Dana Gets Wired


By FanTCMan

Saturday night. The first Saturday night since he'd got the implant, and the software disk he'd just picked up at the lab office was burning in his pocket. The odd feeling of swollen tissue way in the back of his nasal passages had gone away in the three days since the implant, and he was so ready for a trial run. He barely remembered the programming instructions he'd been given, but they said he'd mostly get it by trial and error anyway. He'd better get it figured out, since he would be running other guys through it soon.

So Dana locked his door, slipped the disk into the drive, hooked up the light-port and set the small eye on top of the monitor. He ran through the installation quickly, and suddenly he was looking at the question tat would change everything. Across his monitor, bold letters asked him, What do you want to change?

His dick was hard in an instant as the possibilities raced through his head. But his first choice was so obvious.

"Penis," he typed.

He hit "enter" and an image of him appeared on the screen. It was a three dimensional image that he found he could rotate by dragging the cursor, and his penis on the image was highlighted. He remembered to go to the options menu, and he pulled it down. He clicked on resize.

He found that he could pull the highlighted part however he wanted. He played with it for a minute, and even though he was laughing as he manipulated the dick on the picture, he felt his pulse racing as he watched the possibilities appear before him. He pulled it sideways, and watched as it grew wider, until it looked like a beer can. Then he pulled it down, and watched as it became longer. He pulled it down halfway to his knees.

"Whoa," he laughed. He pulled it longer, until it hung all the way to his kneecaps. Now it looked long and skinny, even though it was still the circumference of a cold Bud. And, he thought, it was soft in the picture. What if that fucker got hard? But it did look hot as shit. Just for fun he pulled it wider and then pulled it down until it hit the floor. That gave him a good laugh, but he wasn't ready to try that. He would go for something a little more conservative, just to see how this felt, how it worked. He took it back to about halfway to his knees and made its thickness look in proportion to its length. He realized, looking at in with the rest of his body, that it was about as thick as his wrist, maybe thicker. But it looked hot. In fact, it almost made his head spin. And he didn't have to leave it like that. He could put it back to any more reasonable size he wanted. But, just to see how it felt . . . He took a deep breath and hit "enter."

He watched the hourglass while the computer did its thing, and then there was a sudden bright, intense beam of ruby light that shot out of the eye in the light-port on top of the monitor, into his eyes, and bored deep into his head. It was blinding, and it caused a searing but brief burst of pain in his head where the chip was implanted. It felt almost like a shock, a severe shock, but it was so quick, that by the time it registered, it was gone. Instantly, his dick began to tingle intensely. It didn't hurt, but it felt weird. It was wired. He just sat at the computer and looked down at his shorts, and he watched as a bulge appeared and the material started to look as though it was filling up with something. But he could feel that the something was him. He could feel his cock inside his briefs, in his shorts, growing as he watched the material fill up and bulge more and more. A minute passed, then two, and he couldn't believe how his shorts were bulging, and he knew it was all his dick in there. He held his breath. It took only about three minutes, and it stopped, and his shorts were stretched tight in the crotch, so tight it was uncomfortable, and he could feel that it was his own cock in there that was filling them up like that. He stood up. He unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. The bulge in his briefs popped out of the confines like refrigerator biscuits pop out of the cardboard tube when you strike it open. His breath caught. He pulled down his briefs to look.

Inside was a python of his own flesh, curled up tight against the white cotton. He had to see. He pulled down the waistband under his balls and let it flop out. When it fell, halfway to his knees, his first thought, besides how insane this was, was how heavy it felt. It pulled on his groin and slapped against his thighs. Holy crap!

He went to a mirror.

It was magnificent. It was huge. Just like on the image, but it was flesh, his flesh, with all the sensations of his man- meat. He lifted it, just to feel it, its weight, its heft, and the instant he touched it, it started to grow and get hard.

He stood hypnotized. It grew longer and thicker, the veins swelled on the surface, and he watched in amazement as it lifted, first from his groin, so it hung down but out, and as it got harder, the bend in it started to straighten until it was pulling on his groin muscles like twenty pounds of hot man essence, straight out, then starting to arch up, and finally it was so hard that even with all its weight it stood at an angle that made it reach upward like a cobra. The head was swollen and big as his fist.

He pulled it against his belly, and it reached to his sternum. He wanted to jack it right then, but even more, he wanted to just marvel at it and hold the feeling it was giving him. He'd never felt anything so erotic in his life. He got a tape measure, and it was sixteen inches of hot throbbing meat. Now he couldn't hold off, and he stroked it slowly, watching himself the whole time, bringing himself to the point of orgasm.

But he didn't let himself cum yet. He bent he head to see if he could suck it by himself. He's always dreamed of having a cock big enough to suck. Well, he could, but he really had to bend his head. He sucked on the head, ran his tongue around the rim until his toes were curling with the sensations of building sex. He'd never felt anything like it. The sensations had grown to the same degree as his cock. What would it be like to cum? So he planted his mouth firmly on the head while he stroked the shaft with both hands until his felt his orgasm coil and recoil in his groin, shoot the length of his giant cock, then electrify his whole body as it exploded. He was determined not to let one drop of his cum fall, and he swallowed hard and fast, and still, as he experienced spasm after spasm, each one releasing, thrusting down his throat, a torrent of hot thick juice, he finally couldn't keep up, and his semen ran down his cock, dripped off his balls, and covered his legs. When he finished cumming, he was quivering. Oh, man, if that was like that, he thought, what else could he do. He had so many things mapped out. He knew, first of all, that he would have to see, just see, how it would be to make it bigger still, so he could suck it without bending his neck so hard. And then, he would love to see how it felt to have balls that were more in proportion to that kind of cock. Oh, yeah. He would do some nice, big nuts on himself. Real big. Tennis balls. Maybe hanging down to his knees. And maybe see how it felt to have his dick touch the floor totally soft. Oh, yeah. And then there was the muscle thing. He wouldn't just do a regular bodybuilder's body. No way. He would take it as far as the program would let him.

He couldn't wait to get to the screen and see just what kind of limits they had placed on this. And he would do some hair. Yeah, hairy chest, really hot, pretty hair. And a trail. Maybe hairy abs. And butt. And legs and arms. Real dark. That would be hot. Italian. Or maybe real blond. Gold. And a dark tan. And huge muscles. Oh, yeah, really huge muscles. And, of course, he'd work on his face. Why not be so beautiful a man that he would want to fuck himself all day long? Oh, God, the possibilities were blowing him away. He sat at the computer, and his cock was still rock hard and it lay up on the edge of the desk so he had to reach around it to reach the keyboard. Well, that was pretty fucking cool. He had just got his image back up on the screen, when his doorbell rang.

He went to the peephole and looked through. A young guy, late teens, very cute, very Abercrombie and Fitch, was standing outside his door, fidgeting nervously. Shit, he thought. He wasn't supposed to get one this soon. "Just a minute," he said. Well, what the fuck, this could be very cool. But he couldn't answer the door like this, so he ran to the computer, and called up the penis thing again, to put it back to its old size with the "undo"

command. Well, maybe just a little, he thought, and stretched it to a good big one, let the beam penetrate, and felt a little sad as he saw his cock go back, smaller and smaller, until it was just a big, fat dick that any extremely well- hung stud might have. Then he put on his shorts and answered the door.

"Hi. I'm Jack Callahan." The boy stepped in. The lab sent me over. Here's my disk. They told me to give it to you, and give you these instructions." He handed Dana a sealed envelope. "They said you have the master disk, that you would have to activate the implant. What is this about, anyway?"

"What did they tell you?" Dana asked. "Not much. Just that I've been assigned to a new testing group."

"That's right."

Dana realized the kid kept glancing at the crotch of his shorts. He could feel his meat in there against the material, and, looking down quickly himself, he saw that it was making a rather obvious bulge. He smiled at the new and unique feeling.

"Something about new resort/recreation centers."

"Right," Dana said. "We," he was speaking on behalf of the government now, "are going to be utilizing these centers as non-monetary incentive. You volunteers, some of you, are going to be working the centers."

"But what is this whole implant thing about?" "I can't really tell you much about it. Are you supposed to report back?"

"Yes sir, when you're done. They said if I wasn't back in an hour, they'd send guards to get me."

Dana read the instructions while the boy talked. He was to simply use the boy's disk, which contained his image map, boost everything about the kid's body, except his height, by 20%, which was to include the size, density, and weight of everything except body fat, and that would to be reduced to 2%, and that amount maintained only for organ insulation. But he didn't really have to do anything. It was all preprogrammed and could be accomplished with a few keystrokes.

"Don't worry. You'll be back," he told the kid. He wanted to get back to his own Saturday night.

"Just hang on a sec," he said, and he took the boy's disk, inserted it into the drive, and when the image came up, he stared at it and up at the boy.

"What's the matter?" the kid asked.

"Oh, nothing, nothing at all," Dana said, but he was looking at the kid standing there, so cute, with no idea that on the screen was a three dimensional image of him totally nude, and what a pretty young body he had. Slender and athletic, and rather nicely endowed.

Dana put in the keystrokes and watched as the boy's image changed. He guessed the kid at about 6'1", 180 lbs. Now the image grew to that of a muscular young man of about 215 lbs. with a fatter longer dick, larger balls, and heavier bone structure which widened his shoulders and thickened his stature, although his hips and waist remained slim and tight.

Dana looked up and smiled at the boy. He wasn't to show the boy the image on the screen. Easy enough. He turned the light-port to face the kid, and told him to just hold still for a minute and look into the eye. He hit "enter," and a beam of ruby light shot out of the port and into the boy's eyes, flashed very bright for a couple of seconds, and that was all. It was done.

Dana took out the disk and handed it back to the boy.

"Well, that's it," he said. "You can go back now. Although you might want to wait just for a few minutes."

The kid didn't say anything. He stared at Dana as though he'd been struck dumb. Then his eyes widened and his hands went to his chest and arms, like he was feeling burning flesh, and he started to grow.

"What the . . ." he managed to say, but he pulled off his shirt so he could see what was happening. Dana watched as the boy's abs tightened into a row of brick, his pecs widened and thickened, sharp cuts began to separate them from his ribs. His shoulders widened and his delts and lats thickened. His arms swelled, his legs began to fill his shorts, and the crotch of those once baggy shorts was filling, too. The kid didn't say anything, but he undid his shorts and let them drop and pulled down his boxers. He stood with the shorts around his ankles looking down at himself as his body changed, grew muscular, and aroused itself. Even though Dana had just experienced a similar transformation just minutes before, he was amazed watching it happen to this boy, as fast as a morph movie. As the boy grew more muscular, he took on a thicker, denser, heavier look. His bones were growing thicker. His face changed, grew more mature, more handsome. The boy's cock hardened and grew thicker and longer as his balls grew bigger and lowered in their sac. His pubic hair grew thicker and spread on his groin and out onto his thighs into a beautiful dark tangle of hair. He could see dark hair spilling out from under his arms, and just as the growth slowed to a stop, short dark hairs appeared, sprinkled across his pecs and down his abs. Precum formed at the swollen head of the kid's cock, and when he looked up, his eyes were wild, his mouth hung open with sexual desire, and he licked his full, beautiful lips, letting saliva run down his suddenly heavily whiskered chin.

"Fuck, man," the kid said. "What was that?"

"Just getting you ready for your new job."

"Shit, dude. Look at my body, man. I'm gonna cum. Look at my fucking cock. Fuckin' beautiful."

He just looked down at himself while his hips jerked and his cock began to spurt cum.

"Fuck, man. Oh, God, that's intense, dude. Oh, man, I'm so hot."

"I think that's the point." Dana grinned at the kid.

The boy went to look at himself in the mirror on the wall, flexing his young muscles. He looked like a Playgirl model or a Chippendale's dancer, and his sexuality oozed out of his skin and his eyes as he felt his body. Suddenly, he turned to Dana.

"Dude, I'm not queer. I don't know what that did to me, but I gotta suck your cock, man. I saw you have a big one in there."

He reached over and just grabbed Dana's shorts and pulled out Dana's cock, which grew instantly hard in the boy's hand.

"Oh, yeah, man. You made it grow like that, didn't you? Fuckin' hot, dude."

And Dana watched as his cock hardened to a thick throbbing twelve inch tool, and the boy got down and started to suck on it. Dana wanted to let him finish the job, but he knew he had to send the boy back to the lab, so he pulled him up.

"Later, kid. You gotta go back now."

"No, fuck, man. I want you to fuck my young ass with that tool, man." He stood in front of Dana with his fat hard cock in his hand, and he squatted down, reached between his legs, and shoved his finger hard into his asshole. "Fuckin' hot young muscle butt, man. You like my ass, dude? You like this body? Yeah, man, fuck me. You gotta fuck me."

"Believe me, I would love to fuck you, but you gotta go back."

Dana handed the boy his clothes and watched as he put them reluctantly back on. The T-shirt that had been loose now fit tight on his muscular torso, the shorts showed the shape of his muscular ass and thighs and the bulge where he shoved in his cock and balls, his dick still as hard as carved marble. He looked at himself in the mirror again.

"Yeah," he said. "Fuck yeah. Okay, dude, I'll see ya."

And he left.

Dana locked the door again. He went back to the computer. He couldn't wait to try out some of his fantasies. He manipulated his image. He remembered that he could set the time so that the change would happen at a designated time and take longer, if he wanted. It was still early, and he had time before the bars would be full. He could have some fun here, do some stuff he couldn't really take out. He thought of how hot it would feel to get into the jacuzzi and feel himself change in the hot, swirling water. So he played around with the image, testing the limits. He found he could make the image change into the kind of body that he only saw in morphed pictures of guys with completely outlandish bodies, and he wondered, if he could do that to the image, did it mean that he could really do it to himself. He got one that really made him want to cum just looking at it. So muscular that he would probably have a hard time walking, could never get into any clothes, but God did it look hot. And he made the cock on the image grow as long as his leg and almost as thick. He put a gorgeous coat of silky hair on it, and finally, he pressed "enter."

The light hit his eyes, penetrated his head to the chip, and he felt a dazzling sensation that almost made him faint, but it was over in a second. Then, nothing. But he'd set it to start in ten minutes.

So he filled the jacuzzi and turned it on and got it. He lay back, trying to pretend that it was any regular bath, to forget what was supposed to happen. He didn't feel anything. Maybe something that extreme would just freeze the program in his chip, and nothing would happen. But then, as he lay in the bubbling water, he felt it start.

It took ten minutes, just like he'd programmed, and for those ten minutes, he lay in a state of complete erotic rapture. He felt his muscle grow and grow until he was crowded in the huge tub. He felt his cock and balls, moving in the water, grow, his cock brushing against his thighs, then his knees, then his calves. And it started to get hard as he felt the sensation of its growing. It lifted up over the end of the tub. It fell to the side with its weight, and as it stiffened, it moved up along the side of the tub, sticking out over the edge farther and farther. And all the time, his muscles were growing thicker and bigger, his chest mounding up into huge hard pillows of muscle he could barely see over. He felt his abs tighten into thick bricks, his arms grow as thick as a bodybuilder's legs, and finally, his cock snapped up, fell on his face, and continued to grow until it was quivering, suspended over his face, dripping precum.

He turned off the jacuzzi and struggled to lift his mass out of the tub. Just the effort felt so hot he was sailing on a flood of erotic sensation at the mass of his body, the unbelievable sexuality of the muscle. He had to hold his cock up to get out, and he realized it was so long and thick that he couldn't get his hands around it or reach the head. But he had to feel the sexual power of this body. He tried hard to think of what to do with it, and he found himself shoving it with fevered thrusts, between the mattress and the box springs of his bed. He fucked his bed until he felt the orgasm coming, and when it exploded, he yelled with the power of its release, the power he felt in every cell, the space between the heavy mattresses getting slick with his cum as it rocketed out in volleys that felt like they were tearing him apart, but with pure pleasure so intense he just kept thrusting into the slick, wet mattresses over and over, yelling, oh god, oh god, oh fuck, oh god with every spasm until it stopped after five minutes of orgasm.

He fell back on his haunches to catch his breath. He would have to go change himself back to something more reasonable, but he would be the most incredible stud on the streets of West Hollywood tonight. He dragged himself back to the computer, struggled to reach around his own mass, stopping to feel his incredible pecs, and managed to get a new image of himself on the screen. He would be gorgeous, a huge bodybuilder, carved, and hung like a stud horse. He had just pressed "enter" when the doorbell rang again.

It was the same kid, but with another kid, very much like he had been before.

"Dude," the kid said, "Look at you now, man. Wow. And what was all that yelling? We heard it coming up the walk. This is Ryan. He's supposed to get programmed. And they said it would be cool if we stayed a while. Is that okay?"

Dana took the disk Ryan handed him, looked at the other kid, so hot and muscular, his big cock hard in his Abercrombie shorts, and said, "Yeah, I guess it would be okay for a while."

The streets of West Hollywood would still be there in a couple hours. •

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