New Neighbors

Justin needs more weights


By MuscleBoy27

We had been in our schedule for about three weeks and we were both starting to show improvement. As it turned out, our first benching contest had been affected by the adrenaline of our meeting. So, when we started lifting, I was benching about 205 and Mike was at 275. Now, after three weeks, I could easily handle 225 for a few reps and Mike was starting to do 295 as his max. Mike had gained about four pounds and definitely looked harder. My weight was still the same, but I had definitely lost a lot of body fat. My abs were starting to show, and I could clearly see the veins on my biceps when I was doing curls. We were both making better gains than we had when we were lifting alone. We were loving our progress, and had started working out shirtless. We'd flex for each other every now and then, which totally added to the workouts.

One morning as we were starting our back workout, Justin came into the garage. As usual he was wearing long baggy shorts and loose fitting shirt with the arms cut off. I'd only seen Justin from a distance since Mike had given him his weight set. I did a double take as I saw him walk into the garage. The veins on his biceps were totally visible and I'd swear he'd grown some since I saw him last. I had to say something about his growth.

"Justin! How's it going? You're lookin' big bro. Did you just finish training arms or something?"

Justin looked at my kind of funny, and then noticed that I was looking at his arms. "Nope, I usually do my training in the afternoon" he chirped. It was more than a little weird to see such a young face on such a developed body - it was even stranger to hear him talk. His voice had just started changing, and he usually still sounded like a little kid. "I've been hitting it pretty hard though, and getting' huge!" He smiled that smile just like his brother. This kid was going to be totally awesome in a year or so - hell, he already was! "That's why I came over though - remember you said I could borrow some weights if I needed to? Well, I'd like to borrow a couple 45s, OK?"

This definitely set my mind spinning. I had to know how much bigger he'd gotten and why he needed to add 90 lbs to his 275 lbs set. "No problem, we've got more than we need. So what do you need the extra weights for?"

He started walking toward the squat rack where we had a bunch of 45s stacked up. "Thanks Eric! I've been doing deadlifts, I definitely need more weight for that. My bench is getting up past 245 and I'm tired of stacking on every little weight I have."

I was standing near the squat rack, and as he got next to me, I noticed that he was almost looking me in the eye. He'd been about two or three inches shorter than me previously, now I'd say he was only an inch shorter. "So, mutant boy" he definitely liked being called that, "have you grown taller in the last three weeks?" There was a tone of disbelief in my voice. Mike was smiling and watching my reaction to his genetic freak of a brother. "He's grown about an inch and put on about eight pounds since then, he's in a major growth spurt."

"Eleven pounds" Justin corrected him. "Looks like you'll be the little guy around here in a month or so, Eric." As he said this, he picked up a 45 lbs plate in each hand and grinned at me.

I was totally amazed. He was clearly lifting more than I was, and now he only about an inch and a half shorter and weighed just three or four pounds less than me. I could tell from his arms and calves, he was a lot leaner than me too. It was sort of hard on the ego to see a kid over two years younger than me who was totally physically superior. He lifted the plates easily and started walking out of the garage. He arms bulged even more, and I just stared as he walked away.

Mike was watching me and grinning. He was enjoying my amazement. "Don't let him get to you too much, Eric. He really is just totally genetically gifted. He trains like an animal and probably eats twice as much as I do - and you know I eat my share."

I was shaking my head. "Unreal" was the only word I could think of. I sighed and tried to get my head back into our workout, but I really couldn't keep Justin off my mind.

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