New Neighbors

Justin gets his blowjob


By MuscleBoy27

I couldn't fight him any more. Justin got up and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me over to the chair where I'd given him a massage and leaned back in the chair. I knelt down next to him and took his cock in my mouth. Justin was just starting to get hair around his dick and balls, but for the most part they were totally clean. Just like the rest of him, his dick was thick and strong. I loved the taste of it as it slid in and out of my mouth. I figured if I were going to have to give him a blowjob, I'd make it a damn good one, and that I'd have some fun with it myself.

I'd been lost in the experience of tasting my second dick. I didn't really hear Justin at all, but suddenly I became aware that he was talking. "Oh, Eric! Wow, this is so amazing, bro! I can't believe how good this feels! This is so great, wow bro thank you so much." I almost stopped for a second, but didn't. I was still having a great time with his rock hard cock, but he wasn't talking anything like I would have expected. The kid had beaten me silly, I figured he'd just keep going with my humiliation, but he didn't. Instead he was talking like he was getting a blowjob from best friend and that he was grateful to be getting it. He kept talking like that too. Strange.

I put it out of my mind and concentrated on his dick. I started feeling his body. First I ran my hand over his abs, perfect little ridges, hard as granite and contracting as I sucked him. I moved up to his pecs, they were round and hard - definitely bigger than mine, maybe even bigger than Mike's. Justin was such a specimen. With my other hand, I was feeling his leg. His calves were contracted and I could feel the split of the muscles. The more I felt him, the harder he was flexing. But he wasn't flexing to impress me; I realized that he was flexing to fight back the orgasm that only a few seconds away. With my one hand on his pec, I grabbed his nipple. With the other I grabbed his balls and gave them a soft tug.

That was all he could take. Suddenly I felt is powerful hands on the back of my head. He pulled my face toward him forcing me to swallow his dick. He began to blow his load. I wasn't as good at controlling my gag reflex as Mike, I felt my eyes start to water and I wanted to pull away from him so I could breathe. That wasn't possible, his powerful grip held my head in place right where he wanted it. I heard him yell as came. His whole body jerked and spasmed. I felt his load shooting down my throat, then I felt my own dick shoot for the second time that day. It was all I could do to keep my body in place. I was totally getting off on Justin's power.

Finally we both stopped shooting. Justin didn't release my head. He let his dick slide out a little so that I could breathe. "Wait a second" he said. I held myself in place and released his nipple and balls. In a few seconds, I felt his half-hard dick start to stiffen again. "OK, keep going!" he said as he released my head. Justin obviously wasn't done with me yet. So I started working him again. In a few minutes we repeated the whole scene, except this time I didn't come.

He released my head as his body finally relaxed. "Oh, damn that was AMAZING Eric!" He looked at me with an expression that told me he really loved this. His eyes darted around and he noticed the puddle of spooge under my dick. "Holy shit! You came too! Wow, so you liked that too, huh? This is so awesome!"

As he was going on and on about how much he liked his blowjob, I was starting to think about consequences of what I just did. Justin totally humiliated me, and then used me for a sex toy. What would happen when Mike found out? As I thought about it, it became abundantly clear what would happen. He'd see me for the unfaithful pussy boy weakling that I was. He'd told me to stay clear of Justin and I hadn't. The kid had totally dominated me and used me for sex. Mike would probably never even talk to me again. Yep, I was totally convinced of it. Not only had I been beaten to shit by a thirteen year old, I'd also just lost the first guy I ever loved.

I put my head in my hands and started to cry.

Justin stopped going on about his blowjob and tried to figure out why I was crying. "Eric, bro - what'sa matter? I didn't hurt you, did I?" I shook my head. "What is it then? Did I say something to piss you off?" I shook my head again. "Come on, man stop crying!" His arms were around my shoulders; I shook him off, and got up. I tried not to cry any more. I couldn't believe I was crying. I hadn't cried since I was eight, but nothing had ever hurt like the thought of losing Mike.

"Justin, please just get out of here, please!" He was horrified and clearly confused. "I'll be OK, just go, please." This time I said it a little more calmly. "OK Eric, I'll go." His voice was unsteady, and on his face was a look of disbelief and fear. All of a sudden he started to cry too. He was picking up his things and putting on his clothes. Through his tears he kept asking me "did I do something wrong?"

Did he do something wrong?!? How could he not know? How could I answer him? I just sat down on chair that faced away from him and continued to cry myself. I imagine we were quite a sight. Two big buff teens crying their eyes out, each totally afraid of the other. He got dressed as quickly as he could and started running out of the pool area. As he went into the garage, he stopped for a second. Through his sobs, I heard him say: "I'm sorry Eric, please don't be mad at me."

The door slammed and he was gone. I finally stopped crying and just sat there thinking to myself. I had that sick twisted knot in the bottom of stomach - you know the one. It's the feeling that says you just did something terrible and now there's no way you can fix it. I don't know how long I was sitting there; my private pity party was broken up by the sound of my Dad's voice. "Eric! Put your shorts on and get in here!" Oh, shit! What had my Dad seen? Could this get any worse? This was definitely not my day.

I got dressed quickly and ran across to where I'd tossed my load on the pool deck. I grabbed a half full bottle of water and dumped it on the spot. It was more or less gone. I quickly looked around to see if there was anything else incriminating that I needed to clean up, but everything looked cool. I ran inside and stood by the kitchen door, my Dad was just getting off the phone. He looked pissed!

"Eric, I don't what's gotten into you!"

Oh shit!

"I trusted you, and you've let me down!"

Oh, total shit, he must have seen something!

"The gym is a damn mess and so is the pool deck, now get out there and clean it up!"

That's it? He didn't see anything? It's just the mess! Finally I got a break. "Yessir. I'm sorry, I just lost track of what I was doing. I'll clean it up now."

"Don't worry, it happens, son. Oh, and when did you become such a nudist?"

"It's the bodybuilding thing Dad. I told you that Mike and I were really get into it. Bodybuilders don't have tan lines." He laughed a little and I heard him mumble the word bodybuilder to himself. That was the first time I'd ever referred to myself that way. I kind of liked the sound of it. Reality quickly broke my fantasy. The moment I stepped into the gym I was reminded of Justin. The weights were still set at the last weight he'd used. too heavy for me. I pulled the mats back from the pool and put the gym back together. I cleaned up Justin's four empty protein drink bottles and put the lounge chairs back where they should be. Every turn reminded me of the thrashing Justin had given me. I felt like I was going to cry again.

I didn't. Instead I just went up to my room and lay on my bed. That sick feeling had stayed with me the whole time. I envisioned him bragging to Mike about the whole thing, and Mike deciding he was through with me. I wondered if the two of them would laugh about me behind my back. I came down for supper. Both of my parents were there, and they could tell I was upset about something. They didn't try to pull it out of me - that was a trait in parents that I really admired. They knew I'd talk to them about anything I thought they could help with. They also respected my privacy, and let me deal my own way with things they couldn't fix. They definitely couldn't fix this.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop them from trying to cheer me up. My Dad started complementing me on getting bigger. He said that was really starting to look like a bodybuilder, and my Mom agreed. I don't think the word bodybuilder had ever entered my Dad's vocabulary before this afternoon and of course each time he said something about me looking strong it just reminded me that I was weak compared to Justin. I tried to take the compliments as he meant them, but it finally was too much and I asked to go back to my room. He excused me and I took off up the stairs.

I just lay there on my bed staring at the ceiling in the dark. If you've ever been in love and suddenly had it ripped away from you, you know how I felt. I finally got to sleep, but even my dreams were filled with Justin punishing me.

I moped around the next day. I finally got into playing some computer games and managed not to think about what had happened yesterday. It was almost dinnertime when I heard someone come up the stairs. They stopped at my door and knocked.

"I'm kinda busy." They knocked again. I figured it was my Mom. "I'm playing computer games, Mom. I'll come down in a while." The door opened and Mike walked in. He was the last person I expected to see. He smiled a forced smile. "Bro, do I look like your mom?" •

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