Mike (2002)


By waynoh

Standing in the stall of the shower our wet bodies glistened in the light. Our soapy hands kneaded and caressed each others arms, shoulders, chest and stomach. My @#%$ was stiff again and would bounce and bump against Mikes hard-on. His dick was longer than mine by half an inch, and a bit thicker. Gazing down at it made me yearn to take it in my mouth and suck on it. I took the heavy throbbing boner in my right hand and gently squeezed and stroked it. Mike moaned and took my face in both his hands, leaned forward and covered my lips with his. His tongue stabbed in and out of my mouth and I sucked furiously on it, not wanting the kiss to end. With the same passion he, in turn, drew my probing tongue into his mouth. I started jacking his dick and he began @#%$ my fist at the same time. I slid my left hand around his waist, guiding it towards his gorgeous ass. Placing that hand on one cheek of his hard, round butt, I squeezed the muscle as it flexed with each thrust of his hard prick into my other hand. My thumb found the crack between the smooth, muscular globes of that fine ass, feeling as if it would be crushed with each stroke of his fat @#%$ in my right fist. My fingers gripped the unyielding flesh of both his flexing butt and his steel @#%$ at the same time.

He broke our kiss and spoke in a low tone. "You ever had a blow job before?"

"No," I whispered.

He said, "My old girlfriend used to blow me. It feels great. Iíd love to feel your hot mouth giving me a blow job."

His lips were on mine again and he @#%$ his dick in and out of my fist. Suddenly, he pulled away from me and leaned back against the shower stall. His lustful eyes narrowed as he looked into mine and said, "Please, Jeff. You gotta suck my dick. I want you to suck me so bad, dude." I looked down at his @#%$ as he slowly stroked it with his left hand, holding it like his tennis racket. The muscles in his arm rippled and his hot legs quivered with tension. I looked back into his deep blue eyes and he said, "Please?" I dropped to my knees in front of him. The spray of the shower hit his chest and cascaded down his washboard stomach. The strip of the soft white flesh of his hips contrasting with the bronze color of his legs and torso seemed to help guide me to where we both wanted me to be. He let go of his dick and looked down at me with a serious and pleading gaze. I placed my hands on his quads which felt like granite covered with a thin layer of hot flesh. His penis looked huge to me from this angle and I studied the head as it bobbed up and down, luring me in. It looked as if Mikeís hips, lower abs and obliques where having to strain to hold up the weight of his heavy member. What really grabbed my attention was how the shaft from above looked as if it thickened at the center, yet from the side it looked even thicker at the base. His balls were something to behold. Mine are each the size of a golf ball, but Mikeís were much larger, easily the size of two chicken eggs in a strong, hairless sack. As I moved my face closer to his big @#%$, I sensed Mike holding his breath. Without hesitating further, I opened my mouth wide and took the head of his dick into my mouth.

The head felt spongy and hot as I slid my lips down his thick shaft. I got about an inch and a half in my mouth when I sucked it and rubbed my tongue along the bottom of his @#%$. "Oh, @#%$ yeah," Mike moaned. "Yeah, suck my dick." I started to bob my head up and down on his hard prick, taking in a bit more each time. Mike began to meet my face by thrusting forward each time I went down on him, the fleshy head of his @#%$ hitting the entrance to my throat, the shaft stretching my lips further. He ran his fingers through my wet hair and steadied my head each time he guided his dick into my mouth. I took one hand and gently played with his nuts which had tightened and drew up closer to his @#%$. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Suddenly, I felt his dick swell bigger against my suctioning lips, becoming even harder like a steel pipe. My tongue felt a subtle vibration in the shaft and Mike let out a long, low moan. I wasnít sure what was happening until his @#%$ throbbed violently and the first jet of cum shot into the back of my throat. My head was swimming with lust before I realized that this was Mike cumming in my mouth. His @#%$ continued to strain and jerk as the second and third volley coated my tonsils. I pulled my mouth off his boner just as the fourth and fifth shots strafed my nose and cheek. His amazing @#%$ continued to spasm and shoot quite a few more times while, without thinking, I swallowed his load in my mouth. Although it was hot and salty, it tasted good to me and I was glad it happened.

Mike pulled me up into his arms as his orgasm subsided and spun me around so that the spray could wash his come from my face and neck. He slipped his strong arms around my chest and cupped my pecs with his warm hands. I felt his own hard chest pressed against my back and his still-throbbing dick sliding into the crack of my ass. He nuzzled my neck with his lips, sending a chill through my body, and then whispered in my ear, "That was @#%$ great. Letís dry off."

My dick was still raging hard after we toweled off and headed back to Mikeís room. Mike pointed to the right side of the bed and said, "You take that side." He hit the light switch and we slipped into his bed in the dark. We laid still for a few minutes without a word being said. The light from the full moon streaked in through the window. In the pale light, I could see Mike laying next to me. Thinking about what had just happened in the shower Ė sucking Mikeís dick and having him cum in my mouth and on my face Ė had me majorly horny. I thought I would wait until he fell asleep and then I would jack off. Although I wasnít complaining, it felt strange to me that Mike would just have me suck his dick, cum in my mouth, and then leave me with a raging boner. That thought disappeared instantly when I heard a slight motion from Mike and felt his hand find its way around my dick.

"Did you want to come?" he asked.

"Yeah, dude," I replied.

Mike flipped the covers back and before I knew what was happening, I felt him lay his side across my waist and felt his mouth on my @#%$. "Oh my God!" I gasped. I had never felt anything like this. His mouth was hot and wet and sucked furiously on my boner. I ran one hand over his silky smooth back and placed the other on his head, which was bobbing up and down on my prick. He couldnít have been at it for more than thirty seconds when I new I was going to come. Just then I felt one of his hands move between my legs and he pressed a finger against my butt hole. "Oh, @#%$!" I cried. I blew like a volcano and Mike pushed his mouth down further onto my shaft. His finger rubbed and pressed against my tight hole. Wad after wad of my hot cum shot into his mouth and I could tell he was swallowing every drop. My body strained and shook, the bed creaking with the force of my ejaculation. As my orgasm subsided, Mike moved up next to me, smiled and said, "Damn. That was fast." With that, he planted his mouth firmly on mine and we kissed for a long time. I felt his strong body moving against mine and noticed he was hard again. His hot dick rubbed against my hip as we continued making out and exploring each other.

Then it happened. Totally by surprise, my stomach let out a loud growl. Mike busted out laughing, accidentally biting my lower lip. "Oh @#%$," he laughed. "Iím sorry. Iím so sorry. I couldnít help it." It was hard to take him seriously because he was laughing so hard. Of course, I started laughing, too. Finally, he confessed that he completely forgot about food once we had ended up in his room after our first shower. It was certainly the farthest thing from my mind until my stomach caught our attention. Mike flipped the light on and said, "Címon. Letís go and forage for some food."

With that, he bounded out of the bedroom. That sight of his naked body, cute butt and bobbing dick burned a lasting imprint on my memory. •

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