Mike (2002)


By waynoh

Mike was the first guy I really fell in love with. At sixteen years old, I wasnít sure what love was, but I knew that Mike would be the guy with whom I could spend the rest of my life. He and I played on the varsity tennis team for our high school. He was our number one player and I loved watching him. I played number one doubles with David, and we were having quite an impressive season; undefeated. Mike had only lost one match and the team was sure to make all-state again this year.

I met Mike in our sophomore year when I joined the tennis team. He and I became friends mostly because he loved my sense of humor. I was more than happy to try to find new things to get him to laugh. His whole face would light up and his beautiful blue eyes would sparkle. The one afternoon when he came late to practice Ė he was never late Ė was the first time I felt my stomach flip. He approached the courts wearing nothing but his white shorts. I donít know why I hadnít had the opportunity to see him in some state of undress before, but this was the first time Iíd seen him without his shirt. His skin was a deep golden brown, accented by the brightness of his shorts. His chest was well-developed, smooth, with quarter-sized nipples that seemed to beckon my mouth. His abs rippled as he struggled to pull his socks and shoes on while standing. He looked over at me as he entered the courts and gave me a wink and grinned. "Hey, Jeff," he nodded. I felt as if everyone else disappeared as he moved to court one, slipping his shirt on. God, I wanted him.

Now in our junior year, Mikeís body had developed to be even more muscular, yet he was still long and lean. He and I were wearing our hair longer, which didnít make the coach that happy. I was perfectly fine with it. His blond hair framed his cute face and the hair on his legs seemed to shimmer in the sun. Of course, I seized every opportunity to catch glimpses of him in the locker room. The contrast between his bronzed torso and legs, and his milky white butt was staggering. The dark blond bush around his ample dick was something to behold.

Many people mistook us for brothers as we shared the same features: blond hair, blue eyes, tanned, six-feet tall. In the mornings, he would spend time with me before first period talking about all kinds of bullshit, and then he would just laugh at some stupid thing I would say. I looked forward to that morning ritual and wished that we could spend even more time together.

In April, our coach sent Mike as our number one singles player, and David and I as the number one doubles team, to an invitational tournament in Los Angeles on one Saturday. We decided I would drive since I had the biggest car, and so that David could bring his girlfriend. It was a long day and David and I lost in the third round of the "one set matches." We were not happy. Mike had made it to the semi-finals before he was defeated in a close match. As we started the long drive home, David and his girlfriend spent most of the time making out in the back seat. Mike and I thought that was pretty funny and I would slow down next to eighteen-wheelers to give the drivers a good show. David would get pissed off and that would only make Mike and I laugh even harder. Mike kept placing his hand on my bare leg, pushing it down on the accelerator to catch the next truck. Each time I felt the strong grip of his hand on my leg, my heart would speed up and my dick would start to swell.

After dropping David and his girlfriend off at the school parking lot, I drove Mike back to his house. He asked me if I wanted to come in for a while. Not wanting the day to end, I agreed and we jogged up the steps to the front door. After all of this time, I had never been in Mikeís house. He lived in a nice neighborhood and my parents made it clear to me to stay away from the area. They were afraid I might get into some kind of trouble, like I was a @#%$ hoodlum or something. With the sun already set, it was dark in the house. "I guess my brotherís not home," Mike said. I was glad to hear it. His brother intimidated me a lot. He was massive and was trying to be a bodybuilder or something. Muscles for days. But, he was nowhere near as good looking as Mike. "Dude, Iím going to take a shower," Mike said. "You can use the shower in my parentís bathroom. Theyíre gone for the weekend." He threw a towel at me, pointed the way, and was off down the hall to the other bathroom.

After I showered and dried off, I wrapped the towel around my waist, picked up my tennis clothes, and took a quick glance in the full-length mirror. I thought to myself that Mike and I could be brothers except that he was a bit more muscular than I was. My upper body was completely smooth, tanned and defined. My legs were muscular, and covered with soft blond hair. The only other difference between Mike and I was that the hair on my head was curly and his was straight. My nose and cheeks showed a little red from being in the sun all day. Or, was it because I was thinking about Mike.

I could hear music coming from down the hall, so I followed the sound and found my way to Mikeís room. He was laying on his bed wearing just a pair of boxers. "Hey," he said. "Now that youíre all clean, why donít you call your parents and tell Ďem youíre going to stay over tonight?" Trying to be real casual, I sat on the bed where he handed me the phone. I placed the call home and told my mom where I was and that I would be home tomorrow. Fortunately, she didnít bitch too much and finally told me to try not to get in the way. I could really hate her sometimes. Mike sat next to me the whole time. With permission granted from home, Mike and I talked about the events of the day. He and I thought about David and his girlfriend again, and we laid back across the bed and just kept laughing. Each laugh brought my gaze sweeping across his smooth body to see his abs crunch up and ripple, his broad pecs expand and the veins bulging out of his neck.

After we calmed down, he was looking at me kind of strange. He said, "You know, we could be brothers. We have a lot of the same features." He reached over and rubbed the back of his fingers against one of my nipples. I jerked a little and sort of gave a nervous laugh. "Oh, so youíre ticklish," he grinned. "No," I demanded. "Yes, you are!" he said, and lunged at me. I quickly found myself on my back with him straddling my hips. His hands were poking and grabbing my stomach, trying to get past my defending hands. I was laughing so hard and yelling for him to stop. It just made him more determined. I could feel my towel come undone as his ass squirmed across my hips. Finally, when he realized I could hardly breathe anymore, he raised his hands in the air and declared a truce. We both continued to laugh for a few moments. When I realized he had stopped laughing, I saw his eyes gazing over my chest and up and down my abs. I took the opportunity to take in his beautiful body Ė the round, firm pecs, the washboard abs, the veins in his arms, his hands resting on his muscular quads. I suddenly realized that my dick was starting to harden. Even though it was still under the towel, I was certain he would notice and might freak as it grew under his hard butt.

Instead, he slowly moved his hands from his legs and placed the palms lightly on my smooth chest. I could feel the calluses in his left hand from his years of holding a racquet. They felt hard as they lightly brushed across my pecs. He used the fingers of his right hand to tease and pull at my left tit. I was barely breathing as I watched his hands squeeze and play with my chest and nipples. I laid motionless for the longest time before I realized that I wanted to touch him. My heart pounded as I slowly brought my hands up onto the tops of his thighs and began to feel the hot skin, the steel muscle, and the soft hair of his upper legs. It was then I noticed the front of his boxers had become a tent. It was at that same time I felt my own @#%$ straining under the weight of Mike sitting on top of me. I knew that the minute Mike sat up, my dick would snap to itís full seven-and-a-half inches.

Mikeís fingertips trailed lightly up and down my stomach, tracing the contours of my abs. Only this time, it didnít tickle. My hands left his thighs and reached to feel his powerful chest. As his hands moved up and down my waist, I felt his pecs ripple under my palms. Our breathing had become more labored as we entered the next phase of our exploration. I looked up at his face and saw the seriousness of his expression as he continued to run his hands over my chest and abs. And then, he looked into my eyes. Placing each of his hands on the bed right next to my chest, he leaned forward and lifted his weight off of my hips. I felt my dick spring to its straight steeliness, but still undercover of the loosened towel. I wasnít sure what he was going to do next. Was he going to yell at me and tell me to get the @#%$ out? I had fantasized about something like this happening between us for so long that I figured this was too good to believe. But, it became much more than anything I had ever imagined.

I felt his legs move between mine. I instinctively spread them a little to allow him some room. Never taking my gaze from his steel blue eyes, I continued to squeeze and fondle his pecs. Leaning a little to the side, he used one hand to flip away the remaining layer of towel covering my narrow waist. I was now completely naked, my raging hard-on completely exposed, and I was completely in his power. With the same hand, he quickly struggled out of his boxers, working them down his legs. Daring not to take my eyes from his, I could only hope that he was as excited as I was. His free hand returned to share the support of his weight as I felt his legs move lower between mine, while sensing the intense heat radiating from his naked body. I took in a quick breath as I felt his rock hard @#%$ maneuver next to mine, his balls dangling over my churning nuts, his hard lower belly pressing against mine. I heard a faint, deep moan from Mike as he lightly ground his hips into mine. I ran my hands up from his chest, over his shoulders and reached my arms up around his neck. I pulled him down towards me. As he slowly let the weight of his body cover me, his lips pressed against mine. A second later, his tongue pushed past my lips and sank deep into my mouth. We both started to moan and were completely lost in the moment. We continued to grind our hips together, our hard cocks rubbing side by side against our bellies. I drew my muscular legs up and wrapped them tightly around Mikeís waist. I could feel his hard butt flexing under the heels of my feet. It was too much for me to bear. "Oh God, Mike!" I groaned. I clamped my mouth on his and drew his tongue deeper into my mouth as my dick began to unload. My whole body shook as my orgasm rocked the two of us. My hot cum was painting Mikeís lower belly and oozing down on to mine. I felt Mikeís body tense up and he let out a deep guttural moan as his prick turned to steel and then violently throbbed against me. I felt his thick, hot load burn against my skin as he came. Our two cocks continued to shoot and eventually slow down to a few lagging oozes. Our lips parted and he sagged on top of me for a long while. I slowly ran my hands over his broad back, content to lay there with this blond Adonis on top of me for all eternity.

After a while, Mike said, "Damn, Jeff. Iíve never done anything like that before. Not with a guy, I mean." I knew that he had had sex with his former girlfriend, he had talked about it enough. "Nothing like this has ever happened to me before," I said. Then Mike said, "Letís hit the shower. Iíll do your back if youíll do mine." •

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