Mike (2002)


By waynoh

We sat together on a bench near the pool in the backyard, eating cold spaghetti that Mike had found in the refrigerator. The air was warm and the light from the pool and the full moon bathed our naked bodies in a soft glow. It seemed later than it was when Mike told me it was only ten o’clock. It was ages ago when I picked Mike up this morning, met David and his girlfriend at the school, drove to Los Angeles for the tournament and ended up back here to have my fantasies fulfilled with this blond god sitting next to me. I lived a lifetime in those sixteen hours. And yet, it all passed so quickly. I hoped there would be more to come.

We continued talking about the day, friends at school, these few months before summer break, what we might expect during our senior year. The warmth of the desert air wrapped around us like an old familiar blanket. The quiet stillness of our small town at night could be disconcerting at times. But, tonight it felt peaceful.

The sound of a car pulling up to the front of the house broke my calm as I looked at Mike with a surprised, concerned look on my face. "I thought your parents were away for the weekend," I whispered.

"That’s John," Mike said. "His date must have ended early, unless he brought her back here. If he brought her here, it means we won’t be getting much sleep tonight. He’s pretty loud and his girlfriend is a ‘screamer.’ Well… if you ever saw his dick, you’d know why."

"Why?" I asked.

"Duh… I don’t know. Because, he’s hung like a fuckin’ donkey, ya idiot."

We both busted out laughing. We could hear doors opening and closing, and movement throughout the house, but John never came out back. I was relieved. John was a big guy and he always wore a stern, "don’t @#%$ with me" look on his face. He was a complete contrast to Mike. I looked more like Mike’s brother than John did.

John was about an inch or two shorter than Mike, even though he was older. He had light brown hair, dark features, kind of a round face, and brown eyes that would shoot through you. He lifted weights constantly, played on the varsity football team in the fall and wrestled in the spring. Although not massive, he could easily compete as a bodybuilder. His athletic prowess earned him a football scholarship at USC. He turned nineteen last week, which I thought was a bit old to be a senior in high school. Mike explained that John had failed a grade in junior high and had to repeat the year. He said that John would probably never have graduated from high school if he hadn’t become a "star" in football, and had to keep his grades up for the scholarship. The head coach had apparently been very helpful and supportive to John over the past few years.

You almost had to question whether there was some infidelity with their mom given the difference in features between John and Mike. Mike had a more angular face with cool blue eyes you could swim in. His blond hair would bleach out after an afternoon in the sun. His eyebrows and the dusting of hair on his lower arms and legs would almost turn white, shimmering against his golden skin. And, his face was warm and inviting, and would light up with a smile that would melt my heart. But, his physical beauty was only the wrapping over the real beauty of who he was. And, man, was I in love with him.

The house grew quiet as John settled in his room. Mike and I, having finished devouring the leftover spaghetti, slipped into the pool and glided through the water. The sensation of the cool water flowing over my nakedness was new, refreshing and very stimulating. Mike had disappeared from the surface of the pool. I quickly found the dark shape of his body silhouetted against the pool light as he moved swiftly underwater towards me. We met in the middle where he surfaced, wrapping his strong arms around my waist and pulling our naked bodies together. I placed my hands on his rounded shoulders as he pressed his lips against mine. I jerked my head back, pushing on his unyielding muscles, gasping.

"Jesus, @#%$!" I hissed. "Your brother might see us!"

"Relax, knucklehead."

He pulled me tighter against him. I could feel his @#%$ growing between my legs. As I slipped my arms around his broad shoulders, his voice deepened, almost purred as he whispered in my ear.

"John’s asleep by now and nothing wakes him up."

Mike’s strong hands slid down to my ass cheeks and squeezed them as he continued, "Besides. I couldn’t keep my hands off of you any longer." With that, he french-kissed my ear sending shocks of sensations all through my body. I melted into his embrace and let out a loud groan. His dick grew longer and harder.

"I think I’m getting a cramp between my legs," Mike growled.

"It feels like it’s between my legs," I quipped. "That’s what you get for swimming too soon after eating."

We both laughed. My own raging hard-on was mashed into his lower abs. He lifted me slightly and moved me to the side of the pool. We reluctantly parted our embrace and as I pulled myself up the steps, he lunged up and kissed my left butt cheek. I jumped up onto the deck and spun around laughing. As he pulled himself up out of the water, my laughter was replaced by stunned silence. The heaviness of his boner made it bounce and sway with each step up the ladder. Deep cuts in his legs accentuated the strong muscles that lifted him as he climbed. The veins in his forearms and biceps popped as he gripped the rails. I wasn’t sure if it was the chill of the water or the sight of Mike that caused me to shiver.

He grabbed my hand as he passed and pulled me over to the small shed that kept pool supplies and water toys. He handed me a towel and we took our time drying off while our eyes took in each others smooth nakedness. The desert air, the towels and our sweeping gazes quickly helped to bring the warmth back to our strong bodies. With our towels wrapped around our shoulders, Mike took my hand again and led me back into the house, up the stairs and into his room. As he quietly shut the door, I slipped under the covers of his bed. The warm glow of the desk lamp cast deep shadows in the contours of Mike’s hot body. The ripples in his back danced as he locked the bedroom door. His abs seemed more defined, his pecs more full as he moved to the lamp, switching it off. The silver light from the midnight moon pierced the room and swept across the bed.

Mike moved in under the covers and cuddled up next to me. We shifted and maneuvered as our limbs intertwined. The naked warmth of our muscular bodies pressing together brought moans from the both of us. Mike’s experience with his girlfriend was an advantage, as it turns out. This weekend marked my first sexual experiences, so I was content to follow his lead. And, what a leader and lover he was.

We kissed deeply for quite some time. While doing so, Mike’s hands gently rubbed, squeezed and moved my body into a more passive position. His left arm was wrapped tightly around the back of my neck, while his callused hand gently squeezed my shoulder causing his bicep to bounce and flex under my ear. His right arm wrapped around my side and glided his hand up and down my sweeping back. With each downward caress he took in more and more of my hard round ass, lingering there a little longer each time. Finally, he was content to keep it there where he squeezed, groped and kneaded the round, smooth cheeks of my firm butt. It wasn’t long before Mike’s fingers began to explore the deep divide between my muscular ass, and whenever a finger brushed my tight little hole, I would moan and grind into him. His hand moved lower and pulled my left leg up around his small waist. His hand returned to my ass and he began to grind his hips into me more firmly. Although it seemed impossible, our kisses became deeper, our breathing grew heavier, our moans rose louder.

Mike shifted his weight subtly and his steel-hard rod slipped up under my nuts and into the crack of my ass. His right hand pressed the shaft of his prick deep into the crevice of my cheeks and began to thrust back and forth with his hips. He slid that monster along the valley between the two mounds of butt muscle, the head pausing at my hole before rubbing the entire shaft against it. I drew my leg up higher around Mike’s waist, my arms grabbed onto his broad back, and I squeezed him tighter against me. He pulled his tongue from my mouth and began kissing my neck, while continuing to grind his big @#%$ in the crack of my ass. My own swollen boner pressed and drooled against Mike’s crunching lower belly. He was moaning deeply when I thought I heard him say, "I wanna @#%$…"

Our rhythm slowed and I was silent, trying to compute what I thought I heard Mike say. Then he looked into my eyes and stopped moving. "Jeff, I wanna @#%$…" he said. His voice sounded almost like a plea, but coated with lust. "I wanna @#%$ you."

My head was swimming. I knew what he meant, but the full ramifications didn’t seem to set in immediately. Did he really mean that he wanted to put that huge dick of his inside me? To do me like he used to do his girlfriend? The thought of Mike thrusting into me had a miraculous effect as my butt hole instantly relaxed. At that moment, I knew I wanted it. And, I wanted it bad. I would take all of him inside me if I could.

"Please, Jeff," I heard him whisper. "Let me @#%$ you." •

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