All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, The


By Aaron Strong

"We're back to the All-American Teen Muscle Challenge. I'm Frank Simms, and you're about to see Chad Miller receive his consolation prize: 30 minutes in this glass booth, fucking the ass of our muscular Jake."

Chad and Jake were in the booth, facing each other. Without taking his eyes of Chad, Jake ripped off his white tank top. The studio audience went wild, seeing Jake's unbelievably muscled torso uncovered for the first time. Jake flexed his pecs, and took a step toward Chad.

Chad put his hand on his cock and squeezed.

Jake began slowly posing and Chad definitely liked what he saw. Within seconds he had the shaft of his thick, stiff cock, out and pointing into the air.

Jake slipped his fingers inside his own trunks and tore them off, exposing everything. Shit, he looked astounding!

My cock was at full erection, and I was lightly stroking it as I laid on the bed. I couldn't believe this was on cable! But I was past the point of asking questions about it. I decided hey, if it's on, I'm going to enjoy it! And enjoy it I did. I stroked my throbbing cock, squeezing the precum onto my six pack.

Chad took a step forward and put his hands on Jake's broad shoulders. He ran his hands down Jake's huge arms.

Jake reached down and tore Chad's trunks off. The teen muscle stud and the mega-huge muscleman were naked. Their dicks both pointed at each other. The two men stepped together, and their swords touched, crossing.

"I guess both of us must be in the mutual admiration society," Jake said, looking down at their crossing cocks, then up at Chad's eyes. Obviously the booth had microphones inside.

"Yeah," Chad said. "I definitely like what I see."

"Shit, kid," Jake said. "I can't wait till you stick that thing up my butt. It's going to feel sooooo good to have that teen cock worm its way inside my ass. And I promise you, you've never felt anything as good as my butt muscles squeezing your hard cock as it goes in."

Jake reached down and opened his hand, allowing his palm to brush against the outside of Chad's erect, dripping cock. Chad froze. Jake's hand was soon wet with Chad's precum. Jake gently ran his open hand up and down Chad's big member, causing it to occasionally jump with the sensual stimulation. Chad closed his eyes. Shit this was HOT! Chad's dick was so big, and so stiff as Jake cradled it with open fingers!

Jake leaned forward and his huge chest pressed against Chad's. Jake danced his pecs slowly, massaging Chad's thick chest with his own. Chad closed his eyes, and their bodies touched fully. Their butt muscles flexed as they pressed their cocks into each other. They embraced, feeling each other's muscular bodies as they slowly began kissing. I could see Jake's tongue filling Chad's mouth. They both were master kissers, erotically opening their mouths, toying with each other. The camera closed in on their faces, and I could hear soft, gentle moans as the two musclemen enjoyed the slow wet kisses of each other.

I couldn't believe this. The TV was showing the most erotic images I could imagine.

Chad's hands were all over Jake's back, arms and shoulders. It was as if his arms were having sex with Jake's upper body, writhing as they moved over the mountains of steel, squeezing each bulging muscle.

"This promises to be one of the hottest scenes we've had on the Teen Muscle Challenge, don't you think Mark?" Simms said.

"Yeah, and this is only the consolation prize for the loser!"

"I think," Simms said, "that Jake is really going to enjoy this. Just look at the way his body responds to Chad's. Their muscles seem to move in concert to each other as they embrace."

"Oh yes Frank," Mark said. "Jake just loves teen muscle guys. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at them. And Chad is definitely a hunk of muscle. But look at Chad. I think this teenager might be challenged not to ejaculate before he penetrates Jake. He is really being turned on by Jake's huge body. It wouldn't surprise me if Chad starts squirting even before he is able to get in."

"It looks like they might be getting into position," Simms said.

The two men started moving towards the bed. Chad was instructing Jake to lie down on the bed, face down with his legs hanging over the edge, causing his butt to be just right for penetration. It was a high enough bed that Chad's cock came right up to Jake's inviting, hard ass.

"Look at this," Mark said. "Chad has placed his hands on Jake's glutes and he's separating them. Look at the expression on Chad's face. He is so turned on by Jake's ass!"

"Holy shit," Simms said. "Have you ever seen anything so stimulating? Just look at Chad's cock! It's huge and dripping with precum! He's just teasing himself. He's lying it between Jake's ass cheeks and allowing it to stick into the air, and the precum is dripping down onto the small of Jake's back."

"Hold it Frank," Mark said. "Look at those glutes. Jake is flexing them, and they're squeezing Chad's cock."

Chad closed his eyes as Jake's muscular butt rippled slowly, squeezing and relaxing around the teen's thick penis. Chad pushed his torso against Jake's butt, their legs squeezing next to each other. Chad slowly moved his cock back and forth in the crack.

Just as Chad pulled back and seemed ready to position his cock to push inside, he pulled back even farther.

"Oh, shit!" Jake moaned loudly. "Come on dude, I wanna feel that hard cock penetrate my ass!"

"What's this?" Mark said. The audience got louder as Chad moved to the side of the bed. Jake turned towards Chad and scooted his head to the edge. Chad stood in front of Jake's face now, his cock nearly in the muscle stud's face.

"I don't understand," Simms said. "Jake is supposed to act as referee in this session, allowing Chad to only fuck."

"But I don't think Jake is willing to stop this," Mark said excitedly. "He has a lot of leeway here."

Chad stepped closer and Jake moved one hand up and cupped the teen's balls. "Oh, yeah," Jake smiled. "Let me suck on that huge teen cock of yours."

"Look at the arm development of that guy as he holds Chad's testicles in his fingers. His biceps is bulging! It's almost freaky to watch!" Mark said.

"And the size of that gun isn't escaping Chad's notice," Simms said. Indeed, Chad placed his hand on Jake's huge biceps.

Slowly, as he held the teen's balls in his fingers, Jake moved his face forward and began licking Chad's penis head. He wrapped his lips around the teen plumb and swallowed it, moving down the shaft. Chad moaned and closed his eyes. Jake's thick neck thickened even more as his throat received the teenage cock and massaged it.

Chad placed his hands on Jake's traps and pushed slightly. As he did so, the triceps on his 19 inch arms bulged and his muscular teenage body tightened, rippling with pleasure as Jake gently suckled on his cock.

Jake slowly came up and Chad's swollen penis plopped out. It looked ready to burst. Jake moved his body off the bed and stood in front of Chad. He bent over, grabbing his ankles, inviting Chad to enjoy his butt.

Chad didn't have to be asked twice. Immediately his hands pried Jake's muscular ass apart and he pressed his plumb to the hole. He writhed in pleasure as he penetrated Jake, sliding his cock in very very slowly. Jake bent his knees slightly, to allow Chad to go all the way in. Both of them moaned loudly.

"Shit, man," Jake said. "Push it in all the way."

"Ahhh yes," Simms said. "I don't think it's going to take Chad long now. Imagine being a teen muscle stud like Chad and having your cock sitting inside a man built like Jake. I don't think I'd be able to hold off an orgasm for very long at all."

"But look Frank," Mark said. "I think we might need to concern ourselves with Jake right now."

Sure enough, Jake, with Chad's cock firmly inside his rectum, began to straighten up. His muscular body was tight. He stood tall now, with Chad behind him. In seconds, Jake's cock began to spew streams of semen into the air. The two men were about four or five feet away from the glass of the booth, so Jake's cum began to splash onto the glass. He groaned loudly. Long, thick ropes of cum hit the glass, then slowly dribbled down.

No sooner than Jake's orgasm began, it was obvious that Chad was cumming as well. The teenager nearly lifted the huge bodybuilder right off the floor as he began filling his ass with cream. Their bodies jerked together.

My cock, not to be outdone, squirted glob after milky glob onto my abs. I pressed hard, moaning.

As the two musclestuds enjoyed sex together, the announcers told us to stay tuned and we'd be right back for the second half of the show. I hoped I would be able to recover quickly enough to enjoy another orgasm as I watched Rian battle some other super teen stud. •

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