His Younger Brother


By supersonic444

His brother comes down the stairs wearing a wife beater and sweat pants. He was a bit taller than Jon, but for the most part he had the same build. For a 15 year old he had an amazing body, his pecs were nicely sculpted and showed through his tight tank top and you could see that he had a flat stomach too. His arms were awesome too, they were not as big as Jons but they seemed more defined. I figured he was younger and just didn't have as much body fat. He comes over to us and ask "hey guys what up?" Jon replies "hey Jim, we were just armwrestling." Jim says "really, we haven't armwrestled each other for ever. Let try!" Jon answers "Not now Jim, I have a friend over." I said "I don't mind." I could tell Jon was a little hesitant about armwrestling his pretty rugged younger brother. Jim continued to pester him about it so finally Jon agrees to armwrestle. I get up so Jim can sit down, the two lock arms and I start them off. The strain in there faces shows that they both are trying all out at first, they barely budge. I couln't believe it, his younger brother was holding him. Jim says "look my muscle is just as big as yours" Jon says, "no its not." So jim asks me to feel them both and tell him who I thought was bigger. I felt Jons first, it was hard and big, however I felt Jims and it was just as big but much solider. Then i felt them both at the same time and came to the conclusion that Jims was better. I didn't want to make Jon feel weird, so i told them that Jons was bigger. By this time Jim had a bit of an advantage and before long he put his older brother to shame and won. Excitingly he lauged and said "haha you can no longer tell me what to do." Jon claims "it doesn't prove anything, i'm still older and stronger." I suggested, "how about you guys have a 'lift off' with you weight set over there." Jim agreed and Jon didn't. I think Jon realized that his younger brother was stronger and he didn't want anymore proof of it. Jim wasn't happy his brother wasn't letting him prove he was stronger so he proceeds to argue his case of being stronger. "if your stronger than me, then how come you won't work out here at home when i lift, or let me go to the gym with you. Ever since we stopped working out together last year, when you were lifting 140lb and i was slowly catching you at 110lbs, i think you were scared i was catching up to you. I'm lifting 150lb now, how much are you lifting? Someone at school told me your at 150 too. But i'm still growing and I think i'm stronger than you, or atleast just as strong and you can't stand it." Jon says "150! you left 150! I don't think so. When i spot you your only lifting 120lb." Jim says "you only spot me one or twice a week, the other times I do 150. If you don't believe me I'll prove it" Jim goes over to the bench, where there is 130 already and adds a 15pounder to each side. He get under the bar and lifts it easily 10 times and sets it down. "Now you try it" he says. Jon goes over and attempts it, he does it fine for the first 8 but shakes a little for the last two. Jim says "see you can't even do 10 perfectly, i'm stronger and i don't care what you say." He flexes his right bicep "see this, 14" of solid muscle. Yours might be 14" of muscle, but its not solid. Jon flexes his right bicep too and puts it up near his brothers. Fully flexed Jims bicep was actually bigger, and his forearms where wider. So Jon quickly takes his down in shame, and tells his brother to leave. Jim gives a little chuckle and leaves. I felt bad for Jon, so laughingly I told him your both much stronger then me, so how do you think i feel. •

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