Formula Friends


By GhostWriter

Curtis had took the keys to the car and ran to the grocery store. He took the ingridient list and followed it to a tee. He also paid a little extra for chips, popcorn, and other snacks, just so Frank would not get suspicious. He also got 2 packets of pink lemonade koolaid. Curtis had an idea. However, he would have to be quick. He didn’t want Frank to see him at 400 pounds just yet. He rushed home and found that Frank was still asleep. Curtis tore open the 2 koolaid packets, dumped the contents in the garbage and began to make the magical concoction into the same pitcher. Once again, it was the same shade of pink as before. Curtis capped off the pitcher and put it in the refrigerator, just as Frank stirred on the couch. Curtis went into the hallway and turned the a/c to heat, just for it to be slightly hot in the apartment. He then went into the bathroom and took a shower. Outside in the living room, the heat woke Frank up. Frank could never stand a hot environment so he went and turned the heat back to a/c and decided to grab a drink. He saw that Curt had left the two koolaid packets on the counter along with some bags of snacks and a few empty bags in the garbage. But Frank attributed those to supplements that Curt bought. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed the pitcher of “pink lemonade.” It didn’t taste like lemonade but was surprisingly good nonetheless. He drank more and more until half of the pitcher had gone. Meanwhile Curt had gotten out of the shower in time to hear the glass hit the counter and the creaking of the couch as Frank went back to his nap. Curt stood naked in the bathroom. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He looked his 400 pound massive black body dripping with water. His body hair and beard gleaming with the water’s shine. He snapped out his trance long enough to hear the creaking of the couch. He dried off and threw on a towel and crept into the living room. Frank was growing in his sleep. He had on a stretchy basketball shorts and a tank top, which was gradually filling out. Curtis got hard watching his friend grow bigger and bigger. Frank finally stopped convulsing and his breathing slowed to normal. Curt guessed him at about 315 pounds. His dick came in at about 11 inches. All the same, Curtis thought, when Frank woke up, he would be all Curt’s. Frank awoke within the next 45 minutes to find that it was hard to move from the couch. He also found himself heavier and more relaxed. Just then, Curt appeared before him in a huge towel and flexed for Frank. Frank looked and found that even though he was not as big as Curt, he was still heavily muscled. Curt told him that the old lady’s recipe makes a muscle growth formula and that Curt had the recipe memorized. Frank realized that Curt tricked him into drinking the formula. Before Frank could say a word, however, Curt had ripped his shorts off and grabbed his 11 inch cock in his big, meaty, palms. “Let me apologize,” Curt said as he lifted Frank up into a military press and began to suck his cock. Frank began to groan and moan in pleasure as Curt sucked him off. “Yes my black muscle wall,” please me! After making Frank cum, Curt then threw Frank on the couch and went to the frig. He got the pitcher and pulled another from under the counter and made another batch of pink muscle juice and went back to the couch. Frank was still lying there stunned and amazed as Curt dragged Frank on top of him on the floor with the 1 and ½ pitchers of juice next to Curt. Curt began to enter Frank’s ass while Frank lied on top of him. “Now,” Curt growled, “Feed my muscles.” Frank began to feed Curt the shake like formula from both pitchers. Curt continued to swallow as Frank was being fucked and rammed into and out of. “More,” mouthed Curtis as he swallowed more of the formula. Curtis’ now 16” cock continued to ram in and out Frank. Then it happened. Curtis began to grow right under Frank and still continued to pound away at Frank’s manhole. Curtis’ arms ballooned until the skin began to stretch from the growing muscle. Frank now realized he had more room to lay on, because Curt’s chest began to inflate even more, his pec outgrowing one of Frank’s arms. Curtis’ legs widened and hardened as his thighs and calves got bigger and thicker. Frank began to moan as Curt’s dick grew bigger and bigger within him. Curtis bellowed more as Frank started tipping the other ½ of a pitcher down to his throat. Frank could feel himself raised higher as Curtis abs pushed out into a big muscle gut and got thicker and thicker. At this point, Frank could also feel the now 22” dick pounding him. When Frank was through with the last drop in Curt’s mouth, Curt exploded his massive load into Frank. Frank felt all of Curtis’ load in his gut and felt his body began to tingle. He bent over and began convulsing more and more. Frank, before passing out, looked up to see the now 775 pound black hairy giant. He saw the widened neck and felt the heaving of the gigantic pecs against him, the watermelon sized biceps that his head was using as a resting place. He looked away from the giant’s body and saw the 26” long cock oozing with cum from the overload, then looked into the face of his monster. The face stained with pink muscle shake fluid and those big brown eyes and voluptuous lips, and felt the protection on top of the big solid gut of muscle and the power from the 58” arms carrying his exhausted growing body back to their bed, and somehow he knew that everything would be okay when he woke up in the arms of his black giant. •

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