Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

"Wow you do workout intensely Bruce. Good job so I think that your specifications to our deal shall work fine. I shall enjoy having your soul and body in my presence for eternity and I think what you asked for shall do just fine. Bruce the failure to my creative test will be quite the inspiration so much so I don't think a Muse could have done a better job."

"Well Lucipher, I mean Tim, I don't plan to lose."

"Really and that will make my victory more delicious," as Tim leaned forward and gently with tactile sensuality cupped with his manly hand on Bruce's chin as he kissed him fervently on the lips and inserted his tongue with such technique that it did indeed demonstrate why some had given him the nick name silver tongue devil. Bruce was unable to really resist and his mind was flooded with images of passion, yet he fought this pleasure and awoke from the haze as he gently but with sufficient force pushed Lucipher away.

"I see that tongue's reputation is well merited and that age old adage of silver tongue devil has basis in fact. Hope you enjoyed that, for it was your last."

Tim grinned with a method that could make the Chester shire Cat envious. That smile swam of intrigue, sexuality and a playfulness, yet within it lied layers of duplicity and it wasn't to be undone by his right trailed its course down Bruce's chest and circling his right nipple until it ended at his navel that was covered by his tank top. Tim had thrown to Bruce his lustful electricity in that touch yet through it Tim could feel that it didn't have the affect he had desired and it caused him to raise a finely arched masculine eyebrow.

Bruce sat up from the Hammer Rower and with his left hand had grabbed Tim's right wrist and brought it to his lips and kissed him on the top of his hand.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow." Tim felt Bruce's lips and his own electricity had been reflected back onto him. Bruce didn't let Tim make another move as he walked away from him and didn't even head towards the locker-room showers as he picked up his duffle bag and headed out the door. What Tim could not see was the fact the Bruce's eyes had rolled bank into his head signaling as he exhaled deeply that it had been a close call indeed.

Tim immensely pleased and intrigued once again rubbed his goatee and in his mind verbally said: "This is a worthy and an invigorating challenge, too bad I am gone to bend one rule to this bargain." Tim then laughed a short but deep laugh as he walked towards the showers to play with those there who had lesser control over their hormones and their wills.

Bruce had arrived at his apartment and the DQ blizzard that he had picked up was now completely melted but it had served its purpose quite remarkably between his thighs and hugging his groin. He got out of his car after retrieving his duffle bag, put it on his pumped up shoulders from his workout, and then headed up the spiral staircase to his apartment but not before throwing the blizzard the apartment complex dumpster. He got into his apartment and took a very deep breath as he leaned against the door.

"Bruce you came rather close to losing it and you can't afford to do that again with that individual ever," as he spoke out loud tossing his bag onto the living room couch on his way to the kitchen. Since he lived alone he didn't care that he was talking out loud. He proceeded with making himself a whey protein shake with some peach concentrate.

Ok now here it is folks I have just made a deal with the Devil, and I almost lost it before I even started. I am really going to have to get serious about this since there is just too much at stake here. I think I am going to have to start a journal and keep to it and make sure I re-read it before I finish my day to make sure I remind myself and keep sane. Ok finish making this shake will ya now and get on with the rest of your day. Thank God it is the weekend otherwise you would be a mess Bruce at work. You have cases that will need your attention later on today so that you can look semi-prepared for work on Monday.

Hey I don't do glamorous work. I work in a law firm as the new recruit and I handle the senior partners legal aid cases that they are required to do by law but get passed down to me for me to gain experience and because they have lackeys like me to do this but I love this work and it fits my ideals for why I went into law school in the first place. Yes I can hear you all saying this at the top our lungs and I can hear that joke about lawyers that the bottom of the ocean and that hell always has a place reserved for us lawyers. Personally I don't plan at being one of those.

OK so first thing is first. Since you are starting this journal thing you should start by doing the measurements. Ok dispense with the height everyone knows and has heard that you are 5'5". Well not bad Bruce, you managed to finally hit 17" on your arms. Waist damn it is still 33", chest ok at 44.5", and your legs well lucky bastard but I sometimes thing I look like a mutant, well my friends do call me that sometimes as my nick name, at still 25" and calves at 16.5" and 170 pounds. Ok time for the calipers now. Ok not bad 12% bodyfat but this deal should change that and it should also raise my butt higher but then again men have told me from time to time they like my bubble butt which has the not too muscular and not too soft look. Ok now I am not yet going to tell you all what I asked for since that is cheating you will just have to keep reading now won't you and for now I think I am going to tease you all and not tell you that one measurement you are all wondering about.

With the measurements completed Bruce decided that he needed a shower since his nearly hairless body was rather drenched from the workout and and as he took off his rather moist workout clothes he headed naked to the bathroom but not before catching what time it was from the wrought iron clock in his bedroom

"Fuck me, I worked out 3 hours with Tim and now I have to make this quick otherwise I am going to be late for the ball game and today is the first day of the gay's leagues playoffs and I am not going to miss stealing all those bases from that smug Chad."

Chad was the pitcher from the gay cop team, Cuffs, and they used to be an item. Though they broke up two years ago they still had that friendly little rivalry despite their platonic deep friendship. Chad throughout the season had managed to keep Bruce's hitting average down but Bruce's got the best of Chad by not being able to be thrown out of stealing second base and what made it even sweeter was the fact that Chad's boyfriend Chris was the bat catcher.

Bruce finished his shower and quickly toweled himself off and noticed his was rather sore from his workout and probably he would be even more sore after the game but at least he will sleep well tonight.

"Shit, I forgot to do laundry and now I have no bloody underwear to put on and there is no way the cup is just going to stay there in place all the time. Ok, ok, where did you put that. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for small miracles that you didn't have a chance to tan last week because of the work schedule you still have the black thong that is clean. Ok this will hold the cup so this will have to do. God you have to love improvisation. Now get the uniform on and just hope that you don't have to slide into a base today butt first." So uniform, glove, hat, and keys in hand out the door he went. •

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