New Neighbors

Setting Justin 'straight'


By MuscleBoy27

The door opened and Mike walked in. He was the last person I expected to see. He smiled a forced smile. "Bro, do I look like your mom."

"No. You don't." I looked down at my feet.

"That's not much of a greeting considering I've been thinking about you all weekend." I just kept looking down. I couldn't face him. "OK, OK. Let's talk. Justin told me what happened."

"I'll bet he did. Did you come over to make fun of me?"

Mike was sounding pissed now. "No, I came over to see if you were all right." He was quiet for a minute, waiting for me to say something I suppose. I didn't say anything. He came over and lifted my head up so that I had to look him in the eye. "The first thing you need to know is that I still love you and that I need you. I hope you need me too." It was a little sappy, but he had my attention.

"There are some things about Justin that you don't understand. Just because he's got a body that any seventeen or eighteen year old would kill for doesn't mean he's emotionally anything but a thirteen year old. He's got a gift. He's incredibly strong and incredibly athletically talented, but he's still a kid." I nodded in agreement and Mike continued. "He really thought that he was just playing a game with you. The way Justin saw it, he played the game that you and I invented and he won. When you didn't 'pay up' - which by the way, I really appreciate - he figured he'd make you pay up. That's the way a thirteen year old thinks."

I was beginning to understand now. The way that Justin reacted to the blowjob made a lot more sense. But I still had a few questions. I was still sitting on my bed, and Mike came over and sat next to me as I started talking. "OK, so I can understand he'd want what he thought was coming to him - but who in the hell plays games for blowjobs?"

It was Mike's turn to look down at his feet. He spoke so quietly that I almost didn't hear him. "Umm, Justin and I do, we have for more than a year now." It took a couple seconds for this little revelation to sink in. "Really!? You and your little brother compete for blowjobs? Sooo, how often do you win?" I was laughing as I said it, and Mike started laughing too. "Well, nowhere near as often as I used to. You wanna know another little secret?" I nodded. "When I told you that I'd been with a few other guys, I kinda lied. It's just been Justin and me messing around."

My eyes got big and I really couldn't think of anything to say. I wasn't really mad, more surprised than anything. I just smiled and playfully smacked him on the back of his head. "Asshole" was the only thing I could think of to say. We hugged, and as we did, that sick feeling in my stomach was replaced by the excitement and happiness that I'd felt since I met Mike. I was about to kiss him, but he stopped me.

"Hold that thought bro. There's someone else who has some explaining to do. Now remember, you are super-pissed. He crossed the line, right? He has to earn your trust back." We were still holding each other, and Mike was saying this in a whisper.

"You mean Justin is here?" I whispered back in amazement. "Of course he is. I made him come over to apologize to you. I've talked with him, and explained that three of us aren't brothers and that you and I really are falling in love. He feels pretty bad, and very stupid for not realizing what was going on. Feel free to be hard on him." I couldn't believe what he was telling me. Mike was so great; he had fixed everything and even arranged for a little revenge for me.

Mike got up and went back to my bedroom door. He opened it and in an incredibly pissed off voice said "Justin, get in here!" I was working on trying to look pissed off, but I really wasn't quite ready for the sight that met my eyes. Justin walked into the room barely far enough for Mike to close the door. He was wearing gray sweat pants and a blue hooded sweatshirt. Both must have been extra large because he was totally drowning in them. He had a baseball cap on backwards, and his eyes were red and puffy. He'd been crying. For the first time looked like a little boy, not even a thirteen year old.

I was having a very hard time keeping an attitude toward the kid. It was obvious that Mike had really let him have it - I guess like only and older brother can. As Mike shut the door, Justin spoke almost inaudibly. "Uh, hi Eric." I didn't get a chance to respond because Mike had immediately grabbed him by the collar and pushed him toward me. "Justin, get over there and talk to Eric like a man." I guess this was the part of having a brother that didn't understand. Justin was clearly viewing Mike as an authority figure. He walked over and stood in front of me, tears started forming in his eyes.

"Eric, man I am so sorry." He was sniffling as he talked, trying to hold back the tears. "I didn't understand about you and Mike. I thought it was a game. I didn't think you really didn't want to give me a blowjob" He stopped for a second and looked away from me, and then he continued. "I should have stopped when you told me to." Mike was still standing by the door with his arms crossed looking very authoritarian. "Justin, I don't think he heard you. Look him in the eye and tell him." I glanced over at Mike trying to hide my smile. Mike smiled a huge grin and motioned with his hands for me to get into the game.

Justin turned and looked at me and said as strongly as he could: "I'm sorry Eric, I should have listened to you and done what you said." I stood up and sighed a long sigh - trying to hold back my smile. "That's right Justin. I can't believe you. You come over here to my house, you abuse my hospitality, you ignore my wishes, all of it just to get your rocks off! Damn it Justin! Sometimes no means no!" As I was saying this, my eyes met Mike's. He was grinning widely and mouthed my words back to me mockingly 'no means no!?!' He made a face like it was the dumbest thing he'd ever heard. I guess it was a little too Nancy Reagan.

That was all we could stand. We both busted up laughing. Poor Justin was just standing there not understanding the joke. "Wh why are you guys laughing?" Mike couldn't quite let it go. "Because Justin, your fly is open." The kid frantically looked down. His sweats didn't have a fly. He looked at Mike and then at me, his expression was begging for an explanation, so I gave him one.

"It's OK Justin. I'm not mad at you anymore. Mike explained to me what you were thinking. We both misunderstood each other. What happened wasn't cool, but I understand it. As long as you do too, then we're good - ok?" His eyes brightened up, he was still in disbelief. "You really mean it, Eric?"

"Yeah, I do." I smiled at him, we were now standing almost nose to nose. He was wearing shoes and I wasn't so there was no height difference at all; I reached out to hug him. He eagerly hugged me back. As we did, I whispered to him "Oh, and I think you owe me at least two blowjobs." It was a joke; I think he took it that way. He whispered back, "OK, but it'll never be as good as yours was for me, Mary." I pushed him away and as I did said laughingly "oh you little fucker!" He laughed back saying "who are you calling little." We hugged again a little and then turned toward Mike. I whispered to Justin "You know who's fault this really is?" We both smiled a sort of evil smile at Mike.

Mike said "What are you two talking about?" he knew what was coming. I yelled, "get him!" We both lunged at Mike and took him down. Justin had Mike's arms and I climbed on his chest. I looked down at him at him and told him that Justin and I had decided that it was all his fault. He laughed saying, "Fine, next time you two can just stay pissed at each other." I rolled off and Justin let go of his arms. We stayed there on the floor talking for a long time. It was cool to see how close Mike and Justin were, it's something an only child doesn't get to experience.

Although I'd never have chosen to have it happen that way, the result was better than I could have imagined. Justin and I developed the tightest friendship after that. As far as we were concerned, we were brothers. We could talk about anything together, in some ways he found it easier to tell me certain things than he did with Mike. If only I could get him to stop calling me Mary. •

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