Steroid Experience

He was huge and he loved it!

"A friend of mine (we'll call him 'Ed') loved his juice. He started lifting when he was 14 and religously worked out 5 days a week. After 2 years of working out Ed was still 5'5" and 140 pounds wet and wearing boots. In our sophmore year he was in one of my classes and he asked me if I was on the sauce. I told him I was and asked if he thought about doing some. Ed told me he would love to but he knew once he started that he would not stop. That was pretty much the end of it and we never talked about it again. After February vacation there was something different about Ed. So I approached Ed after class and said "So you decieded it was time huh?" At first he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. Then he realized he couldn't lie to me. In one week he had developed a bloated face, acne, and had gained about 7 pounds. He told me he bought some anadrol and was taking 1 a day to be followed by some cypinates.

Within the year he was up to 200lbs and changed his passion from bodybuilding to powerlifting. Juice was the name of the game. He soon was one of the strongest people I knew by far. He was huge and he loved it. Soon he met a girl at the gym and they started going out and she told him she wanted him to be ripped like an exotic dancer. Sure enough Ed went on this this new quest to have the best body possible. He dieted and changed his workout and his drug regimen. Soon enough he was ripped, 185 lbs, and had abs for the first time in years. But he couldn't take it, his squat dropped 200lbs, dead lift was down 250lbs, and was benching next to nothing.

He called me freaking out telling me he was so weak and skinny and that he couldn't take it. He just came from the gym and he only squated 450 (only) and he was going back to his normal routine of drugs. But to start he had just taken 10 anadrols, 5cc's of deca, 5cc's of test, a ten strip of russian D's, and 10 halotestins.'That should do it' he says to me. 'Holy shit Ed are you trying to kill your self' I said. Not only was I thinking about his poor body but also the amount of money he just ingested. I was an avid user and have been on the seen for a while but never in my life have I ever heard anything like that. A couple of days later I got a call from Ed to let me know he was alive and told me every thing was okay now. He passed blood for a few days and felt like he got kicked in the kidneys and stomach by a horse but, 'I'm o.k' he said. Within a few weeks he was back up to his normal wieght and strength. A month later we were talking about the whole thing and I said to him, 'I can't believe you did that to yourself!' and he looked at me totally serious and replied, 'Me niether, I dont know what I was thinking dropping down to 185lbs for a girl!'" •

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