Formula, The

By O'Melissokomos


It's been a few months since I've retired from the biotechnology company that I helped start some years back in the early 90s. Thanks to a couple of high-paying government contracts and some smart financial management, not only had I been able to make the company very viable, but also, more importantly to stockholders such as myself, very profitable to the point that I've been able to segregate myself from the day-to-day operations and leaving me free to concentrate on my first love: research and development.

Well, that's not exactly true. My first love is engaging in hot torrid fuck sessions with men but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Even though I was officially retired, I was still on the company's payroll as an executive consultant and had access to my very own laboratory within the building. When I wasn't working out in the gym, I devoted all the free time I had left to developing and perfecting a formula that I had been working on since my graduate student days.

It started out as an accident. I was doing research on the healing factor of the human body, in particular, I wanted to determine the processes our bodies go through to repair itself after it's been injured. Moreover, I interested was interested in how to speed it up.

For about half a year I was getting nowhere closer to my goal. I was getting frustrated with my lack of results but kept whacking at the problem from every angle trying out different chemical combinations. Things started to turn around when during one of my experiments, I noticed that there had been a significant change in the test group of lab mice I administered my formula to. I was surprised at what I saw. They looked heftier, if not healthier, than their control counterparts. In fact, they had superior strength and endurance as well as a longer life span. After some intensive verification to see if the effects I observed weren't a fluke, I became convinced that my concoction had definite possibilities but I needed to bring my research the next level--human test subjects.

I guess I was so caught up in the rush of excitement that I decided to secretly conduct my experiments on my roommate. His name was Chuck and was a teaching assistant at the Mathematics department. Standing at about 5'8", he weighed at around 110 lbs. Although he had been thin all his life (some would say gaunt), he had always wanted to have a bigger body and so he started going to the local gym. Chuck's progress, if you could call it that, hadn't been all that impressive even after weeks of due diligence. He just couldn't gain the muscle mass he craved. That was when I told him about of a new muscle supplement I bought from a website. (I'd prepared my formula to be ingested orally as a liquid and presented it to him as the supplement.) It didn't take much convincing for him to try it out as he had apparently gotten desperate for some results--any result.

After a week, Chuck was happy to report to me that the there had already been some small but noticeable changes with his physique and he immediately opted to continue with the "treatment". Over the course of the next month or so, Chuck's body slowly but surely kept getting bigger and stronger. His reed-like arms and legs as well as his pecs and rail-thin torso were obviously thicker after every week. Personally, I was amazed by how well he had responded to my formula and enjoyed how his transformation has improved his confidence and well-being. I especially liked that time when he started sleeping at night with just his boxers on. He said that he loved the feeling of the bed cloth on his bare skin. Who knew my nerdy roommate had a kinky side? And who am I to complain?

By the end of three months, Chuck had gained a whopping 60 pounds and his growth showed no signs of stopping. He looked like an athlete--a wrestler or a gymnast maybe--instead of the awkward geek he used to be. Whenever he went out on a date (he finally got some girls to notice and go out with him!), he usually wore this body hugging black shirt and leather pants that left practically nothing to the imagination. In fact, there had been more than a couple of nights when he asked me (nicely) not to be in the room when he and his date came in. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige. (Admittedly, his interest in his studies had wavered quite a bit since he began dating, but luckily, he had no intentions of ever quitting his passion. Thank goodness. I would not want to have deprived the university of such a talented young man.)

Apparently the reason he had been going out more often was that there was a unintended side effect to the supplement I was giving him. Chuck's libido, which was practically nonexistent before, was getting stronger by the day. Simply put, he was turning into one horny dude. And from what I hear from his dates, he's almost insatiable in bed. Even when he's asleep his hormones were on overdrive.

Early one morning, before the sun had come up, I woke up to the sound of moaning that was definitely coming from his room. Since I knew he didn't bring anyone home the night before, I peered into his room and saw that Chuck was in a middle of a dream, a very erotic dream at that. As I came in for a closer look, I could see his penis sticking out of his boxers in all its morning glory. It was the first time I'd seen it and it was already something to behold. The 7" shaft was throbbing and leaking copious amounts of precum. His dick would quaver at every heartbeat as hot blood forced its way through his erection. He was circumcised and the precum would trickle down from the slit, down on the side of the head and collect on his boxers.

Chuck knew I was gay and had no problems with my sexual orientation as we both respected each other's boundaries. But something inside me just switched on. For no other reason aside from pure unadulterated lust, I wanted this man lying in front of me who was served on a silver platter. I knelt beside his bed and tentatively took his entire member in my mouth. With my tongue rolling around his dick, I savored his precum and sucked to get more. When I sensed he was about to wake up from all the action, I increased the pressure on his penis to which he responded to by slowly fucking my mouth. He had a need, a dire need, to get off and I was more than happy to accommodate him. He let me slip off his boxers to give me access to his balls that I greedily licked. His moaning grew louder and more guttural. I switched tactics and positioned myself over his legs. With one hand I jacked him off and with the other, I lubed my finger with my saliva and slowly slipped it in and out his ass. I could swear his eyes rolled over from the sheer sensation. The next few minutes were the most agonizing as I toyed around with him. Just as soon as I felt he was about to shoot, I slowed things down. It didn't take him long to realize what I was doing and he begged me to let him cum. With renewed gusto, I sped up stroking his cock and rubbing his prostate with my fingertip. Seconds later, I felt his penis expand and saw cum gushing out of it. The first couple of shots went over his head; the next spurts splattered all over his handsome face and well-defined chest. As his penis went limp in my hand, I was amazed to see that he had actually fallen asleep. I picked up the boxers and wiped away the cum from his body. As he laid there, I observed how his countenance shone contentment. Maybe this time he'd be able to get a decent rest.

Later that afternoon, Chuck and I had a little talk. At first he was a bit sheepish to discuss what happened but then he admitted that was exactly what he needed. He mentioned that he's been having trouble sleeping the past couple of weeks and even when he jerked himself off before going to sleep, he'd either wake with a really uncomfortable boner or with a wet dream. (Hadn't had that in a long while he mused.) He went so far as to thanking me and said that he wouldn't mind doing it again every so often in the future now that he knew there were alternative ways for him to release his tensions, so to speak. Whenever I knew he needed it bad, I paid his room a little visit and blow him to kingdom come. This new arrangement really had the best of both worlds.

But then one weekend when Chuck returned from his evening run, he mentioned to me that he wasn't feeling too well and he certainly looked it. I told him to take a warm bath and get some rest. As he was about to get into the shower, he collapsed. I immediately rushed to his side and was horrified to see his body go into shock. His temperature was soaring. Without any delay, I placed him into the tub that I started filling with water. I then ran to get as much ice as I could find and dumped them into the tub. (Fortunately for me, there was a large ice dispenser downstairs.) The next minutes were tense and terrifying as I watched Chuck writhe in pain. I frantically struggled to pour cold water over his head and keep as much of his body submerged underwater at the same time. I was so angry at myself for letting my success get to my head and prayed that Chuck would get through this alive and in one piece. And as quickly as it had begun, Chuck stopped shivering and passed out but was breathing normally. I was stupefied and didn't know what had just happened. Exhausted from the ordeal, I just sat there beside the tub and watched my friend sleep ever so soundly. When I was more or less sure that the fever had subsided, I dried him off and carried him to his bed. (Considering how much he was heavier than before, it wasn't easy.) I pulled up a chair and stayed by his side all night.

The next morning I was awakened by a ruckus in the kitchen. I glanced at Chuck's bed and discovered that it was empty. From his room, I made my way into the kitchen and found him pillaging our cabinets looking for anything to eat. It was as if last night never happened and the only problem I had was a very hungry boy in the house. I was thankful and relieved to say the least. I asked Chuck how he was feeling and he replied that he never felt better. As he was bent over foraging for food in the floor cabinets, I noticed something different about him but I couldn't put my finger on what. It was when he straightened up that I realized what had happened to him. My suspicions were confirmed when I grabbed a tape measure and had Chuck to check himself out. Even he was more than a little shocked at his own measurements. Somehow, over the course of one night, Chuck had grown taller by at least three inches and gotten wider as well. He was now 5'11" and weighed in at 200 lbs. Every thing about him was bigger, and I do mean everything. His hands, feet, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and, yes, even his penis. (He had to know, and frankly, so did I.) The first order of business--after having breakfast that is--was to go shopping for new clothes and especially shoes as there wasn't anything that he had (aside from slippers) that could accommodate his size 13 feet.

I decided to take a quick shower before leaving the house with Chuck and while I was soaping my body, I heard someone come into the bathroom. I turned around and was stunned to see Chuck naked and sporting a huge erection. It would have been at least 10" long and 4" around. I looked up to him (he was actually taller than me now) and gazed into his hungry pleading eyes. I began kissing his beefy chest and licking his round dime-sized nipples. Making sure I didn't slip (thank God for hand rails), I methodically made my way down to his cock and wrapped my mouth around its augmented length and girth. He groaned his approval and let me work my magic. Soon, he called my attention and asked if he could fuck me. I was a bit taken aback by his request not just because he'd never done this sort of thing before but really more of if I could take his new-and-improved cock up my ass. But then what the hell. There was a first time for everything.

I reached for the shampoo bottle and slicked up his penis. I faced the other direction and bent my knees to guide him in. It wasn't easy (or painless) at first but after a while, he was able to put his entire dick in and I couldn't get over how full and complete it made me feel. With every thrust, his cock would rub against my prostate and send me closer to my own orgasm. He kept going on and on how tight and hot and great it felt. Believe me, the feeling was mutual. He then started pounding my ass with wild abandon. If he was concerned about hurting me earlier, he certainly wasn't showing it now. But I didn't care. He was getting close and so was I. Suddenly he grabbed me with both his hands and hugged with his muscular arms. He screamed that he was cumming and the moment I felt his cock shoot his load into me, I started to cum as well.

For quite some time, we just sat there in the tub not talking but simply enjoying the pleasure of each other's presence. He was still holding me close and I was absentmindedly running my hands over his strong biceps. We never were able to go out shopping that day but I decided right there and then that Chuck shouldn't and wouldn't be taking any more of my formula until I was able to isolate what caused last night's immediate albeit very painful growth episode. He was a bit hesitant to give it up in the beginning but he knew it was for his own good. Needless to say his incessant sex drive soon dropped considerably and our early morning blowjobs became a thing of the past. We continued to respect each other's boundaries as we went on with our lives but from time to time there had been occasions where such lines were easily forgotten on a whim and at a moment's notice.

It had taken me a while. but then my latest formula works a lot better now that it had ever did and I can't wait to try it out on someone new.

Any volunteers? •

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