Muscle Bar, The


By alyn_roze

"Hi there. What can I do for you?" said the Bartender

"I'm not quit sure if you can help me." I walk up to the bar. "I'm just looking for information right now. But by the look of this place, I think I might have come to the wrong place."

"What kind of information are you looking for? " Replies the bartender

"I got this card in the mail a couple of days ago. I hand the bartender the card. "It said that this was suppose to be a new gym opening here in this building, but this looks like an ordinary singles bar. I'm looking info on muscle growth. "

"That's what it is suppose to look like." Said the bartender slipping the card into his shirt pocket. "Only the select few get in. I'm the one that you have to get past first. If I like what I hear and see than you can go to the gym"

"Ah yes." Looking at the Bartenders nametag. "Ralph, I 'd like to know what it would feels like to have muscles that are big and hard."

"So you want to grow muscles. Is that right ah kid?" Asks Ralph.

"My name is Alan."I say. "Yes I do but I don't to get too big."

"You don't like big muscles Alan?" Asks Ralph with a grin. "I think you would look good with big hard muscles"

With the look of puzzled look on my face I says, "Do you really think so? I would like to give it a try. Can I just a little bit of size before I change my mind?"

"Sure kid." replies Ralph. "I've always been a sucker for a pretty face. But before we started, can I get you a drink? "

"Sure." I look up at menu on the wall. " I'll have a mixed drink. Make it your best."

"Are you sure you want our best?" Asks Ralph. "It can be kind of strong for someone that's not use to it."

"I won't know until I try." I say. "May as well start getting use to it."

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Says Ralph.

The bartender takes a small box out of a drawer behind the counter. He removes several ingredients from the box putting them into a blender. He mixes up the drink and hands me a glass full. "Drink it as fast as you can and it will minimize the kick."

"How much is it?" I ask

"My treat." Replies Ralph with a grin.

"Here goes nothing." I say raising the glass to my mouth.


Wiping off the milk mustache from my upper lip. "Damn! Man that was quite a kick. What was in it?"

The Bartender takes the empty glass. "A secret hormone mixture, designed to instantly increase muscle growth."

"But I thought you said that you had to approve of me first?" with the sound of questions in my voice.

"And I did approve of you." Ralph says.

"Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?" Opening up my shirt.

"It's working then." Ralph hands me a towel to wipe off my forehead. "The effects very from person to person."

"My skin itches." As I scratch my arms under my shirtsleeves.

"That is the first sign that the process has begun, hair growth." Says Ralph. "You're going to feel itchy on your chest, arms and legs."

Scratching my entire torso area. "It feels like I have a bad case of the hives."

"Your face should start to feel prickly." Says Ralph "Your beard and body hairs are growing at an accelerated rate."

I look into the mirror behind Ralph. "Look at all that hair! It looks like I haven't shaved in weeks."

"Your chest hair is covering your pecs and is growing towards your neck." Says Ralph looking down at my neck."

Reaching up to the base of my neck "I can feel it coming out the top of my shirt." I can't tell where my chest stops and my neck starts. My voice! It sounds deeper. I love it!"

"Do you feel like you are getting hard?" Asks Ralph.

I absentmindedly reach for my crotch. What my hand finds makes me look down "Look at that bulge! I'm getting a bigger and longer dick. I never felt this hard before."

"Open your pants Alan and you will see that your pubes are getting thicker as well." Says Ralph. "See how your pit hair sticks out of your shirtsleeve."

"Oh man! I'm really getting hot. I continue to wipe off my forehead. "I'm sweating so much that my clothes are getting soaked."

"The next stage should be starting about now. Your arms should start to tingle while your chest aches dully." Said Ralph.

"My arms feel like they have needles sticking all over them." I say to Ralph.

"See how your chest is expanding." Ralph replies. "It is filling up like a childs balloon. Go ahead open up your shirt."

I grab the top of my shirt with both hands and pull it apart. All the buttons go flying across the room bouncing of bottles behind Ralph. "Look at my abs. They are getting more defined and cut than I could ever images. I never had abs this cut before. Look how bigI'm getting. It's all hard and cut muscle. It feel like my skin is two sizes too small."

"Don't worry." Says Ralph. "Your skin will stretch to accommodate your new size. Your pecs are now two huge slabs of muscle."

"My pecs are so big I can't see down past my chest." I say with amazement. . I look back at the mirror. "What's happening to my neck?"

"It's growing thicker as you traps expand and grow." Ralph pointing towards your neck. "See how they almost touch your ears."

"Raise your arms and see how your biceps are expanding Alan. They are swelling to bowling ball size." Said Ralph.

"They are as big as my legs use to be." I say lifting up my arms. "My forearms are snaked with veins. Even Popeye would look like a wimp next to me."

"I feel as strong as an Ox. " I say.

"Go ahead and flex and see what happens to your biceps." Ralph says. "Look how your lats flare out when you raise your arms."

"My have HUGE arms!" I say with amazement as the swelling bicep rips open the seam on the shirtsleeve. "I can't bend my arms 90 degrees without my biceps and forearms touching."

"Forget about that right now and look down at your thighs." Ralph demands. "Your legs are swelling. Your thighs are being forced apart by their new mass. Your new 10" cock and goose egg size balls are resting on top of your thighs because they have no place else to go."

"Oh Man! I love all my new big hard muscles." I roar.

"Welcome to the Club." Ralph says patting me on my huge shoulders •

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