All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, The


By Aaron Strong

"Welcome back to the All-American Teen Muscle Challenge! I'm your host, Frank Simms, and this is Mark Richards." The TV showed the two men in a close-up shot, then the view widened to show Rian standing next to them.

"And this is Rian Stockman, from Phoenix," Simms continued. "Rian won the first round of contests against Chad Miller and now Rian goes on to meet our current champion, Dan Roberts."

Rian was wearing a blue tank top again, and his same blue posing trunks. Knowing what Chad had just been doing with Jake, I fantasized about seeing Rian in such a situation. Shit, this promised to be a great second half!

"Just to refresh your memories," Mark said, "Rian is eighteen years old, stands six feet two inches tall, weighs 247 pounds and has a 30 inch waist. His bodyfat is at four per cent, and his arms measure in at just over twenty inches!"

"Now lets bring out our current champion," Simms said. The camera got a shot of the whole stage and the crowd screamed as a guy entered from the top right hand of the stage. He had black hair, and a dimpled smile with perfect white teeth. His neck was thick, and it was immediately obvious that he was very tall.

He wore a yellow tank top and matching trunks, which emphasized his deep, dark tan. My cock immediately rose to full attention at the sight of his musculature. Even under his tank top I could see a thick, pronounced chest. And those shoulders! Shit! They were wide and round. His arms were freakin' mammoth! His vascularity was totally amazing. His definition rivaled that of any pro bodybuilder. He was an orgasm waiting to happen!

"Dan is from Seattle," Mark said. "He just turned eighteen last week, stands six feet five inches tall, weighs in at 273 pounds, has a freakishly slender waist of only 29 inches. His bodyfat registers at an incredible three per cent, and his guns are an amazing twenty-two inches. Dan is our three time champion, and if he defeats Rian today, he will continue on as our four time champion."

"Totally blows you away, doesn't he?" Simms said to Mark as Dan made his way down the platform to the three men at the left. "I don't know where we found a teenager with 22 inch arms and three per cent bodyfat, but Dan Roberts is one incredibly built dude."

"And he not only has the muscle to make women faint and men drool with envy, he has got to have the most drop-dead gorgeous face of any competitor we've seen on this show," Mark said, looking at Dan who by now was standing next to Mark.

The women and men in the audience roared their agreement of Mark's assessment of Dan's great looks. The camera showed his face, and I wanted to cream right then and there.

"Okay Rian," Simms said. "What do you think of your opponent?"

Rian smiled. "Well, he looks like he's going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to walking all over him."

"And Dan, what kind of challenge do you think Rian will pose?"

Dan looked over at Rian, sizing him up. "He's kinda small, don't you think?" His dimpled smile just blew me away. He had a friendly, confident look that I just drove me crazy.

The crowd shook the building.

"Only Dan Roberts could say a 247 pound muscle teen like Rian is `kinda small!'" Mark smiled.

"Okay contestants," Simms said. The second half works just like the first. You'll compete in three contests, and the winner will be today's champion, receiving a fucking fantastic prize. Dan, today's prize will make your previous prizes look like Cracker Jack toy prizes in comparison, and Rian, you also won't believe what's in store for you if you win."

Dan and Rian looked at each other and smiled.

"Okay," Simms continued. "Our first competition will be the iron-man strength contest. It's really quite a simple contest. Dan and Rian please take center stage."

The two teens complied.

"Now," Simms continued. "The two of you will lock hands above your heads. When you hear the signal, the contest will begin. Each of you will try to bring the other guy down to the floor. The teen whose knee touches the floor first will lose this contest. You can bring your hands down and try to wear your opponent out by lifting his wrists back, but the ultimate objective is to push your opponent down to the floor. Contestants please raise your hands above your heads and lock them to your opponents."

The muscle teens obeyed, shifting their feet as they positioned their bodies. Their arms, especially the triceps muscles, bulged as they pressed against each other.

"Contestants ready?" Simms said.

They both nodded.

A bell sounded and the two teens began pushing against each other. The audience cheered. Dan moved Rian backwards a step or two, but Rian came on strong, using his powerful legs to press back. Their arms remained high above them. They both panted and squinted their faces as they fought the force of the other.

"It looks, at first glance," Mark said to Simms, "That Dan is going to have an advantage here. He's just got more height than Rian."

"That's true, Mark," Simms answered. "But I wouldn't write Rian off right away. That blond kid has one of the most powerful bodies I've ever seen. It wouldn't surprise me to have Dan get a little over confident and then have Rian power himself right past."

Their arms move outward. They were in a cross position, then their arms moved downward between their waists. Dan's huge arms bulged as he started to bend Rian's wrists backward. Rian yelled in agony as Dan muscled his wrists. Rian's feet nearly left the floor as Dan lifted him. Rian hissed and stepped forward, knocking Dan slightly off balance.

By sheer brute force, Rian bent his wrists forward, and Dan's back. Rian jerked his body hard, in an effort to force Dan back more.

Shit, their arms and backs were fuckin' awesome. Even under their tank tops you could see the massive lat muscles of each teen bulge as they fought. And the twenty-plus inch arms of each man were nothing short astounding! They rippled with virile strength, and the heavy breathing and hissing of each man made me hotter and hotter!

Dan stretched their arms outward again, and regained the height advantage. Their large muscled arms towered over them once again. Dan began pressing Rian's arms backwards. Rian's face was red with intensity, and he was sweating. His breathing became shorter and harder.

Dan's face was one of determination. He used his long arms and incredible strength to push Rian back and down. Rian's legs began to spread, then bend. Dan poured on the power.

I squeezed my cock gently, and immediately began to cream my abs.

Dan's huge body was dominating Rian's. Rian was being forced lower. The crowd was deafening. Rian looked up into the eyes of his tormentor, and Dan seemed to smile. Dan bit his lip a bit and pushed Rian downward farther. Rian was almost kneeling in front of the bigger teen, in a sort of forced worship.

My cock spewed cum all over. I couldn't believe it. I had never jacked off so many times in such a short amount of time.

Finally, Dan's gargantuan arms bulged in one last push, and Rian's knee touched the floor. A bell rang, and the two contestants separated. Rian's hands dropped to the floor and he remained there, on all fours, panting.

Dan raised his arms in victory, and then tore off his tank top. If I hadn't already started my orgasm, seeing Dan shirtless would surely have started me squirting! Shit! His abs were phenomenal! He hit a most-muscular pose and his traps bulged. Then he put his hands behind his head and hit an ab pose. I started squirting with renewed vigor! He had the most amazing abs I had ever seen! His six pack rippled! He hit a side-biceps pose, sticking both arms out in front of him in the same direction. He looked hotter than Mike Matarazzo! His huge arms made me want to cry. Dan smiled, obviously please with the audience's reaction, and bent his left arm, transforming the biceps muscle from a long, thick slab of beef to a peaked, hard baseball. He grinned. Fuck! He was awesome!

After a few minutes of Dan's victory posing the show broke for a commercial. Once again, I attempted to clean up the mess. I was a little disappointed that I had cum again, because I knew that the best was yet to come.

More commercials. But one of the commercials was a BIG turn-on. It was for some kind of jerk-off cream. It featured that "Big Tim" guy from the "Manhunt" TV show (on UPN). Shit, I love his body! His teeth are so white and straight, and his face is so powerful and gorgeous! I really like his flattop mohawk! His shoulders are unreal, but it's his mammoth arms that completely blow me away. I have no idea where they found this guy. He has a body that could easily be in competition.

Anyway, the commercial showed Big Tim out in the woods. He had his gear from the Manhunt show on, and he was taking it off as he talked. I knew I was going to like this commercial!

"If you're like me," he said in his macho deep marine-type voice, "you just love watching little suburbanites jacking off while they watch you pose for them." He continued taking off his clothes. "I know I do." He continued taking off his gear and clothes, until he was wearing only a white posing strap. He hit a few poses. Shit! I had never seen him with his shirt off. He was so ripped and HUGE! "There's nothing like seeing the eyes of some weak nerd when he gets a load of THIS rock-hard body." He put his hands behind his head and hit an ab pose.

"Well, next time you're posing for some weak little pathetic suburbanite, making him want to shoot his boy semen all over you, hand the kid some of this." Big Tim held up a tube of Lube Cream. "This will give him all the lubrication he needs to wank his cock for hours while he worships your body." Tim reached down and pulled his posing trunks down, slinging the front of them under his balls. His freakin' huge genitals fell out. "But, then I've never been able to get a kid to last more than a few minutes, worshipping THIS body, before he starts squirting all over these hard muscles!" He hit a most muscular pose, then he danced his pecs, long and slow. The camera showed his dimpled face. "Best believe," he smiled. "Big Tim ALWAYS gets his boys to jack off fast. But Lube Cream makes their stiff cocks feel ohhh soooo soft. Especially when their ramming it up my ass!"

The commercial ended with an announcer talking about the benefits of Lube Cream, and it showed Big Tim rubbing it up and down his huge, stiff cock. He was definitely in the foot-long club. He had just a small tuft of neatly trimmed blond pubic hair. His balls were clean-shaven. Shit I loved this ad! I nearly came again, right there!

The commercials over, we returned to the show...

"Welcome back," Simms said. As it stands now, Dan leads Rian in the early going. We're ready for the next competition."

Dan and Rian stood side by side. Dan was only in his skimpy posing trunks, and it was truly a sight to behold. His teen body rippled with masculine muscle. And now I was noticing that his trunks were barely able to contain his teenage manhood! Fuck, that cock was thick and long!

Rian was still in his tank top.

"Rian," Mark said. "We want to allow the maximum amount of flesh-on-flesh contact during this next contest, so would you mind shedding that tank top?

Rian grinned and lifted the tank top off, to the hoots and cheers of the audience. His sculptured body was truly eye-popping. I lathered my cock with lotion as I watched him stand there, muscles bulging in all the right places. His blue trunks were the only fabric on his body now.

"Okay," Simms said. "Our next contest will be pushups. But of course, on the All-American Teen Muscle Challenge, we don't do things the conventional way. THIS pushup competition will be with your opponent lying on your back!"

The crowd screamed.

"Okay, Rian. You're first," Mark said. "Lie down on the floor." Rian stretched out his arms and took the position.

The camera showed Rian's back side. Shit, he was muscled. His upper back rippled with beef, and his lats were wide. His glutes were thick and they also rippled under his trunks. The fabric didn't cover all of this teen's ass, and the camera made no apology for it. The camera quickly changed to Dan's face which was smiling as he admired the ass of his opponent. The camera changed again, and it showed Dan's cock growing in his trunks. He adjusted it with his hand as he watched Rian's muscular body writhe on the floor, assuming the pushup position.

"Okay, Dan," Mark said. "Go ahead an lie on top of Rian. Face down."

As Dan moved over Rian, Mark continued. "Now Dan, if you find the need to untuck that huge cock of yours, you go right ahead. You might even find you're able to distract Rian just a bit with it. I'm sure he'll have a more difficult time doing pushups if you slip that penis inside his trunks and rub it against his ass while he's working!"

The audience loved it.

Dan got to his knees, straddling Rian's legs. Rian's butt was right in front of him. Dan's posing trunks were no longer able to contain his growing dick. He pulled his trunks forward and slung the front of them down under his balls. His cock sprang out and stuck up into the air.

Shit it was HUGE! That thing had to be WELL over a foot long, and had incredible thickness to match! His black pubic hair was trimmed into a neat triangle, and his balls were shaved. His abs rose above his cock, forming a perfect backdrop for the incredible teenage organ. My mouth watered, even though it was wide open in awe. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to touch that thing. It nearly made me double over with desire. It's length and thickness were incredible. He moved his fingertips over his shaft. It looked like it was laced with thousands of veins, popping out and bulging all over. The image of it filled the screen, and they made no attempt to pull away from it any time soon.

Dan cupped his balls and pulled gently on the base of the skin of his shaft. A large drop of precum oozed out his slit hole. The camera panned back, and Dan took the opportunity to drive the audience crazy as he hit a few poses there on his knees, his huge teen cock pointing nearly straight up.

Rian turned around and watched, amazed. Then he turned back to the floor and relaxed.

Finally, Dan leaned forward and pulled at Rian's trunks. He leaned forward more, and stuck his cock inside the leg hole of Rian's trunks as he laid down onto Rian's back. The audience was going nuts.

"This is such a beautiful melding of two teen muscle gods," Mark said. "Just look at all the muscle lying there on the floor. And knowing that Dan's cock is resting inside Rian's briefs. It's almost too much to bear."

"Okay Rian," Simms said. "Are you ready?"

"Ready," Rian said as he laid on the floor, with Dan on top.

"Okay, begin."

Rian pushed hard and raised them both upward. It seemed easy for him. Dan laid still. His huge body was right on top of Rian's, his legs balanced on top of the blond's.

Rian completed the first rep and lowered to touch his chest to the floor. His arms tightened and he raised up again, easily.

He completed ten pushups with no problem. Then twenty. Shit, he was strong.

Somewhere between twenty and thirty, Dan started to flex his butt muscles, wriggling his huge body. I could tell he was trying to move his cock between Rian's glutes. It was so HOT!

"I'm not sure," Mark said, "but I think Dan is pressing his cock between Rian's glutes."

Dan's butt muscles flexed and relaxed in a rhythm that was quite deliberate.

"Look at the muscular development of that kid," Simms said. "And he sure is enjoying the close contact he's having with Rian."

Rian kept doing his pushups, unfazed by Dan's sensual movements on top.

"Looks to me," Mark said, "that Dan is getting pretty turned on."

At that point, Dan's body tightened, and with a big jerk of his torso, Dan began moaning loudly. His body began to twitch and jerk. He buried his face in Rian's neck.

"He's cumming!" Simms said. "He is actually cumming on top of Rian's back!"

Sure enough, the camera got a close-up of their lower torsos, and as Rian continued to push up past 50 reps, a milky, gooey cream began to ooze out from the small of Rian's back, right where Dan's cock pressed. The juice fell down and rolled under, to moisten Rian's abs.

"That might be unfortunate for Dan," Mark said, "given the nature of the final contest between these two. I'm sure Dan will wish he would have saved up his semen when he finds out what the final competition will be."

"Indeed," Simms said. "But we'll just have to wait and see how much of an effect this orgasm has on Dan. Let me tell you, seeing him compete these last three weeks, I have continually been amazed by this kid's resilience and strength. I wouldn't put it past him to be totally unfazed by this. He may well be able to produce much more semen than we're giving him credit for."

I was intrigued by their comments. I wondered what the last competition would be.

Dan's 273 pound body tightened with each jerk. His whole musculature jumped and rippled with each squirt of his cock. It was an incredible sight. Muscle on top of muscle, expressing the most erotic of sexual climax. Dan's legs flexed, and you could see the individual muscle fibers moving, delivering thousands of pulses of power upward, towards his torso, which was bucking and pressing against Rian's ass. Between ejaculations you could see Dan's cock as it snaked its way in and out of the twisted, wet fabric of Rian's trunks, so it was obvious that Dan hadn't penetrated Rian. The blue trunks were sopping, and Dan's white cum gurgled in and around the fabric, even though Dan's head protruded above the top of the trunks and was depositing its milk onto the small of Rian's back.

Dan continued ejaculating and Rian continued his pushups. The blond's pace was slowing, and had become more laborious. Dan's body stopped jerking. Rian kept doing pushups, making it to number 65. Slowly, he continued working at it.

Dan finished his orgasm and Rian started to come to the end of his strength. When all was said and done, Rian completed 74 pushups before collapsing on the floor. Dan slowly stood up, being careful to extract his still-stiff penis from Rian's wet trunks. Rian laid on the floor, exhausted, while Dan stood up and attempted to clean himself off. He squeezed the last bit of cum up his shaft with his thumb and forefinger, then made a vain attempt to pull the front of his trunks up from their position beneath his hairless balls and cover his gigantic cock. It didn't cover much. Even forcing his penis to one side didn't work real well. It was so thick that the small amount of fabric reserved for the hips of the trunks only served to cover a small amount of the center of the shaft.

"We'll be right back after these messages," Simms said, and the TV broke for commercials.

I had successfully held off another orgasm by burying my hands behind my back, and forcing myself to keep them there. It was incredibly difficult. Despite cumming three times in the last hour or so, I was indeed ready to go again, watching that muscleshow. A fact to which my painfully throbbing cock dutifully attested.

"Okay, we're back," Simms said. "Now it's time for Dan to do his pushups. Dan please assume the position."

Dan got down on his knees, then slowly laid down on the floor, spreading his hands outward, sticking his elbows in the air as he readied himself for pushups.

The camera showed a tired, yet fantastic-looking Rian. He got down on his knees and straddled Dan's legs.

"Okay Rian," Mark said. "Go ahead and lie down on top of Dan's body. You can use whatever tactic you feel necessary to impede his progress."

As he kneeled above Dan's muscular back, Rian seemed to be filled with energy. His facial expression definitely gave away the fact that he liked what he saw. He bent forward and lied down on top of Dan. He turned his face to one side, resting it on the back of Dan's neck. As the camera showed their whole bodies, lying there, you could see how wet and cum-stained the back of Rian's trunks were.

"All right," Simms said. "Dan, you may begin."

Dan pushed up with ease, and the crowd cheered as he continued.

"I don't know which sight I like better, Dan on the top or Rian on the top," Mark said. "These two guys are walking boners waiting to happen!"

I had to agree. I kept my hands under my butt as I laid there, watching the show with my exposed cock spewing a long steady dribble of precum onto my ab muscles.

Dan's pace was strong. He made it look like it was child's play.

Rian started to pull down his trunks, exposing his butt. As the audience went nuts, Rian started to shimmy down Dan's trunks as well.

The blond's cock was clearly visible during some of the up and down movement of Dan's pushups. Rian was totally erect.

Dan reached number 50 easily, and kept on going.

"Just look at the power in those arms," Mark said. "That is one STRONG dude."

Rian reached down, around Dan's torso, and began fondling Dan's half-erect cock. A close-up of Dan's face showed that Rian's touch was quite distracting indeed. The crowd got louder and louder as the camera showed Rian's hand gently touching and caressing the massive cock of the champion. It was also obvious by Rian's expression that he was awestruck by the size of Dan's cock.

Dan was grinning as he continued the pushups. He was having a hard time concentrating. His cock was reaching full erection again, thanks to Rian's seductive touch.

Up and down their bodies went, thanks to Dan's powerful arms and chest muscles which contracted and expanded in strict rhythm to raise and lower the two teen hunks.

Dan started to slow down just a bit when he reached number 70, but it was obvious that with only four reps to go in order to beat Rian's record, he was going to have no problem winning this competition.

Number 74 came and went, and Dan continued on. The crowd was very loud. Rian remained on Dan's back, stroking him. Dan passed 80, and slowed. Then 90. Slower still. Dan was panting loudly. His arms and face were taking on a slight red color. Those massive arms began to shake. Ninety-seven. Slowly, he kept pushing, towards 100. Ninety-eight.

Rian didn't move.

Ninety-nine. Dan yelled out and hissed as his thick, muscled arms straightened, wobbling. One hundred. Dan collapsed on the floor and Rian stood up, his boner flat against his abs. It was obvious he didn't really want to get up. The sensation of lying on top of all that rippling, shaking strength had nearly brought Rian to climax.

Dan rested only for a few seconds on the floor, his left cheek on the stage. Then, his muscled, pumped body stood up and he hit a few victory poses, to the delight of the studio audience, and Rian. Dan looked over at the blond and took a few steps toward him. He embraced Rian, and began kissing him. Rian didn't resist. As the two muscleteens enjoyed each other, the show broke for another commercial. "We'll be right back for the final competition." •

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