Oh captain my captain!


By VA23456

Justin stood at 6'1", the perfect male specimen for men or women to drool over. His hazel eyes tended to pool people in, and added to his command presence. People naturally liked him and levitated to him for leadership. That's one of the reasons he was the captain of the Naval Academy swim team.

The other reason was his commendable athletic ability in and out of the water. A star on his high school team left him with a body most guys his age could only dream of, while others had wet dreams about! Large round baseball like biceps bulged with out effort on Justin's part. His smooth chest was well defined leaving a "valley" down between his pecs that rivaled the Grand Canyon.

No swimmer can be competitive without a propulsion system, his legs. Justin's legs were more than perfect they were the epitome for a swimmer, strong, but lean, smooth and ending with the perfect melons of his ass. People were known to trip for mysterious reasons when walking behind Justin. Perhaps they were day dreaming, but some guessed it was because you couldn't take your eyes off his ass when you were behind him. It looked good in any of the uniforms, summer whites, winter blues, his Speedo, and as all the guys on the swim team knew, naked.

Justin had just gotten back from emergency leave the night prior. His dad had been sick, but seemed to be recovering nicely now. Justin though worried about his Dad, was anxious to get back to the academy and the team. He didn't see any of the guys from the team during the day, but that was usual, they had different schedules other than the practices. He wouldn't see until this morning. He walked into the locker room after classes were finished and saw all the guys getting dressed for practice.

"Hey water rats!" Justin yelled out jokingly.

"Justin!" Eth hollered back, "Finally, you're back BRO! We've missed you big time!" Eth had a huge smile on his face, as he was truly happy to see one of his best friends, as well as looking forward to including him in the hot man sex all the guys were really enjoying, even Coach Devin.

"Ya, I got back in last night. Figured I would see you guys today at practice. So things been going well?" Justin inquired.

"Bro," Keith chimed in, "We have had the best practices ever, just look at us!" Justin took another look at the four some and realized Keith was right. They all looked like they had gained some muscle mass, but not as much as Keith seemed to be indicating. Still you could notice the difference. They must have been working out like three times a day or something.

Not able to hold back, Brad informed Justin,

"Jus, We have been working out extra with Coach Devon. Things have really changed around here. He's hooked it up so we can work out during the night or day when we need to. It's Great"

It all made sense to Justin, Coach Devon was a previous Midi, just a few years ago, so he would understand them all better. Devon was a devoted swimmer like they all were.

"That's great, about time we get some perks around here, and not just the football fags." Justin joked.

The four boys, Eth, Keith, Brad and Tyler, who had remained silent the entire time, shared a common glance at Justin's mention of fags, with slight smirks emerging.

"Hey Jus, hurry up and get dressed for practice we will meet in the pool." Brad said as the four Midis walked out of the locker room.

The practice was lead by Coach Devon, which Justin noticed was a change. The head Coach just sat in his office, reading health supplement journals. He seemed intensely interested in what they had to say. Coach Devon put the swimmers through all the motions, only at full speed, really working them hard. Coach was especially tough on Justin constantly harassing him with comments like;

"Come on Justin, if you are gonna be the Captain you need to be the top performer. Those couple of weeks you had off are showing. You're swimming like a dead fish!"

By the time practice was over, Justin could barely move. The rest of his buddies bounced out of the pool and towards the lockers.

"Good practice Justin," Coach Devon informed him. "You just need some tough practices to get your form back. You might think about getting onto the supplement program the other guys are on. It really has made a difference in their performance."

"Oh ya?" Justin asked, one eyebrow raised. "I've never been one to do supplements like that Coach. I think I will stick with my protein shakes. Thanks though." With that said, Justin slowly walked/limped back to the lockers, passing by Ryan who was making his way to the Coach.

"You should bring Justin into our little group, Coach Devon?" Ryan inclined.

"Yes, we should bring Justin into our group. He will learn to love it as much as I have, Sir" Coach Devon slowly responded adding the Sir at the end automatically as he was commanded to do when he and Ryan were alone.

"Go help the guys bring him in Devon. Help the boys, turn Justin into a slave for cock like you are. You will get so hot to make him a slave just like you." Ryan giggled as he said it. Staring at Coach Devon's cock growing in his running pants. As he watched it rise, Ryan couldn't help but remember how good Devon's cum tasted. He had been eating the Assistant Coach's cum for two weeks now. The first time he did it was sort of a mistake as Devon losing control grabbed Ryan's head and didn't let go until he blew his load down Ryan's throat.

Ryan didn't mind so much now. He had found that Devon's cum tasted amazingly like sweet honey, after he sucked Devon's cock a second time and Devon had mentioned he would enjoy it like honey. Damn if he didn't! The Assistant Coach walked off towards the lockers.

Meanwhile, Justin had already made his way to his locker; the rest of the guys had already been in the showers and were in different levels of nakedness. Most of them in at least their gym shorts getting ready to hit the weights.

Ryan had met the guys as they walked in, informing them of their desire to have Justin join their man-sex group as one of their new brother slaves. All four of them adopted Ryan's idea as if it were their own as fast as it came out of his mouth. They all wanted to have Justin become one of their brother slaves. Why wouldn't they? It felt so good to do what Ryan said, surely Justin would enjoy it just as they had come to.

Ryan hobbled over to his locker, all four of his friends looking at him in a strange way as they finished their supplement drink. This was a new variety, Dr Motley had sent to them, via Eric. It was super charged and had mild mind altering effects on first timers while it had an intense effect on those already under its influence.

Justin felt self-conscious, incorrectly surmising they all felt sorry for his poor performance at practice. He was of course wrong; all four were looking at him trying to figure out a way to persuade their friend to take some supplements. Master Ryan had told them he had to take them in order to get stronger and be allowed into the brotherhood.

Eth was the first, "Bro, you look pretty rough. Your muscles are gonna be aching for a week. Here, try this stuff, it cuts your muscle recovery down to like nothing." Eth's hand held out his bottle of supplements to Justin.

"Dude, what is it with you guys and that supplement shit, even Coach Devon is peddling that shit. I told you guys before, I am not into the supplements stuff. If I need protein and muscle recovery, then I will do it NATURALLY." Justin raised his voice at the end to make his point clear. That would normally end all discussion, he was after all, their leader, wasn't he?

"Bro, " Keith tried, "The stuff really works, and it is made of natural stuff. You can read the description from Dr Motley the guy who made it. Eth's bro sent it to us last week with the new and improved stuff. It IS all natural."

FUCK, what is it with these guys, Justin thought. How many times have I got to tell these beefed up muscle heads to fuck off? The combination of the tough practice, the pain in his body and the insistent efforts of his buds to get him to take the supplements was too much for him.

"Listen Keith, listen all of you" Justin began, leaning into the shorter guy's face his temper building until it boiled over. "The only way I am gonna take that shit, is if you hold me down, and shove it down my throat! And ain't none of you pussies big enough to do it, so I guess you guys are fuck out of luck." Justin expects to see them back off psychologically if not physically as well. He stripped and walked to the showers.

The four guys, Eth, Keith, Brad, and Tyler stood there half-naked and dazed. Just as Justin was screaming at them the new supplements had hit them, and hit them hard. All four knew what to do now. They had to force their bro, their team captain, their best friend to take the new supplement. The started walking towards the shower taking some towels and some wrist straps with them.

Justin was standing under the showerhead, the water on as hot as he could get it. He really was beat up. He could barely move. His mind drifted until suddenly two hands grabbed each of his arms.

"What the fuck?" Justin yelped. It was too late, with his body entirely too exhausted to resist, Justin when down onto the tile with out much resistance. Brad and Keith had pulled him by the arms while Eth and Tyler got on top of him.

Justin lay sprawled out on the wet tile floor; his mind racing as to what was going on. His four best friends had just pulled him down onto the shower floor. He looked up at Eth, looking back down at him. What he saw frightened him. There was no recognition in Eth's eyes, they were glazed over, distant in a way.

"Eth, what the fuck are you doing?" Justin finally said.

"Bro, we gotta get you ready to join the brotherhood. The only way to do that is with the supplements. The only way to get you to do that is to shove them down your throat." Eth responded, even his voice lacked the personality that was Eth, it was if he was an automaton.

Justin tried to resist but the combination of two dudes on top of him while two others held his arms left him helpless. Justin probably could have gotten out of it had he just ordered them to stop, but before he could Eth was pouring some liquid into his mouth.

"Gmmmpgh," Justin gagged as the liquid poured into his mouth and down his throat. Keith was holding his nose so the only way he could breath was to swallow and then get some air.

"It's ok bro," Keith said calmly even as he held his best friends nose and sat on his arm. "It will all be over and you will understand how great it is to be a cock slave to Ryan."

RYAN? Justin thought. What the fuck did the towel boy have to do with this? Did Keith just say COCK SLAVE? Justin's mind was racing, racing that is until the supplements started to enter his bloodstream directly through the lining in his stomach. Soon, Justin's head was swooning. His mind was unable to concentrate on a single thing.

Justin lay there prone, unable to stop anything. His friends let up on their team captain. Standing back almost shocked at what they had done. Their shock didn't last long as both Devon and Ryan walked into the showers.

"Very good boys," Ryan praised. You were a bit more aggressive than I would have expected but from the looks of our young team captain he has begun his supplement program. Ryan began to laugh the feeling of absolute power, making him giddy.

The boys just stood there looking down at their naked friend. Eth, who had always had a crush on Justin, was especially effected. There his idol lay, the team captain, the jock of the academy, and Eth's subject of many a jerk off session. Sprawled on the shower floor soaked, his head rolling around as the supplements hit him.

Ryan stopped laughing and looked at the five slaves, standing, staring at Justin. He smiled.

"Yes, boys, he is quite the catch. You have all had your fantasies about having his body, haven't you?" Ryan's words quickly becoming the truth to all of them. Now not only did Eth remember jerking off to Justin's body, but Devon, Brad, Keith and Tyler all remembered how they had lusted after Justin's body. Their dicks started to get hard.

"Why don't you boys show Justin how good it feels to be used by other men. I am sure you want to make his "transition" a comfortable one. Go ahead, use your friend's body for your play thing boys. Take him any way you want." Ryan's words were like someone opening up the Boulder damn to full open.

Brad and Keith began licking Justin's powerful biceps and fore arms. Their tongues sliding along the round baseball like muscles. Their faces ending up buried in Justin's armpits. The effect of the "twins" hitting both sides of Justin's powerful arms was not lost on Ryan. He leaned against the shower wall and started to disrobe. His cock growing quickly as he watched Justin's closest friends begin to slowly rape him.

Tyler, the shy one, was hard at work licking his team captain's balls. Running his tongue between them and the jock's legs. Tyler was enjoying the feel of those silky smooth balls that Justin had recently shaved. Tyler could remember day dreaming about Justin's balls. Being able to suck them, take them into his mouth for real, was the best fantasy come true.

Ethan was bent over Justin's chest licking at his quarter-sized nipples. Slightly biting on them until Justin's body reacted by arching his back. Not out of pain but more out of a natural response of sexual pleasure.

Justin was floating. Or at least he felt like he was floating. He could feel his body, but it was like a wad of cotton was shoved inside his head. He was there but wasn't there. He could feel but couldn't feel. He could feel tongues on his arms, on his chest and DAMN, even on his balls. They all felt so good. Justin's drugged mind took the sensations and incorporated them into his fantasy world. The tongues belonged to the four hottest girls at the academy. They were sucking and licking on him and he was in heaven. His body responded favorably, opening itself up to the girls Justin imagined were on him.

Ethan's tongue, now on autopilot, ran its way between Justin's impressive pecs and made a run for his abs. Licking in between the six lines of his abdominal. Ethan, as well as Justin was in heaven. As Ethan inched his way down, he slowly pushed Tyler back away from Justin's balls, but also opened his legs wide so he could straddle Justin's powerful legs.

Tyler responded as expected. Losing Justin's balls to suck on, his face gravitated to Ethan's tight ass. Ethan was too busy to care about Tyler's predicament. He was now lapping at Justin's hard cock. All eight inches were standing up straight towards Ethan's hungry mouth. He eagerly took it between his lips. When Tyler's tongue drove deep into Ethan's tight man pussy, Ethan reacted by driving his mouth and then throat down over Justin's cock.

Justin's mind was reeling from all the sensations. He could see his body now, with four girls working it over. One of the hottest one, Lucy, was now sucking on his cock. Deep throating it. He could feel his hips moving up to drive his cock even deeper into her throat. FUCK SHE was awesome!

Ethan was deep throating his best friend, while the shyest guy on the team was rimming his ass. Tyler was totally into licking on Ethan's hot ass. It just felt so good to service another guy. Ryan was right, he was destined to serve other men. Ryan was always right.

Meanwhile the two twins had moved on from the jock's hard biceps to feeding him their cocks. They had slowly started by rubbing their cocks across his lips, their pre-cum running across his upper and lower lip. Both were moaning but could say nothing more. Two cock heads running across their team Captain's lips. The same lips he use to use to yell orders to them. The same lips he used to seduce all the chicks at the academy. Now they were covered in Brad and Keith's pre-cum.

Inside Justin's mind, they were a women's breasts. They ran across his mouth, their big nipples running across. Justin loved it. Chicks sucking his cock another putn her tits in his face. He was in heaven.

Soon the boys couldn't wait and they started taking turns pushing their cock into Justin's mouth. Slowly at first, shallow, but growing in intensity and depth. In Justin's drugged mind, he saw his body with tits being shoved into his mouth. He would open it as wide as he could so the bitch could get her nipples and tits into his mouth. He loved the feeling. His throat relaxing, ignoring his occasional gags as a sudden natural need for oxygen.

Ryan, who by this time had Coach Devon on his knees sucking his master's cock, was watching the "twins" fuck their team Captain's mouth.

"That's it boys, fuck his mouth. It feels good to rape his mouth. You love the idea of rapping your Team captain's mouth." Ryan was half laughing half moaning at the pleasure of controlling so many hot dudes. He knew he had them all now.

"Ethan, I think your captain has had his ass eaten out enough. I think what he needs is that big cock or yours up inside him. Don't you want to rape his ass Ethan? OF course you do Ethan, you NEED to rape his ass. Show your buddy how good it feels to be used by men Ethan."

Ethan reacted as expected, using his legs he forced his best friend's legs apart and up over his shoulders and began to press his cock against his buddy's virgin hole. Normally, Ryan would want the pleasure of fucking a new slave, but this seemed much better. Letting Justin's good friends' rape his mouth and ass like a cheap whore.

Ethan pushed his cock in without any second thought, he didn't care what his friend felt, it didn't matter, and Justin was here to be used, to be raped. It was just the way things were. Now.

While Ethan fucked his friend, Tyler was left with Ethan's muscled ass in front of him. He did what now came natural to him, leaning in between the two round melons, Tyler's tongue reached out for Ethan's pink hole. Licking, darting into it like the professional rimmer Tyler had become, thanks to Ryan's instructions.

Justin's mind reeled at the sudden intrusion of Ethan's cock. He felt the girls licking his ass and his cock and balls, but suddenly they were what....what were they doing now? Eventually his mind resolved the discomfort by realizing the girls must be using a dildo of some kind. He tried to stop them, but none of his arms or legs worked, they were stuck to the floor. He couldn't stop them. The fucking was getting rougher, harder, faster. Justin was moaning in pain and pleasure, too confused to figure out which was more.

The "twins" were now in perfect sync. First Brad's cock, then Keith's, Brad, Keith, Brad, Keith. Over and over their cocks sinking into Justin's mouth and throat. Their balls were starting to pull in, as they got closer to losing their load. They knew they couldn't cum until their Master Ryan said so.

Ethan was getting into raping his team captain.

"Fuck ya, bro, take my cock up that virgin ass of yours. Take it bro, take it like the cheap cock whore you will become for our Master Ryan." Ethan fucked twice as hard and deep every time he would say "Take it' so as to stress the point to his best friend. FUCK his friend's ass was tight. Ethan could feel his friend trying to fight him, his body constricted underneath him. But his cock was inside Justin's ass to fast for anyone to stop him now. He was fucking relentlessly, loving it.

"TAKE IT FUCK BOY!" Ethan screamed out loud, his voice echoing off the tile walls, also knowing that he could not cum inside his team captain until Ryan gave the word. Until then, Ethan would be happy with FUCKING his buddy's virgin ass raw until he was allowed to fill him up.

"That's it boys, very good. You are making me very happy." Ryan sang out, watching four of his boys fuck Justin while the fifth, Devon, sucked his cock. Ryan would catch himself looking at Devon's cock, dreaming about how tasty Devon's cum was. He decided then that he needed some of that tasty spunk.

Lifting Devon up, Ryan slid down changing places with his Assistant Coach. He instantly fell upon sucking Devon's cock, which was already heavily covered in pre-cum. Devon moaned in utter joy. He loved to pleasure his Master. Devon had been jerking his cock while he sucked Ryan, so he was already very close to cumming. He looked down at Ryan sucking his cock and waited for the command.

Ryan didn't make him wait long.

"OK boys, I want you to fuck for another thirty seconds and then cum with the biggest orgasm you have ever had in your lives!" Ryan quickly yelled out over the sounds of fucking, sucking and moans of pain and ecstasy. He quickly returned to sucking Devon's cock, thinking, Damn his cum tastes so much like honey. I just love this stuff.

True to his command, thirty seconds later, the boys erupted.

"Fuck Justin, eat our cum bro. Suck it all down bro. You gotta take all of it" moaned Keith, as he and Brad blew their loads either onto Justin's lips or into his mouth, depending on which stroke they were on. They never stopped their cock piston cycle of in and out. Cum splashed all over Justin's face and lips as cocks went in and out of his mouth. He swallowed out of instinct so as not to drown in cum.

Ethan exploded at the same time as Keith and Brad. Deep into the ass of his team Captain and nearly trapping his slave brother Tyler's tongue which was buried in his ass. Ethan pulled Justin as close as he could to drive his own cock into the captain's ass.

"TAKE IT PUSSY BOY, take my slave cum. Take it all BRO!" Ethan moaned.

As Tyler was laying on his back to get better access to Eth's ass, his cock came all by itself, exploding over Ethan's back and the rest dripping down onto the tile floor, as.

Devon's cum shot directly down Ryan's throat, leaving Ryan, very, very happy, and leaving him unknowingly with a full dose of Supplement.

Ryan looked over at the four boys and Justin. Lying prone on the tile floor, their team captain covered inside and out with their boy spunk.

"Ok, Coach, Justin is gonna need some private time. I think the head coach is gonna go on a small vacation, about a week or so. I think we can use his office to, shall we say, keep Justin under wraps until the supplement takes hold. I am sure you can make up some reason for him missing a few days of classes, cant you?" Ryan instructed, questioned.

"Yes Sir, I can do that." Coach Devon responded "Come on guys, let's go put Justin away." With that all five slaves walked away, one under each of Justin's arms as they carried the naked, cum soaked Academy jock away to the coach's office.

"Hmmm, I keep forgetting to ask Ethan about his big brother. I need to work on that, too" Ryan said thinking to himself out loud •

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