Muscleman's Monologue, A

A Formula Story

By O'Melissokomos

Is this thing on?

Ok, that's good. Yeah, I can hear myself on the ear bud. You want me to sit down now? Ok.

Brrr. The chair's kinda cold. I guess it's because of the airconditioning too. I'm really not used to being naked.

This is a big room you've got me in. Everything's white. I can't figure out where the lights are coming from though.

Sorry if I'm a bit talkative. I'm kinda nervous. Stress reaction. I have no idea what this is all about aside from it's a medical experiment of some kind. Uh-huh, that's right, I remember what the release form said. The less I know about it, the better you'll be able to gauge my reactions.

Anyway, you wanted me to tell you about myself while these guys hook me up to your watchamacallits, right?

Here goes. My name is Rex, Rex Henderson. I'm 26 years old, currently unemployed. I used to be a programmer but I got laid off 10 months ago. Guess you could call me a dot bomb refugee. I've been looking for a regular job since then but all I've been able to get were part-time or freelance projects. I just finished one of them when I saw your ad...

Yikes... sorry, the gel's freezing.

Oh, a little bit more about me? My physical attributes? Didn't you already take my measurements when I came in the first time? Uh-huh, for record purposes. Sure, I understand.

Well, I'm around 6'2", around 135lbs. I've always been a skinny kid and I used to think I'd grow out of it. Yeah, skin and bones. That's me. Thing is, I can scarf a quarterpounder like it was nothing. Milkshake, fries, sundae... nada. So in a way, I'm thankful I'm not Wimpy. You haven't heard of him? The guy in Popeye... yeah, that's right--the one with the derby.

As you can see, there really isn't much going for me: 12" arms, 30" chest, 28" waist, size 10 feet.

How big's my what? Oh... have I ever measured it? Umm, yeah, of course, but not recently. Nah, I don't mind. Go ahead man, measure away.

He says it's about 5" now. Considering it's kinda chilly in here, I think that's good thing. Hehehe... sorry. Stress reaction again.

Hey, looks like everyone's done. What's next?

Whoa... that's one big funky needle. I mean, that's huge. Beg your pardon? Oh, ok. I'll try not to move too much.

Owwwww. Fuck, that smarts.

Sorry. Glad that's over with. Don't think I've ever been stabbed with anything that big before.

So what now? Do I just sit here? All right. And make sure I articulate everything as best as I can, gotcha.

Back to the ad, I wasn't sure what to expect but I really needed the money. My roommate's gonna be gone for a while and I can't afford to pay the rent by myself during that time.

Would he be interested in this experiment? I guess so, why not. I can ask him when he gets back. You guys look legit. I mean, look at this place. It's got everything: monitors, cameras, computers, and a bunch of other stuff I don't think I've seen before. And this chair's even got straps.

Have I ever considered alternative forms of employment? No, can't say that I have. Once a geek, always a geek. Sides, I'm not well equipped to do any job aside from sitting in front a desk and doing some programming. It's not as if I can start dancing in a strip club if you know what I mean.

Hey, did you guys do something with the airconditioning? It's starting to get hot in here.

Uh-huh. Yeah, I think so too. I think this is it. So, how am I feeling? Ok, I guess. My skin's all tingly. It's like there's a buzz all around me. Yeah, everywhere. Hands, back, legs. Even in between my toes.

It's not as annoying as the fact that I know it's there, you know? And, I don't think you could see it but I think the hairs on my forearms are standing.

Phew... what was that stuff you shot up my ass anyway? I'm starting to sweat pretty bad. My hands are dripping like crazy. Can I have a towel? No? I understand, but won't these electrode-thingies fall off?

Whoaaaa... what was that?

I don't know, it was like my body was about to shake, but I don't even feel cold.

Describe it? Well, the closest I remember it feeling like was when I got typhoid fever as a kid. It wasn't fun I can tell you that. The fever comes and goes but just before the fever kicks in, I get really, really cold and I start shaking. Next thing I know, my temperature's through the roof.

Shit. Here it comes again.

Ooooh... fffuuck.... it's.... ge-getting... worse...

That was fucked, man. I couldn't even talk properly. What kind of shit did give me? This is exactly what it felt like then. First the shivers, then the fever.

I think... I think my heart's beating faster. I'm having a little... more difficulty breathing. My chest feels... kinda tight.

Oh, fuck, I'm burning up. Look, I've changed my mind... maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Can we stop?

What do you mean it's too late? Look, I don't care about the money... Yes, I know what I signed, goddammit. Just let me out of here! Hey, let go off me! Why are you doing this? Oh man... it's... happening... a-again...

Aaaaaaaaaah!!! What the hell... did you do to me, you fucking assholes? Aaaaargh!!!!

Make it stop... please, make it stop...

I can't take it anymore. Uuuuuunnnh!

Jesus Christ Almighty! Aaaaaaah....

Huh... huh... there... it's... it's gone. I'm... I think I'm gonna be okay.

No, I think... I'm all right. You can tell your goons to get their hands off me. Yeah, I promise I won't do anything stupid.

Fuck, what *was* that? My insides felt like it was on fire, like someone poured fuckin' acid all over me.

How do I feel now? Tired, mostly. Think the fever just broke. Aside from a little muscle ache, I'm fine.

Are you guys testing some new torture chemical for the military or something? Shit, I don't know anymore. I'm just glad that we're done.

We're not? Wasn't that the experiment I signed up for? I mean, there's more? Look, I'm not going to go through that again. I don't care how much money you bastards throw in my face because... uuunnnh.

Almost... blacked out for a second there.

Can't seem to think straight. My head feels kinda light now. It's... it's like I just smoked five joints one after the other.

Uuuunnh... I'm getting warm again...

No, it doesn't feel like the first time. It's... different.

I can't really explain it. Warm, nice, relaxing...

Hey. Some... something's happening...

Yeeaaaah... it feels good. Real good.

Man, this is so much better.

Can I be more specific? I'll try. Words aren't coming to me as easily right now, you know?

In fact, I just wanna lie down and close my eyes if that's ok with you guys.

I'm kidding. But, yeah, I feel great. My heart's beating quite a bit but I'm ok.

Whooah... what a rush!

I dunno, it started in my head and it went down my neck, chest, and all the way down to my feet.

Oh baby... that's what I'm talking about. This... whatever this is... is building... I know it's weird but my entire body wants to sneeze. Funny, huh?

God... it's getting harder to breathe... but in a good way... I can actually feel my pulse quickening. And I think I'm getting an erection.

Oooooh... yeaaaah.... mmmmmm....

Shit, did you see that?

Are you guys blind? Here, take a look at my chest.

It's moving...

It's fucking moving.

Whoah... I can feel my skin stretching. Can you see it? It's like all the blood's rushing into my pecs. Will you look at that? And they're solid too... nice and solid.

Waitaminute. I just noticed my arms. They're... getting bigger too... and heavy. Get a load of this. Veins are popping out everywhere. I have a freaking baseball growing on my bicep.

This is so whacked. I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm definitely a little bigger now. Wow... I think I look like a swimmer... wait... something's happening again.

Aaah... aaaah... my God...

My muscles... everywhere... buzzing... tingling... growing... ooooh... ooooh... my cock's so hard... It just feels so damn good, I can't tell you enough how fucking good this feels.

Bigger... I want to be bigger... stronger... don't stop... fuuuuuck... I feel so fucking hot...please God, don't let this stop...

Shit... what the fuck is that you're bringing out there? A pump? You're going to what? Collect my semen? For what? Analysis?

Why is... the tube so big? Precaution? What for? My cock doesn't even go halfway in... Fine, I don't care anymore. Just do it...

Oooooooooh shiiiiiit... that's un-fuckin-believable! Aaaaaaaah!!

Jeeeezus... I can see it... my cock... it's bigger than ever... and it's still growing. What the hell is that thing doing to my dick?

Aaaaahh! Aaaaah! Oooooh! Ooooh! Fuck, it must be... what... 6 inches? No... must be 7 at least...

Screwing my ex-girlfriend was never like this. Uuuuggh... wanna cum... gotta cum...

Fuck, will you look at that? My arms are positively huge! And my chest... and look at my abs. I actually have abs. Can I touch them? Yeah? I'll be careful with the electrodes.

Man, I'm loving this. I've always wanted to have a body like this... I look good... I look fucking good.

Aaaaaahh! I'm must be getting close. Uuuuunnh...

Mother of God. What happened to my cock? It's almost as big as the tube... Almost a foot? A whole freakin' foot? But why haven't I cum yet? My balls feel like the're about to burst. Yeah... turn the machine up... pump my cock dry! Please... I'm begging you.


I can't... believe it... I'm still... growing... Did you guys... know about this? Shit... I'm so fucking close. My skin is so tight... it feels like it wants to rip open.

This is it.

I can't hold it back any more.


Uuuungh... uunngh.... aaaaaah.... aaaaah.... fuck... fuck... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Aaaaah... aaaah... huh... huh... huh...

I think that's it... Man, that was intense.

Fuck, that was the best. I think this was the most I've ever cum.

And look at me, I think I've gotten even bigger now. I look like a freaking body builder. Is that some sort of Super Solider Serum you used on me? You know, Captain America? Shield guy... that's right.

Will you look at this? I can't be sure but my arms are what, 25"? And my chest... it's almost twice as big as it used to be. God, I love my shoulders. Wait till my roommate sees me. He's going to freak out. Yeah, I'll definitely be telling him all about...

Is that my cock?

I'm huge! No doubt about it; 12" at least. And, wouldn't ya know it, I'm still hard after all that.

Hey, is that thing still on? You can turn off the pump... I really think that's unnecessary. I don't think I'm going to be growing any more.

What are you doing? Turn it off. What do you mean you need to be sure? I'm going to get up now whether you like it or not.

Shit! Get off of me you crazy bastards. I'm going to fucking kill you assholes. What are those? Oh hell, the straps. I forgot all about the straps.

God damn it, let me go. I mean it. These things aren't going to keep me down.

Aarrgh. Fuck, I can't fucking move. And shit, my dick's... gonna blow. I can feel it�

What did you say? Terms of the contract. Violation, uh-huh. Yes, I'm aware... of the penalties.

Fuck. Fine... I'll do it, but you can't leave me... strapped to this chair... all night. You just can't.

Jeeezus... I'm gonna cum again...


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