Four Jocks, The


By Brian Ramirez Kyle

The four jocks had been spending the day laughing and drinking beer from the extensive supply in the house’s refrigerator. The game was over, and the house—in fact most of the campus—was deserted, most everyone having decided to go home over the Thanksgiving holidays. Only Jason, Joe, Bai and Pablo had ended up staying. They’d eaten their turkey subs, downed their beers, and yelled themselves hoarse during the game, and now they were lounging on the big couch in the common room, watching nothing in particular on TV, enjoying a pleasant buzz and the calm emptiness that seemed to surround them like a thick down duvet. All four of them just fit on the long couch, jeans-clad asses touching, bare feet up on the coffee table, broad shoulders overlapping. None of them wanted to admit how comfortable he was at that moment, but they were all a little turned on inside their relaxed buzz. It was cool in the room—the fire had died low—and the warmth in the couch was very pleasant and a little soporific.

Pablo banged his empty bottle down on the end table by the couch. “Hey, guys, I know what we can do,” he said suddenly. He was easily the most muscular of the four, and had actually been in a couple of amateur bodybuilding competitions.

Bai, the tall and handsome gymnast sitting next to him, smiled into his beer and said nothing, casually easing his left shoulder a little further behind Pablo’s muscular torso. Pablo didn’t seem to notice.

Jason, seven feet tall and in school on a basketball scholarship but smarter than most of the nerds they knew, let alone the jocks, looked up from the novel he was holding open with his right hand. His left arm was unselfconsciously across the back of the couch—or at least, it had been; somehow it seemed to have fallen around Joe’s shirtless shoulders, and they’d both let it stay there, knowing that it meant only that the couch was crowded and that it was more comfortable that way. “What’s that, ’Blo?”

Joe grinned at the use of the nickname. He was sure he was the only one of the four of them who consciously knew that he wanted Pablo to blow his ten-inch cock—not that, under the right circumstances, the others would refuse. An unusually built swimmer, Joe never wore a shirt if he didn’t have to, mainly to get a rise out of his hot frat brothers and see what would happen, and lately, Bai had been doing the same, he noticed. He nonchalantly leaned his big bare feet, lightly hairy like the rest of him, against long-legged Jason’s left calves and strong, hairless right foot.

“That game I found in the basement,” Pablo said. “It says you have to be a little drunk to play it anyway.”

“Game?” Bai said, looking up at Pablo. Man, Bai thought, he is beautiful. Too bad he doesn’t know it.

Jason answered. “Pablo found this game while he was sorting the archives. It’s a deck of cards with questions on them. Kind of like Truth or Dare I guess.”

“I’ll go get it,” Pablo said, and got up from the couch, wincing slightly from the old rib injury that had sidelined him from football. Bai watched him go wistfully, enjoying the sight of the broad back stretching his navy blue “NYPD” tee shirt but already missing the warm press of his muscles against his bare arm and shoulder. He decided to leave his foot pressed against Joe’s and hope the swimmer was too buzzed to notice.

“I dunno about this, guys,” muttered Joe.

Jason shrugged his broad but not-too-built shoulders. “Could be fun,” he said. Something to keep these horndogs down here in the couch instead of going back to their rooms to beat off, Jason added to himself with a secret smile. He set the book aside on the other night table. He’d had too many beers to concentrate anyway.

Pablo reappeared with a box the size of a jumbo deck of cards and two more sixers of their bottled beer, which he tossed into Joe’s lap. Joe immediately distributed a new beer to each of them as Pablo sat down. Bai unobtrusively shifted his bare torso a little to the right, but Pablo sat down even closer to Bai than he had been, and when he leaned back he was overlapping the young gymnast enough that his triceps were resting against Bai’s thick left pec. Neither of them seemed to notice. Bai’s left arm was now inside Pablo’s, pressed hard against his side and bulging thigh.

Pablo read from the box. “In each round, the host reads a card and each of the other players answers,” he said. “The host them determines which answer is most desirable and touches or kisses the person who gave that answer, after which it will become official.” The other three stirred at the mention of kissing, but no one said anything. “No round can be undone but answers in a subsequent round can be used to reverse answers in a previous round. The host rotates with each turn to the right. For best results, play while lightly intoxicated.”

“Drink up,” Jason said immediately, upending his beer bottle and drinking thirstily. The others followed suit.

“I don’t get it,” Joe said after taking his swig. “What does ‘becomes official’ mean?”

“I think I know,” Jason mused to himself. His eyes were shining.

“Who cares,” Bai said. The image of Jason kissing him was locked in his mind. Pablo was hot, but Jason was handsome and had once teased him with an almost-kiss while they were wrestling in the back yard. “Let’s play!” He took the rest of his beer in one swig, and Joe handed him another.

Jason had the remote. He switched the TV away from whatever sitcom was on to one of the cable channels that played classic rock music, and turned it way down low. Eric Clapton drifted softly across the carpet.

“Okay, here goes,” Pablo said. “I guess I’m host.” He pulled the cards out of the box, setting the box aside, and turned over the first one. “What about the player to your right do you wish was smaller?” He laughed as he replaced the card in back of the deck. “This is stupid,” he added, but took a swig of beer and look expectantly at Bai.

Bai glanced at Joe and snickered. “That’s easy, his B.O.”

Joe yelped. “Hey!” But Pablo was looking at him now, so he glanced up at Jason. “Well, mine’s easy too. Brainiac’s brains.”

Jason raised his eyebrows and shot Pablo a quick, worried glance. Better pick something he’ll go for, Jason thought. “Um, Pablo’s ... soreness from his injured rib.”

Bai laughed. “Good answer! Good answer!”

Pablo laughed too. “We have a winner!” He leaned across Bai and Jason leaned across Joe and they kissed briefly on the mouth. Pablo settled back against Bai, overlapping him a little more. “Hey, it does feel better!” Then his brows knitted a little in wonder. “It really does,” he added to himself, marveling at the coincidence. Jason watched him thoughtfully.

Bai wasn’t paying attention. He took the deck from Pablo and turned over the next card. “What article of clothing do you think would look good on the person to your left?”

Joe was already giggling. “A dress.”

“Yeah, like I’ll choose that,” Bai said, taking another swig. “Jase?”

Jason considered Joe carefully, his long arm still wrapped casually around Joe’s bulging bare shoulders. This would be his real test to see if what he thought was going on was really going on, while they all still thought they were just goofing around and keeping things small. “A diamond stud earring in his left ear,” he said. Only I will see it, Jason thought. Joe’s plowed—he might not even notice himself.

Bai raised an eyebrow at Jason but turned to Pablo. Pablo looked at Jason and shrugged his massive shoulders. “Speedos,” he said with a sudden grin.

Bai was tempted with this but he had to take his chance to kiss Jason. “Ew, no thanks,” he said aloud. “No offense, Jase,” he added, leaning across Joe and resting his hand on Joe’s very tight, lighty hairy eight pack. Jason bent down to kiss him, and this one was not so brief.

“Stop it, guys, you’re turning me on,” Joe joked. Jason and Bai leaned back. Pablo had lifted up his shoulder to let him out, and when Bai leaned back against the couch Pablo settled back against him, overlapping him even more. Pablo’s hand rested gently on Bai’s thigh, their forearms pressed together. Bai was sorely tempted to lace his fingers with Pablo’s, but he was more than happy with what he had.

Joe snatched the deck from Bai and turned over the next card. “What would you want the person to your right to have an extra one of?” He giggled uncontrollably.

Jason stopped staring at the diamond stud earring that had appeared in Joe’s left ear during his kiss with Bai and shook his head, looking up at Pablo. A lot of things occurred to him, but it was too early in the game for most of them. “I’ve always admired your car, dude,” he told Pablo. Pablo grinned—he had a 1969 Mustang he was very proud of. When he wasn’t working out, he was working on that car.

Pablo looked down at Bai and smiled. “How about an extra Bai?” he said with a wicked grin. “Then you could do synchronized gymnastics.”

Bai’s eyes were as big as plates. Joe was laughing too hard. “Then you could fuck and get fucked,” he sputtered at Bai.

“You’ve got fucking on the brain,” Bai said, adding offhandedly, “you should have an extra cock.”

“You definitely win,” Joe chucked, leaning toward Bai and kissing him very well, Bai thought, if a little sloppily. Suddenly Joe broke off. “Holy shit!” he said, carefully not looking at his crotch.

“What? What’s wrong?” Bai asked, concerned.

“Nothing,” Joe said, eyeing him slyly. “Nothing at all. Here,” he added, handing around more beers as he readjusted the remaining bottles in his lap, “everybody drink up.” He handed the cards to Jason, who was grinning at him.

Jason set the cards in his lap and turned a card over with his free hand. “What’s the most obvious characteristic about the person to your left? Should it be increased or decreased?” He looked at Pablo, his heart pounding.

Pablo furrowed his brow. “Hmmm, height or brains, height or brains?” He looked Jason up and down. “I guess height is more obvious to a stranger. And increase it. You could play in the big leagues.”

Jase looked at Bai, who was looking down at Pablo’s body. “Muscle,” he said. “More.”

Jason nodded, unsurprised. He looked at Joe, who was looking hard at Bai. “Handsomeness,” Joe said when he realized Jason was looking at him. “Definitely more.”

Jason laughed. “He doesn’t need any more,” he said, winking at Bai, who looked slightly abashed. “Neither does ’Blo. And neither do I.” He took a long swig from his beer so he could think. Finally he leaned across and grabbed the back of Pablo’s head, bringing him in for a hot kiss, handing the deck to him at the same time. His choice would be a little more subtle, Jason thought—for now.

As they kissed he felt himself growing taller. His heart was pounding again—it was oddly erotic, especially with his beer buzz softening all his sensations. He looked down at his feet to see a good four inches of muscular calf had emerged from the cuffs of his jeans, and when he shifted his gaze to his torso there was now a couple inches of rock-hard abs showing between his jeans and his tight tee.

He glanced over. Joe was staring at Jason’s taller body, but the others were looking at the deck. Bai drained his bottle and dropped it on the floor, taking another from Joe’s lap.

Pablo read: “Name a deficiency about yourself that you would like to see improved.”

“I don’t have any!” Joe giggled. “Wait your turn!” Pablo said.

Bai thought a moment. “I’m not nice enough. I should be more thoughtful about other people.”

“Oh please,” Joe said.

“Only someone who was already thoughtful would wish for that,” Jason said, glancing up at Pablo, who nodded.

Bai looked at all of them in amazement, clearly touched. “Thanks, guys,” he said.

Joe winked at Jason. “Well, I am clearly not long enough in the cock department,” he said.

Jason winked back at him. “Me either!” Joe’s grin quickly became a frown.

“I’ve seen both of you naked, and you’re both lying,” Pablo said. “Pick again.”

Jason shook his head. “Too late.”

Pablo sighed. “Well, no need to make Bai any nicer,” he said with a grin, as if it were all real. Jason and Joe glanced at each other. He dug a coin out of his pocket. “Jason, call it,” he said, tossing the coin.


The coin came down, all of them watching it. Pablo slapped it against his wrist. He lifted up his hand and looked at Joe. “Tails,” he said.

“Yes!” Joe said, leaning in for the kiss. Pablo returned his eager kiss with surprise but didn’t pull back, and as they kissed hard and hot Joe’s hard and hot cocks grew longer and longer in his jeans, and Joe suddenly wondered if how long they kissed determined how much change took place. In his besotted state he would have kept on hissing Pablo endlessly, but after a moment Pablo broke free. “Easy there, dude!” the bodybuilder said, settling back to overlap Bai. “I might start to think you like me!”

Bai had taken the deck from Pablo’s lap and had already turned over the first card. “Name something you all should have done more often over the last year.”

“Work out,” Joe said, glancing down at his bare chest in anticipation.

“Win the lottery,” Jason said.

Pablo grinned at Jason. “Ooo, I like his. I’ll go with his.”

Bai looked at Pablo. They were overlapping so much his face, his lips, were inches away. “I think you have to say one of your own.”

“Um, O.K. Called my mom. But pick his,” Pablo said, nodding at Jason. Jason looked at Pablo, intrigued. How much of this was he really aware of?

Bai laughed. “As tempting as Pablo’s is,” he said, turning to Jason. They leaned toward each other and kissed, but as they did so Joe leaned in and made it a three-way kiss. Jason was surprised to realize he was aware not only of his knowledge of the size of his dramatically increasing checking account from multiplying lottery wins, but his muscles as well, getting bigger from multiplying workouts over the course of a whole year.

“Um, guys,” Pablo was saying. There was the sound of something ripping.

The three of them kept kissing. They couldn’t stop—the kissing was so good, and the money, and their muscles growing, their arms wrapped around each other, swelling biceps pressing against bulging shoulders...

“Guys! Stop!” The three of them broke apart, startled, and turned to look at Pablo. They gasped together.

“I don’t know what just happened,” Pablo was saying, looking down at himself, “but the longer you kissed, the bigger I was getting—until...”

They all stared at Pablo’s body, which was now twice as muscular as he’d been before, swollen with huge pecs and arms and shoulders and super-tight eight-pack abs and luscious thighs and calves. He was wearing loose sweats as if he’d been big in the legs all along tonight, but the NYPD tee had been his favorite and he would have kept wearing it over that year of growth; now it had worn through from constant stretching and finally given out, splitting up the seams and opening up a big rent right over his cleavage where there’d already been a small tear.

Bai came in his pants, which, he discovered distractedly, were now expensive chinos. “It’s all real,” he whispered.

“Have another beer,” Joe said softly, handing him a bottle of a much better brand of beer from his lap. Bai took it and started drinking automatically. Neither of them could take their eyes off Pablo.

“I’m a freak!” said Pablo, staring down at his body, his shredded tee.

“You’re beautiful,” Bai said, and Pablo looked up at them wonderingly. Joe nodded. Pablo looked back down, reconsidering.

Jason was looking around—first at the three of them, who were now as built as Pablo had been before, then at the room. They’d obviously spent some of their colossal winnings on fixing up the frat house. Instead of a beat-up common room full of used furniture, ripped carpets and pizza boxes, the room now looked like the family room in Tara. The fireplace had changed from old bricks to Olde Englande, while the TV and old VCR had become a killer digital entertainment system. An addition had been put on in back of the house, doubling the size of the room, and there were video games and a bar and all kinds of stuff behind them. Through a far door he could see part of a state of the art weight room.

Jason did a double-take. There was a hunky young man behind the bar, a beach boy type in as gray tee shirt with long blond hair, watching them with awe. “Guys, we’re not alone,” he whispered. “I think we hired a bartender for tonight.”

Joe turned and looked at the guy. Very, very hot. “Hey, c’mon over,” he called.

The bartender nervously shook his head.

“C’mon,” Jason said. Reluctantly the boy came out from behind the bar and padded the considerable distance toward the couch. He was barefoot too—Jason had a feeling the informal habit of his friends had become more of an informal rule over the last rewritten year as the four muscle hunks had gained prominence in the frat. Sudden Jason realized they were all shirtless now, even the bartender, and he was dimly aware this had become the rule too. How had he missed that? Hadn’t Pablo been wearing his NYPD tee still?

Maybe such major changes took a few minutes to settle in, Jason thought. That must be it. That bartender hadn’t even been there the first time he’d looked.

The blond boy was standing in front of them, nervously trying to hide the obviously huge surfboard-shaped boner in his cutoffs. Joe was making room between him and Bai by squeezing closer to Jason. “Bai, Pablo, scoot over,” Jason said. “Make room for our friend here, um—?”

“Sean,” the blond said, smiling tentatively to reveal dimples.

Pablo seemed to resurface from his thoughts and looked up at Sean. “Hi,” he said. He scooted over as far as he could against the arm of the couch. Bai scooted too, leaving just enough room for Sean’s bubble butt even though he was pressed hard against Pablo. They pretended not to notice that sitting down and putting his feet up like the others pushed an inch of cut cock out of the tops of his cutoffs.

As they all settled back most of Bai’s newly muscled torso was overlapped by Pablo, whose arm now rested on Bai’s right thigh; the rest was overlapped by Sean, who pressed gently against his shoulder while resting his forearm between Pablo’s and Bai’s. Bai’s other arm was around Pablo’s gigantic shoulders. Bai laughed at nothing. Joe giggled.

Bai handed the deck to Sean. “Your turn.”

Sean took the deck nervously. “Wait! A beer first,” Joe said. “A whole one.”

Sean’s eyes widened as he pulled the cap off. “All of it?”

“Chug it...chug it..” Joe began chanting, and soon they were all doing it. “Chug it! Chug it!”

With a shrug, Sean upended the bottle and guzzled down the entire beer.

“Woo hoo!” Pablo cheered, giving Sean a high-five that was quickly seconded by Jason and Joe. Sean laughed and then put up a hand, then let out a rafters-shaking belch. They all laughed and cheered.

“O.K., now you can go,” Joe said.

Sean was still laughing. He turned over the next card. “What one change to your bodies would you be willing to try just for a night?”

Joe looked down at his crotch. “Being uncut.”

Bai laughed. “Still thinking about your cock,” he said.

“Cocks,” Joe said. Bai’s eyes bugged, and Pablo said, “Oh, yeah!” and grinned.

Sean looked at Jason, who said, “What ’Blo said about Bai before intrigued me. I would try having two bodies instead of one.”

They all stared at him for a minute, and Sean said, “Wow.” Jason looked at Pablo, who cleared his throat.

“Um,” Pablo said, a little embarrassed. “Well...”

“C’mon, I told you mine,” Jason said.

“Yeah, but you stole it from me,” Pablo said with a grin. “O.K., O.K., here it is. My cock, it curves right into my belly button, and I always wondered what it would be like to be able to fuck it.”

Joe stared at Pablo. “Man, that’s hot,” he said. “I’d pay to see that.”

Pablo grinned. “And I’d make you!”

“Four arms,” Bai blurted. They all looked at him. “What? That’s what I’d want to try!”

Sean’s partially revealed pink surfboard boner surged some precum onto his tanned abs, but the boy only said, “So now I kiss the winner?”

“And if there’s a tie, kiss both at once,” Jason added. He felt a flutter in his stomach. Did he want to win this one?

Sean looked at them all as they watched him expectantly, then he grabbed Jason and Bai’s heads and drew them together into a kiss, which Sean joined.

The hot three-way kiss soon became a four-way as another Jason joined in. They drew back to see another seven-foot-eight, beautifully muscled Jason, ever so slightly transparent, sitting in the original Jason’s lap. Jason 1’s arms were wrapped around Jason 2’s, but they were both looking at Bai in awe. Sitting forward, having come out from behind Pablo, Bai was slowly caressing his four beautiful, muscular arms with his four strong hands. The top two arms were a little transparent, like Jason 2.

“Shit!” Sean said, and even as he reached out to touch one he suddenly came violently, his exposed cock spraying hot cum onto his chest and abs. “SHIIT!” he wailed.

“Dude, I was gonna say those look so—right on you, so hot,” Joe said laughing, “but I think Sean said it for me.”

“And me,” said Pablo.

“And us,” the two Jasons said.

“I know,” said Bai. “I wish it weren’t just for the night.”

“Well, let’s see about that,” Joe said, taking the deck and looking at the next card. “Here’s your chance, Bai. ‘Name something you’d like to come true for the person to your right.’”

Jason grinned into the eyes of his new clone. “That he should be able to stay around forever as my twin brother—and my lover.” They kissed gleefully.

“Forever, huh?” said Jason 2 when he pulled free. He looked at Pablo. “That he should be able to control the size of his muscles, if he thinks they’re too big or too small.”

Pablo shrugged at that—he was over his freakishness now—and looked at Bai, who gazed up at him hopefully. Pablo paused a moment to get straight exactly what he wanted to say. “That he should keep his extra arms, and that most people not notice, and anyone who does think it’s either O.K. or—“ he added with a saucy grin—“very sexy.”

Bai laughed and clapped his hands, tops and bottoms separately. He looked at Sean, who was still admiring Bai’s arms, and said, “That Sean should have four arms too, and everything Pablo said—if he wants them!”

Sean laughed. “Oh, I do,” He turned to Joe. “That he should have anything he wants!”

Joe looked at them all. “Right now, I want all of these wishes to come true.” He hesitated, looking at Sean, and finally said. “Here goes nothin’.” He drew Sean in for a long kiss.

After a long while they broke free and looked around. Jason 2 was no longer transparent. “I’m real!” he said ecstatically, and the two Jasons started kissing passionately. Likewise Bai’s extra arms were solid and perfect, and so were Sean’s. They embraced, interlacing their bulging arms. Pablo was experimenting with his pecs, watching in amazement as he made them slowly shrink, then grow out again.

It’s unclear from what turn or what wish, but two new house rules settled in at that moment, which were no clothes were to be worn inside the house at any time, and that all brothers work out hard and long during all free time; and suddenly they were naked, revealing their throbbing boners, and they were making love with each other, and the room was full of naked, boned thick-muscled frat brothers who had never gone home for the holidays in the first place, and had been an amazed audience of drooling hunks for the whole game, and who now closed in to help make love to the six hottest guys any of them had ever known. •

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