Wrestling Camp



For the past week, Coach Kessler had been getting the gym ready. His summer wrestling camp was starting soon, and this year he was very excited. One of his students from last year had gone on to win the state championship as a sophomore in high school. This kid, Paul, was his star pupil last summer, and during the eight weeks of camp, he had not only increased his knowledge of wrestling holds, but also his speed and size. Paul had started out as a 5'5", 140lb fifteen year old, and had left camp at 5'6", 153lbs of wrestler muscle. Coach Kessler knew that this kid had tremendous potential, and was anxious to see how far he could take him this summer. Just then, the coach heard someone walk into the gym. He turned and looked, seeing a big buzzcut muscle jock strutting his way across to him.

"Hey, Coach," said the jock.

"Can I help you?" said Coach.

"Come on, Coach, don't ya recognize me?" said the jock, a little hurt."It's Paul."

The coach couldn't believe his eyes. Paul had packed on some major size over the school year. "Jesus, kid, you've gained about 30lbs since last year."

"More like 50," said Paul."I weigh in at 225. Check it out." The kid dropped his duffel bag and stripped of his shirt. The coach actually took a step back in amazement. Paul was now his height, 5'10", and outweighed him by 20lbs of pure beef. The coach, who had come out of the Iowa collegiate wrestling program, then coach for the past 15 years, had never seen such intense muscularity. Every muscle stood out sharply, even as the boy stood there, relaxed. Then he brought up his arms into a double-bi shot, squeezing his arm muscle tight and hard, grinning as the biceps peaks rose up higher and higher.

"And that ain't nothin'," said Paul. He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down to expose his beefed up quads. He had on bikini briefs, highlighting every huge inch of muscle on his thick thighs. He flexed his legs, and every muscle responded, rolling and swelling, stretching the already tight skin.

"Gotten so I enjoy flexing almost as much as wrestling," said Paul. "And I hear you re-did the weightroom since last year."

"Yeah,"said the coach, still in shock."It's back here." They went into the back room, where there were racks of new free weights, new benches, and tons of olympic plates and bars.

"Nice!" said Paul. He went over to a bench and loaded the bar with 315.

Then he began to pump out rep after rep. Coach couldn't believe this kid's strength. Paul sat up when he was done. He bounced his pecs back and forth, watching them in the mirror.

"Coach, do me a favor and add two more 45's," Paul asked. Coach put on the weight and watch Paul pump out 12 reps. Then he sat up and checked himself out in the mirror again. "Man, I love the way these huge suckers swell up when I work em."

He rolled them over and over, then cupped the weighty pecs in his hand, feeling their dense muscle.

"Paul," said Coach,"I hope you haven't gotten too big to wrestle well."

The two headed back to the gym, and hit the mats. Coach went right for Paul's legs, trying to take him off his feet, but the big teen didn't budge. Instead, he grinned, reached down, lifted the coach into the air and slammed him onto the mat. All the wind knocked right out of the coach, and Paul got on top of him and pinned his shoulders with ease.

"Well,"said Paul,"that took three seconds." Paul sat up, straddling Coach. The teen flexed his right arm in victory. The coach looked up at the massive teen, swollen with mass and ego. "Feels like you liked it a lot," said Paul, grinding his thick musclebutt on the coach's hard-on. Coach came so hard, his toes curled.

"And this is just the beginning," said Paul. "By the end of camp, I'm gonna weigh 280 plus." •

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