Bull's Strength

Josh's Story


By Muscl4life

Clara would never forget the day when her sister Sarah appeared in her door crying, after 5 years missing. She was so strange! She was pregnant, with a big fat stomach so round and beautiful, but her face was a total mess. "

�Sarah? What happened to you? Mom and dad died so sick worried they were about you! What are you doing here?" - Those the only words Clara could say. Sarah was her young and only sister, almost 17 years younger than Clara, she was young enough to be her daughter. Blond, beautiful, very different from Clara who was stocky and dark haired, but they loved each other more than anything! Clara remembered Sarah only cried for the next two weeks, she told non-sense stories, stories who made Greg wants to send her to an institution, but Clara would never allow it. She told stories of dreaming about being famous and trying her luck at the big city, almost what Clara figured out, but then the things got misty. She told her about meeting a strange man, so BIG and so beautiful, she never thought it was possible to a man be, and he was so gentle treated her like a queen, but then he took her to a place where he got her pregnant, she said his "thing" was TOO BIG for her to deal, so he injected into her the "juice" of his tool, and the next thing she remembered was being at her door with no further explanations.

�And how long it all happened? Clara asked trying to comfort her sister�

�I don't know how long it was, I just know I met Holdar September 15th!

� You sure? It was last week Sarah! Last week! You can't be carrying a child this BIG in your womb in less than six months!

�I swear you Clara! It was septmeber 15th! Sarah cried hard punching her stomach! This thing must be from the devil himself! Clara took care of Sarah, she was the only family she had. Even if she went crazy as Greg insisted, she would take care of her. Whether she was crazy or not, the truth is that Sarah's water broke within two months since she arrived! Clara believed at time she was confused. They took her to the nearest hospital, and the doctors said the baby appeared to be 34 weeks old, ready to be delivered. But also there were complications: the size of the fetus made serious in Sarah's organism, it seemed her entire colon was completely crushed and it had been internally bleeding since the water broke, it was like Sarah carried something too heavy too quick! Clara was not allowed at the delivery room, because of the complications Sarah had to be operated. 6 hours later, two news. The good one, Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy totally healthy, but the bad one was she didn't resist. She died due the complications of the surgery. Clara and Greg took it as a shot. Sarah died so young at 23 years old, and she suffered so much, believing she carried a demon inside her womb. It took time but Clara finally cleared that idea of her mind, and Sarah was starting to be happy again when she died so painfully �

Greg felt so guilty to act the way he did, that he told Clara they would raise the baby themselves, since they didn't have any children and it seemed they wouldn't have them, they would still be the baby's family. They told the people of their city, Sarah died at labor, and they bought it, everybody was too shocked with the size of the baby to believe in anything else: Joshua Elliot Barnes - with Clara's single name just like Sarah, was a 2 day old baby boy with 2 feet weighing 30 pounds! No one ever seen such a big baby, which made Greg and Clara more than proud of their "little bull" as they called the baby. Time passed and Joshua never stopped growing. With 7 years he was 5 feet tall, 160 pounds - the strange thing was even in so tender age, his muscles were so well developed, you could actually notice, Josh's guns tight inside those children clothes. He was so strong for his age, always helping Greg in the farm. At 8 Joshua was the same height of Greg: 5'9" and weighed 175 pounds, he was so big and muscular for his age, and much stronger to any one's age, he could carry much heavier loads than any other worker could, but Greg started worrying about that, the workers called Josh "little big freak" on his behind, and fooled Josh to do their job, pretending to "test his mighty baby muscles". Joshua started to realize he was different from the other children. Once in school he asked the teacher why he was so tall and she explained him it was because of their parents. It was the first time he ever asked about his father� But it all get worse when Josh was 11. After all being 6 feet tall and 220 pounds of MUSCLE with a childish face is not normal, and then, people went to their farm just to see Joshua working at the stables, and carrying heavy weights from one place to other� At school, Joshua never had an easier time, he was too much big to play with other kids, he almost killed little Fred Jr. when they were pretending to fight, the teacher started to come to see Joshua every afternoon, and so he managed to finish elementary school. He never did get into Junior High, there was no school near the farm and Greg didn't want to expose his nephew more than he already was. They hired tutors for Josh, but it was too expensive. The good thin was that Joshua was so cleaver! He actually only needed the books and could learn everything by himself, he was as brilliant as strong! Greg bought lots of books every month and Josh devoured them all! Josh knew much more about Chemistry, Biology, Math and History than any boy in the city, and the best thing was he didn't need to go to school and be provoked by the other children. And when Joshua completed 14 years old, he jumped from 6'2" to 6'6" in two months and Greg had to weigh him at the bull's scale, 287 pounds! They didn't know what to do with their boy anymore, he was gigantic! He ate as much in one single meal as all the other workers did in a whole day of job! Clothing was something very hard to find, so Clara started to make Joshua's clothes, each time they were bigger and longer and "roomier" in the crotch. Greg got really scared when he caught Joshua doing something boys do at his age, but the circumstances were really annoying: Josh "relieved" himself back at the stables, but he was literally "fucking" Mr. Bronco, the 1600 pound bull ! Josh totally overpowered the enormous bovine and inserted his giant cock into the bovine's ass, pounding him as if he weighed nothing. Greg saw a look in Joshua's face he never did before, a look of anger of lust, of POWER! The bull never had one chance against the giant teenager, it just struggled for freedom, but Josh's needs had to be satisfied first. Greg saw everything from behind the barn. Joshua finished with the bull, releasing the poor thing, but he wasn't done yet, he went for another cow, and started it all over again, and with two other cows too! And then he went back to Mr. Bronco and fucked him again. Greg felt it was wrong, he had to have that talk with Joshua, he waited for him to get his cock inside his pants and appeared to him.

�U-uncle Greg! Josh was frightened! H-how long were you there!

�Josh, come here son! Greg seated in the fence, Josh approached him and even standing he was almost eye level with Greg

�Josh, I saw what you did to Mr. Bronco, and the other cows! - Joshua went red and his eyes looked down

�I am sorry�

�Well, I must say, you're not the first nor the last who played with the animals, but you gotta be careful, your Aunt could see you, and who else, you know how people talk about you�

�I know, I just needed�

�Look, I know that you've learned a lot on the books, but it is real life outside, you'll have to do it with a woman, I can take you to a place where women �

�Please don't Uncle Greg! Joshua laid his giant hand on Greg's shoulder - I don't think any woman will be able to handle me�

�Oh come on son! Those women are very experienced, they know how to do these things�

�I am serious Uncle Greg! Look at it ! Joshua put his already semi- hard tool out and Greg almost fell out of the fence.

�Holly crap! Greg exclaimed as he saw the size of that giant pulsating cock! It was thicker than his own arm and almost longer too! Just the head was too large to fit in any woman's pussy�

�I figured out my cock is too big to any woman to handle, and just jerking off wasn't enough for me anymore, that's why I did this�

� How long have you been doing this son? Greg asked worried�

�Since I was 11, it was then when I realized I couldn't fuck any woman without killing her� Greg asked Josh to put the thing in, he was terrified:

�Listen son, you can't show it to anybody, you see, even your auntie! You promise? - Joshua nodded - Now we go see the doctor next week, OK? He'll know what to do with your problem� Truth to be told, Greg was much more afraid than Joshua himself, what if that story of Sarah was true, and if Joshua was some kind of demon? He couldn't be natural at his SIZE could he? He was even more afraid of telling this to Clara, he knew it would devastate her, after all he was her only relative, and if he was a freak, at least no one else would harm him, he would protect him. The very next day he called Joshua and said:

�Look, there's nothing wrong with you, you're becoming a man, and it is supposed to happen! Don't worry about your cock either, it is big because you're BIG! You'll find a BIG woman for you, it is in God's plans, you'll just have to wait, and meanwhile, you can't use the cows to release yourself, you feel horny just do as every boy in your age do, jerk off, I know you feel better... •

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