Bull's Strength


By Muscl4life

3 - Greg's gift Josh knew he was different, he knew he would always be a FREAK, he knew deep inside there wouldn't be a woman "big" enough for him, and even if there was, there were other things which were mixed up! Josh never pictured himself "fucking" a woman, his pleasure all came from images in his own head with big guys around him, flexing and showing their bodies all sweated and glistening, and most of all, he wanted to be with people who didn't see him as a freak, but as a living breathing wall of rock hard flesh, vibrating with power, and pulsating cock desiring to pleased by those musclebounds around him. He thought something was wrong with him, wasn't it ? Why didn't he feel attracted to women? He saw them in the few times he went to the city with his uncle, but he never understood when the other guys noticed their curves or their beautiful bubes, but to him it wasn't enough, he always caught himself staring at other guys in the street, mainly because they were staring at him first, but then he felt this strange sensation, a mix of shame and proud of his body, he didn't want to be pointed and called "FREAK" but at the same time, he loved to be secretly seen by some guy who couldn't keep his eyes form him, he adored when people asked him to flex his muscles, they were so HUGE and HARD, he felt so good about himself when a guy said "You're only 14? No kidding? Well kid, you must be the BIGGEST kid in world, fuck you're the BIGGEST MAN in the whole world!" Those were feelings that helped him to carry on with the adversities, and which mostly times "forced" him to go have fun with poor Mr. Bronco…

Greg realized he need to give Josh some free time - away from the stables - something to keep his mind and body too busy to even think about "sex", although it would be a hard task. It was then Greg noticed Josh coming from the barn carrying a whole bunch of wood in one arm. There was wood enough there for a whole week, and the boy was merely pouring, in fact sometimes he tossed the weight up and down like it was some kind of fun for him, and maybe it was! Since Joshua was too BIG and strong for his age, maybe if he had something heavy enough for him to train with - like a heavy duty gym - he would have something to do with all those muscles instead of fucking bulls… It took more time than Greg expected but it was worth the time, he finally put the things of Joshua's gym together: He put them in the old barn at the other side of the farm, strategically assembled away from the corral and the stables. The "gym" was almost like any other household facilities sold on TV, but the difference was the weight set - since Joshua would even sweat to carry the normal weight amount those appliances handle, he had to redesign them, mostly to support Josh' own weight, he reinforced the joints and literally "boosted" the home-gym set to fit at Josh's needs. About the weight, he had to make them out of concrete, 50 pounds, 100 pounds, 200 pounds and J- plates. Each "J-plate" weighed almost 450 pounds - more than the boy's own body weight, and they cost real money, but Greg didn't care, the boy never asked for nothing not even for one penny, he deserved to be spoiled once and while - The plates came in all sizes and shapes, just like a "normal" gym , Joshua would have lots of working out to do and would spend less time "playing with Mr. Bronco".

In the beginning, Josh felt weird when Uncle Greg showed his "gift" he was expecting for a stereo , he was really into dancing and listening to music, but when he got to the old barn cramped with a bunch of weird machines and rocks? What was all that about:

“This is your gym! Greg said proud of his creation.

“A gym? What for? - Josh was still not getting the idea…

“For you to train, "work out", your muscles! Greg said forging a double biceps pose… Joshua smiled, confused:

“Uncle Greg, aren't I a little "too BIG" to work out? People already are scared at my size!

“Josh, your body is a gift form God, you have so much POWER and STRENGTH, you gotta use it! Look, when you are working on the farm do you think it is an effort at all?

“No, I do it because I like it! Josh replied brushing his thick chestnut hair with his hands.

“Yeah, but look at your body, you're HUGE just doing things I normally do, well not as "normal" as you do, but still I noticed you can handle much more than the farm can offer you…

“You mean, I think everything here is too light?

“More or less - I just thought that you need some challenge for those muscles, you know what I mean?

“Well, thank you anyway uncle Greg! You mind if I try it?

“Go ahead it is yours son! Josh walked to the bench, and looked at the "bar". It was pure iron almost 10 feet long with many inches of diameter, his hands almost didn't cover its circumference, but it was still light as a feather , He adjusted himself and lifted the bar of the ground…

“Hey that's heavy… Josh smiled straining a little bit But Greg didn't buy it:

“Oh come on Josh! You carry Mr. Bronco all the time, and a simple 200 pounds bar is going to make you quit? Try the plates, you have as much as you want, each one is 450 pounds! Josh came over and lifted the plates, alone they were OK, but when summed all with bar, then he felt the challenge, with 3 plates on each side a total amount of 2900 POUNDS, Josh never carried anything heavier than Mr. Bronco, would he be able to lift it? He tried, at first he felt weird, his mighty muscles couldn't do it, something Josh never felt before, he strained, and his skin went red, his sweat poured more, and his muscles so hard and veined looked HUGE, he never felt it, and he certainly liked it! He took a deep breath and BOOM! He managed to lift the bar from the ground, it was difficult, he felt the pressure on his back, the weight on his feet, the burn on his hands, and the heat in his body! It was fantastic! He barely could handle the lift on the air, he quickly put it back, and then he heard the claps of his uncle:

“Bravo! Bravo! You were terrific son, I gotta say I thought you couldn't do it, but you are stronger than a bull Josh! - Greg came near and hugged his nephew as tight as he could, then he felt his long thick arms grabbing him and lifting him from the ground:

“Thanks, Uncle Greg! I LOVED the gift! I am going to train everyday after my tasks are done! Josh came back to the bench and tried again, this time he added one 200 plate at each side… At first Greg only saw the benefits of his gift, Josh spent his entire afternoon training heavy with his weights, and when night came he went to dinner and straight to bed so tired he was. But then came the side effects. Josh started to GROW into a much steadier pace. Everyday he seemed much bigger than in the previous day, his face shone with happiness, his clothes were vanishing like magic! Every week he needed bigger clothing! One day he just gave up to wearing shirts because he always had to cut off the sleeves so they can fit in his thick arms. And then feeding Josh became a real problem, he already ate more than all the workers together, but now, he started eating more and more, once he ate, all by himself, the 40 pound piglet that Clara baked for Church's charity banquet. Joshua ate literally all day long, he took incredible amounts of food just for "snack", he drank almost 10 gallons of milk per day, and when Greg asked him why he was eating so much , he just said:

“I don't know Uncle Greg! Ever since I started training, it was like my whole body aches for more, I gotta eat, and train! It's incredible! Josh never seemed so happy about himself, so Greg just nodded along and increased the amount of food Joshua needed, everyday. Clara, in the other hand, was happier than ever, Josh's feeding was her main activity, she basically cooked all day long, and yet se prepared lots of "midnight snacks" for her nephew to eat at night! •

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