Damn He's Strong


By robertschaefer932

The day after they got home from camp, Bobby went over to Steven's house for their first workout together. Since Bobby was kind of self- conscious, they decided to start training in Steven's basement. They went down the basement. Steven had a bench set up with a 2,000lb. barbell on it. Bobby lay down on the bench and pretended like he was going to try to bench the barbell. "OK, You might want to spot me here, Steven," Bobby said. They both laughed at that idea!

Steven went in to the back of the basement and came out with a long box. Bobby said, "What's that?" Steven said, "I'm passing this on to you. This was my very first weight set! I want you to have it." Bobby said, "Wow. Thanks a lot. I'll take good care of it." Steven started to hand Bobby the box, but when Bobby started to grab it, it was too heavy for him and it started to fall to the floor. Steven caught it just in time. Bobby said, "Sorry about that. I should have know it would be heavy." Steven said, "No, that was my fault. It's about 250 lbs."

Bobby and Steven began unpacking the set and setting it up. When Bobby pulled the bar out of the box, he held it up. There was a very noticeable bend in the bar. Steven said, "Uh-Oh." I mist have overloaded it the last time I used it. It can only hold up to about 500 lbs." Steven took the bar from Bobby and bent it back into a fairly straight bar. Bobby said, "Just another advantage to training with the strongest man in the world. If a bar gets bent, he can just bend it back!"

The first day, Bobby trained with an empty bar. He was pretty scrawny and weak. Bobby asked Steven if he started out with an empty bar. Steven laughed and said, "Not really." He then proceeded to tell Bobby how his Dad was going to show him how to do a bench press and he put 150lbs. on the bar and just about dropped it on his chest. Steven grabbed the bar with one hand. Steven told Bobby, "I knew I was strong when I picked up the back end of a VW, but when I saw I could press 150lbs. over my head with one hand, it really hit me how strong I was. And I was only 10 years old! It was an incredible feeling to be stronger than your dad. I can't describe it." Bobby said, "I wish I had known you back then. It would have been neat to see you grow up and watch your muscles grow. By the time I met you, I think you were already over 7 foot!"

Bobby and Steven trained every other day. . Steven gave him a supply of the protein drink he used. Steven bought it in 55-gallon drums. The 2nd day of training, Bobby added 10 lbs. to the bar. Just about every session, Bobby was able to add weight to the bar. After 2 weeks of training, the results were really noticeable. Bobby had a noticeable bulge in his bicep. Nothing shirt ripping, but it was definitely bigger than what he had when he started. When Bobby got on the scale, he had gained another 10 lbs. He was up to 160. And he had grown another inch in height. He was now 5'9" tall.

The good results really encouraged Bobby. He started training every day, alternating upper body and lower body for the most part. There were very few days that Bobby wasn't able to add poundage. Even Steven found this amazing! He hadn't added poundage as fast as Bobby was able to do.

In just 4 weeks, Bobby had gone from benching the empty bar, to benching 150lbs. He was almost able to bench his body weight. His chest was firmly expanding, his shoulders were broadening and his arms were really getting big. Bobby was actually training harder and longer than Steven. Steven would quit and Bobby would keep on going. Steven did enjoy having somebody to lift with. They had a good time. They'd listen to the stereo while they lifted. If Steven weren't available for some reason, Bobby would come lift by himself.

After 2 months of training, Bobby's results were simply spectacular. He'd grown another inch in height to 5'10 and his weight was up to 175 lbs. He'd added a good 8" to his chest which was now 40" and his biceps were a healthy 14 inches. Bobby used most of the money he earned at camp for new clothes. One day during a training session, they heard a loud rip. Bobby checked his shirt and shorts and they were fine. He looked down and he had split one of his shoes. The shoes had been a little tight, but Bobby didn't have enough money for some new ones. Bobby said, "Oh great! Where am I going to get money for new shoes!" Steven said, "Well, since I'm the blame for turning you into a muscle monster, I'll buy you a new pair with my camp money. Do you want to borrow a pair of mine until we get to the store?" Bobby laughed, "I don't think so, big foot! I think I could get both of my feet into one of your shoes!"

Bobby said, "Maybe I could borrow some from your Dad?" Steven laughed, "Remember he's a runt. His shoes are smaller than what you've got on now. You know, I think there's some old stuff of my brothers down here. They're kind of scrawny, but maybe there's a pair of shoes you can wear." Bobby said, Steven went over and rummaged around and came up with a pair of size 10 shoes. Bobby put them on. They were still too small, but they'd do until they got to the mall. Steven said to Bobby, "If your feet start hurting, I can carry you." Bobby laughed, "That's OK. That'd be a sight. You carrying me through the mall!"

Steven and Bobby went to the mall to get Bobby a new pair of shoes. They ran into one of their old classmates. He didn't even recognize Bobby since he had grown so much and packed on so much muscle. Bobby told Steven, "It's too bad there wasn't somebody who bullied me during high school. I could go pay them back now that I'm not a shrimp anymore!" Steven laughed, "Gee, I wonder why nobody ever picked on you during high school. Could it be that your best friend was really big and strong and muscular and they were afraid they'd get pulverized if they laid a hand on you?"

When Bobby and Steven got to the shoe store, first Steven sat in a chair and hid his feet underneath the chair and pretended like he wanted to buy a pair of shoes. The salesman got his foot measurer, and Steven brought out his big foot. Steven's size 36 foot was bigger than the measurer. The salesman said, "I'm sorry sir, I don't think we have anything big enough to fit you." Steven pretended like he was going to be angry. The salesman practically pissed in his pants until Steven said, "Just Kidding! Really, my friend here needs a new pair of shoes." When they measured Bobby, he had gone from a size 9 to a size 12.

Bobby continued his intensive workouts. It wasn't too long before he topped 200lbs in the bench press. Since that was a momentous day, Steven measured Bobby again that day. Bobby had grown almost 2 inches and gained another 20 lbs. He was just a shade under 6' tall and weighed 195 lbs. In the course of just a few months, he'd grown almost 6" and gained 70 lbs. Steven said he'd never even had as much growth in such a short period of time. Bobby had really turned into a fantastic physical specimen. Since he was thin to start out with, the muscles he built were very tight and sharply defined. He was really developing a body builder physique. Bobby actually had it in the back of his mind that he might like giving competitive body building a try.

Bobby was very proud of his new physique. Before, he seldom took his shirt off in public, but now he would go shirtless whenever he could. He enjoyed the admiring glances he got from people. In some ways, he was even more of a show off than Steven! Even if he didn't have quite as much to show off!

Soon, Bobby had maxxed out the beginner weight set. Fortunately, there was no shortage of weights at the Andrews house. Bobby knew he'd never be as strong as Steven, but it sure felt great to be bigger!

One day while Bobby and Steven were working out, Bobby said to Steven,. "Hey Steven, I have a question for you," he said. "Would you mind terribly if I joined a gym for my workouts?" Steven was shocked. He had to sit down on the bench. "Why, what's wrong here?" he said. Bobby replied, "Well, they have some machines down there that I think would help me more than just free weights like here. I think I'd like to get into competitive bodybuilding." Steven said, "It doesn't do me much good to go to a gym. Their equipment can't stand up to the weights I work out with."

Steven started to get choked up and a tear appeared in his eye. "Does that mean you don't want to hang out with me anymore? Since you've got your own big muscles now, you don't like me anymore?" Bobby said, "No, No. It's not that. I just think I need to be using some different equipment. I still like hanging out with you. I'd like hanging out with you just as much even if you weren't the strongest man in the world and you didn't have such gargantuan muscles, you know." Steven smiled and wiped a tear away from his eye. "Really. You'd like me just as much if I was 5'6 and 125 lbs.?" Bobby laughed at the reference to his old height and weight. "Yes I would, you big lug." Bobby went over and put his arms around as much as he could reach of Steven's chest and gave him a hug. It kind of looked like Bobby was hugging a wall.

Bobby looked up at Steven's face and said, "Since you are the strongest man in the world, I'm actually thankful you didn't get mad when I told you about joining the gym. I'm bigger than I was before, but there's no man who could handle you." Steven grinned and said, "You got that right. I could be quite a terror if I wanted to." Steven wrapped his beefy arms around Bobby and began squeezing. Steven didn't really squeeze Bobby too hard, just enough to let him feel his power. Steven stood up with Bobby still hugged against his chest. Bobby poked his head out from Steven's massive arms. "Help me! Help me!" he yelled. "I'm being crushed by these massive muscles."

Steven laughed. "Go ahead and cry out young man. There's no one to help you. Steven Andrews has the strength of 20 men! No one can help you! You are at my mercy, young muscle stud!" Bobby cried out again, "Oh woe is me!"

Steven grabbed an empty regular barbell. The barbells that Steven used for his real heavy weights were custom made to hold the tonnage that Steven used.. They were 6" in diameter. A normal size man wouldn't be able get his hand around them, but since Steven had very big hands, this was no problem for him. Steven laid the barbell on the floor, then he laid Bobby on top of the barbell. Then Steven put one foot on the barbell and grabbed the ends and bent them over Bobby's chest. Bobby was wrapped in the barbell and couldn't move.

Steven stood over Bobby with his hands on his hips. "Go ahead young muscle stud! Try to break free. Those puny muscles of yours are no match for the power of Steven Andrews." Bobby squirmed, but he knew there was no way he could unbend the bar. Steven reached down and grabbed the bar and lifted it and Bobby off the floor. He swung Bobby and the bar around like a baton. Then he stood Bobby on his feet.

Steven began performing feats of strength in a frenzy as Bobby stood there. He took a couple of cans of food and crushed the cans until the cans burst. There was a box of books sitting there and he tore several hardback books in two. Steven grabbed cans of food off a shelf and crushed them. Steven said, "This is progressive resistance training. The amount of strength required gets progressively heavier and requires more strength."

Steven then picked up a chain off the floor and wrapped it around his bicep. He flexed his bicep and the chain snapped. Steven got a wild look in his eye and his face turned red. "Now that's real muscle power!" Steven took the rest of the chain in his hands and pulled on it until it snapped. Then he took a double length of chain and pulled those until the chain snapped in two. Steven shouted, "Fucking muscle power!" Steven grabbed at his shirt and ripped it off his body. He flexed both biceps. Bobby began to get a little worried. He first thought Steven was kidding around like they usually did, but he'd never seen Steven wreck a shirt like that. Since Steven's clothes had to be custom made, he was usually very careful them. Steven had a wild look on his face.

There was an old couch sitting down basement. There were several old pieces of furniture that Steven had broken down a long time ago when he was several hundred pounds lighter piled down the basement. Steven grabbed the couch with one hand and raised it up off the floor. He put his free hand on the end and squeezed the couch like an accordion. It buckled in the middle. Steven kept crushing it until it was unrecognizable as a couch. "That's Andrews Muscle Power!" Steven shouted.

Then Steven picked up a 45lb. weight off the floor. He bent it in two, like it was a paper plate. Then he bent it again, so now it was the size it normally would have been. Then he took and crushed it into a ball. Bobby was surprised to see Steven do this. He normally took very good care of his weights. One time, Bobby let a bar drop a little hard and Steven gave him a dirty look.

The Steven went over to the washer and dryer. He bent over and picked up both appliances at once ripping their connections from the wall. Steven hoisted them over his head. He banged them together several times. Then he flipped them back and forth between his hands. The metal was bending. Bobby said, "I don't think your Mom's going to be happy if you wreck her washer and dryer!" Steven looked at Bobby with that wild look in his eye. He didn't say anything. He brought each appliance down to his shoulder, then he crushed both of them simultaneously with his arms. Steven laughed as he let the mangled metal fall to the floor. "Fucking strong muscles!" Steven yelled.

Steven was looking around the basement for something else to use his mighty muscles against. He didn't see anything. He grabbed the barbell that Bobby used that was loaded with 250 lbs. He twisted it like a pretzel. This was the bar from his prized beginner weight lifting set that he had saved for many years.

Then Steven looked up at the wooden beams in the ceiling of the basement. He put his hands on one of the beams and began lifting. The beam bent several inches and it looked like Steven would push the beam through the floor of the living room above. Bobby yelled, "Don't do that Steven. You don't want to wreck the house!" Fortunately, Steven had a moment of sanity and stopped lifting on the beam. The floor settled back into place.

Steven grabbed Bobby, who was still wrapped in a barbell. He ran up the stairs. When he got to the top, he didn't open the door. He just smashed through it, like it was made of paper. As he went through the door, he didn't bother to turn his massive shoulders and he took about a foot of plaster on either side of the wall. Steven made his way outside into the yard. He set Bobby down. Steven went over to his concrete highway barricades. He lifted one up over his head like he always did. Then to Bobby's amazement, Steven raised it up over his head with one hand. These barricades weigh almost 2 tons. Steven used to be able to lift them over his head, but he had the full strength of 2 hands. Then Steven gave the barricade a heave and it flew about 30' across the yard. When the 2 tons of concrete hit the ground, the earth shook like a small earthquake. "That's some fucking muscle!" Steven shouted. "I'm the god-damned strongest man in the world!" With that Steven let out a loud roar and pounded his chest with his fist.

Then Steven grabbed another barricade and raised it up on his shoulder. Then he got another one up on his other shoulder. Steven was standing there with 4 tons of concrete on his shoulders. He raised one barricade up over his head and then did the other one. He raised them up and down alternately. Bobby just stood there with his mouth open. Bobby had seen Steven perform many feats of strength over the years, but this was truly incredible. Bobby couldn't believe how strong Steven was. His strength seemed limitless.

Then Steven lowered the barricades back down to his shoulders. He began applying pressure to them with his arms and biceps. After about 20 seconds of pressure, there was a loud crack. One of the barricades cracked in two and the pieces fell to the ground. Then the other cracked and fell too. Steven flexed his biceps. He stood there looking at his own biceps, his head turning from one to the other. "So fucking strong, so fucking strong," he yelled. Bobby couldn't believe that Steven would wreck his concrete barricades. Steven really loved them. They were the heaviest things he had around to lift.

There were still 3 concrete barricades that Steven hadn't touched yet. Steven took and stacked them one on top of the other. Then he reached underneath and lifted all 3 of them at the same time. Steven got them up to chest level, then he got underneath them and raised them up over his head. Steven then proceeded to raise them up and down several times. Bobby stood there with his eyes wide and his mouth open. He was witnessing Steven lifting almost 6 tons of concrete. Bobby could not believe his eyes. He almost thought he was dreaming. How could one man be that strong? He had seen Steven lift one of the barricades many times, but it seemed that Steven's normally immense strength tripled or quadrupled! He was straining a little, but it didn't appear it was that hard for him. Steven yelled, "I'm the strongest man ever, in the history of the world!" And the amazing thing is, he probably was right!

Steven tossed the barricades back on the ground. The force of the 6 tons hitting the ground caused dishes to rattle for blocks! A couple of the barricades broke when they fell. Steven flexed his biceps. They were really pumped. He was sweating profusely. He stood there pumping his biceps up and down. "Who's got the strongest muscles?" Steven shouted. Of course, he knew the answer to his own questions!

Steven picked up a large piece of concrete, it had to weigh several hundred pounds. He raised it over his head and threw it has hard as he could. It went sailing through the air out of sight. It landed several houses away. Fortunately, it didn't hit anything or anyone!

Steve looked around the yard for something else to challenge his muscles. He said, "What's next, what's next?" He had a wicked grin on his face. Then he saw his Mother's car, sitting in the driveway. The window was open. Steven put a big arm in. His massive arm filled the window. Then Steven lifted his arm up. The car raised up off the ground. Steven's bicep grew with the strain from lifting the car and filled the little leftover space in the window and caused the roof and door to bend. Then Steven continued lifting the car and flipped it over on its roof and held it upside down over his head. He was like a little kid lifting up a toy car! Bobby really started to get worried now. Whenever Steven lifted up a car, he was always very careful not to damage it. Lifting the car this way practically wrecked Mrs. Andrew's car. This was definitely not the gentle Steven that Bobby had known for 4 years!

Steven then began walking down the driveway with the car upside down over his head. Bobby couldn't walk too well with the barbell bent around his body, so he kind of hop-walked down the driveway behind Steven. Steven got out to the street with the car. He turned it on its side and rested it on his shoulder. Of course the door of a car isn't designed to support the whole weight of the car and the door buckled a bit with a loud crunch of bending metal.

Just then, another car comes down the street. Of course if you saw a muscular giant standing in the street with a car on his shoulder, you might be inclined to stop. The driver was actually a kid that went to high school with Bobby and Steven. He was a pizza delivery driver making a delivery. The guy stopped the car and Steven walked up to the front of the car. "Put the car in park, and get out. I need this car!" Steven yelled. The kid got kind of scared and put the car in reverse. Steven grabbed the front of the car and raised it off the ground. The back wheels were spinning and smoking but car was no match for Steven's strength. The driver shifted gears and tried to drive forward, but again, Steven did not let the car move. Steven rocked the car from side to side. The driver took his foot off the gas and turned off the car. Then Steven gave the car a shove and it went careening backwards down the street. It came to a stop about 30 feet away.

Steven walked down to the car, while still carrying his mother's car on one shoulder. Steven reached into the window and pulled the driver out through the window. He was still wearing his seatbelt, but Steven just ripped him out of it, pulling the seat off the floor too. Steven tossed him through the air into a large bush, which cushioned his landing. The pizza boy climbed out of the bush and dusted himself off. Steven squatted down, got one arm underneath the car and raised it up. The exhaust pipe burnt his arm a little, but he was oblivious to the pain. Steven brought the car up to rest on his shoulder.

By now, a small crowd of neighbors had begun to gather in the street. Now Steven was standing in the street with a car resting on each shoulder. Much like he did the 2 ton concrete barricades, Steven got a hand on each car and began raising them up and down. "I'm so damn, fucking strong!" Steven yelled. "Nothing but pure fucking Muscle power!" He started banging the 2 cars together over his head. Then Steven returned the cars to his shoulders and began to crush them with his arms. The metal was screaming as it bent. By now, both cars were almost total wrecks.

Suddenly, Mrs. Andrews appeared on the sidewalk. She ran over to Steven and shook her finger at him. "Just what do you think you're doing, young man!" Mrs. Andrews yelled at Steven. "Steven Martin Andrews, you put down those cars right now!" Steven stopped crushing the cars. All of the sudden, Steven got another look on his face, not a wild look, but a look of shock.

Steven gently set the cars down on the ground. Suddenly he realized what he had done. He had done a terrible thing. He had used his tremendous strength to damage stuff for no reason, other than he was just showing off! Steven hung his head. He was really ashamed of what he had done. He had started off showing off to Bobby, and really got carried away. The adrenaline started flowing and he was even stronger than normal. That explains how he was able to lift up 6 tons like it was nothing.

Steven sat down on the curb. Now that the adrenaline rush was starting to wear off, he got very tired. He put his head in his arms. The pizza boy came up to Steven and said, "Hey, you giant musclebound freak! You wrecked my car!" Normally, Steven didn't like being called musclebound or freak, but this time, he let it slide. Steven said, "I'm sorry," without even looking up at the pizza boy. Mrs. Andrews came up to the pizza boy and said, "We'll take care of your car. Steven why don't you go into the house." As Steven was walking up the driveway, Bobby said, "Hey, Hercules! Would you mind?" Steven looked over at Bobby. He was still wrapped up in the barbell. Steven went over and unbent the bar and released Bobby.

Bobby said, "Thanks, big guy! That was quite a show you put on. Have you been holding out on me? Just how damn strong are you anyway? Are you some kind of superman? Are you from the planet Krytpon?" Steven grinned. He looked over the scene in the yard and the street with broken concrete and crushed cars and said, "You could think so, couldn't you? I guess when I get excited and adrenaline starts flowing, I get really, really strong." Bobby's admiration for his incredible strength made him to feel a little better. And just the memory of the incredible strength he demonstrated, even if he did get in trouble somehow made it worthwhile. At least Bobby didn't think he was some kind of monster! Steven half expected Bobby to be afraid of him now.

"That was pretty spectacular, wasn't it?" Bobby said, "I wish I had gotten some pictures or something. If anybody ever had any doubt that you were the strongest man in the world, they wouldn't after seeing those muscles in action!"

Steven said, "I didn't scare you too bad, did I?" Bobby replied, "Not too much. Although I have to admit, I got a little worried when you were banging the 2 cars together over your head." Steven grinned and said, "Can you believe I was strong enough to do that! That was really an incredible feeling. I felt so strong, it was like there was this immense power flowing through my body. I couldn't stop myself. I had to keep working my muscles so I could see their strength."

Bobby said, "You should have seen the face on that pizza guy when you ripped him out of his car!" Steven said, "I've always tried not be a bully unless somebody makes me mad, but I really blew it today. That little guy never did anything to me. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Bobby said, "That's OK. You just wanted to show everybody how strong you are. And boy, did you show them!"

That night, Steven went to his parents and apologized for what he had done. He promised to pay them back every cent. Mr. Andrews said, "How are you going to do that? You don't have a job. I can't see you flipping burgers at McDonalds!" Steven said, "I can see me flipping the whole McDonalds restaurant off its foundation maybe?" Steven laughed. "I can get a job if I want. I've had some calls from agents and stuff with offers to do commercials and stuff. I've been ignoring them up until now. I'll put these mighty muscles to work and make the money to pay you back in no time. There's lot of things that the strongest man in the world can do to make money!" Mr. Andrews said, "You can always get a job as a 1 man wrecking crew!"

Mrs. Andrews said, "You must promise me you'll never do that again. I know you're really strong and like to show off, but you can't go around wrecking things and possibly hurting people. Wouldn't you have felt bad if the pizza boy had gotten hurt." Steven grinned, "Probably ruined the pizza's too!" Mrs. Andrews replied, "I'm serious, Steven. Anybody who's strong enough to lift 2 cars over his head and bang them together could really hurt somebody, or even kill them. You wouldn't want that on your conscious would you?" Steven replied solemnly, "No, `Mam." Mrs. Andrews continued, "Those big muscles carry a lot of responsibility. Please take it seriously, Steven."

Steven called up one of the agents who had been calling him and made an appointment. Bobby went with him to the meeting. Steven told the agent he needed to make some quick money. The agent thought he'd be able to get Steven some jobs, maybe some commercials or acting jobs. Steven would be perfect if they were looking for a heavy! They got down to the paperwork. The agent said, "Here's our standard contract. Our fee will be 25% of whatever you earn. Steven was starting to sign it. Bobby began to try to get his attention, but he couldn't. Bobby went over and stood at the window behind the agent. Bobby flashed 10 fingers at Steven, but Steven didn't get the message. Finally, he got up and went over and whispered in his ear, "Standard for an agent would be 10% not 25%"

Steven looked at Bobby, then said to the agent, "Isn't the standard 10% not 25%?" The agent looked kind of scared. "We can change that," the agent said quickly. Steven glared at him, "So you were trying to cheat me out of 15%?" Steven stood up to his full 7'10" and towered over the desk. Steven put his two big fists on the desk and applied a little force. The desk broke in half. Steven swept the 2 sides of the desk away with a sweep of each hand. The desk pieces went flying up against opposite walls. The agent jumped up and ran into a closet in the office and locked the door. Steven laughed and said, "Do you really think this puny door can stop me? Remember whom you're dealing with here! I can tear this place apart with my bare hands!" Steven took both of his fists and punched through the door. Then Steven Then he reached inside and grabbed the agent around the neck and lifted him off the floor. Steven then pulled the agent through the door. The door splintered into pieces. Part of the wall broke too when Steven hit the wall with his shoulders when he reached in the closet. Bobby said, "Steven, take it easy with him." Bobby was afraid that Steven might really hurt the agent.

At that minute, an older man stepped into the room. He had heard all of the commotion from his adjoining office. "What's going on here!" he yelled. Steven said, "This little twerp was having me sign a contract giving him 25% of my income when standard is 10%. The older man said, "I'm the owner here. Put him down and come into my office and talk to me about it. He will no longer be your agent, rest assured." Steven dropped the agent and he fell to the floor in a heap in a fetal postion. Steven stepped over the agent's body on the floor and he and Bobby walked out and over to the older man's office.

The older man introduced himself. "I'm Martin Stein, owner of this agency. That little guy you were about to crush is my no good son-in- law. I only keep him on the payroll so my daughter doesn't starve. I will personally take care of you. Since I think you're going to be an easy sell, we'll make your contract for 5% of the first million and then 10% thereafter. How does that sound?" Steven looked at Bobby. Bobby nodded his head and Steven said, "That's fine."

Martin said, "I've been in this business for many years, and I can say you have real potential. We shouldn't have any problem coming up with something lucrative for you." Steven said, "That's great. I need money fast."

Martin Stein soon called with an interesting offer for Steven. The Dairy Council wanted to use him in some commercials to promote milk. The slogan would be `Pure Power in a Glass`. One of their first ideas was to show Steven lifting weights in the gym and then taking a break with a glass of milk. Then they would show him lifting a car over his head with one hand while drinking a glass of milk. This shot would also be used in print ads too. They also shot a version of this where Steven chugs down a whole gallon of milk while holding the car over his head. It took several takes to get it right. Steven ended up chugging 6 gallons of milk during the shoot.

They even did a commercial with Steven holding 2 small cars over his head. A guy in a butler suit is standing next to him with a glass of milk on a tray. That adds perspective to the shot as to how big Steven is. Steven then says, "The only thing bad about being strong enough to lift 2 cars over my head is that I don't have a free hand for a glass of milk." With that, Steven tosses one of the cars away and it goes tumbling end over end. Then the butler hands him the glass of milk and Steven takes it and drinks it. They even ran print on the ads saying that no trick photography was used and to not try this at home.

Since Steven had a problem fitting onto airplanes, they made arrangements to shoot the commercials in Steven's hometown, so he wouldn't have to travel. The ad agency made a contribution to Steven's old school, so they let them shoot the weight room scenes in the weight room at the school. Steven got $10,000.00 for making the commercials and additional fees each time it ran. Steven gave most of the money to his parents to repay them for the 2 cars he had trashed and the damage to the house.

The ads were an immediate success. People were talking about Steven over the water cooler at work. He got a lot more attention, being on TV commercials than he even did from being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Of course success breeds success and they wanted to shoot even more ads showing off Steven's muscles and strength. Steven got a considerable raise for his 2nd set of ads. Mrs. Andrews even got a part in some ads. Steven was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of milk. Mrs. Andrews says, "Remember you promised your father that you'd rotate the tires on the car." Steven says, "OK, Mom." The next shot show Steven taking the lug nuts off the tires. Then he lifts the car into the air and with his free hand, swaps the tires. The camera comes back to Mrs. Andrews who is standing there with a glass and a pitcher of milk, "Have some more milk dear, we also need to move the piano upstairs."

They also did another one with Mrs. Andrews saying, "I always told Steven to drink his milk so he'd grow up to be big and strong." Then Steven appears behind his mom and flexes a gigantic bicep in the background while drinking a glass of milk. Then he lifts Mrs. Andrews up and set her on his shoulder. Mrs. Andrews laughs and says, "Who would have thought he'd get this big and strong!"

A 3rd commercial with Mrs. Andrews had her standing in the kitchen, pretending like she needed to get something from the top of the cabinet. She said, "Mothers, it's a good idea to give you kids lots of milk when they're growing up." Mrs. Andrews then calls out, "Steven!" She then continues, "You never know when you're going to need a lift." Steven then appears behind her, gently lifts her up, she reaches up and pulls something out of the cabinet and Steven sets her back down. The closing shot is Steven standing there drinking a glass of milk and Mrs. Andrews standing next to him, gazing upward smiling at her son.

These commercials made Mrs. Andrews almost as famous as Steven. Mr. Andrews tried to talk them into putting him into a commercial, but Steven refused to do a commercial with him.

Milk sales increased dramatically. The cows could hardly keep up with the demand!

Based on the success of the TV commercials and print ads, they decided to have Steven do some personal appearances around the country. They put together a little demonstration, kind of similar to what Steven had done when he was on `The Tonight Show'. Steven would bend some metal bars, crush some rocks, have a 6 or 8 people sit on a special bench, and then lift that over his head, etc. The finale would be the car lift. They bought a small car that weighed less than a ton, took the glass out of it, and installed some bars on the bottom for Steven to hold onto. They also took the engine out and cut it in half and put half of the engine in the trunk to balance out the load. The bars made it quite easy for Steven to lift the car and hold it. Steven would also lift the car up with 4 people in it. He would have to use 2 hands to do this, but it still was impressive. How many men could lift up 4 people, much less while they sat in a car?

They got a custom motor home for Steven to ride around the country in. They raised the roof several feet and widened the door substantially. They nicknamed the motor home the `Muscle Bus'. They also got a tractor-trailer to haul the car and other props around the country. Steven had them hire Bobby as his assistant on the tour. Bobby didn't really have to do much, he was mostly there to keep Steven company. There were actually several people on the tour, including an MC, some hosts and hostesses and several prop people. They didn't sleep in the motor home, but would stay at hotels in the cities where they put on shows. The motor home was decorated with their slogan as well as an enlargement of a picture made of Steven's bicep. Since Steven had such a big bicep, they didn't really have to enlarge it too much!

Quite often in a town, they'd meet with reporters to publicize their appearances. Frequently, Steven would show off by grabbing a couple of them gently by the arms and hoisting them into the air over his head. Steven was careful not to hurt them. Imagine the bad publicity if he broke a reporters arm!

They had some custom shirts made for Steven with their slogan on it. He had muscle t-shirts, regular t-shirts and sweatshirts to wear. Steven usually wore a muscle T-shirt and a pair of shorts at his appearances. He figured if people came out to see his muscles, he shouldn't keep them covered up.

Steven would sign autographs and pose for pictures with people. If they wanted, he would pick them up and set them on his arms or shoulders for pictures.

There were also some freestanding exhibits. There was a pair of Steven's size 36 shoes that visitors could put their feet into. There was also one of Steven's shirts that a person could stand against and put their arms in the sleeves. There were some pictures of Steven when he was younger along with a growth chart that showed his height and weight at various ages. They also made a life-size plaster cast of Steven's 80" bicep. Then they displayed various things near it, like a beach ball, volleyball to compare sizes. There was also a life size cardboard cut out of Steven that doubled as a height measurer. So you could have your height measured and see how it compared to Steven. It was called, "How do you measure up?" There was also a scale with an ultrasonic height measurement. A person would stand there and it would display their height and weight on a display.

There were some generic displays showing the benefits of milk too. Most of the time, they gave away free milk samples at the shows.

At some of their shows, they would do a `strong-man challenge.' People from the audience could challenge Steven to some feat of strength, and if they won, they would get a years supply of milk. They never did have to give away the milk! Sometimes, Steven would even take on 3 or 4 people in arm wrestling. He could have even taken on more, but it was hard for more than 3 or 4 people to get their arms together. Sometimes they would do a tug of war with Steven on one side, and 15-20 people on the other. They kind of had to keep an eye on the people on the tug of war. If they got 15-20 really big and strong guys on there, there was a slim possibility that Steven could lose, and they definitely didn't want that to happen. It was usually pretty funny. Steven would stand there with one hand on the rope. The people would be pulling as hard as they could. Steven would smile and wave at the crowd as if nothing was happening. Then he'd give a big tug, and the people would all fall over!

Sometimes, some big muscular guys showed up thinking they could beat Steven at something. Some of them took it very seriously. A couple of times, the challengers got mad and started a ruckus. Steven would just pick them up and carry them off the stage. That usually caused them to calm down.

Steven's agent, Martin Stein even came up with a plane that Steven could fly in. They took an old DC-3 that had been designed for freight with a big door, and converted it into a passenger plane. It was kind of old and slow, but at least it was flying and not driving. If Steven were going to capitalize on his celebrity, he would have to be able to travel by air.

By the time the tour ended, Steven had earned more than enough money to pay back his parents for the damage he had done. Between the commercials and the tour, Steven had taken in about $100,000.00 during his first few months. •

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