Jon's Story

By Jockzilla

It started out as a normal afternoon for me... but who would know after that day my life, and the lives of thousands of others would be changed forever. I got home from college just before Christmas. Final exams went well, and I was looking forward to spending a month with friends and family. Christmas and the New Year flew by so fast I could hardly believe it. I only had three weeks left, so I wanted to have as much fun as possible.

I called a friend Friday night to see if there was anything good going on, but there was nothing happening. No good bands were around, all the restaurants sucked, and all my friends had other plans. I decided to head back to my old high school to check out if there were any good basketball games going on. Luckily, the men's basketball team had a game that night, so I decided to get a ticket to go watch. Having been out of high school three years, I didn't know many kids anymore. I didn't expect to bump into anyone I knew. I grabbed a seat on the bleachers, hoping to see a good game.

The student announcer made the normal introductions. He gave the starting line-up for the opposing team, who didn't seem very intimidating. Then he started with the lineup for the home team. I didn't recognize any names or faces at first, but then I noticed something extraordinary. Amongst the players was a kid who must have been huge! The guy had to be a foot taller than almost everyone else! They announced him, and it turned out to be a kid I knew! Jon was a freshman when I was a senior, but I bumped into him at the gym a couple times. He was a lanky kid, but was pretty cool. He was about 6-3 when he was a freshman, but I was shocked to hear that he was now over seven feet tall! He was a senior now, and he was fucking massive! Not only had he grown incredibly, but also he had gotten himself some bulk to go along with his size! I couldn't believe my eyes!

The game started after a nice little boy sang a slightly butchered version of the national anthem. The crowed roared as the home-team got the ball off the tip-off, because of Jon's effort. The game went well, with our team scoring a good number of points, but the other team turned out to be a little tougher than I estimated. By half-time the other team was ahead by five points! I could tell our team was frustrated. What was very obvious was that except for Jon and two other players, the whole team really didn't have a clue. They kept turning over the ball, and getting into foul trouble.

After the cheerleaders had their chance to be obnoxious, the teams came out and got ready for the second half. From the attitude of some of the kids in the crowd, the outlook wasn't good. I learned that our team had a horrible record, and usually never was able to pull ahead if they were losing by half time. I felt bad for our team. I really felt bad for Jon, because I could see that he had lots of potential as a player, but if he was on a team that didn't have what it took to win, he wouldn't get that many chances to perform on the college level in a big university. What was even worse is that a scout from one of the PAC-10 schools was there to see him play!!!!

Just before the buzzer sounded, I glanced over at Jon, who sat in his chair staring angrily at the ground and his size 21 Nikes. Just then this other kid, Mark, came running in and went up to Jon. I remembered him from a math class of mine, easily sailing through as a freshman what I struggled with as a senior. Jon seemed to be very angry with him and yelled at him for a bit, then he gave Jon a few vials of a strange orange liquid, which looked like orange juice. They were big enough to hold a couple tablespoons of liquid, but they looked like something from a science lab! To my surprise, Jon uncorked the cap on one of them, looked around to see if anyone was watching, and downed the whole thing! He tucked the rest of the vials in his duffel bag.

The first thoughts that ran through my head were that he had become some kind of junkie on some weird new drug or steroid. I decided to let it go at first. The game restarted and Jon seemed to be playing even better than ever so I was happy for him and our team. We still hadn't caught up at the start of the final quarter and things looked hopeless. I saw Jon go back to his chair and grab a bunch of the vials and drink them all tossing the empties back in his bag.

I decided that I had to do something to see if Jon was doing drugs. I went over to Mark and told him what I saw and asked him what was going on. He said he had invented a new compound for increasing endurance that worked by accelerating the repair and growth of new muscle by stimulating the emission of human growth hormone. I didn't really understand what he meant at all but it didn't sound good to me. Mark said Jon had used it in games before and had run out which is why he was yelling at Mark for being late to the game with the stuff. He said there was nothing to worry about and that Jon knew to take only one vial per game. I then told Mark that I thought I saw him drink ALL the vials just a few minutes ago. Mark turned WHITE and said, "Oh shit!" I asked him to explain and he just said "OH SHIT!" again and again.

This was DEFINITELY not good so I cautiously walked over to the bench, and touched one of the assistant coach's shoulders and asked if I could talk to him. I told him about what I saw and what Mark said, and that we should inspect Jon's bag. The coach took a break while Jon and his teammates were playing, and came over to see what was going on. The assistant explained what I had noticed, and they decided to see what was in the bag. To our amazement, at the bottom of the bag fully of dirty sweat-socks, underwear, and clothes, were at least a dozen vials of the same stuff, but they had all been emptied!

We looked up at ourselves and realized something serious was going on. Meanwhile on the court, while we weren't watching, Jon became extremely aggressive. He was slamming down shots and shoving around players like they were toys. He was roaring and pounding his chest while the crowd went nuts cheering for their tall star.

The coach decided that he had to figure out what was going on, but before he could call a time out, Jon was fighting with the center on the other team. The poor kid on the other team was a good six inches shorter, and built like a twig. Jon started throwing him around and picked him up by his shoulders and tossed him a couple of feet!

The refs tried to get in to break it up, but it was no use. A seven-foot one-inch tall, 240lb teenager was on the rampage, and nothing could stop him. His eyes were wild, and he started going after other members of the other team. The crowd got scared seeing this amazing roid-rage.

Finally, the coach tried to step in. He stood in front of Jon and yelled at him to calm down. Jon heard the coach, and he finally started to chill-out. That was only the beginning of the trouble though. The refs called a time out, and promptly ejected Jon. As this was happening, the coach took Jon to the sidelines, sat him down, and pulled out his bag. I just sort of stood back and watched, but then the coach brought me into it when he pointed to me. Jon looked at me and I knew he recognized me. I felt a chill of fear run down my spine, like nothing had ever experienced. The coach then began yelling even more at Jon, and the assistant joined in. they both said how he was ruining his chances for college, and he would kill himself if he abused his body with drugs.

They asked him what was in the vials, but he didn't respond. Mark wasn't any help either, all he could repeat was "Oh Shit!" and "This is gonna be BAD!" After a couple minutes of yelling, Jon rose up out of his chair and brushed both of them aside with one arm. I could see that Jon was tiring of being yelled at, and he glanced over at me with a stare that could kill. Then, as Jon started walking towards mid court, something seemed odd. Jon stopped dead in his tracks. He turned towards the coaches and looked at them, with a very scared look on his face. The coaches ran out, thinking he might pass out. The team also ran out to see what was wrong, as the crowd just sat in silence. All Jon could mutter was "Something's happening to me" before it started.

Those of us closest head and saw it first. We could hear the sound of a tearing or popping coming from somewhere, and we glanced down and Jon's sneakers to see that his toes were starting to pop right out of his Nikes! His socked feet continued to inch out of the sneakers, laces popped and the toes broke apart. Then, his body slowly began to rise.

It seemed like something out of a bad science fiction movie. We slowly glanced up to see his body being to stretch upward. The growth started slowly, but then began to increase. His team looked shocked as their star center began an amazing growth spurt. Slowly, Jon's arms and legs seemed to lengthen, but it was clear his whole body was increasing in size. Jon, puzzled and frightened, held onto his stomach as he looked down at himself to see what was happening. The audience and everyone else in the gym stood up to get a better view of what was happening.

As Jon continued to grow, his uniform didn't. His jersey rose about his torso, revealing his abs. His shorts, which were down to his knees at one point, were now busting at the seams along his waist, and were tightening around his crotch and butt. In a matter of a minute, Jon had gone from being just over seven feet tall to well over ten feet, and growing faster every minute!

After a few more seconds, his uniform couldn't take the pressure anymore. His Nikes tore apart. Leaving his socks on his feet, and they were stretching at the toes. His uniform top now seemed to resemble a sports bra, and in a second, ripped at the chest and opened up his pecs and muscular arms. His shorts had expanded as far as they could, and ripped at the crotch, ass, and waist, shredding it, and his underwear beneath, leaving him totally naked! Jon looked down at his crotch in amazement as did I. I had heard my younger sister giggling on the phone with her girl friends about Jon's foot long and now I knew what they were talking about. After a few seconds he seemed to realize everyone was staring too and put his hands over his manhood, so that it wouldn't seem too embarrassing (not that he had anything to be embarrassed of!)

As the last of his clothes ripped away, the audience finally snapped out of their stupor and woke up to the fact that they had a giant teenager who was growing bigger by the second in their midst. They slowly began to run for the exits as Jon's teammates and coaches backed up, but continued to watch the transformation. The growth spurt sped up, and Jon quickly began to fill out the gym. At one point, Jon bumped his head on the ceiling as he topped 30ft tall! He moved his hands up to rub his head once again revealing his even bigger manhood.

But it didn't stop there. He grew for a few more minutes, kneeling on the ground, as his body grew larger and larger. His legs grew longer as his feet expanded, filling the gym with their smell, which reeked of jock. Finally, somewhere around 80 feet tall, he finally stopped. The crowd was still yelling and trying to escape, but Jon's massive body blocked half the exits as he lay sitting up against the back wall. He was sitting in a position where his massive legs were on either side of us. One foot was sticking out into mid court and the other had pushed part way through the doorway into the locker room

We looked up at him in utter shock, while for the most part, Jon, still looking a little confused, but very aware, inspected his giant form, running his hands along his arms and chest, flexing his muscles and checking himself out. The growth spurt took about five minutes, but we were unaware of time. We just looked up at him and couldn't believe what we were seeing. An 18-year-old had just grown 80 feet tall! After finishing checking over his giant body, Jon glanced down at us and smiled because of the stupid looks on our faces.

I stared off to my right side and not 20ft away was a foot twice as tall as I was. The odor was overwhelming and I started to gag a bit. Jon seemed to notice my discomfort since he then wiggled his toes, making the gym smell more and more like his giant sweaty feet. From the locker room we heard a cry, just as Jon pulled back his foot from the locker room doorway. Clenched between his toes was the center of the opposing team. Jon wiggled his toes again pushing then right into the face of the center and forcing the air out of his lungs so he would have to inhale when Jon released the pressure. The sight was both terrifying and riveting, seeing Jon take such delight in playing with that 6-6 center as if he were a tiny doll. After a few moments he just sat back and crossed his arms, flexing his muscles, glanced around gym, and uttered a single word.....


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