Bull's Strength

Just another day at the Spencer's


By Muscl4life

Hey guys! I know I still owe you the sequel of "Good Old Jake", "Friendship" and "Payback" but while I was watching to "Smallville" - which had recently debuted here in Brasil, I've came up with this idea for a story, not too "Superman"ish, but I really got inspirated by that series. Anyway, tell me if you think it is worht a sequel, PLEASE I NEED SOME FEEDBACK! Please drop an email, even if you think it sucks!

Cya muscl4life

Just another day at the Spencer's (Tuesday, March 20th, 12.45 pm)

The middle aged lady came near the front door drying her hands in the white apron: “ Josh! Josh! Lunch time! Come eat! - The lady looked to the corral, where her nephew Joshua worked. “I am on my way Aunt Clara, just teaching a lesson to old Mr. Bronco! The voice came from a remarkable distance but still carried some power in it. Clara Spencer listened to that words and went instantly angry, she walked to the corral as fast as she could but she knew she couldn't be that fast...

“Joshua Elliot Barnes! You put that bull down in the ground right now and go wash yourself to dinner! I am not calling you again...

“All right, all right, I'm coming! - With a heavy breath, Josh complained and lowered Mr. Bronco, an almost 1600 pounds bull, putting him down on the ground. The bull was in a word dizzy, its tongue was out and the breathing was heavy and difficult, it seemed the big black bovine couldn't stand at the power of Joshua. And who could? Joshua is a 7'6" 478 pounds living muscle tower!

“We'll continue later - Whispered the giant man into the bull's ear. Josh stand at his full height and smiled with his white teeth to his dear Aunt Clara and came running towards her. She knew what he intended, and poorly tried to run away, in just two seconds, her freaking muscle nephew grabbed her in his powerful arms and lifted her out of the ground kissing her cheek bones and soaking her with his smelly sweat:

“Josh, Josh! Put me down honey, you know I don't like this thing! Clara protested half smiling ...

“But I like doing that, you're so light compared to Mr. Bronco - said Josh just to tease the slightly overweight woman...

“Now you are comparing me to a COW! Thanks a lot Josh, you know I am just thick boned, it runs on the family... They both laughed and soon they were back at the front door where Josh put his aunt gently back on the ground. He just wanted to make sure she wasn't stressing herself again, after all since Uncle Greg's death the doctor told her to go easy on the work, that's why the only thing she still does is cooking, all the rest is Josh's responsibility, he ran a middle sized farm all by himself, but at his size and strength it was not that difficult, and he still found some time to play with his wrestling friend Mr. Bronco.

“Aunt Clara, it smells wonderful! Joshua said coming back from the toilet. His 7`3" frame was really something to bee seen outdoors, cause everything seemed too damn small for him, the chair, the table even the plates! Fortunately, her deceased husband Gregory was a skilled carpenter, and he solved "little" Joshua's problem back then, he had special designed furniture, chairs, bed, everything he needed to be comfortable inside the house...

“Oh honey, you always says that, you eat more than Mr. Bronco, and much noisier too - Aunt Clara said as she served her oversized nephew. Feeding Josh was no easy thing to do either! He ate the same amount of food that 5 big farm workers used to eat when their farm still hired them, now it is all by Josh's care. Clara preferred that way, since Josh was growing too BIG, the other workers started asking why he was so different, and nothing made Clara more upset in the whole world than calling her dear nephew a "freak". Joshua ate as loud as usual, and as much too! He was tearing a whole chicken in the half, when he looked down at Clara who was delicately eating her share of food…

“You're only eating that? You gotta get more food Aunt Clara! Josh said seriously worried with her health…

“You've just compared my weight with Mr. Bronco, and now you are telling me I need more food! Protested Clara smiling, she knew he was too worried about her. Since Greg died, it was just them both to look after each other, and Josh was always afraid of her getting sick, maybe because he was scared of being alone… A few minutes later, Josh had already vanished with all the food on the table and even on the pans! He was helping Clara with the dishes after a long discussion, he accepted to just help her and not doing it by himself:

“Aunt Clara - Josh had that same tone in his low voice - I… I think I need new pants!

“Oh, honey not again! I've just made you those, last week! Clara finished the last plate and gave it to her embarrassed nephew!

“I know, but they feel so tight! Joshua complained with backs turned at her… Clara looked at the oversized pants she made to Josh, his muscular flat stomach was even too loose, the length, well it was a little too short, but it was better to his working routine in the daily labor, what was wrong?

“They look OK to me, dear! Clara concluded

“But they are tight - Josh tuned to her and went red - around here - and he pointed the crotch area, which was extremely stretched, and almost giving up, like the many other pants Clara made for Joshua.

“They are tight THERE again? Now it was Clara who went redder than Josh! She double checked the size of that area, since Joshua always tore his pants in that spot, that's why she made the pants herself, because no store would sell anything so "roomy" as Josh needed. And mostly the last years, it was getting as big as his owner, Greg told her many times that it looked like a log so thick and fat, that made little Josh afraid of being a freak!

“Aunt Clara, I didn't do it on purpose! Josh looked like the times people stared and pointed at him in the street, he doesn't know why he is this way, he just is!

“OK, honey, I believe you! I'll make you another pants this afternoon, why don't you go change them?

“Because those are the biggest! The other ones I've already destroyed! Josh looked like a five year old who had broken something… Clara knew it wasn't his fault. He was just to BIG there too! And he was just in that time when boys turn into men, even if Joshua already fits the size of the biggest men in world, he's still growing, and the same goes to his "thing". Once, Clara witnessed, accidentally, as Joshua "played" with his log in the stables. She swore she had seen smaller dicks in horses, but then she never had the guts to ask Josh the right size for the "space", but now she had to do something about it, after all, Josh no longer wears anything with sleeves, because his arms are too damn thick to fit, she can't let him go naked too!

“Here - Clara handed Josh the measuring tape - You go on there on the bathroom and take your "size" so I can make you appropriate clothes!

“I already know the size, that's why I am so embarrassed! And when "it" gets hard, the crotch just gives up! - Josh looked so sad, it was like he was pity about himself…

“Darling, you don't have to be ashamed about those things, you remember that talk Uncle Greg had with you? You are becoming a man! Your body is changing those things are normal to happen…

“Yeah, I know that! But that talk was 2 years ago, I am 16 now, I am not "becoming a man" since then, if so, where am I going to stop? Aunt Clara I've never seen even one man TALLER than me, I've never met someone HEAVIER than I am, and only horses have BIGGER things than mine! Why am I so different Aunt Clara, were those kids at school right? Am I a FREAK? - tears came down from Joshua's eyes, his big hands cleaning the goo of his pretty nose, and he cried copiously, tried to figure out what happened to him…

“No, no Josh they're wrong! They were just jealousy of your body, of your muscles and strength, darling! You are not a freak! You are as normal as I am, you just are BIG because of our family, you took your size from my grandfather, he was as tall as you, maybe even taller and just as strong as you are!

“You mean your grandpa? - Josh cleaned his tears - My mother's grandpa too?

“Of course you silly! Your mother was my sister, we had the same mother and father…

“Aunt Clara, what ever happened to my dad? - Josh made the same question he's been doing since Greg died.

“Honey, I told you I don't know! Your mother appeared pregnant, she didn't tell me who your father was, and we only know he is not from this city or even this state!

“Yeah, I know, but I wonder if I look like him too, if he had the same problems I have…

“Now, stop crying, your face is too beautiful to cry, just write down the size of your new pants and I'll make them even bigger just in case you still "outgrows" it , OK? Joshua nodded. He took the pencil and wrote down the size and rushed out of the house back to his tasks, before Clara could see the number. She smiled, and then her eyes were wide opened as she read the number Joshua wrote:

“My goodness! Why is it? Why he is so BIG? - Clara went to her sewing machine, she knew she had plenty work to do… •

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