Team Spirit


By VA23456

It had been two weeks since Ryan had found his four favorite swim team studs under the spell of the supplements. Eth, Tyler, and the "stud twins" Brad and Keith, had all fallen under Ryan's control so easily. First Tyler in the shower and then Eth, Brad and Keith had been transformed into his cock slaves when they found him fucking Tyler there. It had all been thanks to the Supplements Eth had brought back from Christmas leave. Some how these Supplements had turned the four boys into mindless slaves for Ryan.

Ryan loved what they were doing for his sex life. Everyday after practice the four swim jocks found some reason to stay behind, only to wind up in the showers servicing Ryan. Sucking, getting fucked it had all become natural to the four boys. Unfortunately for Ryan, the biggest hunk on the team, Tyler, had gone home on emergency leave for a sickness in the family. Ryan didn't get the chance to make sure that stud received some supplements as well.

So Ryan settled for the four studs everyday after practice. He was in heaven. These water studs had been nothing but grief for him. Always giving him shit whenever he walked into the locker room. Now they were his best friends. They talked him up to the other team members and would include him in off campus fun like the pubs. Ryan didn't think it could get any better. Until a new stud showed up.

It was the third Monday after his initial fuck session when the coach had called the team in the locker room after practice to introduce the new assistant coach.

"Ok guys, this is Ensign Devon. He is a recent graduate of the academy and until his pilot slot comes open, he will be our assistant coach. As some of you seniors might remember Ens Devon was our star player two years ago in his senior year. I expect you to show him the same respect you do me."

With that the Coach walked out of the locker room to let the team get to know Ens Devon.

Eth didn't know Ens Devon since he was only a Freshman. The others, Tyler, Brad and Keith knew him from when they were Sophomores and walked over to say hello to their old friend.

"Hey DEVO!" yelled Tyler. "How you been man? So not the big Naval Aviator yet huh?" Tyler said jokingly. Ens Devon turned to meet Tyler's advance with a semi-hard punch on his shoulder.

"Ouch BRO! Take it easy, you're too big to be beating up the star swimmer!" Tyler laughed again. Faking pain.

"Listen guys, no shit for the Naval Aviator thing or you'll all do forty extra laps for each crack." Ens Devon threatened the smile on his face widening when he saw the expected mocking fear on his friend's faces.

"So whose the new guy?" Devon asked, looking at the star struck Ethan. Who was by now finished checking out Ens Devon's hard lean body.

"Umm I'm, Ethan. Ethan Whitney." Eth croaked. The three other boys laughing at what they thought was fear but in reality was sexual lust.

"Well Hi Ethan Whitney," Devo mocked. "What are you a Sophomore or Junior? I don't remember you, from when I was here, " the new assistant coach asked. He was surprised by the midi's answer.

"No Coach, I am a Freshman. This is my second season with the team." Ethan announced with pride.

Devo was shocked. This kid was really built. Not huge, but tight. Real tight bod and cut too. He could not remember a Freshman that was as well built.

"I guess the academy food is getting better, cause your awful cut for a Freshman." Coach Devon half-joked. Wondering what the hell this dude was taking to be so cut. That's when all four boys shared a quick grin at each other.

"Well actually Devo, Eth's bro hooked us up with this awesome stuff, supplements actually, and they work great." Keith told his old buddy, speaking up for the first time. "Eth has been on it for ten weeks and he has gotten huge comparatively. We started on the stuff two weeks ago and already feel the difference." It was apparent on all four of the Mid's faces that they loved the stuff.

Ens Devon was very intrigued. A star athlete in his own right, Devo was still at that age where he wanted to keep his talents up to peak performance. He had tried Creatine and liked it. If this supplement stuff worked better, which it sounded like it did, he wanted IN! If he only knew the consequences, he would have thought better.

"Well, guys, let me in on the secret then. How much stuff do you have?" Devo asked, the look of curiosity in his face.

As the Mids started to share their secret with the new assistant coach, Ryan was watching from the back of the locker room where he would not be noticed. He could not believe his luck. This hunk of a dude, a NEW officer no less, was walking right into the supplement trap.

Ryan stared at the newly arrived water hunk, absent-mindedly licking his lips. He could not believe his good fortune. Ensign Devon was about 5'8" lean but well built red head. The new coach kept his hair cropped close but in a stylish way, sorta like Tyler did, so that it was not obvious that he was in the military if he was out of uniform.

He wore his nylon coach pants so that they hugged his well-muscled ass. The two well rounded globes were pushing the pants up as if there was a shelf there. Just the way Ryan liked it. That was an ass he was going to enjoy owning. He couldn't help but smile as he walked towards his new prey.

"Hey guys." Ryan sang out as he walked towards the ad hoc reunion. "Who is the new coach?" Ryan walked in between the four Mids, as they made way for him, the look of idolization in their eyes.

Their change did not go unobserved by their coach. Devo looked at his friends, and then at Ryan.

"Hi, I am Ensign Devon, the new assistant coach for the swim team. You are?" Devo inquired in his most professional voice.

Ryan smiled back with the confidence of a tiger as it begins to pounce on its prey. "My name is Ryan. I sorta clean up here, basically the towel boy." Ryan said with mock modesty. Looking right into Devo's blue eyes.

The deep look put Ensign Devon off for a second, to the point he actually took a step back. That's when the Mids jumped in. The programming kicking in automatically.

"Bullshit man. He is more than a towel boy is. He is one of the coolest guys on the yard. He helps us with just about anything we need. He is really cool!" Ethan was the first to blurt out. After all Ryan was his BEST FRIEND and he couldn't let him get away with saying he was just a towel boy.

The other three jumped in too. "Ya man!" Brad declared. "Your too cool a guy to say you're just a towel boy. He is the best Devo. He reminds me of Clay a lot. Same cool laid back attitude and always there to help out a friend in need."

With such testimony, Devo dismissed his usually accurate first impression that Ryan was a jerk. He must be losing his sixth sense. He knew Brad and Keith and Tyler and they would not hang with never mind vouch for a jerk. Ryan must be a cool guy.

"So do you use these supplements too?" Devo asked. "Hell ya!" Ryan lied. The stuff is awesome. Eth is a perfect example. He has gained like 12 pounds of muscle in just eight weeks." Ryan lied again. The other four Mids were processing the lies as pure truth. After all if Ryan said it, it was true, wasn't it?

"Bro you got to try it!" Announced Tyler. Taking his assistant coach by the arm, walking him to Eth's locker room. All three Mids followed with Ryan walking behind the group. He wanted to watch this. It would be amusing. As the Mids walked, Ryan grabbed Eth and stopped him. Waiting for the others to turn the corner he looked at Eth's admiring face and gave him his orders.

"Eth, you and the others are to make sure our new assistant coach takes his supplements every day. Give him a little extra each day." Eth just nodded his head rapidly, happy to help out his best bud.

"As for our after practice fun, that is on hold for the week we give the coach his supplements. I want him really into them before we invite him to play ok?" Ryan inquired of his young slave. Again Eth nodded rapidly only too happy to help out Ryan. Ryan always knew best.

"Ok bro, anything you say Ryan. Can I go and get some supps and work out?" Eth asked eagerly. "I don't want to miss out any bench time with the guys."

"Sure Eth, you go on and help the guys dish out the supplements." Ryan said, amused with how well his "best friend" listened to his sound advice.

For a week Eth, Tyler and the "stud twins" along with their assistant coach hit the super supplements after swimming laps and just before hitting the iron. At first Coach Devon didn't understand why they needed to keep the stuff a secret. He was concerned about the stuff being illegal but after the first day the Mids explanation about Ryan's advice about keeping them a secret made more and more sense. After the third day, he forgot all about his concern. All he knew was that he WAS getting bigger, and it felt great!

Ryan walked onto the pool floor and watched the team do their morning laps. As usual the water studs were moving fast from one end to the other, while both the head coach and the hot red headed assistant coach watched their techniques correcting problems on the spot.

He walked over to where Ensign Devon was and offered him a towel. "Here you go coach, looks sorta sweaty." Ryan said offering the small towel. "Thanks Ryan, the guys are right, your too cool." Devo said absentmindedly keeping his eyes on the swimmers. That's when Ryan made a simple suggestion, almost under his breathe but loud enough for the coach to hear.

"It would be a really good idea to excuse the whole team except for Eth, Tyler, Brad and Keith after the lap training today. For a job well done. You should wait till after the coach leaves though so you get all the credit. Its very important to you that they like you and not him." With that Ryan walked away from the coach. Coach Devon never took his eyes of the team. He was so impressed with how hard they worked. These guys needed a break. And he would make sure that old fat man of a head coach got none of the credit. That old fart worked these kids too hard and never took into consideration how good a bud he could be to them.

Ryan left the pool area a smile on his face.

"OK Guys, that's it for today. Except for Eth, Tyler, Brad and Keith, you can all take the rest of the day off." Coach Devon smiled as the roar of happiness bounced off the walls of the pool room. It only took an instant before the whole team was running to the showers and getting dressed before the new coach changed his mind.

The four water studs stood around Coach Devon, looking at him perplexed.

"What's going on Coach?" Tyler inquired. The coach looked at them a bit dazed and said the first thing that came to his mind.

"Umm nothing just figured you should use the showers and I will join you in the gym in a bit. I got um some paper work to do and then will meet you. Leave your locker open Eth so I can get some sups." And with that Coach Devon walked out before he had to answer any more questions.

The Mids headed into the locker room and got changed. All four chugged down their favorite drink, Gatorade and supplements and headed off to the weight room.

They had just started working out on the benches when Ryan walked in. He smiled and clapped his hands and with that the boys programming kicked in. Eth and Tyler were on the flat bench and as Eth lifted the bar, Tyler moved over to his crotch and moved Eth's Umbros down to his knees. Revealing Eth's growing seven inches of stud cock. Returning to the spotting position, Tyler dropped and stepped out of his shorts his huge cock just hanging barely two inches over Eth's face. Growing by the second.

Meanwhile, Keith and Brad were busy doing pull-ups. Only both "twins" were naked. As Brad pulled himself up to the bar, Keith's tongue would bath his buddy's back and ass cheeks as they slid by. After each pull up Keith would count out the number of reps it was. Both studs' male pride was standing straight out. Their bodies glistening in the overhead light's reflection on the sweat they were producing.

As each stud traded places, their respective muscles began to pump with blood, soon not only would their man meat be full of blood but so would their arms, pecs and abs. After about twenty minutes the sexual energy began to overload the room and the naked swim studs could resist the need no longer. Brad had Keith up against the mirror in front of the pull up bar and was losing himself lapping up his buds tight smooth swimmer's ass. Keith was moaning wanting more and more, not caring where he was or what came next. He just wanted more hot feelings.

As Brad was enjoying Keith, Eth was no longer lifting the bar; he had his head laid over the end of the bench while his good friend Tyler put his huge cock down his throat. In this way he had learned he could handle his bud's big cock. Tyler would just look down and watch Eth's throat bulge as he took his whole cock down his throat. Eth just LOVED cock.

"Ya that's it bro, suck my big cock. You love sucking cock don't you Eth? You gotta have cock every day don't you?" Tyler yelled at him. Each of the verbal commands was entered directly into Eth's subconscious mind. Becoming a part of him. His initial interest in men only made the commands that more easily assimilated.

Ryan just sat in the back of the Swim team's private gym and waited. He loved watching the studs "work out" he had of course added these new routines to their program. What he was waiting for was the coach to finally show up.

"Oh Bri, your tongue feels so FUCKING HOT up my tight ass man. I want it deeper please, put it DEEPER. If you can't get it deeper man shove your cock up my ass. I need your hot tongue and cock up my ass bro. I love you up inside me bro!" Keith begged. He was part moaning and part speaking. Brad loved to hear his bud beg to be fucked. Fucking guys was so much better than the whores he had had in the academy or back home. Guys were all muscle and got into the sex. The women he had just wanted to lay there and look at his body. Screw them. Guys where what he wanted now. How could he ever go back?

Ok, what the fuck was I thinking when I kicked the whole team out?" Devo asked himself. The head coach would kill him if he ever found out. That old man didn't understand college guys and certainly not academy midis like Devo did. Fuck him. The Midis liked him better anyway and would not turn him in.

His mind drifting for a bit, he decided he would go hit the gym, he had already wasted 25 minutes worrying over his sudden irrepressible urge to give them all a day off.

When he walked into the gym he never saw Ryan along the back row. The other show was too overpowering. Ensign Devon, in his usual blue and gold shorts and "wife-beater" shirt stood in utter amazement. There before him where four Mids he would have sworn his life on where straight studs. Ethan and Tyler where on the bench, Ethan bent over the bar knees on the bench and Tyler was fucking him with that HUGE cock, Devon was so jealous of. Over in the corner were the other two, Keith pushed up against the mirror getting fucked by his best bud Brad. The worst part of all was all four were moaning in ecstasy.

"What the FUCK are you guys doing?" Ensign Devon demanded. As Ryan moved closer behind him, Devo's attention remained on the four Midshipmen.

As if not even caring their assistant coach had caught them all four studs looked over at him and smiled in pure joy.

"DEVO MAN, its AWESOME." Tyler shouted from across the room, still shoving his enormous man meat in his buddy's tight ass.

"Tell him Eth, tell him how much you love it." Tyler ordered his teammate.

"Oh Coach Devon, it feels so FUCKING HOT. I love getting fucked Coach. I love feeling a big cock like Tyler's up my ass!" declared Ethan.

Before he could admonish his swimmers, Brad added his opinion.

"Devo, look at our bud Keith man. He loves it. Loves to get man handled, pushed up against the mirror so he can watch himself get fucked deeper and deeper!"

"Mmmmm that's it Brad, FUCK ME DEEPER man. I love to feel you deep inside me. Oh GOD this feels so fucking good. I love getting fucked every day in the gym Coach." Keith moaned as his buddy's cock filled his hungry hole.

Devo was totally unprepared for this attack on what he thought was reality. Here he had found out the most masculine studs on campus where totally into fucking other men. He was so shocked he had actually been taking steps backwards away from the scene and directly towards the waiting Ryan.

"Easy Coach Devon, just relax and watch the show for a bit." Ryan began to purr into Devo's ear. Suddenly stopping Devo's retreat. His shoulders slightly slumping as he automatically relaxed. His eyes stuck on the fuck show that was occurring. He just couldn't seem to be able to pull his eyes away in order to ask Ryan what the hell was going on. "That's it Coach. Feels so much better to just relax and watch your boys fuck each other silly. They really can't get enough of each other's cock."

Devon stood there watching his old buddies and his new friend Eth turn into fuck frenzy. Eth was on the bench literally begging Tyler to shove his cock deep up his ass. Tyler was trying his best to comply, grabbing the smaller boy's hips in order to drive home his nine and a half-inch cock up his friend's ass.

"So much fucking creates quite a bit of heat doesn't it Coach?" Ryan inquired. Looking at his new prize from the side. "Yes, Coach so much heat you can feel it over here." And with that simple statement the newly appointed Swim Coach began to sweat. "Oh Coach Devon, you seem to be sweating. The heat must be unbearable. All those warm clothes are the problem that thick heavy t shirt and those thick heavy shorts are too much for you Coach." Ryan informed his red headed water stud.

Coach Devon's face was covered with sweat. The beguiled jock was confused; all this fucking heat was killing him. Damn why did he wear these HEAVY clothes today? He asked himself. Too fucking hot to wear all these clothes, what had be been thinking?

His shirt beginning to soak with sweat was becoming more and more uncomfortable. "You know Coach a smart guy like you should know to cool down you simply need to remove those clothes. They are so sweaty though no need to save them. Just rip them off your body Coach. It will feel so GOOD to rip those useless clothes from your body." Ryan instructed him.

And then Devo heard himself mumble the words, hardly recognizing the fact he had said them. "Feel good to rip these useless clothes from my body." Even as he said them his hands were pulling at the collar of his "wife-beater." RIP went the coach's shirt, falling around his feet in sweaty rags. It felt so much better with that, that thing off his body. His hands, a will of their own, began pulling at his once favorite shorts.

He had to get these damn things off his body. He was overheating. Pulling, pulling at his shorts the seams finally gave. RIP went the legs of his blue and gold shorts. Leaving Devon in nothing but a jock strap.

Ryan smiled as his toy coach sighed in relief from the heat. Breathing heavy while standing over the shreds of his clothes. Just as he began to recover, Ryan began talking again.

"Look at the boys again coach. Look how much fun they are having. Each thrust will make you see why they like to fuck and be fucked. Each thrust, pushes you closer and closer to your true lust for men."

Ryan watched as the coach stared at Tyler and Brad fuck their friends. All four boys were enjoying the fucking. Devon was enthralled with how much enjoyment they seemed to be having. He watched Tyler's immense cock back out of Eth's tight ass. And then WOOSH, he would THRUST back in. Devon would shudder ever so slightly as he watched that cock slide in. THRUST and again a shudder, each time, his thoughts would slightly change.

THRUST, fuck I can't believe they are doing this. THRUST, damn they seem to be enjoying it though. THRUST, Tyler's cock is so huge! THRUST, oh God does that cock spread Ethan's ass open. THRUST, mmm looks so good to be fucked like that. THRUST, Tyler is such a stud, why couldn't that be me!" The last thought shocked Devon beyond imagination. But his now HARD cock poking out of his jock strap confirmed his thoughts. He wanted that cock; hell he wanted all their cocks.

Seeing the coach's cock come to a full eight inches, Ryan gave him the slight push he needed. "That's it Coach. Looks like something you want doesn't it? Something you NEED. Go on coach walk over and check it out up close." On queue Coach Devon began to walk towards Ethan and Tyler his eight inches of hard cock sticking out the top of his jock.

Ryan watched as the coach walked away from him. Still sweaty from his earlier suggestions and the globes of his ass constricting and relaxing as the jock clad water stud moved closer and closer to his end.

Coach Devon stopped next to Ethan and Tyler. The two Midshipmen looked up at their coach, only too happy to have him join in on their fun.

"Come on Devo, feed your cock to Eth," invited Tyler. "He loves sucking cock while he is getting fucked, don't you Eth?"

"Oh fuck yes, bro. I love taking it at both ends coach. Come on coach. Please let me suck your big cock Coach Devon!" Moaned the sweaty Ethan. The coach watched Tyler filling Ethan's tight ass with his nine and a half-inch cock. Ethan would take it so far up inside Devon would lose sight of it.

Tyler took the coach's slight advancement as interest in his buddy Ethan's mouth. "Fuck ya Coach, you want his mouth man. You want to shove your hard cock in Eth's mouth so he can suck you really good. Do it coach, you're the coach. You run the team Sir. We do what YOU tell us coach!"

Coach Devon never stood a chance after that. The combination of Ryan's thrust programming and Tyler's cocksucking requests over loaded the coach's mind. All previous thoughts and doubts about gay sex, and the trusted position of a coach vanished from his mind.

"Suck my cock Ethan. Here is my eight inches of MAN MEAT boy!" declared Coach Devon. "You re gonna suck me real good too Eth. Suck me like it was the best piece of meat you have ever had!"

Devon's cock slide into Ethan's waiting mouth. Over his soft lips and down his warm throat. Coach Devon was in heaven. He had always wanted to face fuck Ethan. Didn't he? The coach started to match Tyler's fuck rhythm and soon had Ethan moving backwards to meet Tyler's thrusts and forward to receive the coach's cock deep down his throat. All three men were in total ecstasy.

Ryan rounded up both Keith and Brad. Having them join the orgy that was going on at the weight bench. Brad was brought around behind the coach while Keith took up position under Ethan so that he could suck his teammate's engorged cock.

The five studs made quite a scene. They were so involved with the hot sex that was going on, that they never noticed the flashes from Ryan's Polaroid camera. Ryan had no idea how long the supplements would last and he wanted some insurance that his fuck toys would remain HIS.

As Keith sucked Ethan's hard cock, Brad began eating out the coach's virgin ass. Inspired by Coach Devon's moans Brad began to drive his tongue deeper into the coach's manhole.

"Oh my God, that feels so fucking good Brad!" Coach Devon moans aloud. "Deeper Brad, drive it deeper BOY! I love your tongue up inside me!" Devon could no longer maintain any control. All this HOT man sex was too much. He now realized why they all NEEDED to have such hot man sex. It was the best thing he had ever experienced.

Brad's face was buried in his new coach's ass as Ryan began to slowly enter him from behind. Ryan always liked fucking Brad and Keith. The thought of having the asses of the two biggest womanizers on the team drove Ryan beyond erotic pleasure.

Brad's only response was to moan louder, sending vibrations through Devon's ass driving him to fuck Eth's face hard and pushing him back deeper on Tyler's Cock. The pleasure of such a deep fuck on both ends made Ethan's cock harden even more and fill Keith's cock hungry mouth. Ryan truly had control over all five of these Navy studs.

The coach was reaching close to climax, his high moans and his head falling backwards were signs that anyone could notice. He was so close to coming that Ryan's words were like hitting a brick wall.

"You can't cum until I tell you to Coach," ordered the towel boy. "Everything about you is owned by me. You can not cum unless you're told to." Devon's need to cum did not disappear but his body's ability suddenly stopped. Ryan wanted the coach fully hard for his final act of joining the towel boy's select group. Ryan pulled out of Brad, hearing Brad's light whimper at the loss of his cock. Ryan told the boys that they were being rude to their coach and that HE should be the center of attention and not Eth. The orgy quickly reformed around Coach Devon who was man handled by the midshipmen until placed bend over the barbell. Showing some sexual initiative Ethan and Tyler used their wrist straps to tie the coach's wrists to the bar so that he was permanently bent over. His ass and hard cock exposed to the group.

"Much better boys. Now our coach can be truly initiated into our small group," Ryan said as he smiled at his slaves. He was truly addicted to the control he had on them. To be able to make them do anything and everything he wanted was a pure turn on. The act of having sex with them was only part of it. It was the seizing of control that was his true turn on.

Brad was given the job of opening up the Coach's well-lubed ass. Since he had put all the time and energy into it, it seemed only fair to Ryan that he get first shot at it. Brad pushed the head of his cock up against Devon's waiting hole. Instead of the usual virgin caution, Devon's supplement altered mind wanted the fuck more than anything did.

"Oh Brad, don't wait bro. Fuck me! Fuck me now. I need your hot cock up inside me Bro. I got to have that cock Brad. Fuck your coach Brad!" Devon's words running out of his mouth as fast as he could speak them. Any delay in being fucked was unacceptable to him now.

Brad complied with his coach's instructions, driving his cock deep into his virgin ass.

"That's it Coach, take my hot cock up inside you Sir!" Feel your swim studs fuck your whole coach, so you can be a member of Ryan's special club. We want your ass and cock in our club coach, so you can enjoy some hot man fucks!"

Brad shouted at him. Brad always the stud took to fucking men with as much gusto as he once did with women. Fucking his coach was all the more exciting.

Ryan began to employ the other studs on the coach. Placing Tyler and Eth in front of the coach's face and taking turns face fucking him, while the other stud slapped the coach's face with his cock. The coach loved every second of it. The attention of his stud players on his face was welcomed immediately. After all it was more cocks and the Coach loved cocks.

"Eat my cock Coach, eat it all the way to the base, " instructed Tyler, one of Devon's closest friends from last year's team.

"Ya Coach," Ethan chuckled "Eat our cocks while we bitch slap you with them. You love the feel of our cocks in your mouth and on your face don't you coach?" Ethan asked.

The coach, mouth full of cock could only look up into Ethan's eyes and nod his head up and down with the hungry stare of a cock starved man.

Keith was placed under the bar where he could suck off his coach, knowing that he would get none of the coach's delicious nectar until Ryan allowed it. Still, the coach's eight inches of cock tasted wonderful to Keith. He had always loved the taste of cock, didn't he?

Ryan couldn't have been happier with his handy work. The coach was getting a good work over and his "virgin" ass was no longer. In fact when all five of them had fucked him, his ass would be trained to take cocks. It was perfect.

Brad was the first to show the signs. He was getting close and began to look at Ryan for the permission they all needed to cum. Ryan smiled back at his trained stud issuing the required orders.

"Yes Brad, you alone may cum. Cum inside your coach's ass. It is exactly what he needs"

It only took another lunge of Brad's cock into Devon's ass and he was cumming load after load of his man milk. The sudden rush of warmness was something Devon was not prepared for and his mouth opened wide from his load moaning. All four midshipmen smiled, knowing the pleasure the coach was feeling.

Brad pulled out. Spent and his cock softening, he moved away from the bench as Keith took his spot.

"You've done very well Brad. Go lay over on the pads and sleep, you are feeling very sleepy." With that Brad was soon in a deep sleep.

Keith was already fucking his coach deep and hard by the time Ryan looked back over. Keith was the type that loved to fuck hard. Mostly because Ryan had made him think that was his turn on. So it was no surprise when Keith began to assault his coach's more than willing ass.

"Mmm fuck that feels nice and tight Coach. You got a nice tight ass coach. Grab onto my cock with it Coach. Mmm that's it, tighten down on me while I fuck your ass real good!" Keith's verbal onslaught was as hard as his actual fucking. Each phrase was acting as a command on the Coach's mind.

It was not long before Keith was ready to relinquish his precious load of cum. Again looking over at Ryan for permission and getting it.

"Add your load to your team mate's Keith. Fill your coach with the precious cum of his players." Laughed Ryan, truly enjoying the team's symbol of authority receiving such a fuck.

"ughhh,"cried Keith as he began to cum. Driving his cock deep in his coach's ass for each load that would erupt. Not being able to fuck hard or deep enough even at the final moments. Keith loved to fuck.

Finally Keith gave up and withdrew his now softening cock. Like Brad, told to sleep on the mats, he joined his teammate and fell into a blissful sleep.

Ethan was next entering his coach now widened hole with one thrust. Hearing his coach moan with fulfillment. The coach loved to be fucked.

Ethan worked on fucking his coach. He wanted to bring him as much pleasure as his bros had given him in the past.

"Oh, Coach, you got such a hot ass Sir. I love fucking such hot muscle asses like yours. Feels so good as my cock slides up inside you and feel you clamp down on it. Watching your perfect muscle ass take me." Ethan always enjoyed fucking tight muscle ass ever since he had taken his brother Eric's.

Ethan grabbed onto the coach's impressive lats like handles as he began to really drive home, looking at Ryan who merely nodded this time, the message clear. Fill him with your load.

"Ohhh coach, take my load Sir. Feel me fill you up and mix with my bros. Oh FUCK milk it for me coach, clamp down on it and milk all my load from me!" Ethan moaned. "Take me like my big muscle stud brother Eric takes my cock Sir!"

The coach did as instructed tightening down on Ethan's cock so he could get every last drop out of him.

Tyler was the last to fuck the coach. Putting his nine and a half-inch cock inside him with just a bit of resistance. Soon enough though his cock was deep inside his coach and friend. Ryan had untied the coach so that he could experience getting fucked while tied up. He also wanted to put his tongue down the coach's throat. Seeing the coaches submissiveness in his eyes as he did so.

So the three of them stood there the coach in the middle with Tyler's impressive cock up inside him and Ryan deep French kissing him. He was in heaven. How could he ever have wanted anything else but this.

Ryan too was deeply caught up in the scene. The total control he had over these men was pushing him to the brink. He wanted the coach from the first time he saw him and now he was his. Everything was his for the taking. He wanted that hot coach cock too. And he was gonna have it, just at the time the biggest cock in the team had him impaled!

Ryan began to lick and suck Devon's chest. Licking his dime sized nipples on his smooth strong chest. He loved a hot jock's bod. He began to fall to his knees all while Tyler was fucking the coach.

The coach's cock quickly slid into Ryan's mouth. Moving back and forth between his lips by the force of Tyler's fuck. Devon's cock was as hard as it could be; his balls ached from the need to cum. Tyler's cock hitting his prostate only intensified the sensations.

Tyler too was beginning to feel the strain. All this fucking was beginning to push him to the edge. He began to moan "must come, please Sir, let me cum Sir."

Ryan was totally into the cock that was in front of him. Tyler's whimpering began to bother his concentration.

Cock in hand, Ryan told him, "Yes slave cum when you are ready," and went back to sucking the coach's hot cock. Never realizing that both men considered themselves his slave.

Ryan was really sucking on the Coach's hard eight inches when he felt the coach's hands wrap around his head and Devon thrust his cock deep in Ryan's throat. When he came, there was nothing Ryan could do but take it all down his throat, not even tasting the first two loads. He could not speak to tell Devon to stop and had to swallow or chock to death.

As Ryan took Devon's load, Tyler was letting loose with his inside his coach's ass. Devon couldn't decide which felt better cumming down Ryan's throat or feeling the last mid cum inside him.

Ryan fell off of Devon's cock once the coach let go of his head. Panting he looked up at the fully used and spent assistant coach and smiled. It wasn't what he had expected but it proved that Coach Devon was completely his now.

"Good boy Coach. Now you know what it's like to be fucked and used by men. From now on you will crave such man sex. Needing it everyday, looking for it whereever you find yourself. You will even promote it on the team as much as possible," Ryan instructed.

"Feels good to be fucked and used, I will have to look for it where ever I am. Good for the team to have hot man sex," Coach Devon responded, a glazed look still in his eyes.

Ryan instructed the Mids and the coach to go and shower. To wash each other well and then carry on with the day as if nothing had happened. He was not feeling himself contributing his sudden dizziness to such a long fuck session.

The fact of the matter was that the Coach's system was so saturated with Supplement, it had carried over into his cum. Ryan's body was now quickly absorbing the thing that he used to control others. It would soon control him.

As he slowly walked to the showers he began to wonder. Who was this brother Ethan had mentioned? We will have to find a way for big bro to visit. •

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