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I have a close friend that is a girl (lisa) who I have known for quite some time now. During our senior year of high school, (2 years ago) she had a boyfriend (jon)that was from the town next door. He didn't go to our school so i have never met him before. I first met him at a football game, it was cold so he was wearing a hoody. He appeared to be pretty small, possible 5'8" and maybe 140lbs. This was my senior year, i was 5'10" 150lb. Of course i sized him up when i first met him, but I really didn't think much about bc he didn't appear to be that built. After the game i invited him and my friend over to my house to hang out. They said they could stop by, but not for long. They stop by and he keeps his hoody on for there entire stay of about 15mins, however when we were standing in my kitchen talking my friend (about 5'6" 110lb) was leaning on him and he lifts her off the ground. Several thoughts were going through my head as he did it: Was that easier to do than i thought? or Was it harder and that would make him a lot stronger than i thought. Anyways, i didn't see to much of him for the rest of the fall and into the beginning of winter. During xmas vacation one of my friends had a party. It wasn't anything to major, just a few of us . Billy, my friend and the host brought out the game twister. Surprisingly everyone wanted to play it. In the first round there was Me, billy, lisa, jon, and another girl sarah. There were two others that sat out this round. We all get out pretty quickly and Jon says "its to hard bc there are to many of us," out of the blue he adds "so bart how about the two of us go by ourselves." I thought it was weird cause we barely knew each other. So we get ready, he takes of his sweater right before we go, everyone was watching us so i didn't want to stare or really look at him. But i did notice that he had a tight white t-shirt underneath it. And what it looked like he was jacked. I was getting nervous now, just knowing that I was going to be inclose body contact with him. So we start the game, it fairly easy seems how there are only two of us. After a few minutes we start to get intertangled a bit, and he starts to push me with his body so i would fall over. So i try to push him back, nobody else could notice it so it went on through out the game. It was getting boring after a while, so i gave him a harder push to really knock him over. This time when I hit him i could feel his tighten muscles all over. He was jacked so he was able to resist me. Now he tried harder and I got knocked right over. I called him out on cheating but he insisted i started it. Now that we were done i got a better look at him. You could see his pecs in his shirt, they didnt jump out but they were noticeable. And his arms looked normal until he would bend them and the bicep would pop right out. He put his sweater back on so my show was over. My friend wasn't feeling that good so she left, Jon wanted to go with her, but she insisted that he stayed. Jon didn't have a car so i offered him a ride home. So lisa left, and shortly after other people started leaving so Jon and i left too. As we were driving to his house i commented on how it is still early, it was only 10 on a fridaynight. He asks "well if u want to come in we could watch a little of david lettermen, theres nothing else to do." I couldn't believe it, i wasn't even hinting on anytihng like that. I said yes. We get to his house and his parent are gone to bed, he brings me to his cellar were his room is and a tv. I notice a weight bench too, i said while looking at it "I really need to start working out." Jon feels my right unflexed bicep and says "you seem pretty strong to me." I laughed. He said "don't laugh, lets try armwrestling and then i will let you know how strong you are." I agreed to try, so we sit down at down at a table he had and lock arms. He had a pretty strong grip, we were both wearing sweaters still so we couldn't see each others arms and compare, i could only imagine his huge bicep flexed underneath. Anyways we start off and we both don't budge, I was amazed that i could hold him for that long, I could feel him weaken and i slowly was able to out muscle him. I had him down a quarter of the way when he said "ok, i see how strong you are now." And he pulls my arm effortlessly to the middle point and straight down to the table. I couldn't believe it, just when i felt i might have had him. I should have known all the time that he was playing me, the muscles I saw on his arms earlier, didnt even compare to mine. He says lets try left handed, he takes and sweater off and insists that i do too. We lock up and this time i can see his left bicep out. Just with his armed bent his bicep pops right out of the arm. Mine just sagged there. We started and once he added pressure against my arm his forearms were flexed, they were so roughed looking and his bicep peeked even more and had the sleeve to his t-shirt strectched. I hear a younger voice from the top of the stars yell "jon are you home" and jon said yes, come on down if you want too. Jon tells me (as he finishes me off) "its my younger brother, he's 15 and is pretty cool, the weight bench is actually his, I go to the gym. He usually waits for me to come home and spot him, so thats most likely why he is coming down here." I couldn't wait to see what his brother looked like... •

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