New Neighbors

Justin takes control


By MuscleBoy27

I came up next to Justin in the pool. He was so incredible looking, the water glistened on his skin and every muscle in his body was clearly visible. I honestly wasn't sure what to do. I was having very strong sexual feelings for my boyfriend's little brother. There was no way I could act on it, so I decided to just talk about other stuff with him. Before I could even start the conversation, he said "So, Eric. Mike tells me that you guys play a little wrestling game after your workouts."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mike had actually told him about our wrestling?!? I wondered exactly how much Justin knew. He probably new about the massages, but Mike certainly wouldn't have told him about us having sex. Then there was Mike's admonishment to me not to test Justin. How was I going to get out of this? I looked at Justin, and the expression on his face told me he probably wasn't going to take no for an answer. I had to say something though. "Uh, yeah Justin, Mike and I wrestle sometimes after workouts, but I don't think I'd be much of a match for you. Mike says you've been wrestling for years and I know you go to marshal arts classes most mornings during the week. And, since you now weigh more than me, and just proved that you're stronger than me, it wouldn't be much of a contest - would it?"

He grinned a little wider and hit another double bicep pose; he turned his head and looked at each of his arms approvingly. "You're a smart guy, Eric. You're right; it wouldn't be a contest, probably no fun for either of us. So I have a better idea. How about a little test of strength? I'll let you put me in the same leg scissors that you used to make my brother give in to you. If you can make me give, I'll give you the best massage you've ever had."

"What if I can't make you give?" I didn't trust him.

"If you can't make me give, then I'll put you in a leg scissors. If you give, then I get a massage. If you don't submit, I'll still give you a massage. You can't get a better deal than that. You get two chances at me, I'm only getting one at you."

I could see his body tensing up a little; his dick was hardening a little too, but then so was mine. Curiosity was getting the best of me, or maybe it was just hormones, whatever it was, it was enough to make agree to his offer. "OK, but no marshal arts crap, right?"

"Take it easy, dude! I just want a massage; I don't want to hurt you. If you say stop, I'll stop." Ouch. That stung a bit, I wasn't used to thirteen year olds promising to take it easy on me. Even if he was a freaky mutant thirteen year old, I still had my pride - at least for a few more minutes. I had this image of Justin standing over my broken quivering body saying in a mocking baby voice: "wassamatter Eric? Did big ol' scary Justin hurt you?"

Justin had gone back into the garage and pulled out the mat that we used for stretching, and occasionally for wrestling. He kneeled down on it and motioned for me to come over. I walked over to the mat and kneeled down next to him. "OK, so go ahead and lean back and wrap those pythons around me." He was grinning as he said it. It was clear he was very excited about this. As I wrapped my legs around his tiny waist, he laid over on his side. We were facing each other, I suppose so he could see the expression on my face. He looked at me a little more seriously now. "OK, are you ready? You're in your best position, right?" I nodded. "Cool, let'er rip Eric!"

I started squeezing him; I gradually increased the pressure and shortly was giving it all I had. He was gritting his teeth and I could see that his face was starting to turn red. "Damn, Eric! You're stronger than I thought you'd be!" There was a strain in his voice as he said this. I could see the sweat starting to form on his face, and divisions in my leg muscles were looking pretty deep. I thought for a second that I might actually win. I tried a little harder. As I did, I made one of those noises that you make when you are really giving it everything you've got. That seemed to be a signal to Justin.

He got a very serious look on his face, a look of total concentration. He started flexing his arms - they were at his side trapped between my legs. One arm was hidden from my sight, but I could see the other one very clearly. As he flexed it, it bulged enormously. I could feel my legs being pushed apart. I was frantic, I tried to squeeze harder, but it wasn't working, my legs were definitely spreading apart and there was nothing I could do to stop it. As my legs opened, Justin twisted his body. He was getting out from my grip, as he did, he started to get to his feet. Instead of just escaping from me, he grabbed my legs by the ankle, one in each hand, and stood up. He had my legs spread wide apart and had me twisted around so that my face was down to the mat.

"Well, Eric - it looks like you weren't quite strong enough. Now it's my turn." He rolled me a little further and pulled my body into his. I wasn't quite sure how he did it, but in an instant our positions were reversed. He now had his legs around me. "Are you comfortable? Do you want your hands free, or next to your side?" He said this in a slightly patronizing way - the way that thirteen year olds taunt those weaker than themselves. I thought about the question for second, but I really didn't have a good answer. I had no idea which was better, so I did the only logical thing. I asked him. He seemed to expect this. "You're probably better off with arms next to you so you can protect your stomach better." He said this in a much less patronizing voice. I think he liked that I asked. And so it was, he let me put my hands at my side, and I told him to give it to me.

He started to squeeze and just like I did, he slowly increased the pressure on me. He was lying on his side, with his head propped up on his hand. He was grinning again. Even as I was struggling against his grip, I noticed how incredibly cut his legs were. There was no hair on them, and they were covered in a light layer of sweat - most of it mine. He squeezed harder, and I could feel my stomach wall being crushed smaller and smaller. I tried to use my arms, but Justin kept applying the pressure. Finally all the air had escaped form my lungs and I couldn't hold any longer.

"OK, I give!" The words had no volume, but he saw me say them and immediately started to loosen his grip. Before he completely let go, he squeezed me again really hard, but just for a second. The pain was incredible. I gasped and frantically looked at him in total panic. Just as fast as he'd started squeezing again, he stopped and let me go.

"I'm sorry, bro. That was kind of mean. You did pretty good though, I think you took more than Mikey ever did. You definitely squeezed me harder than he ever did." I was panting an exhausted. I managed to thank him for the complement as I rolled over on my back and tried to regain enough strength to get up. Justin jumped up and bounded toward one of the lounge chairs. He was singing "I get a massage from Eric" over and over. When he got to the lounge chair, he laid it flat and climbed on with his stomach down. I finally got up and walked over to where he was laying. I breathed deep, knelt down and began to massage his calf. "Ummm" he interrupted. "Do you have any baby oil?"

I was tired, beaten and pretty humiliated. A kid two years younger than me had just whipped my ass in the weight room and then totally dominated me in a test of strength. The least I could do was use some baby oil when giving him his victory massage. I went to the pool house, got it and picked up where I left off. Justin seemed very happy. "Oh yeah, that feels much better bro. Thanks!"

His muscles were still tight, I was having a hard time massaging them, it was like he was still flexing them. "Justin, you'll enjoy this more if you stop flexing." He turned his head slightly and looked at me slightly confused. "I'm not flexing bro."


All right so he really is a mutant. His muscles were so dense that I could barely manipulate them with my hands. I did my best for him, and he really loved it. I was getting into it too, the kid's body was amazing, and it really felt good to me when he'd sigh or moan a little. Massaging him like an anatomy lesson. Every muscle was visible and perfectly developed. His butt was like iron; I actually used elbows to lean into him so that I could work his glutes. Mutant.

After about fifteen minutes, I told him to turn over. He rolled over, and I was not the least bit surprised to see his erect dick staring me in the face. 'Just a massage' I kept thinking to myself as I began working his quads. I worked on him for another fifteen minutes or so, decided that I'd paid my debt to him. "OK, bro. That's it. I hope you liked it."

Justin leaned up and opened his eyes. He'd been close to falling asleep. He rubbed his eyes a little. "Oh yeah, Eric. The massage was awesome, but aren't forgetting something?" I turned and looked at him. He was smiling and waving his very hard dick at me.

"Mike told you about that too, huh?"

"He sure did."

I couldn't do this. Mike was my boyfriend - not his little brother. I didn't care if he had so easily beaten me at our test of strength; I wasn't going to blow him. I told him exactly that.

"Eric, this is your game, not mine. I just want what's coming to me." I told him there was no way I was going to do it. As I did, he reached forward and grabbed my arm. He pulled me toward him so that our faces were close together. "Just do it, I would have done it to you, if you won."

He could see I wasn't going to do it. In an instant, he was on his feet. He still had my hand and as he got up, he'd grabbed my leg. I was now draped across his back and he was walking over back toward the mat. "I guess you need a little lesson in fair play." Down on the mat we went. He was on top of me and had my head in some kind of chokehold.

"Eric, have you ever been in a sleeper?" I couldn't even speak to answer. I managed to shake my head indicating that I hadn't. "Well, you are now." He spoke in very matter-of-fact manner. I tried to pull his arms away from head, but they were locked like a steel vice. As strong as he was in the gym, it was like he was twice as powerful here. As I struggled, he was calmly explaining to me how the hold worked. He was going to cut off the blood flow to my brain, and I would pass out. I was still struggling, as he stopped talking and started applying more force. The words "No, please" escaped from my mouth, but he wasn't going to stop.

I suddenly became aware of something else he was doing. He'd wrapped his legs around my lower body. With one leg, he'd trapped a one of my legs. With the other, he was slowly rubbing up and down on my dick. My thoughts were starting to get foggy, but I could clearly feel my hard dick being rubbed by his leg. He started talking to me again.

"So you've probably figured out by now that you can't get away, and that I've got you totally hard." He was right; I had figured those two things out. "Now just to show you how completely I control you, I'm going to get you off just as you pass out." I could barely comprehend what he was saying, but I realized that I had stopped struggling and that I was just feeling his arms with hands. His granite biceps were digging into my neck and leg was stroking my dick faster. I could barely think, my sight was getting blurry, but I wasn't scared - I was incredibly aroused. Well actually I was terrified. No one had ever done anything like this to me, and I could feel that I was just about to loose consciousness. As my vision went completely black, I heard Justin say "nighty night Eric!" My body began to spasm uncontrollably. I was coming! I felt my dick shoot load after load. It was like there was a direct line between one brain cell in head that still had enough blood to function and my dick.

Then I was out.

I woke up in a total fog. Suddenly I felt Justin softly slapping my face. "Come on big boy, wake up. That's it! Hey, you're awake." The fog started to clear. I was lying on my back and Justin was sitting on my chest. He was slapping my face with his dick. His blond hair was beginning to dry, I was looking up at abs and pecs and they looked so huge to me. "You OK?" he asked. I nodded. "Good! Now how about that blowjob? Or maybe you'd like another sleeper?"

A tear welled up in my eye. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I was powerless to stop Justin. What else could I do? "OK, you win. I'll blow you." The words came out in a whisper. At that moment, Justin was a god to me, and I was totally under his control.

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