All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, The


By Aaron Strong

The commercials over, the camera showed the stage again. Only Chad, Simms and Mark were there, near the center.

"Well Chad," Simms said, "Rian is back stage resting up for his opponent on the second half of today's show. We want to make it fair for him so we're going to give him about a half hour to cool down before he meets our current challenger. But alas, we need to give you your consolation prize."

Chad smiled, although he looked downhearted to have to bow out of the competition.

Simms looked at Chad's muscular body. "You know Chad, from the looks of your trunks there, I'd say you got a little turned on while you were riding up and down on Rian's back," Simms said. The audience screamed.

Chad looked a little embarrassed, and the camera got a close-up of his trunks. Sure enough, his cock was thick and pointing out towards one leg.

"So, I know if you liked that," Simms continued, "you're going to just LOVE your consolation prize!" With that, a large glass booth began to descend from the ceiling of the stage. Inside was a bed, and standing beside the bed was Jake! More screaming from the crowd.

I couldn't believe where this was going! On TV?

"Chad," Simms said as the audience roared, "your consolation prize is Jake!"

Chad laughed, embarrassed, and he grinned. He liked what he saw. The camera showed Jake, still in his white tank top and trunks, flexing his muscles for Chad.

"Okay Chad," Simms said as the booth rested on the stage, "here's how it will work. We have four envelopes here, and in each one is a card on which is written the manner in which you will be able to enjoy that fantastic muscular body in the booth there. You will select one card and whichever one you choose will determine what you'll get to do to Jake. The four cards read: Give Jake a blow job; Receive a blowjob from Jake; Fuck Jake's ass; Get fucked by Jake."

The crowd was going wild. Chad was grinning from ear to ear, his muscles tensing in anticipation.

What the hell?! How could they show this on TV, let alone say those words?!

"Okay Chad, let's talk about this for a second," Simms said. "Let's look at each of these options. You've watched this program before, so I know you've seen Jake on TV. You ever do any masturbating while watching Jake on the show?"

Chad grinned coyly. Finally he said, "Well, I guess so."

The audience loved it.

"You like looking at Jake's body and wanking on your cock, huh dude?" Simms smiled.

"He's amazing," Chad smiled.

"I know what you mean," Simms said. Okay, the first card says `Give Jake a blow job. You ever fantasize about doing that?"

"Wellll, maybe," Chad grinned.

Jake laughed, letting his head fall back just a bit, accentuating his thick neck.

"You think you'd be able to get all of his cock inside your mouth?"

Chad grinned. "Probably not." He paused, then said "But it would sure be fun trying."

Screams from the audience.

"Well, I have this dildo here Chad," Mark said, pulling out an extra large dildo. "Why don't you take this and walk over to the the outside of that booth and show Jake what you'd do with his dong if you had the chance."

Chad took the dildo and smiled. He walked over to the glass booth and faced Jake. He slowly brought the dildo up to his mouth. He looked at it, studying it. Then he began the most erotic, sensual licking motions on it. He looked right at Jake, slopping his wet tongue all over the dildo, giving the rubber toy a ride. He wrapped his lips around the head and slowly pushed it down his throat.

Jake laughed and really enjoyed the demonstration. The audience went wild.

Chad let the dildo slowly slip in deeper. While he stared at Jake, he pushed it in and then slowly pulled it out, enjoying every inch. In and out, in and out, very slowly. Jake was obviously aroused by Chad's motions, and his cock thickened under his posing trunks. He smiled at Chad and adjusted his trunks. He slipped the tip of his thumb under his trunks and began to probe.

Chad pulled the dildo out and kissed the slit hole. Then he pushed it in just a bit and let his lip wrap around the cut. He sucked it slowly, staring at the huge muscleman in the booth. He pulled it out slowly, and grinned. He winked at Jake, then walked back to Simms and Mark.

"You enjoyed that," Simms said.

Chad smiled.

"You think if you had Jake's cock in your mouth like that you'd be able to make it squirt?"

Chad looked over at Jake again and said "Oh, I think there would be some serious squirting. Squirting like he hasn't done in a long time."

Hoots and cheers arose from the crowd.

"Okay Chad," Simms said. "Now lets consider option number two. How would you feel if the positions were reversed? You think you'd enjoy a blow job by Jake?"

"Oh, yeah," Chad smiled. "I think those lips would fit quite nicely around my stiff teen cock."

"Think he'd be able to jack you off?"

"You bet. He's almost got me going right now, and he hasn't even touched me."

As the studio audience roared their approval, I played with my thick, pulsing cock. Shit, this was HOT TV!

"Okay," Simms said. "The next option is you fucking Jake. Jake, why don't you turn around and bend over for a second. Pull your trunks down and give Chad a look at that muscular ass of yours."

Jake complied, slowly pulling down his white trunks. Shit, his glutes were HOT! I tickled my thick cock dreaming about shoving it up that ass.

The audience went nuts, and Chad walked over to the glass booth. As Jake flexed his glutes, bent over, Chad began pressing his whole body against the glass, pressing his palms flat at about shoulder level. He began rubbing his trunks against the glass, pressing his cock tight against it and writhing his muscular body as he stared at the muscleman on the other side of the glass. Chad's trunks oozed precum, and they left a wet spot on the glass where the teen pressed.

Mark finally had to pull Chad from the glass and the two of them returned to where Simms was standing. Chad's cock was nearly poking out.

"You seem to like the thought of that option, Chad," Simms laughed.

"Oh yeah," Chad said. "I can't imagine anything more fun than slipping my stiff penis up inside that ass and filling it with some major teen semen."

Jake stood up and pulled his trunks up and turned around, facing the three men outside the booth.

"Okay, now for the last option," Simms said. "What do you think about having your ass penetrated by Jake's cock?"

"Awesome," Chad said. "I'm all for it. I know it might be tough for him to get it all in. He looks pretty big. But I'm willing to let him have a go at it. I would love to feel that thing up inside me. And to feel it squirt its juices into my body… That'd be unbelievable."

After the audience finally quieted down a little, Simms held the four sealed envelopes in front of Chad. "Okay, big guy," he said. "Choose an envelope. Inside will be your destiny with Jake."

Chad slowly reached for an envelope. He chose number two. Mark took it from Chad and opened it.

"It says `Fuck Jake's ass.'" Mark smiled.

The audience cheered wildly, Chad grinned, and Jake smiled from ear to ear.

"Go ahead, Chad," Simms said nearly yelling to be heard over the crowd. "He's all yours. That muscular ass is all yours!"

Chad smiled and made his way towards the glass booth.

"You'll have 30 minutes alone with Jake, Chad," Simms said. "Have at it."

Chad and Jake looked at each other through the glass. Then Jake walked over to the glass door and opened it. Chad walked in. Mark walked over and closed the door behind Chad.

"We'll be right back to see the union of Chad and Jake, right after this message," Simms. •

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