New Neighbors

Training with Justin


By MuscleBoy27

It had been a little over two weeks since Justin had been by to get more weights. Mike and I had been at it every day, and we were still making great progress. I finally started gaining weight, and Mike was bigger than ever. Our relationship outside of the gym was going great too. We still spent our afternoons together, and often hung out in the evenings too. We decided that we'd start taking measurements once a week and tracking our training progress on my computer. Mike had started sleeping over on Friday nights, we'd enter our week's numbers and play computer games, and best of all, we'd sleep together. We were becoming totally inseparable, and that was fine with me.

It was Friday morning, and I was definitely stoked thinking about our night together. Mike walked into the garage right on time, but the omnipresent smile was nowhere to be found. I walked over and kissed him - that was part of our usual morning ritual. "Hey bro, what's up, why the sad face?"

"Nothing really, but I can't stay over tonight."

"How come?"

"Ah, my Dad planned a trip for us. He's taking me to a rock-climbing park; it's our turn to bond. We should be back sometime late on Sunday." He sat down on a bench and started taking off his shirt. He'd told me that he loved rock climbing, but he didn't look too happy about this trip.

"It's OK, bro, it's only one night. I know you love rock climbing, and trust me, I'd kill to have my Dad spend time with me the way yours does with you." I was trying to cheer him up, but what I said was definitely the truth. I can't remember the last time my Dad spent more than an hour or so with me, and that was almost always over meals. Mike was lucky that his parents were involved in his life.

We trained shoulders and arms that day, and I challenged Mike to an arm wrestling contest out at the pool. The outcome was never in doubt; his arms were still a lot stronger than mine. Since I'd lost, I had to give him a massage. and anything else I could think of. I gave him the best massage and blowjob ever. We lay on top of each other for a long time by the pool. We didn't talk much; we just enjoyed each other's company. He left for home with a smile on his face, and I spent my first Friday night alone in about a month.

The next morning I went down to the garage as usual, but I was not looking forward to training legs by myself. I figured I'd go through the motions anyway, so I got down on the mat and started stretching. Iwas sort of startled to see the side door of the garage open. I wondered if Mike's trip had gotten cancelled. To my surprise, it wasn't Mike walking through the door, it was Justin!

He walked in a few feet and stopped. He was wearing his usual baggy shorts and baggy shirt with the arms cut off. "Oh, cool, you're here. Since Mike is gone with my Dad, I was wondering if you'd mind me working out with you."

I looked up at him, and thought to myself - "my god, he's gotten even bigger." I was definitely curious about him, and I was definitely dreading lifting alone, so I figured it would be fun to see the mutant do his thing. "Sure, mutant boy - I need a training partner, and I'd love to see if you are as strong as you and Mike say."

"Awesome!" You could see the excitement on his face, he was really happy to be lifting with me. He was a lot like his brother that way, he was always up beat and happy. "So you guys lift shirtless, right?" I nodded. "Me too!" He was grinning ear to ear as he pulled the shirt off over his head. I wasn't prepared for what was under that shirt. He was totally ripped! His abs were totally defined and there was a nice crevasse between his pecs. His lats flared out from his tiny waste and his traps pushed out his huge neck.

My shock was pretty obvious to Justin. "You OK, Eric?" He said, looking down at me. I was still sitting on the mat just staring at him with my mouth open. "Umm, yeah I'm fine. I knew you were muscular Justin, but I really had no idea how built you were."

He smiled at me and flexed a quick double bi pose. "Thanks bro! My body is really taking to weight training. I just keep packing on the pounds and getting stronger. I've put on another eight pounds since I saw you last." He dropped the pose and started taking off his pants. "You're doing legs today, right? I hope you don't mind, I've just got a speedo on under this, but I don't want to lift in my shorts." He didn't wait for my approval; he took off his shorts and threw them on top of his shirt.

His lower body was no less stunning than his upper bod was. The speedo was more like a posing suit - it barely contained his package and really didn't cover his butt. "Damn, Justin! You're legs are incredible too." He flexed his quads and I could see the striations across the muscles. This was one very impressive thirteen year old. He walked over and put out his hand to pull me up from the mat. Effortlessly, he pulled me to my feet. We were standing almost toe-to-toe now. He was wearing almost nothing, and I had on my gym shorts. I looked at him, and almost involuntarily reached out and touched his arm. "Wow, Justin. I'm totally impressed."

"You wanna feel?" He said as he flexed his arm in front of my face. I reached out and grabbed the ball of muscle. It was nothing short of incredible. I'd never felt a muscle anywhere near that hard. It peaked up perfectly with two veins criss-crossing the top. "Justin, you're like a rock, I'm very impressed."

He put his arm down and smiled a very confident smile at me. "Thanks Eric! I owe some of it to you. After all, if you hadn't started working out with Mike, I probably wouldn't have gotten his weight set. So let's see what you've got. Flex for me!"

I smiled a far less confident smile back at him. "OK, but it's not going to compare to you." I flexed my arm for him as hard as I could. There was good definition, and you could see the major vein in my arm, but it wasn't like his. "Pretty good bro, you've definitely got some nice pipes there!" His hand was resting on top of my bicep.

I said, "Thanks Justin, I appreciate that." He smirked a little bit and started squeezing my arm, within a fraction of a second, he'd smashed my bicep and I was in serious pain. "Ahhhhhhh, take it easy bro!" He just as quickly released me, and I shook my arm trying to get some feeling back in it. "Sorry bro, I just don't know my own strength, lets get training!"

We started lifting, and let me tell you it was one incredible training session. Justin easily out lifted me in each exercise. He was totally cool about it, and he was great at encouraging me to lift as hard as I could. I pushed him too, and had all I could do to control my dick watching him lift with that unimaginably powerful thirteen-year-old body.

After we finished, I walked over to fridge and grabbed two protein drinks. I threw one to him, and started drinking the other myself. Except for smashing the arm and my ego, he'd been a totally cool lifting partner, just as good as Mike for the most part. Since we were getting along so well, I thought I'd ask him if he wanted to hang by the pool.

"Sure!" he said. He couldn't contain his excitement; that was about the only thing that gave away his age - he was looking as pumped up as any eighteen year old bodybuilder I'd ever seen. He came bounding toward me as I walked toward the pool. "You mind if I grab another protein drink?" "Help yourself, mutant boy." He really loved it when I called him that. He threw his empty bottle away and opened the fridge to grab three more bottles. "Sorry, but I get so hungry after training! It's OK, right?" I nodded. He was so cute as he said it; this kid was truly unbelievable.

We walked out onto the pool deck and I started to walk toward the pool house to get a suit for myself. Justin stopped at the edge of the pool. "Wow, Eric! This is totally awesome; no wonder Mike loves hanging out with you here! Mike says you guys swim naked, right?" He didn't wait for an answer, as he ripped off his suit and jumped in the water. He came up in the shallow end and stood up. Of course he didn't just have a developed body that put mine to shame; I could now see his semi-hard dick and that was clearly bigger than mine too. He noticed me starring.

Justin looked down at himself and saw that his dick was partially erect. "Oh, sorry bro. After I work out, my dick is always like this. I usually have to wack off a couple times before it goes away. I didn't say anything. What could I say? I just nodded my head, took off my suit, and jumped in the pool. I swam under water and came up next to him.

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