Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Toby was silent on the bed. He'd dropped off to sleep , Fred realized. Suddenly Fred realized Toby was changing.

"Toby!!! Wake up!!!!" Fred shook Toby roughly. Toby awoke, but the changes didn't stop at all, they accelerated.

"What's happening to me????"

"You're getting muscular, Toby, you're getting your wish!!!"

Toby leapt up and stood in front of the mirrored closet.

He'd barely changed at all, but he did look different! He was really starting to look bigger... as his slender form started to gradually bulge with muscles thickening under his skin. His shock of chestnut brown hair grew longer and thicker still. That wasn't the only place he was changing either. His small patch of pubic hair darkened until it was black and started to grow like a forest across his lower abs and out onto his thighs. His muscles were now starting to really show!

"Enjoy it Toby! How does it feel?"

"MAN I feel so warm and tingly and PUMPED!!" Toby felt his arms and squeezed his biceps.

"Go ahead Toby! FLEX!"

Toby posed a double bicep. As he flexed his muscles grew faster, his biceps, delts, and traps flexing high and then staying that big as Toby relaxed them. Again and again Toby posed. Each time his muscles flexed bigger and bigger. His silky chestnut hair now hung below his shoulders down his back.

"Toby you are so fucking hot!! Get big for me TOBY!! GET MUSCLE!!!!" Toby's abs started to become defined under the tender skin of his stomach. In about 60 seconds they grew to a thick set of six pack abs, and in another 60 seconds his entire supermuscled abdomen protruded thickly below his sternum. His glutes swelled up with muscle, no longer a small bubble butt Toby now had a muscle man's bodybuilder power ass. Toby looked over his shoulder into the mirror and gasped with delight at his muscle ass. For the first time since he'd stood up Toby looked away from his body, from his newly muscled ass to Fred for a second and winked.

Fred was delighted with the changes in Toby. "Yeah Toby!!! Get those big power legs stud!!! Let's see some huge fucking delts and traps!!! Get those pecs big DUDE!!! Grow for me TOBY!!! Show me that massive Lat spread Lover!!! Big muscle calves stud!!! Get BIG YOU FUCKING MUSCLE MAN!!

As Fred yelled out his desires they seemed to be written into Toby's flesh with an invisible pen. Toby was now a hot 5'8" tall muscle stud. His flashing emerald green eyes were thrilled with his changes. He wasn't able to control them at all, they occurred with rapidity and with an enormous sense of powerful well being and health. His abs were soon covered with dark curly hair, spreading up and out his pecs. He didn't look like a youth anymore, he looked more and more like a tough muscle stud. His nipples were large, and swelled, looking sensitive and sexy with the black curly hair on his pecs.

For an instant, his growth stopped. Fred was lost in reverie, enjoying Toby's hot new muscle look.

"Wow!!" exclaimed Toby. "Is that it?"

"No!" said Fred, dreaming of the muscled Toby... "Now get BIG!!!"

"Yeah!!" said Toby, staring at himself in the mirror. Then he gasped as a new wave of growth hit him. This time it hit him like a freight train. His growth so far had turned a slight youth into a muscled stud.

Now Toby grew from a competition lightweight bodybuilder to a thickness not normally possible with someone of his height. His chest became progressively thicker, his ass grew widely muscled, and his thighs swelled up like mighty oaks. His delts and traps grew hugely wide and bulged roundly from his body. He grew so muscled that his face took on a tougher broader look, as his jaw muscled up and his face changed proportionally and became thicker across the lower part of his face. A thick stubble of beard grew across his jaw. His pectorals grew thicker and thicker, and bulged out from his upper torso, growing even wider and taller on his torso until they were fighting his monstrous biceps, humongous deltoids and even his thickly muscled abdomen for dominance on Toby's overmuscled body. As he reached a maximum muscle growth his hair grew in thicker on his body. Toby was a tough fucking stud now.

Fred loved the size of his friend now. His eyes searched Toby's body as it grew. As his gaze paused on the dark hairy crotch on Toby, he saw Toby's cock hanging in the curly black hair. Toby was looking at his cock and shook his hips. Suddenly his cock flexed and grew. "Yeah!!" exclaimed Toby and Fred simultaneously.

Toby's cock grew like a firehose unrolling off a spool. It grew longer and longer, sliding down the thickly muscled hairy thighs on Toby's legs. As it grew longer Toby grunted and widened his stance to accomodate the lengthening and widening cock. As he stepped wider his scrotum slid lower between his legs, and his testicles grew larger and slid lower and lower in his rapidly growing scrotum. In about 30 seconds Toby was sporting an incredible large set of low hangers. His testicles were the size and shape of ripe lemons, the right testicle hanging about two inches lower than the left in his huge scrotum, which hung down 7" from the base of Toby's penis. In another 45 seconds Toby's cock lengthened until it was 9" in length, and the base of his cock and his cock head widened dramatically. He developed a widely flared triangular shaped cock head, and with the incredible width of the base of his cock, the shaft of his cock also complemented in shape the proportions of his cockhead. His shaft was 4" wide at the base, but only 2" wide behind the head of his cock. Toby's cockhead was 3" wide at the point where it joined the shaft of his cock. Toby's cock was a wicked looking tool.

Finally the changes subsided. Toby stood shaking, quivering, taking deep, husky breaths.

"Toby you are so hot looking!!!"

"It's everything I ever wanted!" Toby stopped, then tried his voice again. "Hello! Hello! Fred, my voice!!!"

"Fucking awesome Toby!!! Fucking awesome!!!" Toby's voice had changed from a light, high tenor to a deep, gravelly, booming basso profundo. His chest resonated when he spoke.

"Fred, what's happened?"

"You worked out stud, and got big. That's what happens when you work out with me, you get big!"

Fred stepped up to Toby and looked down at him. He was still 5'8" tall. Fred looked down at him from his 6'1" height. Toby looked up at Fred, then down at Fred's cock. "Fred, you still got the biggest cock on the planet! You wanna work out some more?" •

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