Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Fred stepped up to Toby and looked down at him. He was still 5'8" tall. Fred looked down at him from his 6'1" height. Toby looked up at Fred, then down at Fred's cock. "Fred, you still got the biggest cock on the planet! You wanna work out some more?"

Fred reached down and grabbed Toby's muscle ass. It was round and firm. Toby shivered with anticipation. "I love to get fucked Fred! Especially with a huge cock!! And now I feel hornier than ever!!!"

Toby stretched his muscle arms wide. His muscular form was so hot and built. "I look like a tough Italian stud." Fred smiled to himself, cause Toby wouldn't hurt a fly.

"You are a hot Italian stud!!"

"I'm not even Italian, just always wanted to be!!!! This is my dream come true!!"

"You're Italian now, Toby."

"YEAH! Now all I need is a leather jacket!!"

"An XXXL leather jacket, might fit you muscle stud!"

Fred felt his 14+ cock start to weigh even heavier on his hips as his cock started to grow erect. Toby reached under Fred's cock and hefted his balls. "Man! Your balls are huge!! i really dig on huge balls!!! I've got a huge pair now but yours are enormous!!!!"

Fred reached down and lifted his cock out of the way. His balls were huge. In fact, they were bigger than ever!! They were much bigger than the apple sized balls he'd woken up with this morning, and he'd just cum moments before!!! Earlier, when he'd cum with Jack, they'd deflated quite a bit, to less than the size of Jack's tennis ball sized testicles. They'd grown swollen with cum as he'd walked back to the hotel with Jack, but now less than ten minutes after he'd completely shot his load into Toby, Fred's testicles were as big as oranges. And his scrotum was enormous, and his balls hanging down 10" from the base of his cock.

"What's wrong, Fred?" asked Toby.

"I think I'm still getting bigger!!!"


Jack headed off to his room after he left Fred with Toby. He was just around the corner and down the hall from Fred's room. Inside his room he kicked off Fred's shorts and posed in front of the bureau mirror wearing only Fred's jockstrap. He finally had a chance to check out his body. He was thrilled with his huge muscle mass. He quickly worked through a posing routine that he'd practiced in the gym. He was so massive that the feeling of his bulging muscles rubbing across each other was intensely erotic. He found that his muscles pumped easily, with his cock only lengthening in the jockstrap about 3 inches, although he was feeling a complete sexual frenzy from his muscle pump. Jack realized that he was primarily oriented to muscle response, in opposition to his intense craving for big dicks. Just then there was a knock on the door. Jack grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around his waist. He opened the door and was surprised to recognize the young Latin fellow who had stared at Fred and he on the beach.

"Hello?" asked Jack.

The young fellow stepped into the room, and gasped as he stared at Jack. He shut the door behind him.

"My name is Manuel. I work at the hotel..! I saw you on the beach with your friend ..! I'm sorry sir, I had to come and speak with you."

"Okay, but why?" asked Jack.

"I'm always watching the big muscle men in the magazine, but I never met one yet. I want to ask you about your muscle. I love the big muscle. I see you with your friend, I know you are with him, so you are gay like me. I just want to ask you about it. I want to know."

Manuel was very earnest. Jack was touched by his sincerity. He knew what it was like to have those sorts of cravings. He thought about Fred right now.

Jack thrust his arm forward and flexed it. His huge bicep popped rock hard in front of Manuel. "Go ahead, Manuel."

"Please sir can you call me Manny?"

"Go ahead, Manny." Manny reached out tentatively and stroked the mounded muscle. He shivered. Jack's bicep actually jumped under his touch. Jack was astonished at how sensitive he was to the touch. Manny's cock was hard in his pants. Manny was 5'10" tall, with a nice slender build. His hair was black and curly, and he had strong white teeth is a pleasant smile. His brown eyes were so dark they were almost black. They were warm with regard for Jack's enormous muscular size. Manny was wearing a white hotel shirt and black pants. Jack was suddenly really excited by Manny.

"Manny you want to touch me more?" Manny nodded quickly. "I have something I like too Manny. I love men's cocks. I want to suck your cock, and I want you to fuck me. And I'll let you touch me as much as you want."

"When, sir?"

"Right now, and call me Jack!"

Jack practically tore Manny's pants off and stripped him down. Jack was really turned on. Manny was hung about 6" erect, in fact he was ordinary in just about every way, but Jack didn't care. Jack knew Manny loved his muscle and that was a demand on Jack that he seemed unable to shake. Jack dropped the towel and stood revealed wearing only the jockstrap. He let Manny stroke his muscle pecs and feel his delts and grab his biceps and muscle ass. Manny was moaning softly, praising Jack's strength. Finally Jack got down on his knees and started sucking on Manny's cock. Manny grabbed onto Jack's traps and held on.

"Oh man your cock tastes so good!!! Oh Manny its so BIG!! Feels so good!! Oh man I want you in my ass!!! I want your huge balls to slap my ass!!"

Manny responded nicely to Jack's come on words. Then Jack noticed something hot. Manny was actually bigger than he'd looked. Jack could feel what felt like a real 7" cock in his mouth. Then he realized Manny must be 8"... he'd obviously not been erect all the way. Jack pulled off of Manny's cock for a second, and gasped as he saw Manny's cock growing bigger and bigger.

Manny was unaware of the changes for a minute, he was so lost in the sensation of the blowjob. Jack felt a moment's delight and then dove back down on the rapidly growing cock.

He took Manny all the way down his throat and then felt Manny's balls pushing at his chin, harder and harder. He realized Manny's balls were getting bigger too. In fact, everything he'd said he wanted he was getting... He sucked harder on Manny's cock, imagining the changes that he wanted in this young stud.

Manny's cock continued to grow as Jack sucked on it, but almost right away Jack could tell Manny was going to cum. Manny shot a load all the way down Jack's throat. Jack swallowed every drop.

"Oh Jack!!" whispered Manny. He stood back, staring at this incredible muscle who had just sucked him off. "Thank you, Jack, thank you!! I should go!!" He started to bend down to pick up his pants.

"Hold it Manny, I'm not done with you yet."

Jack was smiling. He saw that Manny's cock had subsided... but now it was 6" long soft, and considerably thicker too, it was now 2" thick, he estimated. And Manny's testicles were now the size of large eggs. Jack was smiling because Manny didn't even realize it yet. "Do you want muscle, Manny? What's your secret desire?"

"I love muscle, I want to be muscular, but only to worship your muscle... I love the big muscle on other men the most!!"

"YEAH!!! And I love the big cock on other men the most!!!"

"Senor Jack, I am nothing extraordinary in any way..."

"Check it out Manny... Look at your cock!!!"

Manny looked at his 6" soft cock and large balls and almost fainted. Jack leapt forward and grabbed him. "Here... none of that!! Wake up!!"

"It is a dream!!!"

"Is this a dream?" Jack grabbed Manny's cock and started stroking it. He willed that Manny was hot horny and ready all the time... probably not too far from the truth, but willing him a boost to really get him going. It seemed to work... in fact it worked like crazy. Manny instantly came to and in about 10 seconds his cock was hard in Jack's muscle grip. His erect cock was well over 8 inches long and 2 1/4 inches thick. Manny had a very thick vein on top of his cock, running the length of his shaft. Jack thought it was awesome.

"I'm so big now!!" exclaimed Manny.

"I want you bigger!!!" exclaimed Jack. "Bigger and bigger and bigger!!! I love big things!!! I want you bigger all over!!!!!"

Manny froze up like he was in a trance. Suddenly his cock began to swell in Jack's grip. It was a complete turnon for Jack, feeling Manny's cock thicken and lengthen as he stroked it.

Jack imagined Manny with a huge cock, a big handsome muscular latin stud. Manny's cock grew longer, past 9" in length. His cock swelled thicker and thicker, past 2 1/2 " in width heading towards 3", then surpassing 3" in width as his cock lengthened past 10" and quickly headed towards 11" in length. Finally the growth of Manny's penis stopped at just shy of 11" in length and at 3 1/4" in thickness. Manny's balls were bigger too, growing from the size of large hen's eggs to over 3 1/2" at their largest diameter.

Manny started to really become sexually excited. Jack rolled over and offered Manny his huge round firm muscle ass to fuck. Jack's eyes begged for Manny to fuck him. Manny shoved his now larger cock up Jack's ass and felt his precum lube the hot round firm muscle ass he'd impaled. He started to fuck Jack's enormous muscled bod with long strokes of his cock. Jack writhed in ecstacy. This was what he needed. This was what he lived for. Jack needed a big cock and he needed it frequently. Jack started to get erect. He tore off the jockstrap he still wore, then threw the ruined strap to the floor. His enormously thick cock was already 10 1/2" long, but not even half erect yet. He stroked himself as Manny fucked him. Soon he knew Manny was going to cum, cum inside Jack with his huge cock.

"Ohhh Jaaacccck!!!!" Manny moaned again and again. Just as Jack reached full erection, he felt fire burn through his body as he felt Manny cum in his ass. Jack shot all over himself, drenching his chest and face with hot cum. His muscles pulsed and flexed and throbbed with his cock as he came.

Manny gasped and moaned with the heretofore unexperienced intensity of his new equipment. Finally he was exhausted, laying across Jack's huge muscle bod. The warmth from Jack's huge body was intense.

After a while, he rose and went into the shower, where he jerked off twice more. Then he came out of the shower and jerked off again, cumming on Jack's huge body as he lay sleeping. Then he pulled on his shirt, and his pants, and before he zipped up his zipper jerked off one more time onto Jack's hugely muscled torso. Jack was enormously muscled, and looked bigger than ever.

Finally Manny stuffed his 8" long soft x 2 1/2 " wide cock into his pants and zipped them up. He now had a very dangerous looking bulge in the black slacks. As he watched, he thought his shirt looked tighter than it had just moments ago when he'd put it on, and his slacks too. Anyway, he had to get back to his work station or lose his job. He left the sleeping musclestud and slipped out into the hallway. •

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