would win easily. When we locked hands I could see that my hands were much bigger than his and my fingers were thicker than his. I tightened my grip and got ready. I noticed that my hands seemed a lot stronger. My grip was more powerful! I almost beat him. I thought back in my mind to the Chemistry lesson. It must have been the chemicals that I spilt on my hands. I had taken notes on the lesson and so, before I went home I took the chemicals I needed from the lab.

I mixed up the chemicals again but this time I took the mixture and spread it all over my stomach and chest. It felt warm and like maple syrup. I waited for a while but nothing happened. I had to wash it off and put some clothes on. I had my shower and went down for dinner. When I came up I took off my T-shirt and went to look in the mirror. I almost died. I had developed a beautiful six pack, not a very big one but there were definite bumps on my stomach. I tensed the muscle and rubbed my had over it. They felt amazing, six hard lumps of muscle on my stomach. I looked up at my chest and could see a clear line under my pecs. My necklace now dangled between to big muscles. I had grown muscles! I then mixed all of the chemical that I had and put it in a bath. I added water so it covered my whole body. I got in the bath and relaxed. I sat in the solution for 10 minutes and then got out and cleaned off. I went and lay down on my bed. Suddenly I felt a tingling in my legs. I felt my jeans get tighter around my legs. I quickly took them off and looked at them. My legs were growing thicker and stronger. I could feel my quads growing and my legs widening, I could see my skin tightening to fit the muscle underneath. The feeling moved up through my body and into my stomach. My already nicely developed six pack grew again. This time I could see the bulges growing. I was getting my dream! The feeling went up to my pecs. They grew outward. I could now clearly see two huge pecs on my body with heavy shadows underneath them. I could feel the lines. I put my hands on my hips and posed, boy did I look tough!! Then out to my arms. My biceps and triceps were growing. I flexed in the mirror and watched as my arms went from nothing to something as big as the guys who I admired and fantasized about so often. It was like the biceps were being blown up. I took my other hand and rubbed it over them. They felt fantastic. Them my forearms grew, they got bigger and rounder and if I tensed them I could see the power in them. I posed in the mirror, what a hunk I was! Suddenly the feeling went, my transformation was over. I looked forwards to the next P.E. lesson.

I took off my clothes as quickly as I could, I went over to where the BIG guy was changing as soon as he took his shirt off. I stood next to him and noticed that I had also grown taller, I was almost his height. I said to him that my arms were bigger and stronger than his. He didn't even look up, just laughed. I challenged him again and he reached out, put his hand on my chest and pushed. He was hardly trying. When I didn't budge he stood up and looked at me. He saw my new body. He then pushed again with all him might but I still didn't budge. He then said that he was much stronger than me and his biceps were way bigger than mine. He called his mates over and asked them to judge. He took his arm and flexed. There it was again, that huge ball of power that used to intimidate me so much. I then took up position next to him and flexed my bicep. He could now clearly see that my arm was bigger than his. He backed down and continued getting changed.

When we got to P.E. we found out that we were having a lesson in the gym. To my surprise, the big guy, Richard, came up to me and asked if I wanted to be his partner. I accepted. We spent all lesson showing off to the others. I noticed a lot of people were staring at me and so I would occasionally go into a pose to impress them. I liked my new body and the attention it got me. Later, when we were changing back, somebody who really hated me took the keys from my locker. I saw him from the corner of my eye. He was a small guy but was well known as being very strong. I went up to him and asked for my keys. When he denied having them I got really mad. I felt the fury run through my body, it tensed up and then I suddenly grabbed him by his shirt. He grabbed my arms and tried to pull them off him. His hands didn't even go round my forearm. He looked at me in amazement, he just realized that he was in trouble. I decided to show him, and the rest of the class, who was boss. They would not be bullying me anymore! I lifted him clean off the floor and with a deep breath, threw him into the lockers. He ran toward me and went to punch me but I grabbed his fist and easily twisted his arm round behind his back. He squirmed around a bit and then gave up and gave me my keys. As I walked off it started to dawn on me how strong I had got. I was not superman or anything, I was just very strong for a 16 year old. Things that seemed very heavy before seemed much lighter and I could press 230 which was almost double what I could before. People would respect me now.

A couple of months later I moved on to my new school where I was going to do my A-Levels. Most of my new class were normal people, just like before. There were however a group of four friends who were much bigger than the rest of us. When I first saw them change I almost died. They were not only big but they were covered in muscle. Much more than mine and the other guy from my last school. Next to them I looked like a 12 year old wimp. They had arms the size of my legs and their legs looked as if they were as thick as a small tree. They came up to me and asked me if I thought that I was strong. I replied that I thought I was quite strong. Then one of them went into a double bicep pose. His arms were fantastic, the biceps clearly bulged out of his arms and the snake like veins wrapped found them and up to his thick, succulent forearm. Then one of the other two started to flex and un flex his pecs. They started moving up and down. These huge muscles were enough to intimidate anyone. I then looked down at his six-pack, it was huge, the balls of muscle clearly separated by huge valleys. If he lay down you could run water down them they were so deep. I then said to them that I was obviously not nearly as strong as them. Then the leader of them, the biggest bloke, put his hand around my neck and lifted me off the ground. He was holding me up with one arm and I was chocking. He then with seemingly no effort, threw me back onto the floor. He had thrown me about 5 meters through the air with no effort on his behalf. He walked over to me and looked over me. I could see this huge bloke towering over me, my head was spinning. He then grabbed my shirt and picked me up, clean off the floor. That was no easy task, since I had grown my muscles I weighed 193 pounds. He held me up for at least 2 minutes and explained to me how he was strong and I was a puny little shit. I was not listening, I was looking at his amazing body, those arms were huge and those huge pecs were just so extraordinary. I was so tempted to reach out and feel them but was scared shitless of what he would do to me if I did. Later on he came up to me and explained that he didn't have a personal problem with me, he just had to show that he was boss in this class.

That night I took home 5 times the amount of the chemicals I had used last time. Show the class who's boss indeed, I would show him! I mixed them up and prepared the bath just like the last time. I sat in it for half an hour. I then went upstairs and put my jeans and a T-shirt on. Then I waited. I suddenly felt a huge pain in my stomach. All the muscles in by body tensed up, I couldn't breathe or even move. Suddenly I felt a huge surge of energy shoot out to all the corners of my body. Suddenly I found that my body was all ridged and I couldn't move, I was standing helpless as this huge power overtook my body. Suddenly it was all over, just as fast as it began. Then I felt my legs start to tingle. My legs were growing outward, I could see the jeans get tighter and tighter. Suddenly I realized that my legs were getting too big to fit in the Jeans. They got tighter and tighter and then suddenly there was a ripping sound and the jeans were in rags on the floor. My muscles were so big and powerful that they had burst out of my jeans. I put my hands on my thighs and saw that they were much, much thicker. I tensed the muscle and could see pure power. My legs were wider than my waist. Is I rubbed my hands along them they felt so hard and powerful. They could do anything. Suddenly my back arched and I felt pockets of muscle popping up all over it. The tee shirt just split easily under the strain, leaving only the sleeves on my now pathetic looking arms. I looked in the mirror, It was like looking at a pro bodybuilders back except it was mine and I was only 16. I wished I could feel what it would be like to massage those huge muscles all over my back. My whole body as much wider now. My shoulders were a mile away from each other! The power spread down my arms. The biceps and triceps grew until my arm was at least five times as round. My tee shirt was to tight it almost hurt. I put one hand on my bicep and flexed it and it felt so good, then I flexed more and the arms on the tee shirt could not take it anymore, they split into millions of shreds. Then my forearms grew, they now looked like huge powerful branches as opposed to pathetic twigs. Then snake like veins wound their way down my arms, they stood out so much and they made my arms look many times more impressive. Then as I looked at my hands, my fingers grew, rounder and thicker. They looked like they could grip anything and squish it into a tiny ball. Then my pecs grew outward, as if they were deflated balloons and now they were being blown up until they were near bursting. I could fit my fingers in the huge gaps underneath them and I could make them bulge up and down. They looked fantastic. Then my six pack started to grow, the valleys on my stomach got deeper and deeper. The huge muscles were so big that I was scared that my skin would burst! Just as I thought that it was over my neck started to grow thicker and rounder and the only remaining part of my tee shirt buckled under the power of my neck!

Luckily I had some looser clothes that just fitted me and even they were tight. When I got into school the next day I couldn't wait to demonstrate the immense power of my new super-human body. I had to wait until P.E. when I could remove my top so that they could see the muscles!! I quickly took off my top and trousers and waited for the gang to do the same. Then I thought I would wait until afterwards when school would be over so we had more time and no teachers rushing us. As I approached them the smallest of them came up to me and tried to make me back off. He almost looked nervous. They had noticed me and were worried. As he reached his arm out to place it on my chest I grabbed his hand. It was tiny compared to mine, like comparing an adults with a babies. I placed my hand around his fist and lightly gripped it. I could see that he was in pain. As I tightened my grip he squealed and squirmed. The power of my hand and grip was so powerful. I released him and he ran straight at me. I just stood their and waited and he ran straight into my chest and bounced straight off again. He fell onto the floor. I placed my hand around his neck. The V made by my hand was bigger than his neck. I lifted him up and he game up off the floor like a rag doll. He still had his feet on the floor. I continued lifting and then as he rose off the floor completely he started to choke. I didn't want to kill anybody so I launched him away from him, not hard, just enough. To my surprise he flew at least 15 meters across the room. If I could throw somebody that far without and effort then I had to be the strongest fucking teenager in the world!! Then the leader of the gang, who was considerably bigger than that other guy, came up to me. "I told you yesterday, I am boss around here." He placed his hand on my neck ready to lift me up again but found that his hand now barely went around the thickness of my neck. I was also a fair bit taller now. He took a deep breath and tried to lift me. He didn't seem to realize that muscles weigh a hell of a lot. I saw his arm bulge as he used all his force to try to lift me but unlike yesterday, he could not. I then flexed my arm and showed him just how BIG I really was now. I think he was really shocked even though it was blatantly obvious from my huge chest and six pack and my legs which were now so big and covered in veins that they looked like two giant oak trees. I placed my hand around his bicep. My hands were so big that they went all of the way around his pathetic looking arm. I tightened my grip on his flexed bicep and it squished like a sponge. He screamed in agony as he stopped flexing because I was hurting him. This caused everybody who wasn't staring to start. I decided to show off a bit so with one arm around his I picked him up. He was amazingly light. I teased him a while asking who was strong and making him say that he was a pathetic wimp then I got ready. I grabbed his other arm and held him high off the floor. I shook him as if he was a rag doll. I then put him down because I knew that he would try to punch me. He went straight for my stomach. I simply stood and tensed my six pack and the power and speed of his fist was easily absorbed by my muscles. He went again and again until he fell to his knees out of breath. His head was right between my legs and so I closed them on it. I knew that he could feel how solid and powerful my muscles were. I released his head and stood him up. He bowed forwards and so I put his head under my arm pit and put my arm around his neck in a head lock position. I did not grip with my arm yet. He tried to pull his head out so I flexed my muscles. I could feel them pressing against his neck. He yelled out for me to release him. So I did and again he fell to the floor. I looked around and everybody was staring at me like I was a god. I liked that a lot! I stood him up again and then put my hand in his crotch and another on his chest. I hoisted up with my lower hand so that I was holding him up in the air over my head with two hands. I bounced him un and down a couple of times and each time he went down my biceps would bulge and everybody would gaze in amazement at the size of them. Then I put him down because if I threw him I would really hurt him. As I put him down the other two guys in the gang both ran at me at the same time to try to knock me to the floor. Unfortunately for them I was much bigger and heavier than both of them and so I stayed firmly rooted on the floor and they bounced off me. I proceeded to grab one of their necks in each hand and hold them off the floor. They kicked and tried to hit my arm to make me let go but it was like I wasn't even holding anything up. I counted to three and then threw them both as hard as I could. They went flying through the air like I had thrown a cricket ball. They went at least 30 meters before hitting the wall and falling down. They did not even try to get up they were in shock at the amazing power of my arms. "Anybody else ?" I asked. I then went back to where I was changing and started to put my trousers back on. Then people came up to me and asked my to flex my arms for them so that they could feel them. They would rub my arms and squeeze them and would all be amazed at the hardness and power. I wanted to see just how strong I was ant to show off to them. There was a long heavy metal pole lying on the floor under the lockers. I went and got it. I held it at waist height and got 3 people to sit on each side of it. They all sat on it and I felt no strain, just had to put a little effort into it. I then lifted the bar up over my head and brought it back down to waist height. I was lifting SIX sixteen year olds with hardly any effort! I was only sixteen and most of the people my age can barely lift up one of their friends, not SIX!! After lifting them 10 times I decided to try and fit more people on. I got 3 people either side and two in between my arms, eight sixteen year olds! I could feel some weight now, like I used to feel when I lifted a television. I lifted them up and brought them down. It was only a little effort. I was amazed at my own power and the people on the bar were stunned! The size of my biceps as I lifted eight of my classmates was huge, phenomenal even! I repeated the lifting 20 times and I think they were feeling sick, I however was hardly tired! I put them down gently and they wandered off and got changed. When I was almost ready to go and everybody else had left already I picked up the bar again. It was a solid bar like on scaffolding. I gripped it with two hand and tried to bend it. I twisted with all the power in my muscles, I could see it starting to give way. With all the muscles in my body working together I gave one final huge burst. I could feel the muscles explode under the power and then with a loud creaking noise the bar bent. I could not believe it, I never thought that I could do it, it was just a silly idea!

Now I looked like a pro bodybuilder I could enter competitions and so I decided to. In my first competition I took the place by storm and won easily. I looked like a giant compared to the people in my age group. They all had not shape and biceps the size of a large tennis ball. Their legs were like sticks and they had no chest at all. That however is what a normal teenager is like. You need to train for years to get a proper figure. I however was huge. I stood on the first place step and looked at the guy in second. His leg was so small that I could fit my hands round it. Even my best friend who is not a bodybuilder had legs five times the thickness of those (although my best friend is a bit of a muscular freak, he does no work and had huge muscles!). This guy in second place was so thin if you looked sideways on you might miss him! Hi did have VERY big biceps for somebody my age but that was it, his forearms were pathetic. He posed for the camera and so I thought that I would pose too. I flexed my arm and put it behind his. You could put four of his arms on top of each other and it was still not as tall as mine! It felt so nice. Afterwards he came up to me and asked my secret but I told him that it was all down to hard work! When looked at his stats later I saw that he only weighed 185 pounds and I weighed a whopping 547, three times his weight! I also worked out that if the average 16 year old weighs 180 pounds then earlier I was lifting 1440 pounds! That is fucking strong for a sixteen year old! Actually that is fucking strong for anyone!!

Nobody would mess with me now and everybody would hang around with me so that I would protect them if they go in a fight. I had never had so many people crowding around me before. If they weren't only there for my strength and stunning body then I may have been happier with it. I wondered how many of them actually liked me. Once when we were walking home from the station somebody from another school started on one of my mates. Then the bloke from the other school pulled a knife on my mate. I walked over to him and grabbed his wrist. I gripped it hard and the knife dropped to the floor. I tightened my grip and could feel his wrist crushing under the power of my grip. I let go of his wrist and held him above my head. The muscles in my arm were pressing tight up against my tee shirt. I held both his ankles and dangled him upside down. My huge powerful hands went all the way around his ankle. He tried to grab my legs but they were so big and round that he could not get his pathetic hands around them. I let go with one hand and put that hand on his stomach. I pushed up and let go of his ankle. He was lying on my hand and I was holding him above my head. I pulled my hand back and with one quick sharp movement I pushed him forwards off my hand. He went flying through the air like he was superman. He eventually crash landed on the grass. He lay there on the grass, part in agony but mostly stunned at the distance I had thrown him and the power and strength I had to be able to do that to him.

The next weekend my best friend Rick came to sleep the night because his parents were away. My best friend was very tall for his age and was also quite muscular. He was also quite strong but nothing special. He got changed out of his clothes but he had no top. He told me that he never slept with a top on. I decided to do the same. As I removed my top I saw him stare at my huge chest and so I posed a bit for him. Before I grew we always used to have play fights and he would always beat the crap out of me, today would be different. We were playing a computer game and I told him not to beat me but, he did. I stood up and said "How dare you beat me you pathetic little wimp!!". He and I both knew that I was teasing but he went along with it. "Who are you calling pathetic", he asked. I decided to show him, I put my hands under his arm pits and lifted him helplessly off the floor. He was kicking at me but his legs didn't even reach me. He could see my biceps holding him up. He reached out and rubbed his hands along them. "They're amazing!", he said. "They are not even flexed", I replied. I took one arm away and flexed it. I was holding him up with one arm and he was rubbing his hand on my huge, tense biceps. He squeezed them but they didn't even dent. "They feel like stone, so strong and so hard, you are truly amazing. I mean look at you, you have been holding me off the floor with one arm for ages!". I enjoyed him worshiping me and I think he enjoyed praising me. "If your biceps are this big and strong, what does your chest feel like. I put him down and went into a crunch pose where my huge pecs were like sacks of muscle hanging down which had frozen solid to form my huge chest. He rubbed his hands around them and under them, it felt so good. I started to ripple them, he was amazed. "How do you do that?", he asked. "Pure muscle, that's how", I told him. He then took a step back and threw a huge, heavy punch straight at my stomach. He was a strong guy, I was a bit worried but I just held still. It was like a drop of rain dripping on me. His fist that used to be able to wind me and leave me in pain so easily just bounced off. "Woah, your six pack feels like a brick wall, my hand is hurting from hitting you. I have no chance at beating you now do I ?". Then he walked right up to me and placed one hand on my crotch and the other on my chest and proceeded to try to lift me up. Before he could easily pick me up and hold me high above his head and I would always be amazed at his strength. I watched as the muscles in his arm that I used to worship tensed, trying with all the power in them to lift me. The muscle in my body had increased my weight so much that he could not even budge me. I watched as his face screwed up as he tried harder. I placed one of my huge hands on his tiny looking arm and picked him up effortlessly. "Rick, you're a pathetic little wimp, you cant even move me! I can pick you up like a toothpick and you and all your muscles that you are so proud of cant even budge me. You are a disgrace!". I lifted him up as high as I could, then, I threw him all the was across my room onto my bed. He lay there and shouted out, "Fuck me! You just threw me across your room like a tennis ball! You must be the strongest man alive!!". I then walked over to my bed which he was lying on. I placed my hands under it and lifted it clean off the floor. He leaned over the edge and looked down at me. He could see my huge quads bulging, my arms tense, "Isn't this even heavy for you?" he asked as he started to bounce on it. "This heavy! I can lift eight guys our age off the floor and do 20 reps with them. You don't get it do Rick, I am so strong that I could snap you in half like a twig. I could throw you so far through the sky as if you were a tiny, weightless tennis ball. I could throw you five stories up in the air and catch you with no effort!". All the time I could see him fantasizing about me and my huge body, a temple of strength. I put the bed down on the floor and he sat up. I flexed one of my biceps and with the other arm I picked him up and sat him on my huge peak. I flexed and un flexed and he bobbed up and down. He was stunned at the power I possessed. I put him back on the floor.

"Could you do me a favor please Rick." I asked him. "Sure, anything.", he replied. "Remember that I used to envy your huge biceps, could you flex them for me please". "Sure but you know that compared to yours mine don't exist!". "Yeah, but I want to see something." He flexed both of his biceps and sure enough, his arm bulged and that symbol of his manhood that used to be so much bigger, harder and stronger than mine popped up. Compared to what I had seen in the mirror it did now look somewhat small but, for a sixteen year old it was pretty big. I walked up to him and then placed my thumb under his tricep and my forefinger over his flexed bicep. I closed my grip slightly and the rock of power that I used to not be able to even dent, just crumbled and slipped away under my slight grip. I then gripped his arm with my whole had and gripped it fairly tight. "Shit! Let go, you're fucking hurting me" He shouted. I put a tiny bit more effort in and he screamed out, "Let me go you bastard, you're going to crush my arm!!!!!". I let go, I knew he was mad at me. He was not used to being hurt by me and he was mad at me. He swung at me with all his might but like before his pathetic punch made no dent in my rock hard, serrated abs, it just bounced off. He swung again, this time he missed and hit my pecs. They just absorbed the energy f his fist and stopped it dead. He swung one more time and again I stood and watched his hand bounce off abs. He then started to laugh, "You're my best friend and you're half a year younger than me yet you are much taller than me and you are like a god. I don't know whether to be your mate or worship your body!! I used to be able to beat the crap out of you and at least you had a chance at winning and now look at you. I can't even hurt you, I can't pick you up, if I try to bear hug you I cant even get my arms around you and if I could it would be like trying to squeeze a brick wall. Your muscles are so dense that I can't even move you when I take a run up. My punches don't even dent your skin, let alone hurt you or wind you. All the power in my biceps that took me years to develop mount to nothing against your stomach! If I try to get you in a head lock you just stand up and I end up hanging off you helplessly. Your legs are so huge that I couldn't even get my arms around them to try to rugby tackle you. I am about as much threat to you as a fly. Then there's you. You can effortlessly make your stomach like a brick wall and your arms look like they have basketballs in them. You can put my stomach between your legs and then as you tense them they crush me and squeeze the air out of my lungs. You can effortlessly lift me off the floor and hold me there, it doesn't even make your muscles tense. If you get me in a head lock then by flexing your arms you can break my fucking neck. You said yourself that you can throw me like I was a tennis ball. If you punched me, not only would you wind me but you would send my flying across the room as well, I would probably end up in hospital. You can crush my biceps which are by no means small, with two fingers. It is hardly play fighting anymore, it is throw me around a bit while I watch helplessly. You are not only my best friend but you are like a god to me. I would kill to have muscles like you. I suppose that at least I know that when I am with you I am safe from all muggers, you can be my bodyguard!". I was enjoying his speech a lot. I was posing and flexing during it and he was watching with amazement. He came over to me and started to massage all my muscles, this made them feel so good and so more powerful. I felt my dick throbbing and I looked at his. I could see it was hard because it was so big it pushed at his trousers. While he was massaging one of my biceps I flexed it and suddenly he could not even dent it, just move the skin on top around. I saw his dick get longer and harder. Now I was sure that he wanted me and I know that I wanted him still. He started to flex his muscles, although they were noting compared to mine, they were good enough for me. He pulled down his trousers to reveal his massive cock, it was bigger than I ever had imagined. I took down mine to reveal my cock, it was twice the length and thickness of his, it had grown to match my huge body! "Even your cock is big, strong and rock hard, you ARE a god!!!", he said to me. He placed his hands on my cock and started to pump. I placed my huge strong hand on his huge cock. I squeezed it hard and pumped it while he did the same to me. His felt so good and I could see that mine felt the same to him. Suddenly we heard a noise, we both pulled our trousers up and sat down at the computer. Then my mum came in. "Having a nice time ?", she asked. We replied yes and then she looked at me and said, "I never realized that you were such a muscular child, actually you do seem to have grown a lot recently, Sam used to be much bigger than you didn't he ?". Then she left and went downstairs. "See, even your mum didn't notice that I have been working out, even though I am not wearing a top! I am a no hope." I felt sorry for him so I mixed up some of the chemicals and put them in a bath. "Go have a bath and you'll feel much better". I hadn't given him nearly as much as I had used but there was enough there to give him some pretty impressive muscles and to make him stronger that most teenagers. He might even be able to move me now.

He sat there in his towel while I had a quick bath, I got out just in time. He was still in his towel and I was putting on my trousers when it happened. He stood up suddenly as all the muscles in his body tensed up. The towel fell to the floor. I watched as his legs swelled up with muscle, there was now a clear calf muscle visible and his quads were round and almost looked juicy. Then his dick swelled up a bit and became longer. It was still nothing compared to my massive member. His abs popped out one by one to reveal a rock solid six pack and his already large pecs pushed out even more and the shadows under them grew. The hair in his arm pits grew as they did, then his already large biceps grew until they were visible even when unflexed. Now they were huge! They looked deadly! His forearms also grew, what a grip he would have now...

Then it was all over. As he looked over his new body and nodded with content. He put his trousers on and then posed in a double bicep formation. I saw huge balls of power hanging over those huge arm pits, full of manly hair!! Rick was now a super muscular hunk. He walked up to me and again placed one hand on my crotch and another on my chest. He lifted me clear off the floor but was straining to do so. He quickly put me down, "Shit, how much do you weigh?", he asked. "Oh, only 547 pounds...", I replied. •

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