Muscleman Mutual


By Rad Rx

Jeff squeezed through the bedroom door to follow Dirk and crew into Kevin's living room. Still excited, prodded his erection into Dirk's back and savored the drag of its head up the silky fabric of his shirt as he closed the distance. Reaching around to cup a handful of chest Jeff fluffed himself firmer with a couple of pelvic thrusts.

"Don't even think about messing up these clothes," Dirk chided.

Jeff watched as a groggy Kevin was stretched out onto the couch and a couple of beefy techs asked him to drink something that would help him relax.

"Is he going to be OK?" Jeff whispered down into Dirk's ear.

"He'll be fine. We just need to take a few security precautions to ensure that Megabuilt can't trace our technology."

"While you concentrate on tracing theirs?" Jeff offered.

Ignoring the question Dirk continued smoothly, "Once we run a couple of preliminary scans and a test pattern, he'll be good to go. Just in case, however, you may want to avoid abusing your cardholder privileges for a few days."

While one tech concentrated on keeping statistics, the other asked for Kevin's cards and began his analysis. "Both cards seem undamaged, sir. We can continue with the plan as outlined," he reported to Dirk.

Dirk nodded and turned to Jeff. "We're now going to reverse all activity on both cards, and run through a couple of diagostic routines. Since you know him better, it may help if you coach him through this verbally."

Jeff agreed and took up a position kneeling next to Kevin's shoulder. Kevin looked over at him and smiled, feeling the effects of increased euphoria as the elixir's concentration increased in his diminishing body.

"All clear, sir. No detrimental effects noted on reversal."


Kevin's body started re-swelling with muscle. Jeff saw no difference in height, just an increasingly swelling mass of muscle filling onto Kevin's frame. Kevin stiffened as his body's musculature increased to the point that he could barely move.

"Approaching 450, sir, and all steady," reported the tech.

"That'll do," replied Dirk.


Feeling his head re-establish contact with the arm cushion, Kevin sank into the couch with an audible sigh. Dirk announced that they would be leaving, and re-iterated that they should lie low with the cards for a few days. Jeff saw them out and returned to the living room where Kevin was sitting upright. Sitting down next to him, he towered and put a massive arm around Kevin. "What are you up for?" he asked.

"It's still my birthday," replied Kevin "so maybe we head out to Plexus for just one little drink."

"Sure, but I had to promise Dirk that we, and especially you, wouldn't mess with the cards for a few days."

"Not a problem. It still felt pretty awesome, though, when I could barely see your face under my chest," Kevin mused.

Kevin dug around for clothes while Jeff re-established his 'going- out' size. Since Kevin lived within walking distance to the club, they opted for a strut down the street. Reaching the line at the club, Kevin dug around in his pocket for some money he had put there earlier, and a strange tingling sensation came over him. He withdrew his empty hand. Try as he might, he could not find the $10 bill anywhere. He asked if Jeff could spot him the cover charge until he made it to the ATM inside.

"Man, you're lucky it's your birthday! You're always doing this to me," Jeff chided.

Once inside, they did a quick circuit to check the place out. Jeff sidled up to the bar where Brad, the hunky owner, was serving. Kevin excused himself to go to the restroom and ATM. Coming out of the restroom, Kevin spotted an attractive man in his early 30's checking him out. Smiling coyly, he approached the stranger.

"Nice," the man said rubbing his hand over the cloth of Kevin's shirt. "Mind if I check these out."

Recalling that he hadn't made it to the ATM yet, Kevin said "maybe we could get to know each other better over a drink."

"Allow me," said the man holding up a $20. Kevin smiled, took the money with one hand and closed his other hand over the guy's leading him to the bar. Noticing that he felt tingling again as his hand closed on the money, he opened his palm and found the $20 had vanished. Trying to appear relaxed, he flexed for the guy, noticing how tight his shirt had become on his arm. Something was definitely up. Feeling himself harden slightly at the thought, he felt the guy press in very closely. Pulling away quickly, he excused himself and went to look for Jeff. Seeing him on the opposite side of the bar, he wound through the crowd.

"Jeff, what exactly did they do to me?" Kevin asked.

"What do you mean? They just wanted to check out Megabuilt's secrets while protecting their own. They pretty much reversed what you did." Jeff said.

"Well, they got something screwed up. It looks like my body is absorbing money and turning it into muscle. Just like the card, only with cash," whispered Kevin. "You remember how I didn't have any money at the door? And that guy over there," he indicated with a wave across the bar, "just gave me $20 that vanished right into my hand. I'm surprised he didn't notice it."

"Get out of here. There's no way that's possible," Jeff replied. Pulling a bill out of his pocket and waving it in front of Kevin he said "let's see it." Swatting his hand away, Kevin knew it was pointless to continue with Jeff. "I'm gonna see if that guy is onto me. I'll see you later." With that he took what was left of Jeff's drink and finished it off.

Returning to the stranger on the opposite side of the bar, Kevin found him with his back turned checking out the rest of the room. Grabbing him firmly from behind, he propositioned him and accompanied him out of the bar.

Knowing that Jeff would probably end up crashing back at his place, Kevin suggested that they go to the man's place, and the guy gave the cabbie the name of a nearby motel. The guy's name was Bulger, to which Kevin secretly laughed. He couldn't talk about his work, but he had lots of questions for Kevin regarding Plexus and what went on there. Figuring that this kept the conversation off of him, Kevin readily answered his questions about the massive gro-go boys that routinely kept the place packed on Monday nights.

A sudden shift in conversation brought the guy around to ask whether Kevin had been able to be that big. Kevin tried to constrain his nervousness, and he laughed. Taking a stab, he asked bulger whether he worked for the guys at Megabuilt Bancorp.

Bulger laughed and asked whether he looked like a banker. By this point they had reached the motel, and Bulger reached into his pocket to pay the fare. Kevin was shocked at the amount of cash this guy carried around, but tried to play it off.

"I find it helps to have extra on hand," Bulger commented in reply to Kevin's interest in the money clip.

Making their way into the room, Kevin immediately knew that this guy was no banker. He couldn't imagine anyone with their resources staying in a place like this on business. Clean, yes, but it had definitely seen better days. Feeling a little relaxed that he wasn't going to be snatched away by the other guys for examination, he sidled up to Bulger and wrapped his arms around him.

"About money," began Bulger "it was probably my fault for not bringing it up, but you can take it if you want it." With that he started to reach into his back pocket. Kevin stayed his hand and, replacing it with his own began to trace down the man's back into his pocket. Massaging around the beltline, Kevin paused for a moment before deciding to go for it. Plunging his hand into Bulger's pocket he felt much more than a tingle this time, and his entire body stiffened as a result.

Trying to keep Bulger occupied for as long as possible, he kept kissing him harder and pulling him closer until it became apparent to Bulger that something was up. Now a few inches taller, Kevin laughed and made for a better-lit area of the room. Not knowing how much money the clip had contained, Kevin knew it had to be well in excess of $300, and he savored the expansion of his body out of these clothes in Bulger's face.

Trying to find ways of emphasizing his size difference over Bulger, he led him to the bathroom where the small doorway provided enough amusement to cause his dick to rip through his shorts. Figuring that the guy could probably handle it, he showered with him in the same toying manner that Jeff had shown him. Kevin came several times as Bulger lathered and massaged the bulging masses of Kevin's body as it wedged him against the wall of the shower.

Returning to the bedroom, Kevin dropped the guy on the bed and, figuring on his being exhausted, fell down beside him. The size difference was such that wherever Kevin moved, Bulger rolled next to him. Trying to feign sleep, Kevin lay still for over an hour before trying to slide off the bed. Even he was amazed that his movements hadn't awakened Bulger. Groping around for wallet and keys, the only other items he wanted to locate were his shoes. He hadn't outgrown them, and besides, they'd been on sale.

Even with a bathsheet gathered at the waist, his thigh still flared through the opening. Kevin had no idea how he was going to make it home. Turning the corner at the end of the building, he heard a gasp. Spotting an off-duty cab in the lot, he approached it slowly and saw that the driver was staring silently back at him. It became obvious to Kevin that the man was actually trying to jack himself off as quietly as possible, as if afraid to anger the musclegiant that had just stepped in front of him. Smirking, Kevin approached the cab. Standing a couple feet in front of the bumper, Kevin started bouncing his heavy chest. The driver gasped. Leaning down on his knuckles, his weight pushed the car down several inches. Flexing and flaring his arms, he smiled at the guy, "you like?" he mouthed. The man nodded slowly. Resuming his stand, Kevin started flexing his arms and massaging his chest. "Me, too," rumbled Kevin and smiled back.

He hadn't really had that much of a chance to see what this body was capable of, and he figured this was as good a chance as any. Squatting, he grabbed the underside of the bumper and lifted. Holding the front of the car in place, Kevin rolled his massive shoulders to adjust the weight. Noticing the man's breathing getting heavier, Kevin tightened up his chest for extra effect. The man was obviously close to climax now and Kevin had to give him credit for staying power. Wondering how to put him over the top didn't take long, and Kevin saw the man's face contort with pleasure as he started curling up the car several times in order to pump up his arms.

Letting the car down gently to prevent a large amount of noise, Kevin dramatized his breathing in heaves and hit a couple of poses for the man. Feeling a bit turned on by the display of strength, his expanding cock became visible under the terry wrap. At this point, he saw the cabbie pull out a wad of bills and offer them to him. Kevin motioned him out of the car. The man obeyed.

Without saying a word, the man dropped to his knees and started taking Kevin in. Remembering the money, Kevin reached down and took about $100 from the man. Feeling the familiar tingle, he told the man to hurry or he might choke. Kevin had to admit that he did a good job, despite the enormous challenge that confronted him. Whether it was the sucking or increasing mass of his body that turned him on more Kevin could not say, but he finally came so forcefully that he had to pull out or risk choking the guy. Even so, he continued to soak the man in significant amounts of jizz.

Lifting the guy to his feet, Kevin was not surprised to see that his head didn't come up to his chin. He asked whether he was OK.

The man assured him that he was fine and was getting used to it.

Puzzled at this, Kevin dropped the subject and asked for a lift, to which the guy promptly agreed. Squeezing across the back seat, Kevin tried to adjust himself. Thankful that he would have a cramped but somewhat private way home, he gave an intersection near his apartment rather than the street address in order to maintain privacy.

Coming in through the back way, he didn't bother with the card machines. Besides, he had no idea if he could even debit a transaction that hadn't been credited. Crawling into bed, he found Jeff already sleeping and, despite his promise to the contrary, somewhat muscled up for the night. He heard a muffled moaning and he settled his muscle over that of his friend and fell off to sleep. •

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