By Punk

Mark was a good looking guy and he knew it. He didn't want to go out for wrestling, or any sports for that matter. What he liked most was chilling on the beach and hanging out at the mall. But it was his senior year in high school, and his parents were convinced that he should try sports just once before he graduated, so he was forced to go out for wrestling.

He found that there was something very masculine about wrestling with other guys, getting on top of them and trying to pin them to the ground. It was strange also having to shower after practice with the other guys on the team, and to have to walk around the practice room in just his underwear. All the guys would always have to weigh in before a match in nothing but their underwear, and at first Mark thought it was strange to see other guys practically naked all the time. And to get naked with them. But, even though he tried to resist it, he found that after a while he started to feel confortable about it. And after a while he started to almost enjoy it. Nobody was embarassed of their teenage bodies, even the more manly and muscular guys, and it felt cool just to chill with the other guys in the locker room in nothing but his underwear and act completely casual about it.

One night, Mark fought a match and for the first time was really enjoying the sport. Forget chilling on the beach, he was a wrestler now. He fought with all his strength and won the match, almost dizzy with all the effort he exerted. As the coach pronounced him the winner and raised his arm to announce the victory, he realized he was feeling really hot and sick all of a sudden. Like he was feeling nautious or something. He quickly ran back to the locker room and threw up in the toilet.

He felt better after that, but something still didn't feel quite right. He started to take off his wrestling uniform and he saw that he was looking more fit or something...what was going on? He ran to the mirror and looked at himself. He was definately looking more muscular all of a sudden...this was weird. He didn't know what to do. He couldn't just stand there in his jock strap, so he went to put on some shorts, looking down unbelievingly as his body started to change and muscle up.

Holy shit, he didn't want this...did he? Thank god it was a home match so he could just leave and walk home before people saw him starting to change into a more muscular dude. He stood there with his shirt off for a little longer, feeling his pecs with one of his hands. They definately were feeling thicker. He made a biceps and it was really muscular, like a workout dude's...he had always liked being a slim beach guy, but there was something a bit exciting about getting to be a more muscular guy. it felt kind of cool, and powerful, and masculine.

he threw a shirt on and quickly walked home. he couldn't wait to get back to his bedroom and look in the mirror and see what was happening to himself up close. god, he felt so powerful, so full of testasterone, this was so exciting. just walking he felt like more of a man, he could feel his arms taking up more room in his shirtsleeves, his thighs felt more powerful and thick inside his jeans. he ran a hand up inside his t-shirt, which was stretched tighter across his pecs. he was getting a great six pack of abs, it felt so awesome. he wanted to rip his t-shirt off right there.

when Mark got home the changes had finished, though he still felt more masculine that ever. holy shit. he stripped off his clothes and saw a muscle dude staring back at him in the mirror. something deep inside him felt like this was great, this was so right, this was who he was. "Hell yeah, man!" he said to his reflection, posing and flexing a bicep. Shit, even his voice was deeper, more authoritative. He noticed he had some major five o'clock shadow, and the trail of hair by his belly button had gotten way thicker and more obvious. His legs were sporting more hair and looking totally masculine, man they were so muscular too. He saw his forearms were looking hairy now too.

The next day was a Saturday and Mark stayed in his room all morning looking in the mirror. He felt awesome, he totally loved looking like a real muscle-up wrestling dude. He looked like a serious wrestler now, and he couldn't wait to hang out in the locker room with the other guys on Monday, just chilling in his underwear and his new body. He decided he was going to keep on wrestling when he went to college, he could so get into this. He even got out his razor and cut his hair short to look more like a wrestling dude. He liked how it made him look even more manly, and he couldn't wait to work out and then shower up with his new body. He went downstairs to lift some weights and practice his moves. •

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