Wrestling Camp



Paul had arrived at wrestling camp a week earlier than the other kids, so he had free reign of the weight room. He did a split routine of three hours in the morning and three hours in late afternoon. Coach Kessler would check in on him from time to time, and stare in amazement as Paul went from exercise to exercise, tossing the heaviest weights around like toys. In between sets, Paul didn't rest, but would find the nearest mirror ,and flex out over and over, going "YEHH, look at all this muscle". He'd be drenched in sweat, leaving puddles on the floor where he stood, hitting pose after pose, grinding the muscle into growth. The coach had never seen anyone train with such intensity or focus. He had measured Paul's bodyfat level at a freakish 2%. And yet Paul was eating huge amounts of food each day. He would eat double the portions that the coach had for breakfast, and would come back an hour later, and eat twice as much more. Before the last mouthful was swallowed, he'd be back on his way to the weightroom.

By the end of the third day of this, Paul had gained 15lbs of muscle and was now a shredded 240lbs of pumped up musclemachine. In between marathon lifting sessions, he and the coach would practice wrestling, but that was all pretty much just going through the motions. There wasn't a hold the coach tried that Paul couldn't bust out of or reverse with ease. Coach's last attempt had been his full-nelson, a hold no one had ever broken on him before. He thought he had the boy good too, but suddenly Paul's breathing became deeper, more like a growl, and the coach felt the boy's lats begin to swell. Paul hunched down into a most-muscular stance, actually lifting the coach onto his huge back.His powerful muscles spread and spread, finally snapping the coach's vise-like grip like nothing. Paul stepped away from the hold, turned and went "heh-heh..thought you had me, didn't ya?". Then he tackled the coach to the ground, flipped him, and slapped him into an armlock from hell. Pain seared through the coach's arm and shoulder, and Paul leaned into his ear and said "Tap out before I really apply some pressure." The coach tapped out. Paul helped him up to his feet and said "Man, that was great! I am Ragin! Look at these wings, Coach!" Paul turned his back to the coach, and hit a lat spread. Coach was glad he could at least still get the boy breathing heavy, but he wasn't sure how long that would last. He saw before him a backspread like never before, and he realized that Paul never seemed to lose his pump, but only got bigger every day. Paul's traps mounded up like an ox yoke, his lats were two inches thicker and wider than when he had arrived, and his super wide shoulder-spread tapered down in a freakish V, his striated lower back muscles popping out into a wicked christmas tree, one that would have challenged any pro bodybuilder.

The coach wasn't sure what he was going to do with this massive hulk teen. The rest of the kids would arrive in a few days, and no one was going to be able to wrestle his star pupil. Paul already had the strength of four grown men, and was growing fast. Soon he'd have the strength of four grown marine powerlifters. But Coach Kessler would worry about that later. For now he said "Hit the showers, bud, let's go out for lunch."

"Chinese buffet?" said Paul.

" Yeh, kid´┐Ż.all you can eat."

"Hell yeh!" said Paul, heading for the showers. •

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