Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Bruce pull's up to the baseball diamond and notices on his car clock that he still has fifteen minutes before the game starts so I guess there is something to be said for having a lead foot while driving. Bruce he steps out of his silver Volkswagen Golf and he is met by his best friend Tony. Tony is almost the complete opposite to Bruce. Tony is 6'1" with a light chestnut hair of shoulder length that was also matched by the same color the few stray chest hairs that could be seen poking above his baseball uniform jersey. He of course unlike Bruce's fair Irish complexion never had to work on his tan though he did help it on by deepening his Italian heritage by the fake and bake process now and again. He was a very fit at 200 lbs and he had a very fluid yet masculine gait to his walk. Tony was a theatre lighting director but he loved to dance, which was his first passion so he had given that up and now danced in briefs and even now he filled out his baseball pants just as well as he did on stage.

"Hey Mutant, not your punctual self I see." "Yeah and stop trying to bust my balls will yeah despite you trying all throughout University," as Bruce smiled mischievously to his best friend.

"Well dream on two knees high. It was more like you trying to get in my shorts while we bunked together in the dorm."

"Whatever you lug, come and give me a hug you big hunky Wop." This was the norm whenever they were around each other. They had never really fooled around since Bruce had met Chad but six months into their freshman year but they were to each like the brothers they never had. They gave each other their usual bearhug and Tony lifted up Bruce as customary.

"So Guido how was London?"

"You know you are the only one that can get away with calling me Guido but it was great. I am glad to be back though. Looking forward to partying with the little Irish Mutant. Now what is this peach fuzz I am feeling? Are you trying to make an attempt to be masculine or something."

Bruce gave Tony a good left jab in to Tony's right shoulder as they entangled themselves from their hug. "Ok that one stung Bruce, now if I could just get you to shed some of this I would get you onstage in a heartbeat."

"Well Tony don't tease if you can't please but then again that is your theme."

"Ouch good one, now shut the hell up and we got a game to play and nothing I want more is to beat these bastards."

"True and I missed ya bud."

"Oh shut up you will make me cry."

"Tony you can be such a Drama Queen sometimes."

The game was hotly contested with many sarcastic remarks flying left and right between pitches and hits on both sides. The game ended in a tie, but the machismo from the policeman team was severely crushed. They were no doubt to meet in the finals since this was the beginning of round robin play.

Since they went to their traditional watering hole, and it was near Tony's place in the village Bruce had decided to take Tony up on his offer and sleep at his place since the Irishman had to prove he could out drink the team captain from the opposing team, not wanting to be outdone himself by showing his team that at least they could win this one. Bruce did win over Peter the mammoth yet agile black officer. Peter had outweighed Bruce by 115 pounds, and most of it was in his gut. The team laughed and was happy that their captain had won but the Cuff team member were not well at least not the ones who would have to take care of the passed out 285 pounds of dead weight.

Well I am going to have to fast forward this since I don't think you need to hear the details of how I got to Tony's place. Thank God I always take aspirin before doing to bed when I drink otherwise I am sure that I would have had a killer headache. I did nonetheless feel like a Mack Truck had hit me when I woke up. That damn workout made me sore as hell even despite the baseball game and the alcohol. Tony and I decided that we would hook up on do something later in the week but he usually met me at the gym anyhow. Told him was tired of him teasing me of joining him on stage so I was going to make a serious go at making him eat his words. Tony had heard it many times before so he brushed me off. I got up walked naked to the bathroom, ok Tony and I are so used to each other from having roomed 6 years in school together that we don't even notice each other's bodies anymore despite an erection or not.

I got dressed and felt better with food in my stomach and Tony as always still made the same comment: "How can such a little guy like you drink so much?" and I am not that little really he just likes to call me that since I am shorter than him.

Ok so I head to the gym and pound it out big time. I have never had such a great chest and arms workout, well at least not that I can remember and then it hits me the deal. So I try not to think of it or it will make me mental and I decide to head to the massage therapist that is in our gym and get this all worked out after a shower. I have such a burn in my muscle this is almost ridiculous and I have to get this lactic acid out of system or I am going to want to tear off parts of my anatomy and this is after I tried to stretch.

Man that massage was pure ecstasy. This hour was just so worth the extra I paid on my gym membership and now as I am heading to out I am thinking that I will look forward in taking my measurements in 2 weeks. If I am getting pumps this bad I can't wait to see when the growth starts to kick in. Well as much as I don't feel like it is grocery time and then back to the files.

I wake up the next morning to my normal erection and without consciously thinking I go to stroke and let me first say that I have been trying this pump thing on my penis but I had no way of knowing that it might have this effect. I guess "the deal" is working on this muscle first. Shit I can't even get my hand around it. Ok I have to measure this. Ok where is it, oh yes right here. God this thing is heavy but fuck this feels great. Ok let me see width and then circumference. I place it and I still marveled as I am holding it, now mind you it isn't any longer but sure as shit looks bigger. Oh holy shit it is 4 inches. Ok now the circumference. Fuck me it is 9 inches. My dick is thicker than I am long. Ok so that means those who are guessing out there I am 7 inches and my balls are bigger. Now they are not low hangers but they are just the same as they were just bigger. They are the 3 inches across each. This I like since I never was happy about the size of them before.

I stood and weighed myself, I weighed less but when I did my fat test again I had lost 2%. This is good. Man two weeks I can't wait to do the rest of the measurements. •

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