Steroid Experience

It was incredible

"About four years ago a few friends of mine started getting into roids. I had never really thought about taking them, but it sounded like alot of fun. We started out on a half cc of sustanon a week (one cc was $25) which we increased every week by another half. After three weeks we got 50 d-ball each and continued the sustanon. I started taking 3 a day until they were gone. We slowly decreased our dosage (half cc per week) until the end of our cycle (about 12 weeks). We also added a few other things here and there, like a few anadrol and some propinate.

After the first cycle my weight went from 165 pounds to 190. My bodyfat went down from 10 to seven percent. My bench went from 135 to 225. My arms went from 14.5 to 16.5. It was incredible. I took two months off and continued to train and eat tremendous amounts of food.

Now we couldn't find anymore juice. So we planned a trip to Cancun to buy some more. We tried all the local pharmacias, but all we could get our hands on was a dozen packs of clenbuterol. We tried a few vet shops downtown and got some 50mg laurabolin(deca). We needed to make this trip worth it so we had to go where the feds haven't clamped down the supply. We found a taxi driver from a small town called Violidid,where he new of at least 20 pharmacias. He also was proficient in English so we paid him $150 for his services and transportation for one day.

He wasn't lying about the availability we filled 3 back packs full of gear. All legitimate high grade stuff. It was awesome! What a rush. We got sustanons for a buck a piece and 50cc bottles of laurebolin $7, we also got more clen and some deca.

We sterilized shampoo bottles and transported it back to the USA. Clen looks like minithins. Over the next year and a couple more cycles my weight continued to rise up past 225, but my pocket book couldn't continue keeping up with my eating and drug habit, so I quit the juice.

I am a very mild mannered person so I didn't have a lot of roid rage but I saw Psychological effects in many users, including severe depression, and rage.

Another word of advice is once you get big you dont want to shrink back to a little guy, and people will see you very differently. Some people will fear you and kiss your ass, so you wont kick theirs.

Its been a couple years now and I am glad its over. It takes about 1 year to get your hormones working right again, and its a long hard struggle.

I still weigh 195 and look great, still got 16 inch guns, and I feel much better about myself. I am glad I had the experience." •

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