Muscle Bar, The

The New Member


By alyn_roze

The Bartender pushes a concealed button and the wall next to the bar opens revealing another room. The room is filled with very large muscular young men.

“Look how young the guys are! What am I doing here? As big as I am I still look like a bantam weight”

“Ah another new member.

I turn toward the sound of the voice and I’m face to chest with a wall of muscle. The guy is stacked with the build of a Mr. Olympia only twice as large. He has the face of a man in his early twenties. “My names Tom.” His large hand grasps mine. To my surprise it is a gentle handshake.

“Y-y-y-yes! (Damn your HUGE!)” I think to myself. “

“Let me show you around.” He says.

I walk behind him through the work out area, amazed at all the hard bodies. After taking the tour of the gym facilities he returns to an office next to the reception desk. He pulls out a sheet of paper putting it in front of me.

“Here, sign this.” He says handing me a pen.

I scribble my name without looking at what I’m signing. My eyes are transfixed on the hunk sitting behind the desk. “When can I get started?”

“All in good time.” Tom says. “All new members of the gym have to have a vaccination shot against diseases.”

“What kind of diseases are you protecting me from?” I ask.

“Just the usual, Hepatitis B and Tetanus that kind of thing.” Tom replies. “It wont hurt, much.”

Man you’re hot!

“Pull up what’s left of your shirtsleeve so I can give you the shot.” Tom asks.

I hope he doesn’t see my cock getting hard.

He sticks the needle into my bicep and pushes the plunger, instantly my whole arm becomes hot. “Man that hurts!” as I rub my arm.

“Don’t worry.” he says. “The pain will be worth it. By the way I lied about the shot.”

“You lied about the shot? I stand up quickly knocking over the chair I was sitting on. “Why?”

“I could see, while we were on the tour, by the look on your face. You were wondering why all the guys were so big and yet so young. Oh and that bulge in your tight jeans means you like things big and young. You see, is a youth drug. We're all in our forties and fifties here. I am actually 45years old.”

“45! You don't look a day over 25.” I say to Tom “How young will I get?”

“Not sure yet.” Tom replies. “It differs from guy to guy. You'll see in about a minute. Do you feel any different yet?”

“I do feel a little warm all over, again” I say.

“It’s working then. You might want to sit down. When the change hits it hits hard.” Tom says.

Grabbing the near by chair, I say. “ Now that you mention it I do feel kind of dizzy.”

“Go over to that mirror and look at yourself.” He says pointing towards the huge mirror on the wall.

“I look amazing.” I say looking into the mirror. “Years are falling off me. My hair is thicker but my beard is getting thinner, retreating back into my skin. I feel like a kid. I look like I’m 18 again. I'm so young. Will I get bigger too?”

“Don’t sweat it kid,” he replies. “That bit is next!”

“When will it start?” Suddenly my youthful body goes into cramps.

“A-A-A-A! Man that Really hurts!” My already big frame begins to swell rapidly, as if an air hose has been stuck under my skin. But the muscles are not soft like balloons. They are hard and cut. I think my skin will split open. Look how big my muscles are getting!”

I stare at my image as the skin stretches to cover my newly growing muscles. The clothes that were already skintight now pull apart at the seams. They finally rip open to reveal my monstrous physique. “Look at all my muscles!”

“Yeah kid,” Tom says,” Your really one of us now. How does it feel?”

“I feel huge!” I say while doing a most muscular pose. I flex my huge pumped biceps and become instantly hard.

“You are no longer a middle-aged guy muscle guy.” Tom says. “You are a rippling hard teen muscle god! You can now take your place in the gym.”

“Man I like my new body.” My gaze roams up and down my reflection in the mirror. “I never thought that having this much muscle could feel so wonderful.”

“You don’t mind being youngest here do you?” Says Tom. “You ‘re going to be popular with the guys.”

His voice breaks my self-induced trance. “No I don't mind at all.”

“The only thing that we ask is you keep new guys coming in to the Muscle Bar. The more guys you send, the better the selection that we can choose from . Here are some cards to mail to your closest friends.” Toms hands me two vials of liquid. “And here is a little something for your real close friends.” •

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