Go Navy!


By VA23456

Eth had been away from the "Canoe school" for the whole winter break. He and his bro, Eric, had been working out at the local gym every day since he got home. Eth and Eric had become almost inseparable. They worked out every afternoon, just before and sometimes after the gym closed. It was not that hard, the owners, Greg and Jason, were friends of Eric's and would let them stay past closing most nights they were there.

The workouts were great. Eth never felt better than after a workout. He might go in feeling worn out, but after leaving the gym he was feeling great. He guessed that was why the sex with his brother was so hot every night when they got home.

Eth almost hated going back to the academy. The only thing that helped was that he knew he had gotten really buff in the short month he had off. Those supplements his brother had given him had done the trick. He felt great and more importantly he LOOKED great. He wanted to show off to his swim team buddies. They were all competitive jocks and his new muscle mass would give him the edge he wanted. Luckily for Eth, Dr Motley the inventor of the supplements was more than happy to give Eth a large amount of the supplements since he was not sure when he would get home again. He had more than enough for himself. If the guys were nice to him, he might just share it with them. All but that jerk, Ryan the towel boy.

Ryan was one of the locals. Meaning he didn't go to the academy as a Midshipmen. He worked for the athletic department after school. He had just finished High school and at the age of 19 decided he would "take a break" before going to college. YA RIGHT" Eth thought. The kid was a stuck up jerk and couldn't hack college. Eth wanted nothing to do with him almost from the first time they met. Sure Ryan was a hot looking dude. I mean his time on his High School Soccer team had left him with a very well defined body and his rich black wavy hair and green/hazel eyes didn't hurt either. The problem was that Ryan knew it and acted like everyone else should bow down to him. "Well FUCK HIM" Eth had decided.

First day back was the usual hustle, getting things settled. Your room had to be "squared away" and you needed your uniforms ready to go. It was actually a pleasure to finally get to the gym locker room at the end of the academic day. Workouts were hard, but they were also an escape from the tough academy life.

"YO Eth, DUDE, where did you get all that muscle mass!" It was Justin. Justin was one of Eth's jock buds on the team. Justin stood a good three inches over Eth at 6'1". He had the requisite hot swimmer's body; well defined chest that you would notice in any shirt, round biceps that looked like small baseballs, and an ass that was perfectly round, and pushed his uniform pants to their edge. He was anyone's wet dream. Justin was also the team captain. He was a natural born leader. All the MIDN followed his lead. He was the son of an Admiral after all. Commanding respect and obedience ran in his blood.

Eth looked at his hot bud and just laughed as he saw Justin's pearly white teeth across his smile. "I spent every waking hour working out with my bro, Eric, when I was home. You got competition in the muscle department now Brah!" Eth shouted, his smile just as wide as Justin's.

Justin sat down next to him and began to open his locker and strip off his dark winter uniform readying himself for practice. They spent the first hour in the water and then another hour in the weight room. Mornings were just swimming for two hours.

As Eth and Justin passed the time talking about winter break the rest of the team sauntered in. Keith, Brad, and Tyler showed up. They and Justin were all seniors. Eth had been accepted into their exclusive clique on the team. Usually seniors only hung with seniors, but Eth as one of the few sophomores they knew that fit their mold. He was almost instantly a member of the group. The rest of the swim team had arrived and Eth and Justin usually the first to dress started for the pool.

" B-man" Keith said to Brad. "Did you see the difference in Eth. He looks like twice the size he was when he left. He must be doing roids or something man."

"Nah, Eth would never do drugs like that. He told me earlier today his bro is a big body builder and they worked out together every day for the 6 weeks we had off. He looks great though huh? I bet he will be even better this season in the water." Keith said as he slipped off his pants.

Brad and Keith were of the same build. Both 5'10" and both with brown hair. They could have been brothers if you didn't know them. They both had that ever-present tan, that their Italian background gave them. It was the Irish/Scottish mix that gave them the blue eyes to set it all off. People would sometimes catch them staring into their eyes. Course their bodies weren't something you would miss either.

Watching the two strip naked right next to each other you would think they didn't even know the other was there. They had become so accustomed to being naked together. Both had smooth chests, Keith naturally, Brad was shaving for his speed. Both had tight bodies that jetted through the water. Most of the women's team members had eyed up their tight Speedo clad asses and thought of sucking on their dime size nipples. They were known as the stud twins in certain girl team circles. Brad and Keith did very well on the sex side of things. They never went without. Why should they?

Tyler was nothing like the rest of his counter parts. He had short-cropped hair, but kept it in that off culture cut that most of the conservative Midshipmen would never wear. His hair was naturally brown but he had put blond highlights in it. Nothing too dramatic that would not be accepted, but just enough so that when he went dancing he would not look like a Midshipman.

Tyler pulled up his blue and gold Speedo. It fit snug on his 5'8" frame. The shortest in the "gang" he was also the most hung. While most of his bros were around 7-8 inches, Tyler rang in at an impressive 9.5 inches. Most of the guys, though they would never admit it, would catch themselves looking at it now and then with just a tinge of jealousy. Tyler was not above showing it off. He seemed to like being naked as much as possible in the locker room.

The next hour was spent in hard swim drills. Lap after lap. When they finally dragged their beat bodies out of the pool their tight bodies heaved up and down gasping for air. The coach walked away with a smile on his face. He was always glad to see them warn out.

Eth always like this point because he got to see all his buds, totally spent and weak. He would constantly jerk off to this scene in bed at night. He always like the idea of his buds lost in fatigue and open to some fun. Eth wanted Ryan most of all, but the stud twins would be fun too.

"So Eth, what's your secret bro?" Keith asked. "I mean your so much bigger now, and your kicking our asses in the water too!" Keith was so exhausted he didn't even look over at his buddy Eth.

Eth smiled and slowly, painfully looked around. Most of the other swimmers had dragged themselves to the locker room. "Dudes my bro totally hooked me up with these awesome supplements. They help you gain 3-5lbs of muscle a week!" Eth's excitement over the supplements caused the boys to actually open their eyes and turn their heads to look at him.

Justin was the first to say something. "That's bullshit Eth, no supplement out there does that." With that Ryan got up and headed to the showers. They needed to start into the weight room and the team captain couldn't be late. The other three stayed and anted to know more.

"So Eth, do you have this stuff here?" Brad asked, his desire apparent in his voice and on his face.

Eth looked around as they got up off the tiled floor. "Oh ya dudes, My bro hooked me up with a ton of the stuff to get me through the season. In three months I will be blowing you guys out of the water." The other three looked down trodden.

"RELAX bros." Eth laughed. "I got that much so I could share it with you. Though seems like Justin is not interested." The others smiled.

"I wouldn't worry about him." Keith said. He is the biggest strongest guy on the team. He doesn't need the stuff like we do."

"When can we have some?" Tyler asked, his cock still showing off in his Speedos though it was only semi-hard over the idea of getting more muscle.

Eth started walking towards the locker room. "We can start RIGHT NOW" he announced over his shoulder. And with that they all walked into the locker room. Non of them knowing what their actions would mean. Not even Eth.

They had just finished drinking down the supplements with some Gatorade Eth had brought with him when the towel boy came around the corner lockers.

"Aren't you pool jocks suppose to be in the weight room by now?" Ryan asked smugly. Ryan barely looked at them as he flexed his large biceps working on the bags of wet towels.

Keith beat Eth to the punch. "Just pick up your wet rags and be on your way towel boy!" None of the gang liked Ryan. His smugness pissed them all off.

Ryan looked over at the four guys with a look of disgust. One day these jocks would pay for being such dicks. (He just didn't realize how soon.) Tyler was the only one not joining in on the banter. He was just finishing getting changed for weight practice. He had just pulled his shirt, over when the rest of the gang walked off, leaving him and Ryan alone.

Ryan looked over at Tyler. He always liked Tyler. He seemed the quietest and had the biggest cock. Ryan put up with all the shit the Academy boys gave him because deep down, he loved guys. He wanted cock so badly it hurt. Tyler was HUGE. Ryan would lay awake at night thinking about Tyler's cock. How much fun it would be. How after he sucked Tyler, he would have Tyler be his cocksucker and bend over to be his fuck toy.

"You know Tyler, I don't see why you hang with those guys. You are nothing like them. They can be such dicks." Ryan said attempting to make some kind of small talk with his dream hunk. Tyler just looks over at Ryan with a strange look on his face and starts to walk away.

"Hey, wait up Tyler. Don't leave so soon man. Don't you want to talk for a bit." Ryan asks quietly. Tyler stops suddenly in his tracks.

Ryan was surprised. Tyler never told him off, but usually ignored him and walked away. This time Tyler stopped, almost as if on command. "Turn around Tyler and look at me."

Tyler turned that look even deeper on his face. There also seemed to be a slight sway in his stance, almost rhythmic. He just stood there.

Ryan smiled. This dude must be high or something. Maybe he could have some fun. Tyler didn't seem to have a problem with doing what he was asked. "Tyler, why don't you come over here and sit down on the bench." Ryan said, patting the bench by him. Without a word, Tyler walked over and sat down on the bench not even bothering to look at Ryan. "Interesting" Ryan purred under his breath.

Ryan put his hands on Tyler's hard well-rounded shoulders. "I think we could be good friends Tyler." Ryan assured his new friend. "I think we could be best friends"

"Best Friends." Tyler repeated.

"That's it Tyler, we are best friends." Ryan intoned, as he began to rub Tyler's impressive shoulders and back. He could feel Tyler totally relax under his grip.

"You know Tyler you might feel more comfortable with your shirt off." Ryan risked asking.

"Comfortable." Tyler repeated as he pulled his "wife-beater" shirt off. Revealing his well developed smooth chest. The chest Ryan had been lusting after all last season. This was too much to hope for, yet it was happening.

"That's it buddy, just relax and let me enjoy your body. You would like that wouldn't you Tyler?" Ryan whispered into his ear as his hands ran down the front of Tyler's body.

"Relaxed, enjoy my body," the entranced water jock intoned. He sat there as Ryan ran his hands down his chest and all over his hard abs. He never moved even when Ryan began to run his face threw Tyler's hair. Smelling the chlorine from the earlier swim.

"Your all mine Tyler. I own your ass. You will please me and enjoy the act of pleasing me. I am your master." Ryan spoke, not really knowing where the words came from. All he knew is as he said them he liked the sound of it.

Tyler just repeated his instructions. Understanding that he was Ryan's plaything and that more than anything he enjoyed pleasing his "master." Tyler's cock began to grow at the thoughts of pleasing his master Ryan. He was becoming more and more turned on at the prospect of serving Ryan.

Ryan watched from above as Tyler's huge cock began to grow. Pushing the tight gym shorts out until they could give now more. Ryan wanted that cock. Now he could have it. He could have it all he was sure of it. Why Tyler was acting like this he had no idea. He could figure that out later. He reached down and began to pull on Tyler's huge pole. The feel of a hard young jock cock in his hand was too much. He wanted more.

"Stand up Tyler. I think your work out is over and you need a hot shower, don't you?" Ryan smiled as he asked the question, happy with the results. Tyler began to strip off his remaining shorts and jock strap, grabbed a towel and began to walk to the showers. Mumbling to him "need hot shower after workout."

Ryan followed his new boy into the showers, stripping off his clothes at the same time. He wanted this so bad he had forgotten about the rest of the team in the weight room.

Back in the weight room, Eth, Justin, Brad and Keith were pumping the Irons hard. They were all impressed with Eth's progress but Justin was still the strongest. After about 20 minutes they began to miss Tyler. "Hey, anyone know what happened to Tyler?" Brad asked.

"He was right behind us when we were leaving the locker room. He must have got tied up with the coach before he left." Keith reasoned. Tyler never missed a workout.

"OH, that's sucks. Coach will talk your ear off over technique all day." Justin joined in as he finished his tenth rep of 200lbs. With that, Tyler's location was dismissed.

Mean while, Ryan had been busy. He looked down at his now soaked boy-toy sucking on his own impressive seven and a half inch cock. Tyler was proving to be one great cocksucker. The more Ryan told him he loved cock, the better the blowjob was. At the end of ten minutes, Tyler was sucking cock madly while Ryan renewed his onslaught of sexual images.

"That's it jock boy. You love that cock. You love to suck cock. What's more you love what comes out of a cock. You cant wait to taste my cum down your throat can you!" Ryan screamed at Tyler. He loved this. The feeling of control was such a TOTAL TURN ON.

Tyler was too far-gone to care about Ryan making noise. It seemed just as his mind would form an objection to this act, Ryan would say something to him and the objection would disappear replaced with even more lust for cock. Now all he wanted was that HOT cum that came from cocks. He loved that hot cum.

So when Ryan's cock grew even larger and his balls started to tighten up, he looked forward to receiving his gift. That's why Ryan pulling out of his mouth was such an utter disappointment.

Ryan didn't want it to end so fast. He had Tyler stand up and place his hot pecs against the cool tile of the shower wall. With that he began to feel up Tyler's ass. He had such a cute tight ass. What more could one ask for. Time seemed to slow down for him. It had already been an hour and a half, but it didn't seem like that long.

"Damn that was a hard work out. You really pushed us that time Justin. Seemed like everytime you said do one more rep, I couldn't stop myself." Keith admitted.

"Me too, Justin. You are one great workout partner." Brad joined in as they all walked back into the locker room. They were soaked in sweat and their arms and pecs ached from the work out Justin had put them through.

"Well guys I would like to stay and help you save Tyler from the coach, but I gotta run. I have a date with Catarina tonight and I cannot be late again. I am too horny to miss out on that!" Justin joked as he grabbed his bag and left.

The other boys walked by the coach's office stripping off their shirts as they went noticing the note on the door. "GONE TO ATHLETIC DEPT MEETING. SHOWER AND LOCK UP WHEN DONE, COACH."

Well if the coach was gone, they all thought at the same time, where the fuck is Tyler? It was not like Tyler to just drop out on them like that. That's when they heard water running and low murmurs coming from the shower room.

They all walked over to the shower. What they saw put them into instant shock. Tyler was pushed up against the shower wall. Ryan that fuck had him pinned against the wall and was fucking Tyler. They were speechless. Just as they were about to run in and stop the obvious rape going on, Tyler began to talk.

"OH Fuck yes Sir, Fuck my ass real good Sir. I love to get fucked. It feels so good to have your man cock up my pretty boy ass. All I have ever wanted is to be a fuck-toy sir!"

What the fuck was this all about? The three water studs were dumbfounded. Finally Seth was the one to come to his senses and stop the hot scene. He would want to join in except he despised Ryan and the other dudes would never go for this. He stepped into the shower room.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO TYLER?" Eth demanded as he walked towards the to studs. Ryan initially surprised and then quickly realizing who was talking instinctively froze with his cock all the way up Tyler's ass.

Easy guys," Ryan assured Tyler's would be saviors. Tyler wants this, don't you Tyler?" Ryan inquired of his fuck toy.

"FUCK YES SIR, I want your cock up my ass. Please Eth don't stop him." Tyler begged. Suddenly Eth didn't know what to do. He suddenly didn't want to stop them. And Ryan saw that slight dazed look appear in Eth's eyes that he had seen in Tyler's eyes.

The twin studs, watching all of this finally decided to take matters in their own hands and get Tyler out of there. As they moved forward they had looks on their faces like they would kill Ryan when they got to him. Eth just stood there staring at Ryan and Tyler, a dazed stupid look on his face.

Ryan made the connection after a few moments of hesitation. He made the only move he could, and hoped that the connection made one more stop. "Slow down "stud twins" just be like Eth and watch for a bit. You will understand better if you watch like Eth."

The two boys, stopped in mid stride and the angry looks on their faces dissipated and were replaced by that dazed look Ryan was beginning to enjoy. They came to a somewhat steady stance next to Eth. All three water boys watching Ryan with his cock up their best friend's ass. For a moment all you could hear was the running water of the shower and Tyler's low moans to be fucked.

Ryan smiled at his new toys and then turned back at Tyler. "Thought they were gonna save you Tyler. Only now your buds are gonna realize how HOT this looks to be fucked. Don't you guys. You must be realizing now how hot it looks to get fucked. In fact you'll probably want a hot cock up your asses too."

The stud twins reacted first. They began to lick their lips and murmur in low, embarrassed voices "Get fucked, looks hot to get fucked. It would feel good to get fucked." Soon Eth was saying the same thing as he watches his buddy Tyler begin to be fucked hard by Ryan.

Ryan fucked Tyler relentlessly, getting off on the fact that his buddies stood helpless just inches away, jerkin their cocks off to the sight of their buddy getting fucked. He loved this control. After fucking Tyler's tight ass for another ten minutes an idea formed in his head.

He pulled out to Tyler's utter disappointment. And smiled at the twins. Boys, um Brad, Keith. I think you might want to come over here and get on your hands and knees. After all you're such good fuck boys you feel natural on your knees. You love to be on your knees." Ryan informed them. This was SOOO easy.

The stud twins reacted instantly. Quickly getting on their knees, their clothes discarded earlier so that they could jerk off to Tyler's fuck session. They kneeled naked and obedient. Ryan was very pleased. He smiled at his one time enemy Eth. He walked over to Eth and whispered in his ear.

"Eth, you and me are best friends. We are closer than you and Justin are. You've always wanted to be my best friend haven't you Eth?" Ryan inquired, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, best friends, want to be your best friend. More than Justin." Eth said, his own personality once again disappearing below the haze in his mind. All he knew was that he wanted to be Ryan's best friend. That they would be closer than Justin.

Ryan smiled. That's right man. Best friends share everything don't they Eth?" Ryan continued not waiting for the yes that would come. "I am going to be your best friend Eth and share the stud twins over here with you. I am gonna let them both fight over my cock to suck and let you and Tyler with that big cock of his fuck the shit out of your two buddies here. And you are gonna love it!" Ryan said laughing while he said it.

Eth's gaze shifted to his friends on their knees and specifically to their asses. His dazed look changed that that of a hungry wolf. He was gonna enjoy fucking the hell out of those tight asses.

Ryan wasted now more time. Just a few more "suggestions" and Tyler behind Keith and Eth behind Brad began to push the tip of their cocks in their friends' asses. Both Brad and Keith began to moan. Asking their buddies to fuck them. Telling their buddies they always wanted to be fucked. They loved to be fucked.

All was set. Ryan sat down on the opposite end and enjoyed the show awhile. Watching his two new best friends fuck their old best friends like they were some cheap whores. He loved the control. He knew that someday he would be the one in charge. He just knew it.

He looked down at the stud twins and began the final part of his plan. "Now boys, what are your mouths doing with nothing in them. You must be feeling the need for hot cocks in them don't you? You must want to suck a nice cock like mine, I am sure." As he said this both boys began to lick their lips again. As Ryan brought his cock closer and closer the "twins" began to reach out with their tongues for his cock. Soon both mouths were attempting to engulf his hard cock. Each tries to push the other of the intended goal. They wanted that cock so bad.

Soon the pitch of the heated fucking increased and with it Ryan's need to blow his load into the mouths of his awaiting jock slaves. He wanted to see how much control he had. He looked over at his fuck-tools Eth and Tyler and began;

"Fuck your buddies asses real good boys. It must feel SO good to fuck their asses. Asses you have wanted for a long time. You can feel the cum growing in your balls, working its way up your cocks. You are so close to coming you can feel it." With these simple words Eth and Tyler's heads fell back as they rapidly approached orgasm. Ryan just need tell them to explode and they would do it.

As the twin slaves sucked his cock he felt his own orgasm grow. Soon he looked at his twin fuckers and gave them the word. CUM NOW my boys CUM now. In an instant, Eth, Tyler and Ryan began to cum, load after load. The amazing part was that both Brad and Keith began to cum too. They had gone from being hard to orgasm with just a simple command from Ryan. This was SO hot Ryan thought. I love this power!

As all five boys lay on the floor of the showers, they began to regain composure. Ryan looked over at Tyler and finally asked the question he was dying to know... why?

"Tyler, what did you guys do before practice. Are you guys high on something?" Ryan asked.

"High Sir? Tyler asked. No. We do not do drugs Sir." Tyler said almost amazed at the question.

"Eth did you give the boys something?" Ryan said thinking maybe he had spiked that orange Gatorade he had seen.

"Yes. We had some supplements that my brother gave me. So we could get bigger even faster."

Hmmm Ryan thought. "I think you need to show me these supplements Eth. Did Justin have any?" Ryan asked hopefully.

"No." Eth replied. " He doesn't thing they are for real. But they are. I am living proof. They are awesome." Eth reported like a paid advertisement.

"Well Eth. I think we need to work on Justin. See, there is one more spot in this orgy for his cock or his ass. I think we need to make sure he tries it out. Don't you Eth?" Ryan mockingly asked.

"Yes, Ryan, whatever you think. I mean we are best friends, you ought to know." Eth said with a look of true trust and joy.

With that Ryan laid back down on the tile floor, a smile on his face. This was gonna be one great swim season. •

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