Muscle Adventure


By Muscle Wimp

We were in a wooded lot, the bus was parked away from the road where no one could see it. I noticed that its windows were heavily tinted, even its windshield was mirrored, no wonder no one had reacted to the sight of me giving Sean, the busdriver, a blowjob, much less licking all his muscles!! Sean's broad back led us down a path into the woods, and Austin, carrying me, followed.

I had been abducted by Sean when I had been unable to pay for my bus ride, he had insisted that I lick all his muscles and give him a blowjob and then his teenage brother, Austin, had boarded the bus and taken over. Austin had completely dominated me with his lean hard muscles. Sean had instructed his "baby" brother to "loosen me up". Austin had ripped off my clothes, totally overpowered me, and fucked me up my virgin ass.

Austin walked with me down the path behind his brother, I watched the bus disappear behind the trees of the wood. When I say Austin walked with me, that's exactly what he did. My legs were wrapped around his waist, my arms embraced him around his chest, and clinging to him like this, Austin walked along as if I weighed nothing at all. This was not surprising, on the bus Austin had carried me across the bus, overpowered me, forced his cock down my throat, and fucked me up the ass. Later he had done pushups and pullups with leg lifts, all with him up my ass!! Austin had come three times and yet his cock was still rock hard inside me! Occasionally Austin would flex his long hard cock in my ass. I was naked, while Austin wore his oversized tank top over both of us, his pants hitched up at his crotch and up over his hard glutes.

My head lay on Austin's well muscled shoulder, my nipples hardening as they rubbed against his hard defined pecs. Austin had said he had one more thing to do to me to loosen me up, then it would be his BIG brother's turn. I was scared, but also a little excited. I had never experienced as intense an orgasm as I had when being fucked by Austin's powerful cock and dominating muscles. My dick was grinding against the rocks of his abs and was beginning to become erect again.

Austin might be powerful, but I was getting weaker. Suddenly my embrace of him slipped and I slid down and back from him. "Whoa, dude!", Austin said, grabbing me around the waist with his powerful arms, he also gave a pelvic thrust and flexed his cock. We were now face to face, more or less, I looked into Austin's potent blue eyes, he had a strong handsome face with a freckled tan, straight white teeth, a cleft chin, and short light blond hair. Austin was taller than me, 6ft6 and about 220lbs, I was only 6ft, 140lbs, scrawny, with short brown hair and brown eyes.

I had grabbed on to Austin's arms as I fell back, his biceps were flexed from holding me up. I couldn't resist, I began to massage those perfect peaked muscles. They were so hard I could feel the veins that crossed them against the striated muscle. Austin liked this and began to flex the muscles more, they grew bigger, harder! "Damn, you are so fucking strong!" I exclaimed without thinking. "Don't worry, dude," he said, "the best is yet to come." Whether he was referring to his brother or what he'd do to me, I didn't know.

I began to rub the muscle plates of his pecs, he began flexing them too, my thumbs rubbed his erect nipples. I could feel his cock flexing inside me. I realized that Austin and Sean both loved having their muscles worshipped, as foreplay Sean had made me lick his muscles, Austin had made me massage his muscles. Austin flexed his pecs again, trapping one of my hands in his muscle cleavage, crushing it just enough to hurt. Sean had done the same to my face. I cried out in pain, at the same time I felt Austin's dick spurt precum inside me. Austin released my hand, pulled me closer to him, and kissed me, his muscle tongue flexed inside my mouth in the same rhythm as his powerful penis flexed in my ass. My dick, mashed against his super eight pack, was completely hard again.

"Hurry up Austin, this guy's fare is mounting by the hour!" Sean said in his deep powerful voice. Austin placed my head on his shoulder, I looked around. We were in the backyard of a large white farmhouse, which was flanked by a big red barn, the woods were behind us, grassy fields to either side. "Chill, bro'," Austin said, "we've got plenty of time."

Sean opened the barn door and motioned us inside. He looked at us through his mirrored sunglasses, he looked menacing. Not that Sean needed sunglasses to look menacing. Where Austin was lean and hard, Sean was big and hard, he must be about seven feet tall and outweigh his brother by over one hundred pounds. Sean's massive muscles showed through his open busdriver's shirt, the pecs like mountains, the eight pack abs, the arms that looked flexed already. Unlike his brother, Sean had dirty blond hair, cut in a crewcut shorter than his brother's, I wondered what color his eyes were behind his glasses.

We went inside the barn, my eyes were just beginning to adjust to the dim light when I saw Sean flick a switch next to the now closed barn door. Bright lights flooded on, momentarily blinding me. When I regained my sight and looked around I saw the barn was fitted out as a gym. And not just any gym, it would put many health clubs to shame. Not only were there the usual weights and exercise machines, there was a giant exercise mat, a hot tub, rings, a pommel horse, high bar, and parallel bars. The barn was huge, there was even room for some old farm machinery at one end.

"One totally loosened dude coming up!!", Austin said loudly. "Hold on tight dude," he said, and I embraced him more strongly with my legs and arms. He took off his tank top, kicked off his shoes, and dropped his pants, we were both naked now.

Austin took off at a run across the mat, I was totally taken by surprise, I gripped him tighter. It was as if I didn't even exist, Austin was so strong and agile that he compensated for my weight effortlessly, his balance was perfect. It had to be, he jumped up in the air, landed on his hands, did a cartwheel, jumped high in the air again, really high. Suddenly he embraced me, pulled in his legs, and we did a somersault is the air! We came down to a good solid landing with a jolt I felt right through my ass as Austin's dick swelled and thrust and stretched me even more.

"Enough fun and games Austin, get to work!" Sean yelled, he sounded really angry now. "It takes a little extra jolt to get the virgins ready Sean, you know that," Austin said defensively. "Besides, we're ready now." Austin walked us over to the parallel bars, he got between them, levered us up with powerful arms, and did a leg lift, flexing inside me. I thought this would be a repeat of my experience on the bus, no way.

Austin maneuvered his thighs onto one parallel bar, placing his lower legs under the other one, this was an awesome display of strength, we were held up in a sitting position by Austin's rock hard ab muscles!!! I could feel them, they had peaked into granite ridges, my erect dick was cradled in their center crevice. Austin pulled my face in front of his, "Hold on for the ride of your life, dude!!" he said, and kissed me.

Austin hugged me to him with his powerful arms and leaned back and back until we were perpendicular to the ground!! At the same time his penis slid nearly completely out of my ass. Then Austin grunted and flexed those granite abs, crushing and squeezing my poor penis; he pulled us UP, UP, and UP, back up into a sitting position!!! As he did this his cock traversed my rectum again, up into my intestines, compressing my prostate on the way. I came with more intensity than ever before. The feeling was sexual, intestinal waves of pleasure. Austin's dick seemed bigger, filling me, rubbing my insides with feelings of surging power. Then he did it again, and again, and again. Each time I came, I came till I was dry, but I still came, my dick climaxing in dry heaves, the greatest experience of pain and pleasure I'd ever felt.

I realized I was screaming, long and hard, I wanted it to stop, I didn't want it to stop. Austin grunted and grunted, even his powerful muscles were straining at this example of power. "You are the most powerful muscle stud EVER!!" I yelled. "I am for YOU," he answered, in deference to his brother's power. "I am the rock hardest, flex fuckingest, musclemasterest, teen muscle stud, who is fucking and dominating your sorry wimp ass, dude!!!" He crushed me to him with his power arms, his pecs rock hard, his abs soaked with sweat as my dick throbbed along their flexing power, my hands massaged his back , arms, shoulders, traps, all writhing rock hard muscle!!.

Then he paused at the peak, looked into my face, and kissed me. I felt his cock swell within me as never before, his balls bumped up hard in my ass, Austin's whole body shuddered and he pulled me to him so hard the air gushed from my chest and I couldn't catch my breath. Austin was about to climax so totally that he would go soft for the first time today.

Then, as Austin's dick prepared to gush in my insides, I felt my guts cramp up, my intestines tightened like a vise around his surging dick. I was suddenly in intense pain from the cramps, but I could tell that they had heightened Austin's ecstasy to unheard of levels. He shuddered, his eyes were wide, his mouth open, he crushed me to him even more, I thought my back would break! Then, with a scream Austin fell back, five feet onto the floor mat, with me on top of him, his legs stretched out under the bars, arching thrusting himself into me even more!

"Fuck YEAH!!" he yelled, "You are the best wimp ass EVER!!" My cramps continued as Austin's cock continued to pulse, unleashing incredible tides of cum through my insides. I swear I felt some surge into my stomach, even though I know that's impossible through the yards of intestines inside the human body. Finally, his cock began to shrink, pulsing a few more times, my dick echoed his as his cock probed my prostate one more time. I caught a glimpse of Sean during this time, his studied arrogance was gone, he was looking at us in open mouthed astonishment.

Austin struggled to his feet, carrying me with him, he lifted me off his diminishing dick. "Can you stand?" he asked. For the first time in two hours I untwined my legs from around his waist. I was weak, I could barely stand up, cum, blood, and shit poured out of my cramping asshole. I steadied myself on one of the parallel bars. Sean stood behind Austin, "If he's not loose enough now he never will be, step aside Austin, his ass is mine now!!" I was in a panic, but too tired to show it. After today's workout Sean would tear my insides apart, I couldn't take anymore.

"No!" Austin yelled, "Don't do it Sean!! You'll kill him!" "Your point being?" Sean said wryly. Austin stood in front of his brother, sweaty, exhausted. Sean towered over him, his giant muscles filled with power, there was no way Austin could keep Sean away from me. "Sean, look at me, LOOK at me!" Sean stared at Austin, so did I, he was still a handsome, lean muscled teenager, his body gleamed with sweat and drying cum. Sean saw something I didn't. "Oh my God!", he said. Austin replied, "He's too tired right now, even if he lived through what you'd do to him he couldn't do for you what he did for me, you'll have to wait until tomorrow."

"Well, what am I supposed to do till then?" Sean demanded, pointing at his rigid cock, visible through his straining pants. "Take me," Austin said. Without further ado he bent over, grabbing the parallel bar pillar and presented his ass to his brother. Sean unzipped his pants and shoved his precum covered cock up Austin's ass. It was the most mechanical fuck I ever saw, Sean was just using Austin as a masturbation sleeve. With his tremendous strength Sean lifted Austin off the ground, bouncing him up and down on his rigid dick like a rag doll. All the while he stared at me, he began to grunt, and, shoving Austin down on his dick one more time, he came. His body shuddered, his great muscles flexed. He still stared at me, still wearing those damned mirrored sunglasses. I realized why, I turned him on, he was fantasizing about me!! Not his muscled stud brother, too weird!!! It wasn't too great for Austin, he had this vacant look on his face, his dick was still shrunken up. Sean lifted Austin off his dick, it still looked semi-erect, at morning hard on level, he zipped up his pants.

"OK Austin, take care of wimp loverboy here, but in the morning, his ass is mine! He'll pay his bus fare with interest tomorrow." Sean turned around and left the barn. I sagged from the bar in relief, then all the strength left my arms and I slumped onto the floor.

Austin, rushed over to me, "Hey, dude, let me get us into the hot tub." He picked me up and carried me to the steaming tub. He lowered us both inside it, it felt great. "Thanks, Austin," I said, "thanks for everything. Oh, I'm sorry, can I call you Austin?" "After what we went through today," he said, "if you don't have a right to call me Austin, who does." "Thanks, by the way, my names Brian," I said. "I know," he replied. "How do you know my name? What's this all about? What's with your brother and you anyways?" I was filled with questions. "I'll explain it all tomorrow, you're too tired now." Austin was right, I was almost falling asleep as it was. It felt great in the hot tub, nestled in Austin's powerful arms. Austin began soaping me down, his powerful hands rubbing across my scrawny body.

"Austin?" I asked, as sleep began to claim me. "Yeah Brian," he answered. "What was different about you that made Sean stop coming after me?" "Well, dude, for the first time in over five years, I didn't have a hard on!" My sleepiness, receded somewhat, "What?" I asked, amazed. "Yep, dude, you are the first of our marks to get rid of my hardon for more than a few seconds. If you do the same for Sean tomorrow, he'll probably want to keep you. But if you think you had a wild ride with me, you ain't seen nothing yet!" I was in shock, but I was also very sleepy, cradled in the arms of the strongest teenager in the world, I slipped into sleep. I would have nightmares about his colossus of a brother, muscle fucking me to pieces. •

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