Fred's Odyssey


By RdyRoger

Finally Manny stuffed his 8" long soft x 2 1/2 " wide cock into his pants and zipped them up. He now had a very dangerous looking bulge in the black slacks. As he looked in the mirror, he thought his shirt looked tighter than it had just moments ago when he'd put it on, and his slacks too. Anyway, he had to get back to his work station or lose his job. He quickly combed back his thick black latin hair and tucked in his shirt. He scrawled a note promising to come back later that night. Manny left the sleeping musclestud and slipped out into the hallway.

His pulse was pounding as he checked out the studs in the lobby and took his post at the concierge desk. His supervisor frowned at him and tapped his watch. Manny shrugged his shoulders and looked innocent. Manny did a good looking innocent. The supervisor let it go. Manny felt like a real horndog. He smiled at the thought. He looked at all the young handsome bellhops and realized that he was going to have some fun real soon. His balls kinda ached. He thought it was cause he had overworked his equipment, but otherwise he felt fine. Almost too fine. Manny caught look at himself in the lobby glass. Manny smiled. He was fine. He looked good in the tight white linen shirt, and the tight black pants that rode up his ass and showed off his now 8" soft cock to the best advantage. His aching balls looked real big too, covered over in his pants. Probably the fabric wrapped around them made them look bigger. Fortunately Manny only had about an hour left on shift, cause he sure didn't feel like working. He kept pulling down his shirt sleeves. They rode up too tight on his wrists, actually his forearms. That was weird, he knew that when he was given this shirt it was way loose for him. He'd asked for a smaller size, but they hadn't had any, so he'd just worn this one. His pants too were tighter, and not just in the crotch. He noticed that he was riding higher in the inseam, and his pants were probably 3" short on him. He realized that he'd probably shrunken his clothes in the laundry.

"Hey stud!!!" Manny whirled. "Looking good Manuel!!!"

"Thanks, Jeremy!" Jeremy was a hot young bellhop and working part time through the summer for some extra money. He'd only been on the job for a couple weeks, but Manny liked Jeremy. He was fun and clever, even if he was just a cute little stallion, without any muscle. "I shrunk my clothes in the laundry!"

"You sure did!!! Jeremy looked over Manny. "You should have shrunk those sooner! You were hiding your best attributes!" Jeremy slapped Manny in the ass, causing him to jump. As he did, his cock and balls really stood out. "Holy....!! You doing anything after we.. get... off?"

"Yeah, Jeremy, I'm doing you!! In the locker room!!" Manny found himself leering at the short young stud. Jeremy had light brown hair and blue eyes, with pleasant, regular features and a hot smile and cute round ears and dimples when he smiled. He still only had baby fuzz on his chin, Manny wondered if he'd ever shave. Manny liked Jeremy, and suddenly liked him a lot.

There was a small flurry of work activity, and the next hour passed with nothing but Manny starting to feel like his pants were going to strangle his cock.

He and Jeremy hurried it to the locker room. Jeremy took a lock off a locker and locked the door to the shower room. The other bellhops knew this was a sign to stay out, and the other hotel staff was on shift for another 4 hours.

Manny ran his fingers through Jeremy's hair, and kissed him. Then he reached down and unzipped his pants and slid down his pants with a sigh. His cock sprang forth and his balls dropped. Manny gasped. His cock was 10" in length, soft. His balls were huge ripe lemons and filled his sack. This caused his huge soft penis to arch out, over and down his stuffed scrotum. His balls had doubled in size and his penis grown 2" in length soft in just one hour. He stripped off his shirt and gaped. He was definitely much more muscular. What had Jack said? "I want you bigger and bigger and bigger. I want you bigger all over!" Manny realized he was still growing as Jack had commanded him. He shivered, posing in the mirror.

"Wow Manny!!! You want to fuck my ass?" Jeremy had stripped. He was just a youth, but he had a nice little ass. Manny wanted Jack, but Jeremy was here. And he was hard in seconds, his cock leaping up to a length of 16" and a thickness of 3 1/2 inches. He got down on his hands and knees and begged Manny with his eyes. That was all it took. As Manny approached Jeremy he looked at himself in the mirror. He could see his body getting more and more muscular. His delts were swelling visibly and his biceps were already 18". He'd never be able to put on his hotel uniform again. Manny loved the look of his hot smooth latin chest, his dark nipples oversized now, his masculine aspects increasing and increasing.

Jeremy took his huge cock surprisingly easy. He seemed to enjoy it immensely as it slid inside his ass. His tight ass felt hot and good on Manny's cock. "I'm going to ruin you for any other man, Jeremy. I'm going to split you in half or drown you in my cum!" Jeremy moaned in pleasure as the Latin stallion shoved his 16" cock in his ass all the way. Manny fucked his ass, thinking of Jack, hearing Jack's voice over and over commanding him bigger and bigger. He thought of Jack's huge muscle and wished Jeremy was as big as Jack. Hell, he wished he was much bigger than Jack. He wanted more and more muscle to fuck.

Jeremy started to moan as Manny fucked his ass. He started to buck with the force of Manny's thrusts. His muscle ass started to feel better and better to Manny. Suddenly Manny realized Jeremy really had a muscle ass... and that he was bucking and rocking harder and harder. Jeremy was getting bigger! Manny could see his limbs lengthening, his lats spreading and mounding wide, and his glutes swelling with muscle. It felt wonderful to Manny. "What!?" grunted Jeremy. He realized something was happening. Manny was too hot to stop now. He wrapped his arms around Jeremy's torso. Jeremy started to fight him as the growth of his muscles accelerated. Manny looked down and saw huge triceps growing even larger on Jeremy's arms. Jeremy's hands on the floor were visibly getting bigger. The best thing was that Jeremy's torso was growing even as Manny grabbed onto him. Manny's face was buried in Jeremy's hair, then suddenly in his expanding traps as his torso lengthened. Manny fought to keep his hands clasped around Jeremy, but Jeremy's expanding pectorals and lats forced his hands apart... in seconds he couldn't even touch his fingertips around Jeremy's torso. Manny kept hanging on as best he could, fucking Jeremy's growing muscle ass with his huge tool. Jeremy rolled over, fighting Manny. Manny felt ready to cum. He shot his load inside Jeremy's ass. He continued to shoot as Jeremy fought with him. Jeremy's strength was considerable, and getting greater by the second. If Jeremy hadn't been so confused Manny would have been thrown off much earlier. Finally Jeremy shook Manny off of his ass.

Manny was so hot by the muscle stud that he was still erect, and ready to go again. He started jerking himself off and watched as Jeremy climbed unsteadily to his feet. He was 6'8" tall if he was an inch. He was wider and more muscular than Jack due to his massive size. Manny shot again, spraying Jeremy's smooth enormously muscled chest with his cum.

"What the hell is going on?" Jeremy demanded to know. His voice was so hot Manny started cumming again, shooting spurts of cum out of his near empty balls. •

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